BimboDrops: A BimboTech Tale
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, MaleDom, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Transformation,

Desc: Science Fiction Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carlos is lusting after his beautiful neighbor Nicole. He's going to need some help from BimboTech, Inc.

Carlos grabbed the parcel from the courier and signed for it without taking his eyes from it. The small box had only his name and address on it and three letters in the upper left corner: BTI. He had waited three excruciating weeks for the package to come from the United States, all the time wondering if it was al hoax, if they had stolen his money. But here was the package. It might be true. It just might.

He closed the door behind him and locked it. With trembling fingers, he opened the outer paper, the inner box, then freed the small glass bottle from it's protective bubble wrap.

Carlos sat the bottle on the table gently and stared at it. "Bimbo Drops" it read in bold letters over the silhouette of a kneeling, well-stacked woman. "A bimbo in a bottle."

Carlos turned the bottle. The back read: "Indications: For temporary relief of penile frustration due to prudishness, arrogance, particularity or general bitchiness. Dosage: One to five drops every 24 hours with food or drink. Warning: Significant though temporary loss of intelligence and judgment may occur. Bimbos should be closely supervised. (But then, that's the point, isn't it.)"

Carlos grinned. The only other thing in the box was a single piece of paper.

It read:

thank you for choosing to purchase this BimboTech product. At BimboTech Inc., we are committed to providing top of the line female mind and body altering products and bimbo accessories. We are committed to our core philosophy that 'a woman's place is on her knees' and 'every babe should be a bimbo'. If you enjoy this BimboTech product, and I'm sure you will, please consider our many other fine products for home use. Even better, bring you bimbo to us for the full BimboTech treatment. We are currently opening a number of satellite facilities world wide, including one near you! (See information below) Again, thank you fir purchasing or products and enjoy your bimbo!

George Fink
BimboTech Incorporated

At the bottom was an address and phone number in Sao Paulo, saying 'Opening October 1'.

That was just three weeks away! Carlos wondered if the bottle would last him that long.

He went to the window, his binoculars as always at the ready. The room was dark, the day was bright. It was perfect for Carlos' favorite activity.

There was Nica. Sweet, beautiful Nicole. Her dark hair shined in the sunlight, a delightful contrast to her pale, creamy skin. Her dark eyes flashed with wit as she held court there on her father's front porch. Her daddy's little princess, both young men and young women sought her attention and approval. She was gracious enough to anyone who didn't over-step their bounds. Carlos himself had often joined that group on the porch, though he was quite a bit older than most of them.

Since graduating from college a few weeks earlier, Nica had done nothing but lounge about the house. Carlos had done nearly nothing but spy on her from the safety of his house or casually join the group of friends to discretely get a more close up view of the lovely Nicole, to smell her sent, hear her laughter. Even in the bulky clothing she favored, the lucious body she hid beneath it was obvious. And occasionally, when Carlos was very, very lucky, he would catch a glimpse of her in something more revealing.

It was driving him insane! He knew he hadn't a hope in hell of ever touching those incredible hooters, but they called to him day and night! He needed help!

And he found it. Hope at last. Hope could be purchased from an American company called BimboTech Inc.

Nicole sat in the morning sun on the porch in front of her father's house. She sipped her coffee and casually glanced through the help wanted section of the newspaper. She had done so nearly every morning for the past couple weeks and not found anything that was quite right for her, but she wasn't particularly worried She had only recently graduated from college and her father loved having her there. He would gladly support her for as long as it took for her to find the perfect job. There was no need to leap at the first thing that came up.

"Good Morning, Nicole!"

Nicole looked up to see her neighbor Carlos. He was an older man, perhaps in his forties, but she considered him a friend. At times, he could be a bit too friendly and Nicole had to rebuke him for staring at her sizable chest, but he was well behaved for the most part and harmless. He was not nearly so bold and lecherous as some of the younger men about the neighborhood, always making rude comments about the size of her bosom. No matter how she tried to hide it, men would always fixate on her chest. Even now, she could tell Carlos was making an effort to look her in the face. She sighed.

"Good Morning, Carlos. How are you?"

"Fine, Nicole, fine. But my kitchen sink is not so good. Tell me, does your father have a pipe wrench I could borrow?"

Nicole gave a cute little frown, thinking.

"I believe so," she said. "Wait here a moment. I'll go check."

She went into the house, looking once over her shoulder to give Carlos a chastising look for staring at her round behind.

She found the wrench quickly and lugged the heavy thing back. She found Carlos waiting patiently, smiling more broadly than a man with plumbing problems usually does.

Carlos thanked her for the wrench and hurried off, almost skipping. He was a strange man, some sort of writer, but nice enough.

Nicole returned to her coffee and her paper, hoping the coffee hadn't gotten cold. It was a bit cool but still good. Nicole licked her lips. The coffee was really good. She took another sip and smiled. It was the best coffee she had ever tasted. She took in a mouthful now and swished it about in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" she exclaimed, then swallowed it and licked droplets from the corners of her mouth. She tipped the cup again and drank deeply, savoring the sensation as it slid down her throat. She sighed deeply, looked into the empty cup and saw a few remaining drops. She mopped them up with a fingertip, rubbed it on her lower lip, then sucked at it as her finger returned for the last vestiges of coffee. She put her whole finger in her mouth and drew it slowly out and in, her tongue assaulting the digit. It was such good coffee!

Nicole wanted another cup.

Still sucking on her finger, Nicole got up and headed for the kitchen. She felt a little dizzy, but very, very good. It was, after all, a beautiful day and all the colors in the world seemed brighter and happier. Nicole hummed a little song to herself as she made another pot of coffee.

As soon as the coffee was ready, Nicole poured herself a cup and took a swallow.

"Ow!" she exclaimed as the hot coffee burned her tongue.

She pouted and sniffed the coffee. It didn't smell as good as the last cup. She tried tasting it again.


This coffee was mean! Not at all like her nice coffee before. Maybe she had to let it cool down like the last time. She went back to the front porch and set it precisely where she had left the last cup. She waited for the coffee to cool.

After a few seconds, Nicole got bored. She went back to the want ads, but none of them caught her interest for more than a couple words. She turned to the horoscopes. Nicole was an Ares and Ares read: An unlooked for benefactor may lead to an exciting new life path. That sounded exciting! Nicole grinned and giggled and started to play with her hair with one hand while she sucked the little finger of the other.

Reading just seemed so boring! She tossed the paper away in disgust. Then she noticed the fashion magazine her friend Aline had left there the day before. That seemed much more interesting. She retrieved it and started flipping through it. She didn't bother with the articles, but the pictures were pretty. The models had such pretty clothes. They were all trying to show off their boobies, Nicole noticed.

"My boobies are lots bigger than theirs!" Nicole exclaimed and stuck her chest out. She looked down at her rack, comparing it to the models and happy with the comparison. She pulled down on her sweatshirt so that it stretched against her knockers. Funny how she never noticed how pretty her boobies were. She had always tried to de-emphasize them before. But big boobies were nice! All the models wanted their boobies to be big like Nicole's.

The models' nipples were all pointy, though. Nicole traced a finger around her left nipple, then her right, and they both stood at attention. She giggled.

"That feels food!" she said and continued tracing her nipples though her sweatshirt. She sucked her lower lip and hummed a little song.

"Hi, Nicole! You feeling all right?"

Nicole dropped her hands from her nipples and blushed brightly. She saw it was Carlos and giggled at having been caught playing with her titties.

"Hi Carlos!" she exclaimed. "How are you? Me, I'm really, really good! It's such a pretty day and I feel sooooo happy! <giggle>"

"That's great, Nicole!" he said. "I'm feeling really happy too. You know why?"

Nicole shook her head.

"I just sold another book!" he told her. "My publisher sent me a huge advance!"

"That's so cool!" Nicole exclaimed.

"Yeah," he continued. "So I have a bunch of money burning a hole in my pocket and I thought to myself, I should take Nicole shopping to thank her for lending me this wrench!"

"Really?" Nicole exclaimed, sitting up straighter and pushing her chest out. "Oh my God! I LOVE shopping!"

"I knew you did!" Carlos replied to her chest. "So let's go get you a new outfit!"

Nicole giggled and hopped to her feet.

Carlos drove Nicole downtown. As he drove, he kept glancing over at her chest. Nicole realized her big tatas were making Carlos horny. She giggled at this and sat up straighter, pushing her tits out. Horns erupted as Carlos nearly swerved into the other lane. He swore and corrected his steering. Nicole and her titties shook with laughter, nearly causing another accident. It was an epiphany for her: men liked girls with big boobies and did nice things for them, like take them shopping! She didn't know why she'd never realized this before.

They arrived at a store that Nicole had never been to before. In the window were mannequins dressed in leather, lace, and shiny synthetics. There wasn't much fabric involved but what was there looked expensive. Nicole giggled and took Carlos's arm when he offered it. She was still feeling slightly dizzy but she was getting used to it.

"Oooo! Pretty!" Nicole exclaimed when they entered and she saw the array of beautiful, sexy clothes.

The sales woman came forward, smiling at the distinct aroma of sugar daddy.

"Hello!" she gushed. "I'm Vivian. What can I help you find?"

"Pretty clothes!" Nicole exclaimed. "Pretty and sexy <giggle>."

"Oh that we have, Miss," the woman exclaimed. "That we have indeed! You know, I think I know of a dress that would be just perfect for you, with the right accessories. Why don't we leave the gentleman here and we'll dress you up and see if he agrees with me. If you two are willing to trust me, that is."

"Oh certainly," said Carlos.

Nicole giggled. She was feeling so good, she'd trust just about anybody.

Vivian lead Nicole to a rack of tan suede dresses and appraised her with a trained eye, lingering briefly on her tits. Nicole giggled and sucked a finger. Vivian smiled indulgently and pulled a little dress from the rack.

"Let's try this one on for size. I think it will suit your body type just perfectly!"

In the dressing room, Nicole stripped down to her underwear.

"Oh my," said Vivian when she saw her white cotton panties and proletarian bra. "Those will never do with this dress. I have a G-string and demi-bra set that will work for you, though. I swear, it's like wearing nothing at all!"

"But I always wear underwear," Nicole told her.

"Of course you do, sweetie," Vivian smiled at her. "Be right back."

She was right back, with tiny bits of black lace masquerading as underwear. Nicole giggled and blushed, but she couldn't deny that it felt nice to have the little thong running between her ass cheeks. She wiggled her ass to get it just right. The bra held up her pendulous knockers without interfering with her nipples, which had stayed rock hard since she had been playing with them earlier that morning. Looking at her grinning self in the mirror, she thought she looked much sexier than any of the models in Aline's magazine.

Vivian then helped her into the dress, if indeed it could be called a dress. It was two pieces of tan suede, the front and back held together with darker suede lacing leaving a wide gap up both sides from mid thigh, where the dress ended, to her arm pits. The front piece was slit from the top to just below her navel. Vivian got her into the dress and laced it up really tight so that her nipples made their presence known the curve of her ass was perfectly framed. Vivian brought in a pair of sandals with huge sloping wooden heals and big wooden hoops for her ears.

"You're boyfriend is just going to die!" Vivian exclaimed.

"My boyfriend?" Nicole asked, confused.

"The gentlemen I assume is paying..." Vivian clarified, more confused.

Nicole pealed with laughter.

"Carlos isn't my boyfriend!" she exclaimed. "He just want's to buy me clothes 'cuz he's got money and I got big boobies!"

"Um, oh," said Vivian. "Yes, well, most girls aren't so... open about that. Refreshing, really. Well, let's go give him what he's paying for."

Nicole strutted out and Carlos's jaw dropped. Nicole giggled and sucked a pinky finger. She spun about and wiggled her ass.

"Am I pretty, Carlos?" Nicole asked.

"Sweet Mother of God!" Carlos exclaimed. "Yes!"

Nicole giggled and gave a little bow, showing off her cleavage.

"So will you buy it for me?" she asked.

Carlos nodded enthusiastically.

"The shoes too? And the undies?"

"Sure. Anything you want!"

Nicole jiggled and hopped up and down as she clapped her hands.

"Perhaps you'd like to see Miss Nicole in another outfit?" Vivian suggested.

"Yeah," said Carlos, mesmerized by quivering mammaries. "Definitely."

Vivian then proceeded to dress Nicole in all manner of sexy outfits including a red lace top with tight black latex hotpants, a tiny pink bikini, and a red jumper with big heart shaped cutouts. The outfit she left the store in was a shiny green halter top, which Vivian assured her didn't need a bra, and a matching skirt which barely covered the curve of her ass. It was slit completely up the left side and held together with a big green button. Nicole herself decided to forgo any panties under the little skirt--her pussy was feeling very warm.

Carlos gave Vivian his credit card and signed the bill without taking his eyes from Nicole's body. Nicole giggled and admired herself in the mirrors, wiggling and jiggling.

"Wow! You look so damn hot in that dress!" Carlos exclaimed as they left the store carrying the bags of new clothes.

Nicole giggled.

"Thank you," she exclaimed.

"I mean, damn!" Carlos continued. "I knew you had a great body, but your ass is just so fine in that skirt it makes me want to just..."

And then Carlos's hand was on her butt, squeezing hard.

"Hey!" Nicole exclaimed. "You're not supposed to do that!"

"Huh?" Carlos asked, confused.

"You're not supposed to touch my bum!" Nicole stated and pushed his hand away. "You can look but you can't touch! I'm a good girl!"

Carlos look startled.

"I... I just thought..."

Nicole frowned.

"Carlos, you're a very nice man and it was very nice of you to buy me pretty clothes, but that doesn't mean you can just touch me like you're my boyfriend or anything. You're lots older than me and you're just my friend. I'm not that kind of girl."

Carlos' face flashed with momentary anger but it quickly vanished, replaced by humility.

"Look, I'm sorry," said Carlos. "I... was out of line. You just look so nice in that outfit I just couldn't control myself."

Nicole allowed herself an indulgent smile. She did look very sexy in her new dress.

"Let me make it up to you," Carlos exclaimed. "Let me take you to lunch!"

"Well, I don't know..." Nicole said. "Do you promise to be good?"

"Oh yes, Nicole," Carlos swore. "I'll be on my best behavior."

"O.K.!" said Nicole, and she giggled.

They left her other outfits in the car and crossed the street to a little cafe. Nicole ordered a coca cola and a chicken sandwich, then excused herself to go use the ladies room. Carlos promised to wait right there for her.

There in the restroom, Nicole slipped the skirt around her ankles and sat on the toilet to relieve her bladder. She stretched her hands up above her head, sighed and giggled. Carlos shouldn't have grabbed her ass, but it was kind of nice. It would have been nicer if it had been a younger guy though, someone like Alexandre Pires, the pop star.

Nicole giggled, thinking about what Alex would do if he looked out at one of his concerts and saw her there in the audience in her little green dress with her big firm boobies. He would like them. She just new he would. And he would invite her up on the stage to dance and every boy in the audience would just go crazy for her in her sexy little dress. But Alex would want her for himself. He would take her back stage to his dressing room and kiss her and hold her. His hands would rove all over her body and she wouldn't say no. She would say yes, yes yes!

Nicole's own hands explored her body as she thought about it, rubbing her titties, squeezing her nipples, stroking her inner thighs. Then her hands found her pussy, hot, wet and swollen. Touching it felt so good! She ran a finger up between her labia and it became slick and wet, primed to anoint her clitoris. She did so and moaned, sucking her lower lip into her mouth and biting down to avoid making too much noise.

As she rubbed her clit, her eyes rolled back in her head. It felt so good! The hand that wasn't on her clit slipped a finger into her wet hole, then two. She squeezed her tits between her arms as she began to fingerfuck herself with unthinking determination. Her hips bucked, sliding her ass back and forth on the toilet seat as she arched her back.

"Oh God!" she cried out "Oh God yes! Oh Alex! Oh yes!"

She rode the pulsing rainbow of her orgasm with a delighted squeal, then settled down into a giggle, her knees spread wide and her hair tousled. She licked and sucked the pussy juice from her fingers. That felt so nice! After lunch with Carlos, she was going to have to go find Jorge, the guy she had been dating. She had broken up with him because he couldn't control his hands, but that didn't seem like such a bad thing right now. Or maybe she would go dancing in her new sexy clothes. Lots of boys would like watching her, she just knew. And maybe, if they were very nice, she might just let them do more than watch...

When she got back to Carlos, he was smiling broadly. Nicole wondered if he suspected what she had been doing in the ladies room, and she flushed and giggled.

"Our food arrived," Carlos pointed out.

"Oh goodie!" said Nicole and sat with a belated attempt to cover her snatch when the little skirt flipped up.

Nicole took a bite of her sandwich and washed it down with a sip of her coke.

Her coke was so GOOD! She took another long suck on her straw. She smacked her lips and her eyes sparkled. The world was a Technicolor paradise.

"Oh my God, Carlos! <suck>" she exclaimed. "This is so GOOD! This is the best coke EVER!"

"Yeah, it is pretty good, isn't it" Carlos concurred, sipping his own drink, but more enthusiastic about watching Nicole drink.

"It's WONDERFUL!" Nicole said and sucked hard as the room spun slowly about her.

"I'm so glad you like it," said Carlos, scooting his seat over beside her. "Hopefully this makes up for me being so forward before."

As he said so, he placed his hand on her knee.

"Huh? <suck>" Nicole asked.

"I shouldn't touch you unless you want me to," Carlos explained, stroking her inner thigh, his hand moving slowly toward her hot, dripping snatch. It felt really, really good and Nicole was having a hard time understanding what Carlos was saying.

"That feels gooood!" Nicole exclaimed, drinking down the last of her coke and then starting to suck on her ice cubes, getting every last drop.

"So you don't mind?" Carlos prompted as his hand reached the edge of her snatch. "You like it?"

Nicole giggled. She felt so good! She couldn't imagine how it could be bad.

Words failed her, so she patted Carlos's leg to let him know that everything was just fine. Nicole's eyes went wide and she looked down at Carlos's lap.

"You're thingy is so big and hard!" she exclaimed, then took an ice cube between thumb and forefinger and sucked it slowly as her other hand explored the unexpected treasure Carlos was hiding in his pants. She felt very, very warm.

"Hey Mister, is that your car across the street?"

Carlos' head jerked up. It was the waiter.

"It looks like someone's messing with it," the waiter informed.

Carlos looked out to see that two scruffy looking young men were, in fact, sitting on the hood of his car and pealing the molding away from the windshield with pocket knives.

"Mother fuckers!" Carlos exclaimed, struggling to stand in his turgid state as Nicole continued to fondle his member through his pants. "Stay right there, Nicole. I'll be right back."

"But..." Nicole objected, but he was already out the door, murder in his eyes.

"Hey, come with me," said the waiter to Nicole as soon as Carlos was through the door. "I have something important to tell you."

"But Carlos said to stay here," Nicole reminded.

"He just meant to stay in the restaurant," the waiter assured her. "We won't leave. Just come with me to the pantry. If you do, I'll give you something nice back there."

"A present?" asked Nicole.

"Ah, yes," said the waiter, looking anxiously out the window "A very nice present. But hurry!"

Nicole giggled. She liked presents.

"O.K.," she agreed and the waiter ushered her quickly through a side door. The waiter closed the door behind them and did not turn on the light, but there was a narrow window high up that let in enough light for Nicole to see that they were surrounded by shelves of food stuffs. The waiter sighed with relief and then led her deeper into the room, weaving through narrow shelves to an open place in the back door. The waiter turned and smiled at her reassuringly.

"I wanted to bring you back here to warn you," he said. "You're boyfriend, he is not a nice man. He puts things in your drink."

Nicole giggled.

"I don't have a boyfriend, silly!"

"But..." the waiter started.

"Do you wanna be my boyfriend?" Nicole asked. "You're kinda cute!"

"I, um, well thank you. I..."

"If you wanna be my boyfriend, you gotta kiss me," Nicole explained, then she grabbed ahold of him and kissed him hard. She snaked his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it. She pressed her titties hard against his chest. Soon his hands were on her ass, kneading it. It felt so good! Nicole's pussy was dripping beneath her little skirt.

They broke off their kiss and the waiter panted. Nicole giggled.

"I feel so yummy!" she said. "I wanna be your girlfriend a lot!"

"Oh, fuck it," said the waiter and he undid his pants.

His pecker stood our hard and proud. Nicole's eyes went wide.

"You're thingy is so big!" she exclaimed.

"You like my cock, don't you," asked the waiter.

"I think so <giggle>"

"Then why don't you kneel down and give it a kiss?"

Nicole laughed.

"That's silly," she said.

"Oh come on now," he said, placing his hands gently on her shoulders and pressing down. Nicole's knees gave way and she found herself face to face with his pleading prick.

Nicole giggled and blushed.

"I don't know," she hesitated. "I never did that before. Isn't it yucky?"

"No, no," the waiter assured her. "It's nice, really. And I'm your boyfriend, so it's o.k., right?"

He looked about the shelves around them, then smiled.

"Do you like honey?" he asked.

"Well yeah," Nicole replied. "Of course!"

"Well then, what if I do this," he said and squeezed a thick sticky thread of honey all along the length of his shaft.

Nicole giggled at this. The waiter took a drop of honey on his finger tip and pushed it between her lips. Nicole sucked at his finger and her eyes lit up.

"Mmmmmm!' she exclaimed. Her new boyfriend directed her head towards his cock and she gladly took it in her mouth. The taste of cock and honey was strange but nice and it felt very good to have something big and warm and sticky in her mouth. Nicole sighed contentedly and the last vestiges of thought fled her addled brain as she began to suck cock in a state of pure bliss. The hard hot flesh felt wonderful sliding between her lips. He tongue danced about the honey-flavored dick. It pressed deeper and deeper down her throat with every stroke. She was vaguely aware that her new boyfriend was pulling her hair and calling her a cock-hungry slut. She thought she was in heaven up until then, but then a new taste entered her consciousness.

It was a strange taste... a wonderful taste... a taste that made her brain explode with unimaginable joy! Her eyes rolled back in her head as her mouth filled with the hot delicious stuff. She moaned through cock-filled lips and reached down to clutch at her sopping pussy as she came again and again.

She felt the softening cock sliding out of her mouth. She struggled to focus her eyes and saw a single droplet of the yummy, yummy spunk emerging from the deflating dick. Her tongue lashed out and caught it, then she settled down on her haunches and reveled in the taste.

"Damn!" exclaimed the waiter. "I never even heard of a woman that liked to give head that much! You're one fucked up slut. I wish I knew what that guy put in your drink."

Nicole giggled. She had no idea what he was talking about. She just knew the stuff from his thingy tasted really good.

There was an insistent knock on the door. Not the door they had come in through but the heavily bolted door in the back.

"Gino! Open up, man!" said a voice outside.

Nicole's boyfriend swore and put his cock back in his pants. Nicole felt a tiny bit sad about that but she could still taste the yummy spunk in her mouth which made her very, very, very happy. The waiter opened the door and two scruffy looking young men came in. They stared at Nicole's titties, which made her even happier.

"Damn, Gino, whose that?" asked the tall one.

"Hi! I'm Nica!" Nicole told them.

"She's the reason I asked for your help," her boyfriend explained.

"Damn. We should have charged more!" said the short one. "Speaking of which, you got the shit?"

"Yeah, yeah," her boyfriend said and pulled out a loose brick from the wall. He retrieved two small baggies full of green stuff and gave one to each of the two guys.

"Sweet," they said in unison.

"You got any more?" asked the short one. "That guy was seriously pissed. We got him to chase us for like three blocks. You owe us, man."

"You want to leave me jonesin?" her boyfriend protested. "We made a deal and I kept my end of it."

The two guys grumbled.

"Look, how about I let you help Nica here home," the waiter proposed. "I told the boss I was taking a 15 minute break. She's probably about ready to kill me. I'm sure Nica would be very grateful if you helped her home, wouldn't you Nica."

"Huh? Oh sure! <giggle>" she replied.

"Oh man, sweet!" said the tall one.

"But make sure she gets home o.k.," said her boyfriend. "She's seriously fucked up."

"On what?" asked the short one. "Does she have anymore?"

"You'll have to ask the guy with the car," said the waiter and the short one's face fell. "Go on. Get out of here. I gotta get back to work."

Nicole found herself outside the restaurant in a dirty ally with the two scruffy men. They seemed very nice. Everything seemed very nice. She giggled.

"So Nica," said the short one, "Before we take you home, you wanna go to our place and party? We got some good stuff now!"

"I like parties!" Nicole exclaimed.

The two guys were delighted and they led her through back streets until they reached the entrance to a grungy basement apartment. They entered place smelled funny and dirty clothes were everywhere, but Nicole thought it was nice.

"Where's the party?" Nicole asked.

"Hey, we got all we need to party right here!" said the tall one. "We got tunes and we got weed! You like to dance Nica?"

"I LOVE to dance!" she exclaimed.

"Why don't you dance while we load the bong?" he suggested, then he put in a CD into the stereo. A hard, throbbing rock song came out. Nicole didn't need any encouragement. The music washed over her and she wanted to move, shake and jiggle. She wiggled her ass and bounced her titties in time with the music and the guys eyes went wide. Nicole giggled. It felt so good to have them look at her. Maybe they would give her something nice because they liked her boobies. It had worked out that way so far that day.

The guys assembled a strange contraption while they watched Nicole. She decided to climb up on their coffee table so they could get a better view of her ass as she wiggled it. Soon they were sucking smoke out of their toy and blowing clouds of it towards her as they sat on the couch. It was a great party.

The song finished and Nicole panted from the exertion of her dance.

"That was incredible, Nica," said the tall one. "You're so hot!"

Nicole giggled. She was so hot.

"Come take a hit," he suggested.

"I don't wanna get hit, silly" Nicole told him.

"No, no, no," said the short one. "Come get a toke. Suck on this right here."

He indicated the end of the toy they had been sucking smoke out of. Nicole thought that was kind of funny, but she had learned sucking on things could be very nice. She sucked on it, then coughed hard. Her eyes watered. She giggled. It felt kind of funny.

"No, no, no," said the tall one. "You gotta hold it in. Hold it in for as long as you can."

Nicole shrugged and took another toke, more carefully this time so as not to choke.

"Now hold it in," said the tall one.

"Yeah. Don't let it out until you're about to pass out," encouraged the short one.

Nicole smiled back and forth between the two guys as they continued to encourage her to hold it. It felt really funny not to breath. The room started spinning around. Then the floor came up to say 'hi!' and give her a hug. The impact of the floor made her exhale and then she giggled. The room was still spinning, but the nice boys helped her up to her hands and knees and helped her take another hit on the bong. Everyone was being so nice to her today! The short one helped her to hold her ass steady while she toked.

"Dude, she's not wearing any panties!" exclaimed the short one.

"I know, dude! I saw her snatch when she was dancing on the table!"

"Man, this is so cool."

"Yeah, isss really cool," said Nicole, then she giggled insanely.

"Hey, can we see your tits?" the tall one asked.

"You wanna see my big boobies?" Nicole asked, delighted.

She pulled up her top and her massive mounds popped free and jiggled madly.

"TaDaaa!" she exclaimed, then giggled like a loon. The guys eyes went wide with astonishment.

"Hey!" exclaimed Nicole as her eyes briefly came into focus on the tall guy's crotch. "Your thingy is all big and hard! Did my boobies make your thingy hard?"

"Totally, Babe. Your boobies are bitchin'!"

Nicole giggled at the complement.

"I wish you were my boyfriend so I could suck on your thingy," she said.

"Hell, I can be your boyfriend!" the tall guy enthused.

"But I already got a boyfriend," Nicole pointed out. "That one guy, um, <giggle> I don't know what his name is. That's kinda silly, huh?"

"Yeah, well, uh, who says you can't have two boyfriends?"

"Or three?" the short one amended.

"Three boyfriends?" Nicole asked, amazed. "Wow! I don't know nobody thas got three boyfriends! <giggle>"

"Well, then, you'll be the the luckiest girl you know then, right?" the tall one observed. "If one boyfriend is good then three boyfriends is three times as good, right."

Nicole tried to count on her fingers but they kept going out of focus and she kept loosing track. Then she had an epiphany and looked up.

"If I have three boyfriends, an' they all have hard thingies, can I suck on all of 'em?"

"Of course," the tall one assured her and unzipped his pants. "Come on and suck your new boyfriend's cock!"

Nicole squealed with delight and dove for his proffered prick. It didn't taste as good as her first boyfriend's dick with honey, but Nicole knew if she sucked on it long enough, it would taste a lot better. She was so contentedly bobbing her head up and down on the tall guy's shaft that she hardly noticed that the short guy was lifting her skirt and urging her to get up off her knees. She distractedly raised her ass and balanced on her spread feet, focusing on the yummy cock between her lips, oblivious to what the short guy was planning until she felt a hard, hot rod of meat rammed perfunctorally into her gushy pussy.

Nicole squealed, the sound muffled by the manhood in her mouth. She had a hard prick in both ends of her. Little stars were exploding all around her and the room was spinning faster. How had she ever thought just one boyfriend could be enough?

The tall one grabbed hold of her head now and helped her find her rhythm again. She gave a gagged giggle as she once again pistoned her head on his shaft as her other boyfriend pumped her hard from behind, his hands latched firmly on to her hips as he slammed into her again and again.

"Dude! This slut is fucking amazing!" said one of her boyfriends--she didn't know or care which. "I'm totally gonna blow my wad!"

"Me to, dude! This 'lil cunny needs some man-lotion!"

Nicole didn't know what they were talking about, but she liked the sound of it. She didn't have to wait long to find out. Her new boyfriends let out tremendous groans and then her mouth was once again filled with that incredible taste and her mind and pussy were exploding with pleasure.

When the world slowed down to just a gentle spin, Nicole realized she was lying on her side licking jism from the corners of her mouth. Her new boyfriends were sitting on the floor across from her taking turns on their bond and watching her, giggling. She was aware of a sticky wetness leaking out of her pussy. She reached down and scooped some up. She tasted it. It was spunk, she realized with unbelieving delight! Her other boyfriend's jism!

Nicole sat up with a start and began scooping jism out of her pussy with both hands and eating it. It was so yummy! It made her feel so good!

"Dude, this slut is totally fucked up!" said one of her boyfriends.

"Dude, you gotta try her mouth. Best fucking head I had in my life."

"Man, I am so there. Soon as I can get it up again."

Nicole blinked, trying to focus on her boyfriends and figure out what they were saying. She wasn't sure but she hoped they wanted to give her more cock. She liked cock.

"More cock?" she asked, smiling.

"In a second, slut," said one of her boyfriends. "Why don't you dance on the table some more so we get hard again."

"Yeah," said her other boyfriend, taking the bong from the first. "That would be cool."

The next few hours were a confusing, smoky, delightful series of bong hits, wobbly dances and cock. Nicole didn't know which way was up, but she knew she preferred to be going down. After a while, though, when her boyfriends had smoked all their pot, they became less and less responsive. They had cum on or in her five times each and now even rubbing their pricks with her big boobies wouldn't get them hard for her. Nicole would have been depressed about that, but the jism and weed had her high and happy. She giggled as she picked the short one's prick up by squeezing it between her tits, then letting it flop down, useless.

"Dude, I want some cookies," said her tall boyfriend. "Go get us some cookies, dude."

"No, man. I'm to fucked up," said the short one, not bothering to lift his head off the floor. "You go get us some cookies."

"No, dude. I don't wanna put my pants back on," the tall one complained.

"I'll go get some cookies!" Nicole volunteered. She wanted to be helpful and she hoped that if they got some cookies, they might want to fuck her again.

"Dude, that would be sweet. Cookies..."

"Don' forgeta come back, crazy slut. Cuz I wanna... wanna... yeah..."

Nicole giggled and wobbled to her feet. She pulled her top down over her boobies, smoothed her skirt back down over her ass and waited for the door to spin its way back in front of her. Then she lunged toward it before it could get away.

Chapter 2 ยป