by heryankee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: A meeting between on line lovers IRL

She had seen his picture. He was standing before her at the receptionist desk. The wide brimmed Stetson hat pulled down over his face leaving it in shadows. He walked up to her disguising his voice he said.

"I have an appointment with Dr. Jacobs."

"Please have seat. Are you new here?"

"Yes, I am."

"Please fill out these forms. My name is Beth if there is anything else you need"

He grinned as he filled out his name, and he wondered when she would realize who she was. He had planned this surprise for two weeks. He had even spoken to the doctor who went along with the surprise. He had added the name to the schedule as Robert W. marking emergency next to it. Beth wouldn't know it was Robert Wilkins until after the dentist sent her into the treatment room to get his get his insurance card.Then Dr. Jacobs would leave for lunch and lock the office. The doctor had agreed to take a long lunch.

He handed Beth the papers, and entered the waiting room. He sat down and the doctor beckoned him in.

"Hi Robert, it is nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too doctor. Thank you very much for helping me with this surprise"

"Robert when you are finished here tell Beth to lock up and go home the rest of today's patients are bogus appointments. Have fun."

The doctor walks to the desk and picks up the chart. He peruses it for a short time and says to Beth.

"He didn't put his Identification number on his insurance coverage go get his card. Go get it, and enter it."

As Beth enters the treatment room Robert turns his face away. Not wanting Beth to realize what is happening just yet.

"Sir, I am sorry but you forgot to enter your id number in the insurance box, and I need a copy of your card."

Robert handed her the card and looked and Beth left the office without looking at it. She copied the card in the Xerox machine, and went to sit at her desk to enter the Id number. She opened the chart and saw the name and the address. That son of a bitch, that wonderful son of a bitch, she would get him for that. She headed back to the room and shut the light out. She dropped to her knees, and crawled into the room, below his line of sight. Velcro restraints suddenly were on Robert's wrists. Then a hand caressed his crotch, squeezing his hardness. Her lips came to his mouth her tongue penetrated them. He felt her breasts pressing into his chest. He could not touch her but she could touch him. She caressed and petted him, and then she stopped.

She stood in the dark and removed her panties from under her skirt. Beth crawled up his body planting her nether lips on his mouth. Her moist and fragrant, pussy began pressing on to his mouth.

"Eat me I have been waiting for this for a long time, lick me dry"

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Oh G-D I am so happy you did. I love you. That's it right there. Lick me like that, oh shit I'm gonna, don't stop eat meeeeeeeeee."

Beth's orgasm rumbled through her, as Robert drank her spending. Beth was just warming up and went to his pants and she opened the zipper. She freed his large, erect, pleasure tool.

"Now I am going to suck your cock and taste your sperm then I am going to fuck you until you can't get it up anymore. But we don't have enough time"

"Beth Doctor Jacobs told me to tell you that there are no more patients this after noon and you should take the rest of the day off."

"You planned this didn't you?" she said.

The Beth's head descended and her mouth engulfed his hardness, as her tongue wrapped around its bulbous head. Her saliva bathed his hot hard cock and made it easy to slip down into her throat.

"Oh Beth that is so good, if you don't stop soon I am going to cum."

"Not yet, not before I get that in my cunt. I'm going to fuck you, I am going to suck you and then I am going to fit that big cock into my asshole and fuck you until you cum in all three of my holes. Then we will go home and start all over again."

She squatted down and guided his hardness into her tight, wet pussy. Her low growl of satisfaction told him that she wanted this as bad as he did. She posted up and down on his prick as if she were riding a horse. Up and down harder and faster as she mewled. She whispered al sorts of nasty words to him telling him what she wanted. She bit and sucked ion his neck leaving marks that would take a week to disappear.

"Fuck me oh your cock feels so good cum in me fill me with your fuck juice fuck me like I'm fucking you."

Before long the crescendo, and rhythm began to build. Both were grunting and groaning. The hips moved faster and the room smelled of hot pussy. Then the orgasms began, both simultaneously screaming out their pleasure. She collapsed on him releasing his Velcro bonds.

His arms wrapped around her and Beth got to feel what that was like for the first time. She didn't want to admit it but that might be better than sex. He felt like the world was perfect and he never wanted to let her go.

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