One Day a Year

by E. Z. Riter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Magic, DomSub, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Halloween is when witches prowl for a mate and howl their pleasure to the moon. It's the time they mate whether the humans are willing or not.

I carried a torch for Keely Bishop.

She was a year behind me in school and rarely dated because her parents kept a tight rein on her activities. They were rigid fundamentalists who worried she'd discover sex and actually enjoy it. When they did let her out, she'd go out with me because we lived next door and went to the same church.

They shouldn't have worried. Keely knew her physical attractiveness was her key to the good life. Picture a blonde goddess. A Miss America or Playmate. A five six, blue eyed wet dream. That's Keely. She was angling for a rich husband and her virginity was part of the bait. That desire and her self-righteous religious upbringing molded her personality-cold, manipulative, a gold-digger in all capitals and flashing neon.

"You and I won't have sex because I'm going to marry rich and he'll get me as a virgin," Kelly said. "After I'm married, we can have an affair if you keep your mouth shut."

So she was planning to be an adulteress, too. Not an ideal mate, but all of her faults couldn't extinguish the flame.

We both were poor kids. She had looks. I had football. I went to the university on a full football scholarship with a small academic scholarship that provided some pocket change. When Keely entered the university, her parents remortgaged their house, cashed in their retirement, and her mom took a second job.

Kelly pledged Pi Phi, the rich girls' sorority. Her looks got her the bid. It was expensive but she thought she could find the richest man that way.

Keely pledging Pi Phi had an unexpected benefit for me. She introduced me to Susan Sims, one of her pledge sisters.

Susan was five three and small boned, a smiling, intelligent, dyed blonde, brown eyed hourglass of a woman with a rich daddy and an eager pussy. She'd make someone a great wife, if he could live with her "rich bitch" streak.

That someone could've been me, but I dumped her one night. I'd had enough of her spoiled brat theatrics. I left her seething in the parlor of her sorority house and went to the dorm. I'd only been in my room a few minutes when there was a rap on the door. When I opened it, she stormed into the room.

"You bastard! Nobody dumps me," she snapped.

She stood on tip toes to slap me and I made no effort to stop her. The slap resounded like thunder. She looked like she expected me to retaliate, but I began undressing for bed. She barked and shrieked because my silence made her more furious. I was down to my underwear and she was sputtering incoherently when I pulled her against me with her wrists held tightly at the small of her back. She was perfectly still except for the movement of her breasts against me as she breathed. Her big brown eyes stared up at me.

"You're one hell of a woman, Susan. Everything about you is perfect except you're a spoiled bitch and I won't put up with that. I guess I could spank you until you behave."

"Touch me and I'll see you in jail!" she snarled.

"Then what choice do I have except dumping you?"

I let her go, took off my underwear, and got in bed.

"Turn out the light on your way out," I said as I turned my back to her.

"Damn you, Peter Fisher," she screamed.

I didn't respond. She tried talking and cursing and crying and throwing my clothes at me. I didn't move. She was muttering when the light went out, but the door didn't open. I heard the rustling of clothes. When the bed moved, I stayed still.

She tried an old trick. She squirmed under the covers until my cock was in her mouth. I ate Susan's sweet pussy every chance I got and she enjoyed it no end. But she had refused to go down on me. I hadn't pushed. There would be time enough for that.

I rolled on my back and clicked on the bedside lamp. She slipped up to mount me.

"I want to cum in your mouth," I said.

She sighed. "Yes, Pete," she said softly.

Considering it was her first blowjob, she didn't do too badly.

"How do you like the taste of cum?" I asked.

"Well enough to do it anytime you want," she replied as she knelt beside me.

"Do you want to be my girl?"


"I want your permission to spank you every time I think you need it," I said.

"Go to hell."

"Get dressed and go home."

I turned out the light. She squealed in frustration and turned on the light.

"All right. I agree."

"Write it out for me. There's pen and paper on the desk."

"No," she said haughtily.

I turned out the light. Mumbling to herself, she turned on the light, went to desk, and shortly returned with permission, properly signed and dated.

"Come here," I said. She cuddled against me and I turned out the light for the last time. We fucked in the dark before sleeping in each other's arms.

We dated until the end of my sophomore year. By then, it was clear Susan Sims wanted to be Susan Fisher. I wanted it, too, but deep in my gut was a small flame for Keely that kept me from popping the question. When I didn't ask her to marry me before school recessed for the summer, Susan broke up with me.

Susan called me on the first day of classes my junior year. "I've got an apartment in Willis House," she said. "I want to see you. Could you please come over?"

When I arrived, she was dressed in a halter and shorts.

"You look great," I said.

"Thanks. Pete, I..." She wrung her hands as her face turned red. Finally, she looked me in the eye. "I'm sorry I broke up with you. Please take me back. I love you, Pete," she pleaded.

"I love you, too, Susan," I said honestly. We celebrated being together again with an indescribable display of sexual pyrotechnics.

Two weeks later, I broke my ankle in the first game of the year. It was no big deal except I'd be on crutches for awhile. Sunday after the game, when I hobbled into the cafeteria between the athletic dorms, a tall, rawboned girl with a shock of unruly red hair smiled at me. A chill ran down my spine. I got my tray and was waiting in line behind Brute Wyzerocek when I realized she was at my side.

"Hello, Peter Fisher. I'm Erin Sullivan. You look like you need some help."

"Thanks. I do. How did you know my name?" I asked.

"I know a lot about you," she replied mysteriously.

"I haven't seen you before."

"I'm a junior college transfer."

"What sport?"


"Get your ass out of the way, Fisher," Alabaster Black snarled from behind us.

Erin helped me with my tray as we sat at a table where we could talk. She was interesting and intelligent, with big green eyes that flashed mischievously from a sea of freckles. After dinner, we went back to my room. We talked for another hour or so before she left for her own room in the girls' dorm.

I called Susan, who came over and spent most of the night.

The next night, Erin and I ate together again.

"Let's go back to my room," she said after dinner.

I'm not a cheater. I never have been. At the time, I didn't think I was cheating. While I wanted to fuck Erin as much as I wanted Susan, it wasn't that either. Something inside me told me that having sex with Erin wouldn't be cheating on Susan. I didn't feel an iota of guilt.

"I'd like that." I replied.

When I closed the door behind us, I took her into my arms. She came willingly, warmly returning my kiss as her body pressed into mine. I felt the hardness of her muscles under my hands and the softness of her breasts against me. We raced to undress, jumped on the bed, and fucked our brains out.

Erin was tall, long legged, and muscular. Susan was short and soft. Erin was an athletic challenge. Susan was giving. Two delightful women so different and yet both damn good in bed.

I successfully juggled the two of them into October. Erin made it easy.

"I'm not interested in being your wife, Peter. I just want to fuck you," she said.

Sometimes I thought there was more to her feelings than she let on, but I didn't ask. I didn't need to ask with Susan. She wanted a ring on her finger and I was close to giving her one.

I saw Keely at the Pi Phi house from time to time. She was "almost engaged" to Trimble B. Tomlinson IV, who was the heir to a considerable fortune. He was a snooty little guy with as much personality as a door knob, but he met her criteria.

One of the big events at the Pi Phi House is their annual Halloween party. Of course, Susan and I were going. I rented a Hercules costume-two pieces of leather hung from a leather thong around my waist, leather underwear like a Speedo swimsuit, and leather sandals with straps that came up my calves. Susan was going as Xena. Her costume, like Xena's, was a leather corset that narrowed the middle and accentuated the above and below, not that Susan needed it. She did look delicious.

We'd only been at the Pi Phi party an hour when she said, "Pete, this is boring. A friend of mine invited us to another party out in the woods. Let's go there."

"Who invited us?"

"A girl I don't think you know."


"Erin Sullivan."

My heart stopped and when it started again, Susan was staring at me.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. Let's go," I replied.

The drive was forty minutes. Susan and I talked about Christmas, when I was going home with her. We both knew I'd pop the question then. We talked about the upcoming games and Homecoming, about this and that. What we didn't talk about was Erin Sullivan. When I asked questions, she gave short answers and no information worth knowing.

How the hell does Susan know Erin was the question driving me crazy.

Susan knew exactly where we were going. "Turn here. Now watch for a jack-o-lantern on a fence post."

We stopped deep in the woods and parked with other cars. When I opened the door, smells of pine and the mustiness of a fire wafted to me. The crunch of the underbrush when I took a step, the goose bumps on my skin from the cold, the hoot of the owl from a tree, were indelibly stamped on my brain. The stars were bright and the moon was a full yellow ball overhead. Through the dense foliage, I could see a flame flickering and hear the crackle of the fire.

"Isn't this a great spot for a Halloween party?" Susan said as hugged my arm to her. "It's spooky out here."

We'd taken a few steps when Susan whispered, "Shhh. Listen."

From the brush to our left came a familiar noise.

"Someone's getting laid," I whispered.

"Two someones," she giggled.

We stumbled to the edge of a clearing. In the middle was a fire surrounded by a ring about four feet in diameter. The ring was made of stones as big as cantaloupes. The fire crackled and popped as its flames rose to chest height. Next to it was a stone slab like an altar. It was about three feet above the ground and covered with animal furs.

The small crowd around the fire stopped talking when we appeared. I heard a woman groan in orgasm in the dark of the woods.

A man and woman walked toward us. The man was tall and lean, with a bald head and piercing black eyes. The woman looked like Erin, but older. She wore a black cape that covered her from neck to calf. Boots covered her feet and their square high heels made her tower over us. Thigh length flaming red hair billowed around her. Her face made my cock rise and throb. This was a beautiful and sexual woman. A formidable woman. A woman like one in a million.

"Hello, Flanna," Susan said brightly.

"Hello, Susan," the woman said. "Introduce me to your man."

Flanna took my hand as Susan made the introduction. Her eyes held mine and I felt an electrical charge pass through me. My cock ached against the confines of the leather Speedo.

"Hello, Peter," she said in throaty, near growl. "I've heard a lot about you."

She introduced the man as Fergus.

"Have a drink," he said, handing Susan and me each an earthenware chalice filled with a dark liquid.

"It's good. What is it?" Susan asked.

"Drink up," Fergus ordered.

Susan raised the glass to her lips again. When she started to lower it, Fergus held it in place. Her eyes were huge and compliant as she obediently swallowed it all.

"What is it?" I asked.

"An aphrodisiac," Flanna replied. "Drink yours."

I raised the cup to my lips, but a hand on my arm stopped me. "He doesn't need one, Mother," Erin said.

She kissed me like I'd kiss a woman to subdue her, with power and a hand behind the neck. Her hand was under the tunic tugging down the leather covering my cock. From behind, Flanna yanked the leather down. I felt Flanna's breasts against my back as she wrapped her fingers around my cock and cupped my balls with her other hand.

"Nice," she whispered as she stroked me.

A dark place in the back of my sex-crazed mind screamed a warning not to accept my surrender to them. I'd always been the dominant partner. This time, I knew I was to obey Erin and follow her lead.

I expected a shriek from Susan when Erin kissed me because Susan's a jealous woman, but she watched silently with a smile on her face. When Erin broke the kiss, Susan was in Fergus' arms being kissed as I'd been.

When I recoiled with a pang of jealousy, Erin dug her nails into my arm and whispered, "It's all right, Peter. Be compliant and trust me."

Susan's eyes were dilated and she sighed when Fergus released her.

"Come to me," Erin said to her. Susan stepped into Erin's arms and was kissed again, as her arms hung loosely by her side and Erin bent her body backward.

"Have you told Peter we're lovers?" Erin said to Susan.

Susan giggled and shook her head.

"Well, tell him."

"Erin and I are lovers," Susan said. Her eyes shone with excitement and she was twisting and turning like she was on fire inside. "I'd never made it with another woman before, but Erin taught me how much fun it is. You don't mind, do you, honey? It makes me hotter for you."

Erin's eyes twinkled when I glanced at her.

"No. I don't mind," I said.

"Pete, I need fucking like I've never needed it. Now. Please," Susan whimpered.

"She's going to fuck as many as want her, Peter," Erin said. "Undress her for them."

Susan and I had discussed fidelity. I said she was to be faithful, but I hinted I might play around. She'd smiled like a bear. "You'll be faithful, too," she'd said, "or I'll cut off your nuts and fry them for dinner."

The voice in the back of my head was screaming, "Don't do it," but I undressed Susan as she squirmed in sexual need. My wife to be, who was a relatively modest lady, showed no hint of embarrassment at her nudity. Her nipples were hard and a light red tinged the skin of her upper chest. The aphrodisiac was working in her.

Fergus removed his cape, which was all he wore, and laid it on the ground. Susan giggled, grabbed his erection, and lay back, pulling him into her. I was mesmerized as she eagerly fucked him at my feet.

"Peter," Erin said. She turned my head toward her. "I'm a witch. This is our night. Mine and my family's."

"I think you should cast another spell on him," Flanna said.

A spell? Flanna said another spell. Good God, was that what was making this happen?

"No, Mother. Peter will be fine. He's like I want him," Erin replied. "Peter, I'm to be impregnated and I've chosen you to do it."

"Father your children?" I asked.

"Yes, Peter. Tonight's our ritual mating. There. On the altar."

Visions of Rosemary's Baby flashed in my mind.

"We'll have beautiful and special children, Peter," Erin said as if reading my thoughts. "I'm the child of a human and a witch. Is there anything grotesque about me?"

"No. You're beautiful."

"Harder, Fergus. Harder!" Susan barked.

"This is unreal," I muttered.

"It's Halloween, Peter. Our night. A night of revelry. A night of celebration and renewal. Look around you. Hear the noises. Smell the smells."

"Oh, God, I'm cumming," Susan moaned. Her knees were by her ears as Fergus slammed deep into her and grunted.

"Over there," Erin said, drawing my attention to another couple. "And there," she added, pointing to others on the edge of the clearing.

Fergus stumbled to his feet and pulled Susan up with him. She was weak-kneed and clung to him for support.

Erin's eyes burned into me.

"When did you cast a spell on me?" I asked.

"The first night we were together."

"I don't remember."

"No. That's part of the spell. Susan doesn't remember the spell I put on her. She does remember making love to me and how she enjoyed it. She remembers being commanded not to tell you about us without permission. And she remembers to obey."

"Will she remember this night?"

"Do you mean will she remember what a slut she was and how much she enjoyed it? How much she liked being unfettered rather than being your woman?"


"What she remembers and how she acts in the future will depend on the spell I cast after the night's over."

Erin raised her hand to my face. With four fingers on my cheek, she gently stroked the bridge of my nose with her thumb and chanted a few words I didn't understand. Suddenly, I saw Erin casting her spell on me and I understood exactly the spell's effects and limitations.

"Your spell had so little effect on me. Why?" I asked.

"That's what I want to know," Flanna said.

"It's the way I want you," Erin replied.

I knew what she meant, but Flanna said it. "Oh, my. She's in love with you. That's not good for a witch."

"It's not that bad, Mother," Erin said. "A witch can't marry a human, Peter. If we could, I would cast a spell on you to create the world's greatest love affair." She shrugged and squeezed my hand before stepping away from me.

"You're not under a spell now, Peter. You're free to walk away. What do you want to do?"

I knew she was telling the truth-the decision was mine. I didn't fear Erin or her witch's powers. There was something special between us.

Seamus, a short man built like a fireplug, pulled Susan away from Fergus and pushed her to her knees. Eagerly, she sucked his cock, groaning with desire as she did. Flanna and Fergus were a pace away, watching Erin and me intently.

"I want you. I want to fuck you." I grinned. "I want to see you waddling around with my child, Erin Sullivan."

Erin threw her arms around me. As we hugged, I heard Susan begging Seamus to fuck her.

Fergus stepped to a nearby tree and thrashed it twice with a dead tree limb. It sounded hollow, like a drum. People began to gather around the fire. Fergus struck the tree twice again. More people gathered from the dark of the forest's undergrowth to sit or stand facing the fire and its fur-covered altar.

Erin's voice was joyful as she whispered in my ear.

"Our traditions are old, from the days before the Romans walked the land of the Celts. You are man and I am as a woman. You're to take me forcibly, dragging me to your bed of furs to put your seed in my womb. I'm to resist you, to fight for my honor, before surrendering to you. Oh, Peter Fisher, if I were a woman, I'd claw and scratch to be your woman, but I'm one of the others you call a witch. You and I cannot be as one, but I'll bear your children with pride."

"Listen one. Listen all," Fergus called. "Gather 'round and listen."

Even Susan stopped, with Seamus' hard cock half way in her swollen and dripping pussy.

"Tonight, our night of nights, we gather, as our gods demand, to watch the taking of our dear Erin and seed being planted in her fertile womb."

The crowd began to settle. Susan knelt facing the fire with her tiny hand around Seamus' cock.

"She has chosen Peter to make her with child. May their union be blessed."

Erin shoved me away and slapped me hard. The sound rang in my ears and my face stung from the blow.

All human sounds ceased. Only nature talked. The fire crackled. The trees moaned in the wind. An owl hooted in the dark of night. Something scurried through the brush in the edge of light under the trees.

They were watching us, all of them. They were watching without moving or making a sound. The owl hooted again.

To take me forcibly, Erin had said.

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