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Marina's arrival

The car drew up alongside the kerb and slowly ground to a halt. The rain, which had been constant for the last two hours, ran in rivulets down the windows and screen, creating patterns of reflected light from the neon signs that advertised the shops from which they hung.

Marina stared through the distortion the water caused. She did not know this area of London. The back streets always seemed to contain a brooding darkness that hid a promise of malevolence, barely concealed below the wet surface. She feigned indifference and sniffed, as if she had no care In the world. But inside, she quivered, her uncertainty boiled and gave her little respite. Nerve ends jangled and her heart thudded in her breast as if trying to hammer its way out from the prison of her rib cage.

Trembling fingers undid the top three buttons of her silk blouse. Marina wanted to flinch, she wanted to draw away from the cool touch of the callused fingers, but she knew to show any weakness now would be fatal. Carefully, the questing fingers parted the open fabric and exposed her left breast. The cold damp of the night air woke the skin of her nipples, drawing blood to the area and stiffened the raised bud of dark pink. His fingers found the hardening nib and slowly manipulated and squeezed until it became almost painful. Marina wanted even more, to pull away, to escape the attentions of his hand, to open the door and run for her very life. Instead, she shifted to a more comfortable position and continued to study the rain-soaked pavements as if she had no feelings or interest in his ministrations of her flesh.

The black glass that separated the driver from the passengers slid noiselessly down. George, who had been chauffeuring them around since early this afternoon, turned and impassively looked at Marina. She felt a wave of self consciousness. Countless times, she had been bare breasted in public, but hat had always been on a beach in the company of thousands of other sun bathers where nudity was almost a necessity or a requirement to be part of the club.

"We are here sir" George looked dispassionately at Marina's discomfort, then without another word or visual emotion, he closed the sliding pane of oh so black glass, leaving Marina, once again, in the company of her partner who continued to inflame her tortured nipple without pause.

Her husband, David spoke.

"Give me your hands". The command was delivered with a gentle voice that compelled her to his will and left no quarter. What if she disobeyed? What would be the outcome? She complied without rancor and watched the steel of the cuffs encircle her and snap locked.

"You will say nothing. Do you understand?" Marina nodded, her uncertainty was making her teeth chatter and she knew her voice would betray her nervousness if she spoke. "Lift your ass." Marina braced her feet against a ridge of the chassis. Her shoulders sank into the soft leather of the seat back, she arched her back and lifted her bottom so that only her shoulders and feet were in contact with the car. He slid her woolen skirt up over her thighs and hooked thumb into the waist band of her panties. A stiletto knife sliced through the delicate fabric, in two touches of the blade, the garment was cut from her. Marina's sex was exposed, the mound of downy hair concealed her inner lips. His hands raised her skirt so that it was behind her back and a gentle, but insistent push on her stomach brought her bare ass in contact with the cooling leather of the seat. A small shock rippled through her causing goose bumps to raise.

"I shall leave you now. When you are collected, you are to follow who ever comes or you. Do not speak only listen and obey each and every command. Marina, this is your last chance to pull out of this. Once I have left, there will be no going back and events will happen of which you will have no control. Is it your wish to continue, or we can drive away now."

Marina wanted to tell him it should stop, she wanted him to take her back to the security of the hotel, back to the comfort of laying in his arms, secure in the knowledge of their love. But, she did not say any of those things, she wanted just as much, to know the thrill of the unknown and the unknown gave her a delicious shiver which flared briefly in her loins. She had been waiting for this day ever since they had answered the advert in the Times Newspaper.

"Kiss me David." Her breathing rasped in her throat. "Kiss me and then leave me, but remember, I love you and only you."

"I know my heart, I know. And I know why you are here at this time. I know why you are going through with this and I thank you with all of my heart." David kissed her lips. His tongue caressed her top lip and then he was gone. Out into the cold and wet night. The cool draught as the door opened and closed, renewed the goose bumps again and a small sob of loss escaped her.

As soon as the door closed and thunked into place, Marina felt the car begin to glide away from the kerb. Her bare ass felt the vibration of the powerful engine through the seat. Not for the first time, Marina wondered what the next two weeks held in store for her. She was dimly aware of passing between tall wrought iron gates. The crunch of gravel sounded loud. Tall trees lined the drive, standing like sentinels and shielded the car from the worst of the howling wind that drove the rain to curtain sheets of seemingly inpenetrable haze.

Eventually, she could see the lights from a monolithic grey house that stood at the end of the sweeping drive. Music drifted on the wind as well as the sound of laughter and the unmistakable clink of glasses. Marina thought that perhaps it was a ball that was happening, or at least, a large party. The car slowly passed the steps that led to the huge front marbled portico. Lanterns blazed a welcome, but it was not for Marina they shone, because the car continued and then slewed left and down the side of the building. The car stopped and George slid the glass panel halfway down.

"Wait here please Miss. Someone will come and take you inside."

She felt the car jounce as George got out. The sudden pressure of air on her eardrums was almost painful as his door thudded shut. Silence surrounded her like a cloak. The wind had no effect and the music from the house was lost, borne away from her and the solitude she felt alone in the rapidly cooling car. Time passed, it could have been a minute, it could have been an hour, she didn't know. The almost total darkness and silence enveloped her in a shroud which precluded all senses.

Then the door opened and a hand grasped her arm. Ginger hairs of a bare forearm seemed to be disembodied. She could not see the owner of the arm. "This way miss." A bass voice, just as disembodied as the arm announced. "Follow me."

Her arm released, Marina slid across the seat and emerged into the stinging rain. A vague shape in front of her moved toward the house and an open door. Warm light flooded the gravel path but did little to highlight her guide. Warmth radiated from the door as she passed through it into a corridor bereft of any adornments. Hospital green painted walls lined a linoleum covered floor. Single lamp bulbs hung down from the ceiling at regular intervals with white shades that directed the lamplight downward, forming pools of light on the floor. The door closed behind her and Marina turned to see her guide for the first time.

He was quite short, only about five foot five she guessed. His bare arms hung listlessly from a black leather jerkin cinched at the waist with a wide tan coloured leather belt. A great mop of unruly ginger hair framed a face that in no way could have been called hansom. The most notable feature of his face was a bulbous nose that had broken vessels under the skin and gave a purple hue which contrasted his hair.

"I am Rene." He announced. "I shall be looking after you while you stay with us." His voice seemed to come from his diaphragm were it was so low. "Shortly, you will be taken to your room where you will be bathed and made ready. You are required to silence at all times. Failure to comply with this will be dealt with harshly. You will obey all commands. You will eat when told to, sleep when you are told to and you will submit to the Masters. These are the only rules, break anyone of them and your punishment will be severe. Do you understand? You may nod your agreement, but do not speak." Marina's nerves almost gave way then, but she nodded.

"While you are here, you will have no name. You may be called any one of a hundred names, but your previous name and life are behind you now. You have no identity. Take off your clothes, more will be provided." He released her hands from the wrist cuffs and stepped back to watch her.

Marina hesitated for a fraction. Taking off her clothes felt like she was removing armour just as she was going into battle, it felt just as foolhardy. Not that the cloth could protect her from anything other than the cold, but nakedness in this corridor would leave her vulnerable and exposed.

"We have many things in abundance in this place, but patience is not one of them. When given an order, you will and must comply without hesitation, failure will result in the same punishment as for any other transgression. Is that clear?"

Marina nodded again and quickly stripped her clothes off. She tried to cover her nakedness from his appraising look with her hands. He didn't seem to mind too much. Her clothes were taken from her and put into a basket that she hadn't seen. "This way."

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