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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, True Story, Zoophilia, BDSM, Rough, Bestiality, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A violent rape that started out as a fantasy. Hopefully, it will serve as a warning or a cautionary note.

The following is loosely based on two true, stories that have happened. A word of warning though, it is violent.

Ruth had a fantasy. One she had with her through her college years. Even before that.

The catalyst had happened in her very early teens at a friend's house. During one of their frequent stopover nights, her friend Cindy's dog grasped her leg in his forepaws and humped against her white socks until she managed to wrestle the dog off. Nothing came of it at that time, but it remained with her, occasionally dropping into her mind and fuelling a wish. She had seen the size of his cock, fully exposed from its furry haven. It was red to purple in colour from base to tip and dripping precum from a very pointed end. Her fascination with the dogs cock turned into a desire as the dog licked itself clean. In her girlhood imagination, her lips were doing the cleaning. It was Ruth's first wet panty experience and she enjoyed the rush of heat to her sex and the tingle it caused.

Ruth also used to live next door to a dog breeder. Until her leg had been used as a sex object by Cindy's dog, she had shown little interest, but from that time on, she watched on many occasions. She watched the dogs fucking and tying like any voyeur, through binoculars, getting hot as they humped and knotted. She would rub herself over her panties in her youthful, but unbroken exuberance and was always a little surprised by the heat in her loins, and the amount of wetness she could produce. Looking through the binoculars, soon led to her creeping up to the boundary of her parents place, to get a better look. Hidden in the evergreen shrubs, she studied the actions of the stud dogs, even to the point of noticing the foibles of each in its approach to a bitch in heat. Ruth became expert at an early age; at bringing her self off to a shattering climax, without once, pushing her fingers between her pussy lips. Her virginity was to be given to someone special who she had yet to meet. Her dreams though, were a completely different thing. In those, she was fucked senseless by these dogs and mysterious, faceless men.

During her early, married years, she quelled the fantasy for the most part, only allowing her mind to indulge in those relaxed moments during a long, hot soak in the bath. Her fingers, took the place of an imagined dog's cock, shafting her. Those orgasms, with her fantasy in full flow, were always the better ones and far better than those she sometimes managed with Tom. She had fallen for him after College and gave her body to him after a few months of some very serious petting. During her freshman days, she had learned how to suck a guy. She had even learned how to hold him from cumming in her mouth until she wanted him to. Not one of her lovers got beyond that. Her purity, in so much as her hymen or virginity, stayed in tact, until Tom whisked her off to Europe. Vienna lulled and soothed her into a relaxed and ready state. Tom, for once, hit the right note and they made love on an iron bed that squeaked in protest. It was something of an anti-climax. Ruth blamed herself, but they soon learned how to exploit and excite each other's body. It became better, but never quite good enough.

So, Ruth was destined to a life of normality, domestic quietitude and a gradual decline into the almost, anonymity of being an everyday wife.

Two events happened closely together to change that though. The first came after Ruth had been married for three years and was looking childless. Slightly desperate and more than a little harangued by her mother, blaming Tom for being unable to sire a child, she turned to her friends for support. Cindy, who had stayed in touch, invited her to a stud farm to get away for a few days and have some time out. Her latest boyfriend worked there and got them in for a weekend. They found a small motel out of town and paid for two single rooms. The weekend turned out be a great success. They were treated royally and given the tour of the various areas. The familiar, but almost forgotten itch, resurfaced while she found herself watching both artificial insemination techniques with a guy buried in a mare's vagina, up to the shoulder and natural insemination processes. It was Ruth's first time seeing a stallion in full flow. She was almost overwhelmed by the size of the stallion's cocks, with their mushroom shaped heads and the violence of the act. The stallions would bite the mares, often tearing out chunks of their manes while in the throws of their orgasms.

Ruth's legs nearly gave out a couple of times while the frenzy of copulation unfolded before her eyes. Her sex heated to uncomfortable climes and her breathing shortened. Ruth hoped that it wasn't too noticeable. A sidelong glance at Cindy told her exactly how she must have appeared herself. Beads of perspiration glistened in the harsh light of the fluorescent tubes and Cindy's skin was reddened and suffuse and a vein throbbed at the side of her temple. Ruth could almost feel the heat coming from her, could almost smell her wetness and readiness for wild and uninhibited sexual abandon. Her own wantonness was no less than Cindy's. She needed to be fucked and she needed it to be wild.

Friday night, back at the Motel wasn't looking too good. Cindy and her guy left her in the bar early. Their hands had been quivering and the sexual charge between them was quite palpable. Ruth ended up frigging herself into a stupor in the shower and then dreamed her most erotic dream for many years, with her, being impaled on horses and anything phallic shaped. Her bed in the morning was a mess, but she felt unfulfilled and frustrated.

They were to tour the domestic animal area on Saturday. The stallions had taken Ruth to uncharted places in her mind, but the dog section took her completely off world. Her old fantasy was there in front of her, in full and glorious Technicolor. It was as much as she could do, to not climb into the insemination cells and let the animals fuck her until she collapsed. Cindy and David, Cindy's guy, wondered off and left her talking to one of the assistants. He was quite informative and explained each of the different techniques they used. Ruth did something she had never before thought about. She invited the young guy to dinner at the motel and fully intended to screw the luckless fellow into next week. He accepted, but turned out to be hopeless in the sack and she felt regretful after, beating herself up for her unfaithfulness.

She returned home, back to the tirade of her mother and her desire to become a granny. In the end, Ruth informed her mother that she wanted nothing to do with children. Spite drove the next words from her mother's mouth. "Is that because you can't have any, because Tom sure can?"

The truth eventually came out. Tom had a child with some girl in another state. A boy of three or four. She knew he had had one or two girls before, but this was a secret he had kept. A secret that, he hadn't deigned to tell her. It mattered not one whit that it had happened before they became serious. Ruth could hardly distinguish between anger, hurt and betrayal.

She withdrew into herself after a vitriolic fight with Tom. Ruth couldn't talk to either her mother or mother in law, neither of whom could see the problem. Cindy was too loved up with yet another guy, as she put it. In a desperate search for solace, Ruth spent time on the computer, chatting in rooms, full of people who were basically, searching for sex or had fantasies that were better confined to imagination.

The second event was her discovery of a Zoo site. It started off innocuously enough. Pictures of women in various poses with dogs, horses, donkeys and so on filled the archives. Short clips of film titivated and teased her imagination. Many nights for months, Ruth could be found watching downloaded films and rubbing her cunt until it was sore. The idea of actually doing it came sometime later. In a fit of desperation, she answered an advertisement for a woman to be a bitch to a Doberman. She answered and asked that they chat first. Almost before she had pressed return, the guy answered her post and a chat sequence began that went on for several months.

She felt she had got to know the guy. They exchanged computer-generated pictures of each other and spend hours, chatting in real time via their respective modems. It was a logical step to begin talking over the phone and then, to eventually arrange a meeting, initially at a coffee bar in town.

Grant looked nothing like his photograph. In reality, he was much older than he had implied. Quite a bit fatter and had far less hair, but it mattered little to Ruth. Her overwhelming desire was to be filled with dog cock, just as she had witnessed on many occasions now and seen so often, in graphic detail on the net. Her innermost need was to be screwed until she screamed, rammed by a large dog, until they tied ass to ass and her womb filled with dog semen. Grant had the wherewithal and that was good enough for her.

A certain reckless element drove Ruth. Her normal self-control was abandoned. She agreed to meet Helmut that day. She had seen pictures of him in his full glory. His chocolate brown coat gleaming, intelligent eyes staring down an imperious nose set on his noble head. They left the coffee shop, almost at a run to go to his car, parked down the street. Ruth left more than the shop behind. She left her reason and caution on a rapidly cooling plastic chair, along with the congealing remnant of her latte.

He drove for an hour. Buildings crowded together, soon gave way to trees and grass verges. Then, in turn to open farmland and fields of corn, waving in the breeze as if inviting her into oblivion. She noticed little of the outside world. Excitement crowded out any rational thoughts. Her nerve centres buzzed in anticipation and adrenalin coursed through her veins, adding to a heady cocktail of mounting expectancy that grew exponentially as the miles flew past un-noticed. They spoke very little during the drive. Ruth was grateful for that, because her mouth was too dry to raise more than a croak and she was uncertain that anything she said would make sense anyway.

He turned abruptly right, leaving the smooth hardtop to enter onto a dirt track. Two snake like lines that twisted and turned, soon hiding them behind trees and shrubbery from anyone passing on the road. The corrugated tin shack at the end of the dirt drive surprised Ruth into saying her first words for ages.

"Where are we?"

"Home from Home, Darling." He got out of the car and slammed the door shut harshly, too harshly it seemed to Ruth.

She also got out of the car, shutting the aged door with a little more care and reverence for its age. Her mind was telling her that this was not right, but every other part of her body overruled and she took her first step towards the rundown and rusting heap he called home.

Helmut came barrelling out of the front door, squealing in delight at seeing his master. Grant bent at the waist and made a big fuss of the brown head and shoulders that bounded around him in excited exuberance.

"This way." He took Ruth's arm just above her elbow in a strong, but not rough grip and propelled her to the still swinging wooden door that yawned open onto a blackness of an interior that she didn't want to think about suddenly. His guiding hand helped her up the single timber tread to the porch level and then through the portal. A panic feeling of leaving the world behind crossed Ruth's mind and flitted away in a jumble of disorganised half thoughts.

"Well, this is it." He announced with and expansive sweep of his free arm. "Welcome to my humble abode."

Ruth tried to take in the details of the place, but the sudden change of light from the glaring sun to lightless gloom, prevented her from making out much more than the larger pieces of furniture. Her sense of smell told her of the dog's living here and another cloying smell lay just below her recognition. She didn't have time to really study the place. With little warning, Grant led her to a chair and sat her down.

Another panic light lit up in her mind and she was feeling quite uncomfortable with the situation. Helmut came to her and checked her out. His nose took her in while his eyes bored into her brain with an unblinking stare. Her licked her hand then and seemed to accept her in his realm.

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