It's More Than Puppy Love

by Kimberly Parker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: The second installment (see a case of puppy love) of a lady and her pet and more.

David had to be in Boston Monday morning for a series of conferences, which were scheduled to take at least a week, but somehow his secretary had failed to make his reservations in a timely manner causing some hysteria on his part. Being the good wife that I am I worked feverishly all day Thursday trying to make arrangement for him. After countless phone calls, I had two solutions. One, leave at 2:30 A.M. on Monday, or a 9:00 A.M. flight on Sunday. Well even though David had refused to fly on "his time" on weekends, this was certainly better than a "red eye" special the day the first meeting was scheduled.

A gentle buzzing brought me from a sound sleep and I fumbled with the clock to shut off the alarm. I slowly eased from the bed and shuffled toward the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee and then headed to the bathroom for a "wake me up" shower.

Since I enjoy the first cup of coffee in the early morning quiet, I let David sleep a half hour or so before I wake him up. This gives me plenty of time to let Robby out in the back yard to do his business, and lets me slowly wake up. As I sipped my coffee and dragged slowly on a cigarette I reached over and flipped on the wall-mounted radio to catch the weather report that usually is given at five before the hour. I then started towards the bedroom to awaken David when I heard the radio announce the time as 5:00, not 7:00 like I had thought. It dawned this was the weekend to move the clocks back and I had forgotten, that and the fact that I didn't change to alarm from normal 5:30 I have it set for the weekdays. This was all David's fault.

The morning shower and a strong cup of coffee, I was wide-awake and knew it didn't make any sense to try to go back to sleep. Since this was actually David's fault, I figured he should be up also. I didn't say a word as he walked slowly to the bathroom and when I heard the shower come on I started to laugh to myself.

It was when he came back to the room just wearing a towel did I tell him that HE forgot to change to clock and alarm. With two extra hours to I knew we could find just something to kill the time. I reached under the towel that was wrapped around his waist and gently brought "little David" out of his sound sleep.

For some reason David was able to go three full rounds and my cunt was still oozing his warm nut cream an hour later as I waved to him as he entered the taxicab. I watched and smiled, as the cab made it's way down the street when I felt something wet and cold against my leg. It was Robby licking David's cum and my cunt juices that were sliding slowly down my inner thigh. I was planning a nice long warm shower to clean up after David and I fucked, but why not let Robby "clean" me before I take that shower.

Robby licked and lapped at me continuing dripping pussy, which brought me to at least four more bed shaking orgasms over the next hour or so. Felling totally spent, I crawled up and urged Robby to lie on his back and my mouth watered at the sight of his magnificent cock. I could hear Robby whimper like a baby as I slowly sucked the entire length of his cock down my throat. Suddenly he began to buck a bit and it took all my strength to hold him still when his cock started to spurt that luscious hot doggy cum over my tongue. I continued to suck and swallow until Robby whined and struggled to free himself of my lustful grip I had on his still spurting cock. Once free, Robbie licked his tender cock while I panted and slid two fingers in my pulsating cunt bringing on yet another satisfying orgasm.

A warm shower and three hours later I yawned and stretched before once again crawling out of bed to face the day. I then went to the kitchen to start that breakfast I planned on six hours earlier.

That afternoon I jumped on the web and began surfing to different sites that advertised girls and animals. Whenever I landed at a site that offered a three day trial for a buck ninety-five, I quickly joined up. Any site that had free videos I didn't hesitate to download. It was when I got this one video of a girl and a small pony that almost made me cum by just watching. Although it was only a pony, he had at least fifteen inches of woman pleaser, which appeared to almost a big around as my upper arm. After getting the little guy all worked up by sucking his long and pretty cock, she turned around and another girl guided the pony cock to her ass. After a few minutes of pushing against her tight hole, and plenty of lube, the head of the pony cock entered her ass. The other girl massaged his large nuts while stroking the part of his cock that was exposed and got the pony really excited. Soon he began to hump his flanks back and forth until his entire cock was hidden in her expanded ass as his pool ball size balls slapped against her puffy cunt. I heard the pony squeal and then the girl started screaming in pleasure and I knew the pony had flooded her bowels with his nut cream. Just how much I didn't realize until the pony pulled from her now gaping ass. The girl that had helped get the pony inside was now lying on her back between the well-fucked blondes legs. When she squatted down, what appeared to be at least a quart of thick cream flowed from her ass into the waiting girls mouth.

After a couple hours of watching flicks of girls getting pleased by just about every animal thinkable, I found my cunt just dripping with desire. I knew what I wanted, but I also knew I had to make some preparations to achieve this. I searched the kitchen and soon had three different size candles, a large carrot and a cucumber lying on my bed. Taking the tube of K-y from my nightstand, I slid a well-lubed finger in my virgin ass. As I felt my self relax, I then put the second, a third, and finally with some gently persuasion had four fingers in my tight butt. I lay there for about ten minutes with my fingers inserted, then slowly pulled them free. At that point I felt like I had to take a dump, but that sensation quickly went away. Next was one of the smaller candles that were just a tad bigger around than my four fingers, but a lot longer, which I could feel when I massaged my dripping cunt. One by one I used each item until I was able to slide the cucumber in and out easily. I then pushed a small piece of plastic rod through the "green cock" that kept it from completely sliding up inside. I then called Robby up to the bed and spread my legs to give him complete access to my eager cunt. A couple of satisfying orgasms later, I was now stoking Robby's cock to full attention. I then squeezed a large amount of K-y over his cock and turned over on my elbows and knees and guided him to my last virgin hole. Robby assumed he was entering my cunt, and did what I always urged him to do, fuck my deep and hard. With one swift plunge, his cock was buried in my ass and his knot was banging against my sphincter. I reached down and began rubbing my lubed hand over my excited clit and tried to relax as best I could. Suddenly it felt like my ass was on fire as the large bulb finally pushed past the resistance and completely filled me. I tried pushing a finger into my quivering cunt and it felt so tight I was going crazy. I was now actually slapping my erect clit that brought on one climax after another. Then, like a fire hose going off in my ass, I felt Robby empty his nuts deep inside of my colon that had me screaming in pleasure.

I stayed on my elbows and knees for about a half and hour before I felt Robby finally pull free from my quivering anus. As I rolled onto my back I felt his cum gush from my stretched cavity. I fought to catch my breath and knew this was the best fuck I have ever had and wondered why I refused David this way. If I had only known, he could have butt fucked me anytime, anywhere.

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