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Desc: Incest Sex Story: I was released after serving five years for armed robbery although I only did the getaway driving. I pride myself that in all the robberies I had taken part in I never was caught once during the getaway. The ex prisoner's association found me a driving job, chauffeur to a rich man and his family

Part 1

I was released after serving five years for armed robbery although I only did the getaway driving. I pride myself that in all the robberies I had taken part in I never was caught once during the getaway. The ex prisoner's association found me a driving job, chauffeur to a rich man and his family.

He, Mr Bright was on the Board of Governors to the Prison, she was far younger than him, probably his second wife though nobody tells me anything. They have three children, two teenage girls and a son. As well as me they have a cook, two cleaners and Mr Burke the butler who ran the household and that included me.

I live over the garage in a small but self-contained flat just across the driveway from the rear of main house. The one view through my large window was of the large indoor swimming pool. Most night I would sit there using an old pair of MoD binoculars that I had found, watching the family romping around in the flood light pool. Oh my it's been five years since I've been so close to so such near naked female flesh and it looked like this was as close as I was going to get. The youngest girl always wore a small bikini and boy did she fill it to over flowing. The older girl and the mother wore one-piece outfits but as far as I could see they had nothing to be ashamed about with their figures either.

After about two weeks and I had settled in I woke up late one night and looked at my watch to find it was one o'clock in the morning. I wanted to pee so I got up and I saw that the lights were on in the pool area. After I had finished in the bathroom I picked up my binoculars and focus them on the pool. There was Mrs Bright all alone dangling her feet into the water. Her head came up and I swing around to see Mr Burke enter with a tray of drinks. They talk for a while then Mr Burke grabs her head, unzips his fly and thrusts his hard cock into her mouth. I couldn't believe my eyes but yes there she was bobbing her head on his cock. He had both of his hands behind her head and he was forcefully moving her in and out. It didn't look like she was enjoying it much, soon I saw that he had come inside her mouth she pulled off him and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and gave him some verbal; he just stood there with a big smile on his face.

A few days later after I had dropped Mr Bright off in town, I then drove Mrs Bright to the shopping centre with orders that she would phone when she required picking up. I just parked up and decided to give the Rolls a wipe down when Jennifer the youngest wandered up.

"Hi yeah," she said looking funnily at me, "you're that degenerate that dad hired."

I'm not sure I liked being called a degenerate but now wasn't the time to argue.

"Yes miss," I said smiling a little, "rape, murder and pillage that's me."

"I know what rape and murder is so what's pillage then?" she asked.

"It like when the Vikings attacked a village they killed all the men, rape the women and carried off all valuables," I explained.

"And you did all that?" she asked, "did you wear one of the silly cow horned hats?"

"Yeah of course," I chuckled.

"How long were you inside for?" she asked.

"Five years miss," I said, I didn't mind her being so noisy for this was the closes I been to a good looking female for a long time.

"Five years," she whistled, "I bet you would love to rape me?"

I stopped wiping down the car and turned and looked at her, as I did she pulled her shoulders back and pushed her tits out more.

"I just bet you'll love to get your degenerate hands on my tits," she said, with a giggle.

My eyes zeroed in on them for they were a very nice pair indeed, a good handful that's for sure. After a few long seconds she raised both hands and cupped herself.

"There're nice and big and firm," she teased, "just how long has it been since you've touch a pair as nice as these?"

Just then my mobile phone rang, it was Mrs Bright wanting to be picked up.

"Off you go you degenerate and pick mummy up," she giggled, "I'll bet I made your cock hard though, haven't I."

With that she move closer and ran her hand up the front of my uniform trousers. Fucking right I was hard.

"My you've got a big one there," she giggled and turned away, "be careful and don't let mummy see that or you may be late home."

The pick up went without a hitch but hearing her words and remembering the sights of the other night made me wonder if I may get lucky one of these days.

"Hello Degenerate," said Jennifer from my doorway, it was a couple of quiet days later and I was relaxing in my own flat.

"I'm not sure you should be here miss," I said getting up from my chair.

"Why not, this is my house, my garage and my flat," she said, entering my small space.

"Yes of course it is," I said, "but I'm not sure your father or mother would approve of you being here alone with me."

"She's not my mother," she said forcefully, confirming my own thoughts, "and daddy wont be home until tomorrow. I'll bet you did it to her the other day, didn't you. She can't resist a hard one."

"What! Certainly not," I said.

"More fool you then," she chuckled, "she was probably gagging for it."

While she was talking she was looking over my few bits and pieces, not a lot to show for thirty years of crime.

"Dad says that you are one of the best driver in the country," she said, "and he going to let you teach me to drive when I'm old enough to get my licence."

"Oh," I said, I didn't know her father knew that much about me

Today she was wearing Jeans and tight thin knitted top, which bulged delightfully.

"You're looking at my tits again, you degenerate," she giggled, "I just bet you would like to get your greasy hands on them?"

With that she cupped them with her own hands and squeezed them and slowly walking towards me. I back off but there wasn't a lot of room to move. Soon she had backed me up into a corner.

"Here give me you hands," she said grabbing my big hands with her small delicate ones.

She raised my hands and placed them over her tits.

"That's right give them a good squeeze," she giggled, "they feel divine don't they?"

In truth they did but what was I doing, getting myself the sack or possible back inside on a rape charge.

"Bet you're as hard as nails," she said running her hand down the front of my trousers. "Oh my yes, I'll bet mummy would go weak at the knee is she had this in her hand."

"Do you want me to get them out for you?" she asked, "here let me."

She pulled back slightly and crossed her arms and pulled her thin top over her head. Once that was off she reached behind and unclipped her bulging bra.

"There you go, nice young, naked and warm flesh to get your nasty greasy hands on," she chuckled.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven, this was worth going back to prison for.

"There're nice aren't they?" she asked.

"Yes miss," I managed to utter.

"Bet you'll like to put your cock between them too," she said.

God would I, I thought. She was unzipping me now and I hadn't the strength left to stop her.

"My god, it's huge," she said rubbing her hand up and down its length.

She went down to her knees and engulfed me between her twin beauties; I came almost immediately.

"That didn't take long," she giggled, "you must have been gagging for it yourself, so you didn't fuck mummy the other day then."

"No, I said I didn't," I said.

"Well I best be off," she said picking up her discarded clothes and heading for the door.

"See you later degenerate," she said and disappeared still clutching her clothes and leaving bare breasted.

This place was a mad house but it had its compensations, now when I watched the ladies of the house frolic about the pool I could say that I had tit fucked that beauty, but I wanted more than a tit fuck, I wanted it all.

"Are you in there degenerate?" I voice called out, I had retired but still awake reading an 'Auto Magazine' in bed.

"I'm bored," she said and she just walking into my one big room and sat down on the bed. "Daddies away again and that women is making eyes at Burke, she'll do better coming over here."

"What are you brother and sister doing?" I asked.

"I wouldn't bet against them fucking each other like rabbits," she giggled.

"No surely not," I said.

"Why not, nothing impossible in this fucked up family," she sighed.

"Daddy dearest can't keep his hands of my tits, well can't really blame him for that now can we," she said pushing her chest out for me to see. "Darling step mum and the butler are after the shagging record for the over thirties, so why shouldn't my precious sibling be banging away too."

"But there're not really are they?" I asked.

"Seen them at it many times, bloody disgusting," she said.

Then after a short pause she stood up and pulled her top off to reveal her naked tits.

"Daddy doesn't like me to wear a bra when he's at home, he likes to see them wobble about," she said, "how about you?"

"Yeah sure," I said still stunned at her revelations about the household.

She didn't stop with her top but carried on until she was naked.

"Shift over," she said and she got into my small single bed.

By now my cock was playing tent poles with the covers. She snuggled up to me and I could feel those tits against my naked skin.

"Will you teach me to drive?" she asked.

"What, yeah sure," I said my mind on a different plain to hers, "when are you old enough to apply for your licence?"

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