Reunion: The Group Revisited

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Janet and Ron Ellis convene a 5-year reunion of the first members of their high school sex club, The Group. Janet's so horny she can't wait.

Chapter 1

Ron and Janet Ellis had quietly put out the word 5 years after the first members of The Group had graduated from high school that there would be a 5-year reunion in their home on a Saturday evening in January. They figured with the cold weather and it not being a high school basketball game night, there would be little awareness that the first members of the Group were getting back together again to renew old relationships and to enjoy being with each other sexually once again. The Group had continued with members replacing those that graduated each year, but it was now in the fifth year of its activity. For this meeting, it would only be the members of the Group during the first year of its existence. They were some of the hottest and most erotic of all the high schoolers that had participated in the high school sex group that Ron and Janet had initiated.

Janet had kept from having sex with Ron or any of her younger male lovers from the school for three days before the reunion because she wanted to be so horny for a fuck that she'd be able to go all night long. Janet wanted to, if possible, fuck every single guy that returned for the reunion. She knew that as the years passed, things would happen and those who could return would become fewer and fewer. She'd fucked every single male high schooler that had ever been in the Group, and she wanted to treat herself and them once again with a raucous evening and all-night session of uncontrolled and unbridled sex. Janet knew that would be no problem for her. She'd taken on more than one group fuck session and she knew she could still handle as many cocks as came her way.

Ron was just as horny to get together with some of the hottest former girl students of his and fuck their pussies again now that they were just a few years older and probably a heck of a lot more experienced. He'd love being able to help initiate many of the girls who belonged to The Group into the joys and hotness of adult sex and now that he was sure some of the same girls had garnered lots more experience in sucking and fucking, Ron wanted to reap the benefits of what they'd learned. He couldn't wait to bury his big hard dick inside lots of hot young wet pussies.

Janet felt her pussy growing very wet and horny as the different former members of The Group began showing up at their house. With Janet's hot hetero- and bisexual tastes, she was loving seeing both the guys and the girls once again. She laughed inwardly as she quickly noticed how the girls had matured and that a couple of them had obviously had boob jobs since they were sporting far larger tits than they had only those few years earlier. Janet could already envision herself in between the sexy thighs of some of the girls and with some of the hot sexy well-hung guys atop her, shoving her pussy full of their hard thick cocks. Janet couldn't wait to get started.

Janet finally decided that Ron could start this meeting whenever he was ready but she was too horny to hold out any longer. She walked over to Philip, one of her favorite studs from the early days of The Group and she acted as though she was just going to chat him up, but she let him know from her body language that she was ready to get it on. Philip was quite a bit more sexually astute than he had been the first time he and Janet had ever shared a fuck at a Group meeting and he'd been wanting to get back together with her as badly as she wanted to fuck him. Philip had even found himself thinking about Coach Ellis's sexy wife as he'd gone through college and often wondered how he could manage to get back over to the Ellis house and enjoy an evening of lusty sex without offending her husband Ron. Now Philip had the chance he'd been waiting for. He knew that tonight there was nothing that couldn't happen. And he was going to be the first lucky guy to sink his horny cock into Janet Ellis's hot sexy pussy.

The next thing Philip knew, Janet had her hand down over the growing bulge of his hardening cock and he had his hands up underneath Janet's top, feeling her up through the cups of the bra she had on that night. "Mmmmmmm, you don't think Ron and the others will mind if we go ahead and start do you?" Philip asked as he knew it didn't matter what the others thought. Janet was the co-head of the Group from Day One and if she wanted to go ahead and fuck, she'd do just that. Both Philip and Janet knew each other so well that they simply lost themselves in their own foreplay and getting each other undressed. Janet took Philip over to a couch there in the back of the main family room and she quickly had his pants undone, his briefs down to his ankles and she soon had the sexy young man's hard dick in her mouth and was stroking him and sucking him to get him totally hard and ready to fuck her. Janet intended to climb on top first and ride Philip's hard cock until they both exploded in orgasm, but he'd find that out soon enough.

Philip quickly had Janet equally as undressed as he was. He pulled her top off over her head and he had her pants down off her shapely figure as well. Then, with Janet sitting there next to him in only her thong panty and her front-closing bra, Philip began kissing and caressing the sexy woman's body through her bra and panty. Janet was so sexually hungry that she could barely control herself from just letting go and totally ravishing Philip or any other male that would have come within her reach. Philip reached down between Janet's full large breasts, undid the snap to her bra and peeled both cups back away from her tits, exposing her sexy dark nipples to his eyes and to his mouth. Philip bent over, taking her left engorged nipple in his lips as he let his other hand slide down in between Janet's shapely thighs to find that the crotch of her thong was totally soaked with her aroused pussy's juices. Philip went ahead and pulled Janet's bra completely off her body and then he made sure he was totally naked and ready for a fuck with her. Then, he pulled her thong down and off her body, finding as he'd expected that Janet had freshly shaved her pussy in preparation for the Group get-together that night. Her pussy lips was very wet, swollen in her arousal, and before Philip could push Janet onto her back and climb on top of her, she beat him to the punch. Janet maneuvered Philip until his naked ass was firmly seated there in the center of the back room couch and she straddled his cock, aimed it straight into the lips of her hot horny pussy and she let the tip of his large hard dick spread her pussy lips as she settled downward on top of him, feeling his hardness filling her pussy from top to bottom.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Janet moaned as she quickly remembered how hot Philip's had felt when he was a horny high school senior and now it felt even better. She even wondered if her young lover's dick had grown some in the subsequent five years since they'd last fucked. "Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah, baby, fuck me," Janet moaned as she quickly felt Philip's cock growing wet in the juices of her hot pussy and she leaned over so he could give her sensitive hot nipples and breasts some attention while she rode up and down on his lap. "Sit there, Philip and let me remind you how hot it was for the two of us back five years ago, baby," Janet said and then she focused totally on the hot erotic sensation of having her young lover's cock totally fucking her as she writhed up and down on his manpole.

"OH yeah, Janet, give me that hot pussy, girl," Philip moaned as he let Janet do the fucking up and down on his large thick dick. As Janet was oblivious to the others gathering in the room, Ron had noticed that his horny gorgeous wife had already paired off and was deep in the process of getting her first hot fuck while he was greeting and seeing that the members of the Group were welcomed and gathered for their evening of hot sex to begin. Ron stood there watching Janet riding Philip's cock and he felt his own cock growing hard in his pants. He wasn't surprised that Janet had singled out Philip first off because he'd known she had always had the hots for Philip and had managed to fuck him whenever she could manage it. He even wondered laughingly if Philip and Janet had gotten together on the sly in the years since he'd left town for college.

Then, Ron turned his attention back to all the others gathering while Janet and Philip began to reach their first orgasms and their hot sexy sounds of her riding her lover's cock filled the air of the room.

Chapter 2

Ron Ellis was as horny as he could remember being in a long time. He seemed to always be in need of some hot sex and both he and Janet fucked each other regularly. Ron knew that Janet also had liaisons with other women when she wasn't getting it on with him. He thought that was pretty natural for most women who were coaches and physical education teachers -- they all tended usually to have a bisexual bent in them as well as hetero if there weren't totally lesbians.

Ron wanted to get several pieces of the hot pussies that were there for the reunion of The Group. He stood there watching his wife, Janet, and one of the former student members of the Group, Philip, fucking their brains out and Ron's cock was hard and jutting hotly against his exercise shorts as he stood there in front of the gathered former Group members. Most had been watching Philip and Janet in the back of the room fucking their brains out. All of the guys thought Janet was still one of the hottest babe-teachers they'd ever had, and most of the girls looked up to her as well as an example of how sexy and active they wanted to be in the years ahead.

Ron knew he could pretty well have his pick of whichever woman he wanted to fuck first from the Group alumni that had returned for the reunion. He mulled over memories of past Group meetings and then looked around at the bevy of sexy women filling the room there in the chairs and other seats surrounding the wall.

"Hey, everybody, let's get the reunion meeting started -- you can see my hot sexy wife Janet and Philip have already broken the ice back there," Ron pointed out as everyone laughed as they could still hear Janet and Philip breathing hard as she was bringing him to another orgasm. Ron laughed for a minute as he could hear the sounds of Janet's body smacking against Philip's groin as she'd been riding up and down on his big hard cock. He wanted to keep the meeting under control though, so he quickly steered the activities back on course. He couldn't do a thing with Janet and her insatiably horny pussy.

"You all know the routine -- find yourself a partner and have fun. I hope you all enjoy yourselves while you're here tonight and I hope YOU GET FUCKED," Ron said. He stood there looking over the gathering of sexy guys and girls, and then he saw the first girl that he wanted to sink his cock into that night -- Pam. Pam was a rather tall, very nicely shaped girl that he'd fucked early on in the beginning days of The Group. Pam was nicely endowed in the chest, and she'd been one of the hottest fucks Ron had ever been with. He walked over to where Pam was sitting as she talked to one of the other former female members of The Group.

"Hi, Pam, it's so great seeing you here tonight," Ron said. "Would you like to join me over here in the corner?" he asked as he knew Pam could already see his big hardon jutting hotly against his shorts.

"Hi, Coach," Pam replied. She was very ready for a fuck and she was flattered that Ron Ellis would approach her for his first fuck of the evening. "Yes, I'd very much like to do it with you," she answered. Ron could remember when he'd taken Pam on the demonstration mat in front of the entire group and she'd done it with him as though there was no one else in the entire room. She'd cooed and purred in response to his foreplay and then his cock flashing in and out of her pussy as though not another soul on earth was witnessing what the two of them were doing.

Ron noticed that like many of the girls who'd been in the Group in high school, their breasts had seemed to have grown a cup or two larger since they'd graduated from high school. He knew that was due to further maturing, additional sexual activity, and, of course, some of the girls had been through pregnancy and nursing babies since their high school days. All those things combined to give the sexy girls bigger and even more attractive tits than he'd seen on them before when they were there in school.

Ron showed Pam over to the couch where he'd planned to enjoy his first fuck. He took her into his arms and they stood there, kissing and their hands moving over each other's bodies as they brought each other to a state of arousal where they'd be ready to fuck together. Ron was horny from the moment he'd seen all the different females that had come back for the reunion. He didn't know if he'd get to fuck all of them, but he'd sure try to get as much pussy as he could. He felt Pam's hands stroking his chest, his ass, his back and then her hand was down in between his legs, stroking and caressing his growing hardon. Ron's hands weren't idle either. He felt Pam up, enjoying the full and large breasts on her chest. He especially loved it when he realized that Pam wasn't wearing a bra tonight. He knew she had nice large tits, and she was able to come braless and they looked awesome underneath the T-shirt she'd worn. Ron soon was playing with her naked nipples through the material of her shirt, and then he soon had her shirt off over her head, and her shorts down and off her body. He soon shucked his own shirt and shorts off along with his briefs, leaving his naked hardon jutting hotly from his groin.

Ron bent Pam back on the couch, pulling her bikini panties off and then he spread her legs, putting one over each shoulder and he buried his hungry mouth in the vee of her thighs. Pam loved having her pussy eaten, Ron remembered that, and he quickly had the sexy brunette bucking her ass up from the couch as he brought her off three times by eating her pussy. He loved to eat pussy and he knew he was going to eat a lot of hot pussy that night.

When Ron had Pam more than ready to be fucked, he leaned up momentarily to see that all was going on in the rest of the room around them, and then he got Pam positioned just right, and he moved onto the couch with her, aiming the swollen head of his cock straight up into her waiting pussy. Ron didn't wait. He pushed his cock fully inside Pam's pussy and then he began driving in and out as his cock got fully wet and lubed from her natural juices.

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