Paying My Debt

by Dimecross

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: The stakes prove too high for one man, his wife digs him out of the hole.

Tonight the boys are coming over, it's our weekly poker game tonight, and I've been on a unlucky streak the past two weeks, so I'm looking forward to turning it around tonight. I've got to get even with them for what happened last week and the week before. The first week was horrible, no matter how good my hand was, someone always had a better one. Hell, I even thought I had a high stakes hand, until my bud Joe laid out his royal flush, I was crushed.

On that hand, that key hand, I had run out of money. I was so sure that I had it, and that Joe was bluffing, so we kept raising the bet higher and higher, until I had nothing left to bet, except one thing. I was so confident that I couldn't be beaten, I bet a night with my wife to each of them, I tried just betting it for Joe to be with her, but he wouldn't take it until I said all could have her. What did I care, I had an unbeatable hand, finally.

By this time, all the guys, the 4 of them, were standing behind Joe, looking at his cards over his shoulder.

"Lay 'em down" said Joe, with a smug grin on his face.

"BOO-YOW" I said as I fanned my cards out on the loot pile.

I crossed my arms snobbishly and sat back in my chair. Immediately the 4 standing looked at me in shock. I knew I had it, no big deal, and their reaction to my hand told me for sure. As I was basking in my own triumph, turning a whole bad night into a good one with one hand, looking at my friends faces, Joe laid his hand out. I looked down at the cards, my heart sunk. The one hand that could beat mine, and that was it, the game was over.

"Come on guys, you aren't going to hold me to that bet are ya?" I nervously asked.

After a comforting look came across their faces, "Of course we are, a bet's a bet. You know that."

"Wait a minute now, you can't be serious, my wife would never go for it!" I said panicking.

"Jack, calm down." Joe said, "I know a way that you can pay off your debt, and Marie will never know."

"Oh yeah? How?" My voice shaking, but bright with hope.

"Don't worry about it for now, I promise ya though, she won't have a clue." He stood from the table, collecting his money, "I gotta run now, but I'll get in touch with you sometime this week, we'll setup the payment."

With a nod and a smile, he was out the door, the others followed soon, leaving me all alone while Marie was at her sisters. All I could do then was kick myself when I was down, and I did. 'Stupid stupid stupid! how could I do that' I thought aloud.

I resolved myself to just being as cool as possible when Marie got home, she couldn't know about what happened, she would flip, no doubt about it.

The next week, on Tuesday, I went home for my lunch break, checking the mail as usual, and I went in and began making something to eat, just like I do everyday. I sat down at the table, and opened my mail while I ate. I saw a letter from Joe in there, I put my fork down and tore it open, as much afraid to look as I was eager to see what it was. The letter read:

Hey Jack,

Look man, I really am sorry about the other night, was tuff luck really,

but you know as well as anyone, I can't just let it go, you knew the

risk when you bet. But don't worry, I said she wouldn't know about it,

and I meant it.

These are the instructions for how this will go down Jack, you need

to follow these exactly in order for this to work. First, we'll do it next

Saturday, we're all off work then, and this'll fly on the weekend more.

Take Marie out early, like 5 or something. Take her somewhere that

serves alcohol, make sure she drinks a bit. Bring her home by 8,

stopping by the liquor store on the way home, she needs to be drunk

for this to work right.

Make her a few drinks, and in each one, drop one of the pills I've sent

in the envelope here. They dissolve within seconds, she'll never know

they're there. Don't worry, they won't hurt her, they're just sleeping

pills, and you can take like 10 of them at once without being hurt.

You need to make sure she gets at least 8 pills, so double them up in

four drinks if you have to, actually, it would be better to put four in

one drink, and four in another, otherwise she might pass out before

she gets them all, and that isn't enough.

We'll all show up at around 10, so be ready, she has to be out by then.

And if she is out good before 10, call me on my cell, and we'll cum

early. HaHaHaHaHa. But seriously, this will work, so don't worry,

and we'll see ya Friday for the weekly game.

The He-bitch,


Looking in the envelope, I found about 2 dozen little white pills, 'great!' I thought. Looking at my watch, more bad news, I'm late getting back to work. It just wasn't my day. Three nights later, the boys were back over again.

"I can't even believe you're playing this week Jack." said my friend Sammy.

"Yeah well, maybe my luck will change for the better tonight." I sighed.

With a chuckle he said "Yeah it better."

We started out, me not wanting to bet anything after the beating I had taken the week before, but that changed. I was actually winning, nearly every hand, winning big and loosing small, I was back! We played for two hours, and I was up $200 bucks. I hadn't lost more than one hand in a row, and had won at least two in a row before loosing one, that was constant. Not wanting to turn my wife over to them to do with as they please, I decided I would win back that night they had coming.

I had just won my first hand after a loss, and this hand was the best I've had all night, the same hand I had the week before actually, what are the odds?

"I'll raise you $200, and that night with Marie, if I win I want it back." I told Joe.

"Well what if I win, what do I get?" He asked.

"You'll get $200 bucks, and... we'll double my debt" I said nervously.

"Nah, I already got her for one night, if you want me to bet that night, you're going to have to make worth my while. Let's say, if I win, not only do you have to watch as the four of us fuck Marie, each of gets to bring two friends to fuck her too." He said casually.

I pondered the thought for a minute, 2 each, would be 12 guys. I started to think maybe I shouldn't, I mean, I have the same hand as last time, everyone but Joe folded, just like last time, and he is really pushing to make sure he gets a good deal. But no way, the odds are on my side. How can it possibly happen, he can't win the exact same way twice, while I loose the exact same way twice, not after the night I've had.

Confident and ready to go, "You're on!" I told him, "But this time, you lay out first!"

"No problem gringo, beat that!" He laid out a royal flush, again!

"DAMMIT!" I yelled, throwing my cards on the table.

I grabbed Joe buy the collar of his shirt, "You're cheating aren't you? You son of a bitch!" I screamed.

"Get the fuck off me Jack, You know I ain't cheating, you dealt the cards! Remember?"

Feeling completely beaten, I let him go, and muttered for all of them to get out. Once they left, I decided I was going to do it, learn my lesson, and never bet like that again. I couldn't be mad at any of them, I played the odds and lost, plain and simple.

The rest of that night, and the next day did not pass easy. I was constantly thinking about what I had to do later, and though I was ready to do it, I was scared about it. Most of the day I was walking around with a slight hard on, I had to make myself not think too much about it, cause when I did, my cock would strain against my pants to break free. The thought of 12 men fucking my beautiful wife Marie, both hurt me and excited me, I feared above all that I would like it too much.

As I was getting ready to go out for a nice dinner, where I would start getting her to the drunken state needed, she came into the bedroom holding an envelope.

"Baby, what is this all about?" she demanded to know.

"Oh shit!" I blurted.

"Oh shit is right Jack, what the fuck is Joe doing telling you to get me drunk and drug me tonight?" with a slightly angered voice, "And don't even try to lie, you're lousy at it." she added.

"Damnit! Okay, last week I bet a night with you during the poker game." I said softly, waiting for her to start yelling.

"You did what! And what was supposed to happen tonight once I was passed out? huh!?" her now full on anger apparent in her voice.

"The guys... when you're passed out, they're going to have sex with you." I mumbled.

"Oh well that's just great Jack! What the hell were you thinking betting something like that?"

"I don't know... I... I was thinking I had a hand that could only be beat one way, and that ass Joe beat me, I just lost, bad luck. I'm sorry hunny." I said as pathetic as I could.

"Jack, that is just sad, I can't believe you would offer your own wife to four men, and offer to drug me first even! I don't care if it is your best friends."

"Well... that's not all..."

"What?" she blurted.

"Last night, I was winning, winning big, and I tried to win the night back. It was really fucked up, I had the same hand I had last week, and so did Joe. But the bet changed slightly for if I lost..."

"How?" she demanded.

"Now, instead of just the four of them doing it, each of them gets to bring two friends to join in as well. I'm sorry baby, I'm really, really sorry." I pleaded.

"I don't care if you are sorry, and don't call me baby, you don't get to call me baby anymore, you bastard!" she scolded.

She stormed off and went downstairs, leaving me in the bedroom alone, where I stayed. A few minutes later I heard the phone ring on the downstairs line, I wasn't going to go down there, no way. Instead, I went down the hall to the office. An hour later, Marie walks into the office wearing the sexiest thing she owns, a very short and tight black dress, strapless, and she can't wear panties or a bra with it, and I could see right away that she wasn't.

"Come on baby." she sat on my lap, placed her arms over my shoulders, and looked me in the eye, "Don't worry about it, it's nothing. I'm not mad, we can just move on, like it never happened, okay?" she spoke soft and sweet.

"That's easy for you to say, I have to tell all 12 of them that the deal is off, and I still have to pay my debt." I said.

"No, don't worry about that, I took care of it."

"What? How did you take care of it?" I asked with a concerned look.

"Well, that was Joe that called earlier, he was calling to see if we were on time for dinner. I told him we were."

"You did what? Why did you tell him that, we obviously aren't on time, nor are we going, are we?" I was rather dumbfounded.

"No, we're not, but you are going to give them what you owe them, me!" she said with a chipper voice and a grin across her face.

"Now how am I going to do that? Are you going to let me drug you?" I chuckled.

Laughing in return, she said "No silly, I'm going to act like I'm passed out while your friends and their friends have their way with me. And before they leave, I'm going to suck off all 12 of them, right in front of you. After all, it's only fitting after what you did, betting me in a fucking card game." Her words sounding angry, but all the while she spoke with a livid grin on her face, and a bright, happy voice.

She then stood and walked out of the room, I sat there for nearly 20 minutes with my jaw practically on the floor. I couldn't believe she was going to do this, she was going to fuck them right in front of me. She was going to cheat on me as payback. I'll be damned, this just ain't my week, I thought.

I sat impatiently for hours, waiting for the knock on the door, watching each second pass. At 9, an hour early, I hear Joe's truck and shortly after, a knock on the front door. I didn't go down there, I refused to, I was not going to play along with this fucked up little game of hers.

Finally, after almost 15 minutes, the knocking stopped. But I didn't hear his truck again, not even after 20 minutes. I went downstairs to look through the peephole, to see if they were waiting outside for a while. I stopped dead in my tracks as I started down the stairs, I could hear noises in the living room. As I peeked my head around the wall midway down the staircase, my breath went short and my heart started pounding.

There were all 12 guys, all naked, and one was on top on my wife. They had stripped her dress away, but not off, it was bunched up around her waist. She had been laid over the large arm off the soft leather sofa, with her head resting on one of the seat cushions. Actually, her head was almost bouncing from the fucking that Joe was giving her. They were all being real quite for some reason, all I could hear until Joe thrusted harder and harder until stopping, was the sound of a sweaty body moving on the leather and heavy breaths.

He was the first to say anything, after he finished, he told the others how good she was, how tight her ass was. I flipped, and almost went running down the stairs and over to him, knocking the shit out of him and throwing him out of my house. He wasn't fucking her pussy, he was fucking her asshole. I restrained myself, I was not going to give any of them, nor her, the satisfaction of knowing that I watched it all. Instead, I watched as the next settled behind her, and into her ass. He slid in easy, almost like she was sucking his long, hard cock into her.

I got an idea, and quietly went into the bedroom, and grabbed the video camera, and an extension cord. I plugged it in and ran the cord to where I was before, and started recording the whole thing. With the zooming feature I could clearly see everything. My view point was of the left side of her ass, and I was slightly above. From this position I could zoom in and watch as his long cock glided in and out of her tight ass. His cock gently tugged on her asshole when he withdrew any and then he pushed it back in, dragging her hole with it.

I could see the crack of her ass was shimmering with their spunk. As I watched him methodically pump his member deep into my wife's' virgin ass, well, it was virgin before tonight, my cock grew larger and larger. I was more excited and aroused than I had ever been, and I was chanting in my head for him to fuck her, to fuck her good. I sustained a painful erection for two hours, while each and every one of them had their turn at her ass, except one. I hadn't noticed before, but one of the guys brought a black guy over to fuck Marie.

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