Steamy Sex Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Wimp Husband, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A submissive husband agrees to join a secret sex club his dominatrix controlling loving wife is involved in. The Orgy will happen around Chapter 6. Before that some private problems will start to threaten the marriage. The mixture of the sex club will cause these minor sexual problems to explode in suprising ways.

I am sitting here on our black leather couch. As I zone out in front of the television set, I am twirling the remote control in my hand. Me? I am Josh Carlson. I am well 26 years old "ahem! Ahem!" and actually in decent shape. I am head researcher for the company Ent Con Industries. My job is to gather the data from on going projects and give them to my boss Carl Zona. I'll explain him later. Right now I am concerned because things are happening in my marriage to Beverly and I don't know why.

Beverly is my wife's name and she is insatiable in bed and, well, she can give anyone a hard on. She is my height 6 feet tall. Her hair is black and long. Her eyes are lovely blue. She can look at you and mesmerize you with her eyes. Her chest is a little larger than a hand full (That's how I like it!) and her ass is one that will make anyone drop their mouth.

Right now Television is so boring. All those lame sitcoms with no jokes and loud laugh tracks. My memory drifts to when I met my lovely wife Beverly Carlson. I met her at East Chester University in PA and we hit it off big. It was easy because when it came to sex well she took control. I like it like that. That way she gets what she wants (like I am going to say no to her!) and she can't be pissed at me for anything.

I was in the cafeteria eating as usual when she came by my table. As I was reading the editorial page of the newspaper she winked at me. It was so clear out of the blue. She then sat in the booth behind mine. I wondered "should I say anything?" "Should I invite her to my table?" when I heard her and the girls talking. They were kidding her about what she did. "oh my god did you just wink at him' "Girlfriend why?" "Yo Beverly!" She told them "Hey he's cute." They agreed "Well that is true"

I decided then and there to talk to them. As I was thinking "what the hell" I turned to them(I figured Id flatter the hell out of them). "Hello there I see the beauty pageant is in town" They (of course) gave groans like "Lame come on" I apologized for the come on "Sorry I just didn't know what would be a good intro line" it was then that one of the ladies waved me away. I was all set to go when I couldn't help but stare into Beverly's eyes "I'm Josh" Beverly had the same problem as she stared back "Beverly"

I mouthed "Gosh you are lovely" as I rubbed her hands. Beverly mouthed "You're handsome" My tongue decided to blurt out everything I thought "Want to see all of me" Beverly nods "Let's go to the bathroom:"

We went to the men's room bathroom. I swear I had a hard on at that point. It was hard to walk and believe me I wanted to run. I felt the tent in my pants was huge. I kept my head down and I was staring at Beverly's tight ass. It didn't help that She was wearing small white dress. I can see her smooth legs as she took the lead. I just wanted to grab her tight ass then and there.

We entered the empty men's room. Boy did it stink of men's urine. I guess many men miss the target. The floor is filthy and littered with toilet paper and towels.

My nose cringed as the smell hit my nose. Beverly smelt the room and grew hornier. She slammed me against the wall and French kissed me. I gasped in shock as she tore off my shirt. Then I tore off my pants as she jammed her tongue down my throat. I feel my cock spring out as she stares me in the eyes and growls "God I wanted to fuck you since I saw you at the table. " I grin as I slide my hands down the top of her dress and give her Ripe huge melon breasts a good squeeze "I wanted to fuck you since I saw you walk to the bathroom. That ass of yours baby" as she grabs my ass and gives iyt a good hard squeeze.

I couldn't believe I was behaving this way. I kept sucking her tongue as she tore off my underwear; I slid down her dress and stared as her breasts bounce out of it. My cock grew firm and stiff as I stared mesmerized at her luscious breasts.

She groans as she tilts her head back. Then I slide my fingers down her wetting panties and wiggled two fingers down into her wetting pussy. I can hear her pussy lips smack together as they suck my fingers hungrily. She moans louder as I grin "Wow I am getting her hot!" As I start sucking and licking her wet!" I keep it up. My fingers rub her pussy walls as I keep sucking her neck. I couldn't believe it! My cock stands erect as she rubs my chest. She seems to be in her own world as she gasps for a second. Did she orgasm? Nah. I better keep this up then as I finger her harder.

She pulls away as she stares at my cock "Fuck me damn it!" As she stares at me angrily. She then pulls me to her and Slides my thick cock in her smacking wet pussy. "Good God man!" As her pussy hungrily swallows my cock and holds on to it for dear life

I Gasp as I slap my hands on her ass and buck my cock deep in her tight pussy. Her pussy holds on to my cock and sucks it with deep hard sucks. I gasp "Oh god!" As I close my eyes and shiver under the pleasurable sucking of my cock "Oh Fuck!" I whisper in her ear "Fuck Yes!" I gasp as I suck her neck and keep thrusting my thick meaty cock in her sweet smelling pussy. Her juices drip down my legs as she moans in my ear and humps my cock with vicious thrusts. "Yes!" She whispers in my ear as she groans and can't speak. I couldn't believe how good it felt as her pussy sucked on my cock and held onto it with such force. I groaned as my cock kept going deeper and deeper in that pussy. I could feel some of her juices drench out of her wetting pussy. I reached down and smeared some on my fingers. Then I licked the juices as I closed my eyes and forced my cock in her. The taste was so heavenly and the smell made me know that I was gonna burst my load soon. We keep this up for a minute as I thrust my cock deep in her and she replies with moans and hot breaths on my neck... Her pussy juices smell so good in my neck Then she sucks that part of my neck a second later and really sucks hard as I feel my cock ready to burst. "Oh! god yes!" I whisper as I hold and rub her smooth tight ass. I then think "faster fuck her harder and faster!" I thrust upward as hard as I can. I tell myself "Harder!" As I thrust my cock in her "One! TWO! Gasp!"

Then I shoot my load! I gasp and my legs wobble as I feel the cum flood out of me. I call out "GA!" As I feel myself ready to collapse on the floor. I hear her lightly squeak as I feel her shiver for a second. Then she breathes and sighs a happy sigh.

I wonder "did she enjoy that? Is this all an act?"

She looks me in the eyes and kisses me with passionate kisses, "That was wonderful." I look shocked "really I mean my first time and all." She looks stunned "you a virgin?" As I turn red faced and nod "Yea Um sorry"

She slaps my jest and laugh "don't apologize! You were great hon!"

I grin as I pat her smooth ass and give it play squeeze "I am Josh!"

She grins "Beverly! And I love it up my ass so you better watch it!" I laugh as I think "what the fuck" I look her in the eyes "Fine by me" and give her ass another squeeze.

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