by Robin

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Desc: Sex Story: At the hands of a torturer

"Comfortable?" His sardonic smile didn't quite make his eyes.

She looked at him through tear swelled and reddened, half closed lids. The saline water of her tears seemed to enhance colours; the silver SS badge on his tunic shone and branded her mind.

Not waiting for her reply, he slapped her pussy with the flat of his hand. The resounding smack rebounded off the whitewashed walls. She would have screamed, but the tape across her mouth allowed for a muffled murmff only. Two grease-covered fingers entered her, spreading her lips and forcing her body to receive him. More of the greasy substance was scooped out of an unmarked pot and fingered into her. She didn't know what to expect, but feared that it wasn't to be the most pleasant experience of her life.

"We will start small Eh?" His voice softly asked, sounding like a kindly Uncle, "No point in ruining the fun all at once is there?" Fake concern flitted across his face as he bent over her, but the sardonic smile stayed in the background.

The bonds that tied her to the low level table bit into her wrists and ankles. The rough wood scratched her back and buttocks. She had given up struggling some time ago, thinking that many of the women who entered this hut never came out again. Perhaps, if she complied, she might just see tomorrow, perhaps even the day after, although her future and that of the other fifteen hundred women in the prison camp, was very uncertain. She had been brought here only a month ago, but in that time, she had been beaten, interrogated and half starved. Too many women had been taken out of the huts at night, most of them didn't come back, or if they did, they usually didn't say anything, preferring to suffer their cuts and bruises in silence.

From a small table alongside where she was tied spread-eagle fashion, he picked up a glass tube, about two inches in diameter and a foot or so long. Gently, almost lovingly, he spread her cunt lips apart and slowly inserted the tube, pushing it in until she felt it pass her outer walls and nestle within the confines of her pussy. A small ridge on the tube prevented her from being able to push it out. It lodged into place. She had the weird sensation of cool air inside her; she could feel the waft of the frigid winter chill hitting her inner self.

The Officer turned away from her and once again got something from the table. Hidden from view by his body, she couldn't guess what his intention was. Then, in horror, her eyes beheld what was next. He held a white mouse by its tail. The small rodent struggled to be free and waved its small paws around ineffectually. The girl prayed to her God for the nightmare to end. It seemed he wasn't listening.

Carefully, the white mouse was pushed head first into the tube. She couldn't see exactly what was happening, prone as she was, but her brain described vivid pictures for her. The officer picked up a short stick from the table and began to push the mouse down the tube. Then it was inside of her. Its small claws scrabbled at the walls of her cunt in an effort to escape. He pulled the tube out, leaving the animal inside her. Tears of shame and outrage coursed down her cheeks, this was the ultimate indignity, but worse, the bastard was enjoying what he was doing.

Horrified, she looked into his eyes that were grey, dead and expressionless. Only the slight upturn of the corners of his mouth gave any clue to what he felt.

His grease covered fingers played over her lips, massaging her clit and brushing against her anus. All the while, the mouse inside her was trying to get out. She could feel its frenzied attempts to escape. She thought the walls of her cunt would rupture from its sharp little paws. It felt like someone was using a file on her walls. After a few minutes, the rodents movements became lesser and weaker. Then, eventually, they stopped altogether. She guessed it had died from asphyxia. Her revulsion was complete and she dry heaved, but her stomach had nothing to regurgitate.

Electrical clamps were fastened onto her nipples, the teeth biting cruelly into the sensitive skin, piercing and drawing small droplets of blood. The pain was excruciating, her nipples responded automatically, becoming hard points or pain centres. There were eight teeth on the clamps, she could feel each one as it pierced her skin and forced her nipple swell with blood.

Without warning, he thrust his fingers into her cunt and wriggled them around, she thought he was forcing the mouse further inside her, but felt some relief when he eventually pulled out the dead, pink tinged rodent. In its effort to get free, it had scratched her inside, enough to draw blood. He smiled his satisfaction at the result.

She could feel the warm trickle of blood ooze from her slit and dribble onto the table, wetting her anus. She closed her eyes and prayed again in silent anguish. In her subjugated position, she didn't hear the entry of one of the German shepherd dogs that the SS were so fond of. She missed entirely, the clicking of its claws on the concrete floor. Her first awareness was the hot tongue that lashed along her slit and effectively cleaned her from the frothy blood that was caking her lips.

The dog stood at her pussy end and licked her secretions. Its tongue slid in long strokes from her arse to her blond haired mound. Skilfully, it pushed its tongue between the lips and gained entry to her moistness. The tempo increased as the friction decreased and her treacherous juices began to flow.

The officer watched and grinned, offering no assistance to the animal, only encouragement. He allowed this for a short while then pulled the dogs head up and away from her. Relief turned to sheer terror when she realised what he intended to do next.

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