Dog Day Afternoon

by Casandra M

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, NonConsensual, First, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Christian values go right out the window as angel turns to slut in a fraction of a second. Clare a a teen virgin discovers that a dog can fuck like nothing on earth. One wonder though if this dog has fucked a woman before.

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I hated my parents with a passion. They never let me do any thing I wanted. Never allowed to date, I was resolved to being a virgin the rest of my life. They would kill me if they knew the thing that could be found on the net.

While sitting at my computer looking at movie files of women being fuck I started to rub my cunt. My parents were out at a church meeting and would be gone for a few hours. This always gave me the chance to make my self cum.

Feeling uncomfortable in my sensible clothes I stripped.

There was a huge file, of a guy with a monster cock. He was stuffing the whole thing in a girl who could have been no older than me. She had to be sixteen or seventeen at the most. The whole thing was incredibly hot.

He came in her pussy. As he pulled out his cum ran out of her cunt. It made me so wet I cum myself. I need to stick some thing big in me as well.

In the kitchen I found a cucumber, it looked just right. Excited I hurried back to my room. I jumped on my bed and started to rub my fingers over my clit. Being already wet this only further excited me. The cucumber felt cold as I rubbed it up and down my pussy.

There was no doubt that this would take a little time and effort to get in my pussy. I had my eyes closed, and was started as Bernie, or St Bernard jumped on the bed. I had forgotten to close the door. Without hesitation he put his nose straight to my cunt and licked it. My reaction should have been to push him away, but I didn't. His tongue felt so good.

Like a slut I spread my legs wide. He needed no encouragements at all. Working that tongue like an expert, my cunt was more than willing. The feeling as it ran over my clit is hard to explain. It was sheer bliss. I knew if my parents saw this they would just die. That made it all the more enjoyable.

Every now and then his big doggie tongue would go inside me, lapping up my gushing juices. My head really felt light, I was giddy. I considered my hands to be expert at bringing me off, but now I knew they were not.

He seemed to hold me on the brink for several minutes until a wave of ecstasy hit me. For the first time in my life my whole body orgasmed, not for a few seconds but literally minutes. My mind orgasmed, it was incredible. All the while Bernie, god bless him kept licking.

It took a few minutes for me to cum down, before I decided to go have a shower. I had to push Bernie away; he did not seem to want to stop. He barked at me as I got off the bed.

"What's the matter boy you want more?" I asked

Bernie jumped off the bed and started licking me again.

"Now be a good boy Bernie, stop that you can have more later."

As I bent to pick up my cardigan Bernie jumped me from behind. I fell forward, the top half of me landed on the bed, my knees crunching on the floor.

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