A New Year

by Big Ed Magusson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Safe Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dave awakes on New Year's Day. Jennifer's by his side, Will and Jen are downstairs. Is he ready for what the new year might bring? This is the second story in the Holiday Series.


He was awake because he was cold.

No blankets. That would explain cold.


Gentle breathing to his left.

Jennifer. That would explain no blankets.

Dave slowly rolled onto his side. Yep. Only a mass of red hair was visible, all the bed's blankets pulled tightly around her shoulders. He'd roll his eyes in exasperation if he could keep them open long enough.

Fortunately, there was a cure for cold. Dave slowly wiggled forward, sliding the blankets up and then himself under them, nestling against Jennifer's bare skin. She stirred just a little—enough to let him perfectly spoon her. He slid an arm around her, resting his hand in the valley between her breasts.

Warm. Very warm. She was a great heat source.

Dave dozed. Time passed unnoticed.


He was awake because there was noise. More awake this time, it must be closer to morning.

The noise again. Wailing? Crying? Moaning? It was coming from downstairs.

Oh. Will and Jen. Dave smiled. Jen was certainly having a good morning. He suspected that Will was too, though much more quietly. Good for them.

Dave decided to just enjoy the unintentional eavesdropping as he drifted further awake. He was glad they had stayed. Last night's New Year's Eve party had been a fairly quiet affair—just the four of them and three other couples. While he knew that no one would drink enough to be seriously impaired, he had suggested beforehand that Will and Jen bring overnight bags so they could avoid dealing with the drunks on the drive home. In all honesty, his real reason had been that he had really wanted that time after the other guests had left, when it was just the four of them, sitting and telling stories. He had enjoyed listening to Will over-exaggerate their college exploits while Jennifer cuddled in his arms. When the yawns became too contagious, he'd helped Will and Jen unfold the sleeper sofa and then led Jennifer up to his bedroom.

Gentle movement drew his attention back to the woman in his arms. Her hands had dropped below her waist and were moving rhythmically. He slid his hand over to her breast, gently cupping it and running his thumb over her nipple. Now aware that he was awake, Jennifer stopped trying to be subtle in her motions and began to masturbate in earnest.

Jennifer didn't climax during intercourse. She said she never had—that she needed more direct clitoral stimulation. She enjoyed intercourse quite a bit, as Dave could attest, and was very responsive when he was inside her. She just needed a bit more to go over the edge. They'd found that interspersing time for tongues, fingers, and toys amidst the actual fucking left them both very satisfied. Dave got what he wanted most—watching Jennifer's face as she came. Jennifer got what she wanted most—feeling Dave's cock pulse as he exploded inside her. "Horrible combination of fetishes" they had joked—each being more interested in the other's orgasm than their own.

Dave let go of Jennifer's breast long enough to sweep the hair away from her neck and cheek. Pulling himself up onto his elbow, he began to kiss her—neck, cheek, behind the ear. Jennifer was starting to gasp in ragged breaths while, as if by design, Jen's cries from below grew louder. Dave leaned a little closer, placing his lips near Jennifer's ear.

"God, I want you." he murmured.

Jennifer stiffened and let out a low moan. He felt her legs and hips twitch back against his as her orgasm rolled through her. He watched it arrive at her face—the clenched squint of surprise, followed by the dazzled wash of happiness. Once again, it was glorious. As she caught her breath, Jennifer shifted onto her back, smiling up at him. She reached down and caressed his erection.

"My turn, big boy. Get a condom." The huskiness in her voice brooked no delay. Moments later he positioned himself above her, then let her guide him inside.

They found their rhythm almost immediately. It was hard to believe they'd only been together a few weeks, he mused. Then they locked eyes. Staring into those hazel depths, Dave tumbled beyond words. The warmth of Jennifer's gaze. The caress of her hands across his back. The heat surrounding his cock. The squeezes that matched his thrusts. An indefinite time later, as the rhythm speeded up, Jennifer's cries increased in pitch and his own breath grew ragged, she got her wish. She even smiled as his body trembled. She was still smiling after he'd pulled out, taken care of the condom, and rejoined her under the blankets. She snuggled in, head on his shoulder, one leg across him, hand caressing his chest.

"Happy New Year," he murmured.

Jennifer hugged him in return.

"Great way to start the year," he said, kissing her brow.

She laughed lightly in response.

"Well, Jen was certainly an inspiration," Jennifer replied, sliding her hand down to slowly caress his still semi-hard cock.

Dave laughed out loud.

"That she certainly is," he agreed. "But so are you." He kissed her brow again.

"Awww." Jennifer shifted and smiled up at him, that mushy happy smile that came after each heartfelt compliment of his.

He just smiled back and lightly tussled her hair.

"It does sound like they're done though," Dave continued. "So we should probably get up and go see what they want to do."

Jennifer stretched up and kissed him, then tossed back the covers and got out of bed. She threw on a black kimono while Dave hunted for a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that would be decent enough for company. He paused to watch her brush her hair. God, she was so beautiful. There was a strength to her stance and a poise that just took his breath away, combined with the fluid motions of her arms as she worked the brush through her thick hair. Wow. Just wow. Jennifer finished brushing, and smiled at him.

"Let's go," she said, taking his hand and leading him towards the door.

Jen was sitting on the couch, her feet tucked under her, loosely wearing a short green silk robe. "Loosely" was the operative word—there was a good three inch gap revealing some delightful cleavage and much of the curves of her breasts. Dave tried to peek lower, but the angle of her legs obscured his ability to tell if she was a true redhead or not. He looked back at Jen's face and her grin told him that he'd once again gotten caught staring. He grinned back, with only a little bit of embarrassed flush in his cheeks. Jen slowly ran the fingers of her right hand down the exposed flesh to just below her breasts, then tugged at the edge of the robe. Open another inch for a long second, and then fully closed. Dave let out a deep sigh. Jennifer playfully punched him in the arm.

"She's not showing you anything you haven't seen before." Jennifer's eyes danced merrily as Dave turned to her, smiling in return.

"Maybe not, but it's still nice to look." He was continually and delightfully amazed at how jealousy seemed to be missing from Jennifer's nature. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly.

"Well maybe I'll show him something he hasn't seen before," Jen's drawl drew their attention back to her. Jen was standing now, a few feet away, holding the robe closed, her sash untied.

"Show him what?" Will asked, walking in from the kitchen door behind Jen carrying two steaming mugs.

Jen turned around to face Will and slowly pulled her robe open in a classic raincoat flasher pose.

"Show him this!" she exclaimed.

Dave stifled a laugh. Standing behind her, he couldn't see anything, though Will was getting an eyeful.

"Hubba, hubba!" Will called out.

Jen snapped her robe shut. "Hubba, hubba? That's the best you can do? Hubba hubba?" She looked over her shoulder at Dave and Jennifer.

"Hubba? Hubba?" Dave replied, giving an I-don't-know shrug.

Jen faked a distained sniff. "Hubba, Hubba indeed. C'mon Jennifer, let's leave these heathens and go get a shower. Maybe when we return, they'll be able to appreciate the finer things in life."

The two redheads linked arms and headed towards the stairs, Jen holding her chin high with great exaggeration, Jennifer's eyes alight with mirth before winking at Dave.

Dave turned to Will, rolling his eyes. "So, do you think they'll shower together?"

"You're the one who installed the large two person shower in your master bath. What do you think?"

Dave felt a little sheepish. "Claire liked her showers much colder than I did. Mine were too hot for her. That shower was the outcome. At least Claire couldn't take it with her when she moved out."

Will set the mugs down and glared at Dave.

"That. Is. Enough. It's been over a year since Claire left. You're with Jennifer now, who is ten times the woman that Claire ever was. She's ten times a better match for you too. And if you keep bringing up Claire, you're going to lose her. You will not fuck this up, do you understand?"

Dave nodded, mostly out of surprise at his friend's militant tone.

"In fact, today's New Year's," Will continued. "I suggest you make it your New Year's resolution to forget about Claire and treat Jennifer as the goddess she is. Because you are never going to get this lucky in a girlfriend again. Understand? At a minimum, I guarantee that Jen and I won't help you find the next one."

Ouch. That hit home, given the amount of help Will and Jen had given in getting him together with Jennifer in the first place.

"Do not fuck this up by remaining stuck on Claire."

"I haven't been bringing her up. It was—"

"You brought her up three times last night!" Will interrupted. "And don't think Jennifer didn't notice!"

Dave sighed. Will was right, dammit.

"Okay. New Year's resolution—I won't bring up Claire any more and I'll treat Jennifer as the goddess she is."

Will's gruff demeanor relaxed into a smile. "Good."

"So now what?" Dave asked.

Will shrugged.

"When the ladies are done, you and I take showers—separately." Will grinned with that comment, "and then we go out for brunch. Meritage is supposed to have a good spread, and you liked dinner there."

Dave laughed. He'd taken Jennifer to dinner at Meritage the first night they'd slept together. He remembered that the food had been good, but couldn't remember much else about it—being too enrapt in the company. Fond memories though.

"Deal. You drive though. You've parked me in."

Will grinned back. "Deal."

Then they just hung out. Drank coffee, glanced through the newspaper and made jokes about how poorly the local college team was doing. Reminisced about small events from the night before and re-told bad puns. Will admired the new history volumes in Dave's bookshelf, but not so much as to lead Dave to suggest loaning him one. They heard the water stop and several minutes later Jen wandered in looking for her bag, wearing nothing but a towel. Will let out a low appreciative whistle at the sight of his girlfriend's barely covered breasts and she beamed at him. Apparently the hubba hubba was forgiven and they shared a passionate kiss before Jen trooped back upstairs. Her only comment to Dave was to thank him for installing shower massage heads, which she and Jennifer had thoroughly enjoyed. Given that the innuendo filling her voice was over the top, he was confident she was just teasing, but he blushed anyway. A short time later, he was able to roll through the shower himself. Will was even quicker when it was his turn, and they were on their way to find food.

Meritage did indeed have a great brunch. It was a high end buffet—tables of hot dishes, cold dishes, pastries, breads, an omelet station, a carving station, a crepe station. Their server got them juice and champagne and they headed for the food. Dave was more hungry than he'd thought.

Later, when he was starting to fill his third plateful, Dave found himself standing in front of the pastry table. He heard a familiar voice from behind him and turned.

"Hello, Dave."

Claire. It actually was Claire. With some blond muscular guy he'd never seen before.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine," Dave replied. There was enough truth in that for him to remain relatively calm. "And you?"

Claire smiled and squeezed Mr. Jock's hand. "I'm doing well."

"Steve, this is Dave," she continued. "My ex-husband."

Steve nodded in acknowledgement but did not extend his hand.

"Pleased to meet you, Steve," Dave lied. He turned back to Claire. "I'm glad you found someone. I know being alone is hard for you." He managed to keep his voice level.

"Um, Dave, you should know that Steve and I are getting married in April."

"April? Our divorce was just finalized! You've barely had time to get to know each other!" So much for remaining calm.

Claire started to look very uncomfortable.

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