The House Keeper
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about an older man that hires a housekeeper and her 16 year old daughter. It starts out slow but does get much better as the chapters progress.

Boring !!!! Boring !!! Boring !!!!!

This has to be the worst decision I have ever made. Let me back up a few months and explain why I am so bored.

About 6 months ago my wife passed away after many bouts with cancer of one form or another. My two sons and their wives have been very helpful but the house is still so big without her here to give me a hard time about everything I do.

Over the years it was always her job to buy Lottery tickets when she did the grocery shopping. Buy them she did but to no avail. We never won a cent for all of the dollars we spent on tickets.

Two months ago I was out of beer so I made a trip to the convenience store. As I paid for the beer I told the clerk to give me five dollars of Lottery tickets. I put the change and tickets in my pocket and headed back to the house. I had no idea that the Lottery was now at $84,000,000.

About two weeks later, I arrived home late after a real long and hard day on the job. I was exhausted so I grabbed a beer and turned on the TV. The news was on and I was half watching it when they said that the only winning ticket for the $84,000,000 Lottery had not been claimed as yet, then they said it had been sold in my home town. This jogged my memory of buying the ticket so I went looking for it. I couldn't even remember where I put it. I finally found it in the office in a pile of business cards near my computer. I had no idea what the numbers were so I went on line to the Lottery Web site and found the numbers for that drawing.

As I look at the ticket I notice the first number of the second is the same as the screen, so is the second and the third, then the fourth and the fifth. I stare in disbelief. The numbers all match. I just realized that I had the winning ticket for $84,000,000. Now what do I do?

As I look at the screen I notice a link for winners. I click on it and find out that there are some options as to how you take your winnings out. As I look this over I decide on the 20 year plan. I will get $350,000 a month for 20 years and I can leave any balance to the kids in my will. Now I need to take off a couple of days to go to Lottery office to claim my winnings.

I call my son and tell him I have to go out of town for a day or two to look at a job. Since we are not that booked with work he says that it won't be a problem.

The trip goes without a hitch. I have my first check in my pocket, less taxes of course. Now all I have to do is make the deposit and start spending it.

I get back to the house at about 4:00 and call the two boys. I tell them I have some good news and that they need to be at the office in an hour, alone. No wife or kids, just them.

I tell them that I have won some money in the Lottery. Even after their questions and begging I won't tell them how much, just that it's enough. We spend a few hours discussing what I am going to do with the money. They both leave with a check that will get them completely out of debt. I tell Ted, my youngest and partner, that I will be backing off at the business and will be doing the office work unless he needs a hand in the field. With that check in his pocket he is very agreeable.

The next couple of weeks are busy, but I manage to get everything sorted out and organized so that I now have no worries about money, bills, house payments or anything else.

The kids call Friday and say that they are having a barbecue on Saturday for both families and that they want me there at 12:00.

We have a grand time. I have never seen so many people so happy at the same time. Even the children seem to be real good and the day is going great until one of the step-daughters says something about my loosing weight. I guess I have as I don't cook good meals and have a tendency to drink more beer than eat food.

They spend a lot of time on my back until I say I'll look into getting a housekeeper to help out, then they back off and I get out of there before they start in on something else.

Now that Ya'll know how I got to this point and what my status is monetarily it's time to find that housekeeper.

The search began with a lot of thought as to what kind of women I wanted around. She would have to be young, twenties, thirties maybe, but slim, petit and attractive. Now if I could find one that was submissive or at least leaning that way.

I'm sitting at my computer trying to word an ad for the newspaper when I hear some noise outside my office as the windows are open. I turn and look out, it's my neighbor lady trimming some bushes on the property lines. Not bad, not bad at all.

She is kind of short, maybe 5'6" or so, probably 125 pounds more or less, nice short auburn hair, very nice legs, and damn cute little bubble butt. I wish she would turn so I could see her face and tits.

Her and her husband bought the place about a month ago. They moved in over the two week span that I was so busy that I haven't even met them yet. I guess I should at least go out and introduce myself and check her out a little closer.

I go out into the carport and light a smoke then head around the house to where she is working. As I round the corner she is bent over digging at the ground and I have the nicest view of her gorgeous ass. Her shorts are riding high on the backs of her thighs and there is even a small portion of her cheeks hanging out and they are mouth watering.

About half way across the lawn I say, "Hi there, need some help"? Don't want to scare her the first time we meet.

She stands and turns my way and says, "Hello Sir". Strange way to address a person on first sight isn't it?

"Hi, I'm your neighbor on this side".

"I'm so glad to meet you Sir. The neighbor across the street said that you were very seldom home because you travel a lot for your business and that we may never see you at all".

"Well, things have a way of changing around here and now I will be spending a lot more time in the office. My son is taking over the outside work load and I'll be doing the paperwork".

"Oh, that's good to hear Sir. By the way, my name is Suzanne and please don't call me Suzy, I just hate that name now. That was what they called me in school as they picked on me. No more Suzy now that I'm out of school".

Damn she has a pretty face, gorgeous green eyes, perfect white teeth, a beautiful smile small mouth and nose, but, no tits. Now, if you were a tit man this could bother you. I'm an ass man and always said anything over a mouth full was wasted anyway. Therefore, anything over a 'B' cup is wasted meat. Hers look perfect on her small frame and appear to stand up nice.

"OK, Suzanne it will be".

"Thank you Sir, it makes me feel like an adult".

Shit, she can't be more then twenty-two or so and this makes her feel like an adult. It's time to start reading between the lines here.

"I was sorry to hear from the neighbor about your wife's passing. Are you doing alright Sir"?

"Ya, things were tough at first but it's getting easier, I just bury myself in work".

We talk for almost an hour about the weather, neighbors, the location, her husband and his job, her work with the elderly through a church and a lot of other stuff to boring to mention. Finally I tell her that I have to get back so that I can finish that ad for a housekeeper.

"You are looking for a housekeeper Sir?"

"Ya, the Kids feel I'm not taking care of myself well enough and if I don't do something I'll never hear the end of it".

"What are you looking for Sir"?

"A live-in I guess. Someone to do the cooking and cleaning, the shopping, you know, normal everyday stuff".

"You know that there a lot of women out there Sir, that are single mothers or recently divorced mothers that really need someone to help get them started in a new life. Our church is always being asked to help someone that is down on their luck and just needs a helping hand to start over. They don't want a handout just a hand up".

"That would be a way of helping I guess".

"Sir, if you do decide to do something like that I would be more then happy to help also".

"Now, that's an offer I can't refuse".

"Well Sir, I could come over now and help you write the ad then have it put in the church bulletin Sunday".

"I appreciate the offer Suzanne, but will have to decline the offer at this time".

"Oh Sir, is there something wrong"?

"No Suzanne, nothings wrong, it's just that you're not dressed properly".


"I guess I'm old fashioned, but I feel a woman should always be in a dress or skirt. I have a policy that no woman is allowed in my home unless dressed properly".

"I could take a shower and change Sir".

"Well, if you want to go to all that trouble I guess it would be OK for you to come over to help write the ad".

"Well Sir, what should I wear"?

"JUST a dress is fine."

"Yes Sir. It will only take me a few minutes".

"Just ring the carport door bell when you come over. I'll see you then".

About a half hour later I catch her walking by the office window on her way to the door. After she passes the window I look out and see that she has on a real short yellow sun dress and is looking fine. Nice legs and lots of them.

I wait for her to ring the bell and go out to let her in. "Hey girl".

"Is this OK Sir"?

"Yes, that's fine. You look so cute like that".

"Well thank you kind Sir".

"Lets go back to the office and get this ad done so that I can e-mail it to the newspaper for tomorrows paper".

As I step back to let her in the back lighting lets me see through her dress enough to swear that I can actually see her pussy hair hanging down. We walk back to the office and I indicate an office chair for her to sit in. Now this chair has a broken spring and if you don't know about it you go way back when you sit down in it. Sure enough, the chair goes back and as everyone else does her legs spread and her arms go out to catch herself. Yup, no panties and a very nice bush, if you like bushes on a woman, which I don't.

She finally gets the chair back up and her legs closed.

"I'm sorry Suzanne. I should have warned you about that chair".

"It's OK Sir. It just surprised me".

"Well, scoot up here to the computer and we'll get started."

As she comes up to the computer her skirt is up rather high on her legs, but what I really notice is the fact that she isn't wearing a bra either. She did exactly what I told her, just a dress. This is most defiantly going to deserve some attention in the near future.

We spend some time on getting the wording right. She continues to call me Sir whenever she speaks to me or answers a question. I can see we have a real submissive here or at the least, a wannabee.

We finally finish with the ad.

Wanted: Single or divorced mother that needs a helping hand. Work as my housekeeper for room and board as well as a paycheck. Watch over me and your child at the same time and get paid to do it. Call 555-1212 for an interview time.

We made her a copy for the church bulletin and e-mailed it to the newspaper. Now we sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

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