Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Lonesome House bound wife is bored with her fate as a wife of a busy business man, too busy with his work to take care of her needs

"I'm boredboredbored, I'm sick and tired of these four walls and nothing to do but clean and dust and launder and cook, and do it all over again."

Laura had woken up on the midmorning of her 30th birthday and sat up and toted up her accomplishments.

Conclusion, NO Life. Zero hopes, dead dreams, and empty bed.

Her husband of 12 years, her high school sweatheart was at the point of being so comfortable in their relationship, that she was virtually furniture, to be ignored, and un cherished. She could bear no children due to a childhood accident, and Greg would not hear of adopting. Her marriage was a sham, and she was lost in the emptiness of her empty life. She had no job skills as she had married Greg just after High school, and had never enlisted even for a perfunctory emplyment at the local diner. So house and home was her only life.

She looked in the mirror and asked to her reflection what she could do to spice up her nightmare. She spied in the corner of her eye, the computer Greg had giver her for a birthday gift 2 years ago. She half heartedly listened to him as he showed her how to use it, and how to find things on the internet. She padded over to it and botted it up. Once it was on she clicked on Greg's bookmarks of xxx Adult sites. She saw women in various stages of undress, some mush better endowed than herself, but many more not so pretty. She found one site of movies and found her self getting aroused at the movies of two women kissing and fondling at each others breasts. One of the women older than her.

Laura walked over to the mirror again and took off all her clothes. She examined herself closely stretching and mimicking the poses of the models on the sites. She found herself getting aroused again, and touched her now oily privates.

"I'm just as sexy as any of those sluts, maybe sexier. Fuck, Greg, fuck cleaning and stupid homemaking. I'm gonna go get laid!"

She tossed around in her dressers and found some of her Victoria Secret, black silk panty, and matching underwire bra, and a low cut short dress. The one she used to get Greg hot and bothered with on the prom night.

"Cool, it still fits" She admired herself in the mirror, "Not bad for an old broad"

She looked at the clock, it was only past noon, she would start her new double life, and be home by 7 before Greg got home for dinner. Truly a devious plan was cooking up in her newly wantoin mind. She headed out to her car and left for the one known street in town where everyone knows you can buy a slut for an hour any time of day.

1:30 pm

Laura was standing on the corner, across from another "lady" decked out in high hells and a silky red dress with an open collar leaving little to the immagination. Laura watched her as she sauntered over to the cars and offered her wares. Finally she jumped in a dark sedan and sped off with a nervously smiling man that appeared to be in his fourties. A few men walked by and looked Laura over. One man in particular, a tall black man, about 30ish, athletic and muscular looking walked back her way, apparently coming back for another look. Laura took a deep breath and swayed to him.

"Hey, tiger, want to party?"

"You talkin to me? "

"Sure, you look like the kind of guy that likes to play house. Don't you want to play house with me, sugar?"

"I donno, where zis house party at? Izit a private party?"

"Oh yeah, baby, really private, just you and me."

"So what's the admission to this private paty o your's?"

Laura hesitated, she hadn't thought of this wrinkle, money, how much do these bimbo's ask for. She though quickly, "You tell me what you think a party with me is worth", she vamped over next to him and rubbed her copious breast on his arm. He slipped an arm around her slim waist, she nuzzled her head into his neck and he smelled her perfume filling his mind with images of sexual fantasies of interacial taboos.

"I got fifty bucks, but I better not see no cops, or no crazy drugged out chicks around."

"No cops, no drugs, just you me and a big ol bed, this way stud."

She took his back hand and pulled him along to her car, and told hi to get in, she then took him to her own place, and before they even got in the door he was on her, squeezing her breats and licking at her neck, smelling her hair and getting more and more turned on by the second. Laura was getting wetter and wetter, her pussy tingled, she had never thought of this in her wildest dreams, not only had she become a hot slut hooker, but was about to engage in some forbidden sex with a black man. She heard all the rumours, about black men and thier huge size. She licked her lips in anticipation as he pawed at her breasts and with the other hand proceeded to lift up her dress and felt up her thighs.

"Oh god lover, hold up, and lets get upstairs, here let me get this off, so you can really go to town."

"Yeah, baby, let me see those knockers."

She smiled, an evil grin, with a smouldering look that inflamed him to new desires, all while her breasts became revealed to him. Her lacy bra dropping to the ground along with her silky short dress.

"Holy momma, look at them, gotta... , "He took a nipple and areole deep in his mouth and sucked hard, even biting just a little. "Mmmmough"he mumbled in appreciation of her softness as he tweaked her other breast with his remaining hand. Gently kneading and squeezing the mound of feminine soft flesh so warm and inviting. Laura threw her head back moaning loudly, as he mouthed his admiration for her warm mounds vocally as he ran his tongue over and over the now hard nipples.

"Oh yeah suck them, shit that's good, wait a minit, hun, get get you ready, here let me" she reached for his belt, and pulled it open and unzipped his pants as they dropped to the ground. No shorts. "Tell me, tiger, you always go around with no bvd's?"

"The better to play with you, my dear." he resumed mauling her tits, as she started to feel up his hardening penis. She was not so impressed with the size of him just yet."I should have known, just a stupid rumour, this guy's barely 3 inches, hmmmph" she thought to herself. Then he started to get longer, harder and thicker. Laura's eyes got bigger along with the cock she was seeing reach a full tumecence of a remarkable 8 inches and of such a thickness that she could not get her fingers completely around him. "Wow, you shue get big, don't you stud?'

He put a hand in her mop of red hair and pulled her to his cock.

"You gonna see it a whole lot better, real soon."

He pulled her so that her nose was jamming into him. Laura wondered what the heck he was looking for her to do.

"Suck it, bitch, what chu waitin for, stick in yo mowf and suck it hard."


She reached for it and tentatively stroked the hard rod of black flesh three or four times, feeling it throb and move under her hands enjoying the feel of a real cock, and a black one too. She looked at his face as she moved her mouth to engulf him slowly, licking the angry red knob slowly and gently, the more and more was going in her hungry moth untill he was fucking it deep into her throat. She gagged at first, then he pulled out for a moment, then pushed himself back in, impaling himself into her face. Laura held her breath at first then quickly found she could breathe when he was on a outsroke thru her nose. He gag reflex eased up and he started fucking her face in earnest.

"Yeah bitch, suck it deep, holy shit you gonna make me cum, NOO not yet, He stopped the pistoning motion for a moment, and held her hair in his hand and pulled her away. Then Pulled her back in, pushing ever deeper until it happened.

"MUUUUUUUnnnnngh YEAH Yeah, baby, take that, cock, I'm coming, gonna give you a whole bunch of cream, UnghUnghUUUUUUnghhhhh" He groaned as his sprem filled her mouth, so full that it dribbled down the sides and onto her throat and rolled onto her left breast, making a river of cum between them and making her skin glow with a new lustre as yet unknown to her/

He threw her to the floor and ripped her lacy panty off her crotch, her newly shaven pussy revealed itself to his eyes for the first time as he fingered her.

"You wet girl, you ready for the second cumming?"

Laura's skin reddened and glowed as she blushed, she had never been so wanton, so slutty, and so uninhibited. Giving herself to this man so completely, daring him to fuck her, like Greg could never do.

"Shut up, and fuck me, can't you see how hot my pussy is? Give me that big black cock"

"No, baby, I gott ataste this sweet white pussy, we aint got no pussy like dis where I comes fom"

He dove in, entering her for the first time that night, not with his black dick, but with his tongue. Feverishly licking and sucking her slit, thrumming at her clit and sliding deep inside her. His fingers would knead her breasts relentlessly, and continuously, while he mercilessly applied his tongue and mouth to her pussy, he sucked at her deep and hard, then wehn she was crazed with lust and crying for him to fuck her. She came, an orgasm the like she had never felt before.Earth shaking mind numbing. She shook and screamed in his chest as she tried to suck at his nipples but all she could do was flail about and writhe, throwing her convulsing body left and right as her orgasm took her to anothe space and time, she was Venus, riding on her shell, pushing out the stars themselves from her womb as he filled her body with his saliva and tongue. She fainted, passed ot from the sheer force of her deep seated climax.

He continued to take her all through her spasms until she slowly swooned in his arms.

"You do that so fantastic, my husba..."she caught herself... my house mates will never believe how hard you madde me cum with that wonderful toingue fof yours."

"Oh but, baby, there's more!"

"More? More what, I can't do any more, I'm..."

He cut her short as he once again tossed her on the bed and pulled her legs apart and impaled his hard cock deep inside her in one impossible thrust.

"AAAAUUUUUGh Fuck, FUCK yeah, gooooooowyeah, yofilled me so deep, yeah, baby, fuck me now, "

He proceeded to comply with her wishes. He pumped her slow, deepening his strokes with each thrust. Deeper, pull out a bit, deeper, twist a bit push in a rhythem was developping, he fucked her deep and now was throttling into high gear. Deeper harder. He was pistonning fast now. The engine of his desire culminating to one enormous deep thrust, deeper than any, harder than any previous, and she was moaning and groaning and crying and screaming her lust in his ears. He grabbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples as he pushed his long hard cock up against her cervix, popping a never before entered part of her, she swooned as she came then, gain climaxing as she bucked wildly in his arms, Her breasts bounced oddly giggling and jouncing as she threw her hips at his hard black cock that was going to fill her up with agallon of white cock cream the like of which no man has ever cum before. And he did

"Wooooooooowshit momma cumming NOOOOOOw'To him it felt like he was emptying his entire innards into her, he was spewing and spurting his climax into her so hard and deep, she bounced off his pelvis as he erupted a volcano of cum inside her.

Laura was in another universe, one of white hot stars, glowing hot and with white liquid fire, her centre was throwing off heat and light, a new sun was born in her world of black nights, and empty days, as the sky filled with new brightly coloured stars and her body convulsed once again as if she were about to die and be reborn. Her pussy brned with the new semen sloshing inside her as he crashed upon her body. She wraped her slender arms around him and fell asleep, for a few minutes.

She woke just in time to shoo him out of the house before Greg was due to arrive. Her world was coming to land back to reality. He left with kisses and promises that the next time he'd pay her double for a chance to fuck her white ass. He dropped a 100 dollar bill on her dresser as he threw his pants and shirt on and emereged from the house with a gigantic grin on his face.

Laura too, had a grin, She thought to herself as she dressed back in her drab house dress and aprion "Fuck me ass he said, double the cash too. Man this could be a profitable venture, I wonder if he has any friends that would pay to fuck me like that?"

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