The Filming

by Dan24

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, True Story, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Size, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A continuation of the young girl I rescued from the cold stormy day. Kimie is hot, loves cock, the bigger the better. From the first time of her black orgy being filmed she loved it, it turned her on. Now she was given the opportunity to film her very first porn flick. This is hot and getts hotter.<br>The post script was hard to write, but it is all true.


This is a continuation of the story 'Very Wet Day'. It is highly recommended that you read that story first. If not you will not understand how all this came about. Again, this story is true and only a few names are changed to protect the guilty.

Chapter 1

A few days after I left Kimie not knowing if I would ever see her again she did call me. I really was not sure she was serious about following through in becoming a young porn star. Now that she has called I guess I was wrong again. I told her that I was not able to contact Johnny yet but would try today and for her to call me back tomorrow unless she had a number that I could contract her at. Kimie told me she would try tomorrow. We talked a little while and she told me again that she really enjoyed our time together. I asked her if she was certain about becoming a porn star and she stated that she was.

After we hung up I immediately called my contact, a guy named Johnny that has a little studio in his residence and has shot and sold a few porn movies. Most he films for his private collection but he has a few contacts and can market them if the parties involved sign a release. Johnny was happy to hear from me, it has been a couple of years since I last called him. We talked and he told me that he would be only to happy to interview this young girl and tape her if that is what she wants after all the legal documents are signed. I told him I would bring her to his place in a couple of weeks after the Christmas holidays.

The next day Kimie called and I told her it was all set and I would come and meet with her on January 19th and take her to meet Johnny. She was excited and asked why we had to wait so long. I explained to her that was when Johnny was available. I then told her that she needed to get a copy of her birth certificate and another form of ID with her picture on it, plus her social security card. Kimie told me that she would have them. We agreed on a place to meet near where she was staying. I told her to call me the Friday before to make sure all was set up. Kimie said she would.

The next few weeks seemed to drag by, as I was really looking forward to getting together with Kimie again and watching her do the porn movie. The week before I was to pick her up I called Johnny again and told him all was set for the 19th of January. He told me that was Martin Luther King's birthday and a Holiday, but he would set something up for that afternoon. I told him how anxious Kimie seemed to be to do it. I told him about the first day I met her and what all she did and how she loved riding big black cocks. How she is a multi orgasm girl and climaxes hard and will be a great porn star. Johnny and I talked and I told him all I knew about her and he told me some of what he would set up. When I got off the phone I was wishing that tomorrow were the day. That night I advised the Mrs. That I had to go to a meeting on the 19th and 20th and would be home late on the 20th. I am always going to meetings so she does not question me on that. However, she knew Monday was a holiday and questioned as to that meeting. I told her this was the only time they could have it and they were paying time and a half for that day. She was then ok with it.

That Friday Kimie called me and I told her it was all set and we agreed on a meeting place and I told her I would see her early in the morning around 9. I wanted some time alone with her before we had to be at Johnny's place. I told her to make sure she had the papers I told her about with her, to shave clean and be ready for one hot day. She asked me if it would be as hot as that first night. I told her it probably would be hotter. Not really knowing all the plans Johnny had made but knowing Johnny he would make sure she was totally fucked. I heard her breathing hard when I told her that.

Monday morning I packed my overnight bag and some clothes for the so-called business meeting. I drove the 2 hours to the big city and was at the meeting place before 9. As 9 A.M. approached I saw Kimie walking down the street and she was carrying a small suitcase. When she got to my car I saw that she had really applied the makeup and she looked beautiful; even more so than the first day. Of course that first day she was soaked and had no makeup on. She got in and told me she was glad to see me again. I asked her if she was happy enough to go to a motel room with me for a couple of hours before I take her to meet my friend. Kimie smiled and said she would be happy to.

We drove to a motel and I got the room. Kimie and I went to the room and almost before I could put our bags down she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. This girl can kiss and our tongues intertwined and I grabbed her ass and squeezed. After we broke the kiss Kimie started to take her clothes off. Oh I wanted her nude in the worst way but I also wanted to get some pictures of her before and after the hot session today. I asked her to please wait and let me take some pictures as she undressed. Kimie was more than willing and did a little striptease for my camera and me.

By the time she was naked I was already hard and as I saw that bald pussy my tongue started darting out of my mouth in anticipation of eating her. Kimie lay on the bed and did a few spread pussy shots for me. By now I could not stand it any longer and without taking my clothes off I was kneeling on the floor and my tongue went up inside that hot little honey pot. Kimie started moaning and humping her ass and before I really got started she climaxed. I continued to eat her and I had her litterly begging for me to fuck her. When I got up to remove my clothes Kimie pulled my pants down and took my hard cock in her hot little mouth. She was sucking so fast and hard I knew that if I did not stop her that I would shoot my load and then not be able to fuck her for a while. It took all the will power I had to pull my cock from her mouth.

I finished getting out of my clothes and quickly rolled a condom on my cock. Kimie was already in position, legs spread, and pussy ready willing and able to engulf me. I lowered myself on and in her and she wrapped her legs around my body and we fucked like two teens. This girl was going to make a great porn star, she had the looks and she had the body, but more important, she was hot and loved to fuck. I rammed in and out of her for a couple of minutes and then rolled over and let her get on top. She did and rode my cock like there was no tomorrow. I was getting close to cumming and trying to hold back but knew if she kept this pace up I would shoot soon. Then I heard her moaning and I felt her pussy tighten on my cock as her muscles spasmd and she climaxed. As her body quivered and that pussy kept spasming on my cock I shoot and filled the condom. Kimie kept bouncing up and down and me and managed to catch another climax before my cock got to soft to stay in her.

She rolled off me and I held her in my arms and we rested for several minutes. We then showered and dressed to go eat. I was really getting to like Kimie, she was young and naive yet loved sex like a pro. To this old man she made me feel young again. I took her to a small little restaurant that I know, one that I would not have to worry about running into someone I knew. We spent the next two hours eating and talking. I then called Johnny

to see if he was ready for us. He said he had scheduled the guys for 3 PM but we could come over and he would see how hot she was.

I knew what he met.

Johnny is a very independently wealthy black man. He is 60 years old, 6' 2" and has a huge black cock that loves to fuck young white girls, as all blacks do. His place in out in the country about 30 minutes outside the city and he has a large house that he has rigged with secret video cameras in all the right places. His bedroom has cameras all over the place hidden in mirrors, behind the headboard of the bed and in furniture. He has a large screen TV that he can watch the action on in any given room he wants. The last time I was there his headboard had a swing down control panel so that he could operate the controls from his bed. He also has a secret room off one of his closets that is a control room for all the cameras, lights and videos. It is in this room that Johnny can edit all the tapes and make them into one or even make copies in a matter of seconds.

I have been privileged to see the whole house, very few people have. I have known and respected him for over 15 years. I have taken many white girls to his place. He has allowed me to use it on many occasions and showed me how to operate the secret cameras.

Of course this was to his advantage also. Then I have attended many parties at his place, knowing that all the action was being recorded, most people did not. Johnny also has several acres of land with his house and a barn so clean that you could eat off the floors. Johnny loves and keeps several horses, one of them is a big black stallion named Midnight that he has trained to service women. I have watched several times as the girls get fucked by that big cock or get a couple quarts of horse cum all over their bodies.

I told Kimie that Johnny was ready for us and she got real excited. We drove out to Johnny's place and on the way I asked Kimie several times if she was certain she wanted to do this. She said yes and to quit asking her that. When I pulled off the main rode and started up this long gravel driveway lined on both side with a clean white fence to keep the horses in Kimie was all eyes.

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