Abandoned New Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Lesbian, Cheating, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young bride is left alone after only a few months of marriage while her navy husband goes on a tour.

David and I were married in sort of whirlwind fashion. I was about to start another semester of college and he was stationed on a destroyer in San Diego. We had dated through our senior year in high school, with him leaving soon after graduation for the service. I chose to go to a local community college, secretly thinking that this might happen before he got out of the Navy. I didn't want to start a four-year program only to have it disrupted. As it happened, he called me one week and we were married in a hastily put together wedding two weeks later.

We packed what we had in a U-Haul and drove on out, settling in to a small apartment that he had already arranged. Things were great. Even though he occasionally would go to sea for a week at a time, he was always back for at least some part of the weekend. We were alone, we were together, and we were happy. I was able to enroll in a community college there and got a small part time job in an attorney's office. Financially we were tight but comfortable if we watched our spending. The only problem was that we knew that in six months or so he was going to be deployed on what the sailors referred to as a WestPac tour, sending him into the Asian area for six months.

You can imagine my concern and disappointment when he walked in three months after I was there and with a long face informed me that operational requirements over there called for them to leave almost immediately. "You are going to become a WestPac Widow" he joked. That was the name the sailors put on the wives left behind. It was a little bit notorious in that it was thought that the first few days after a formation moved out there were a lot of available women around. In the two weeks that we had left before he deployed, we made the decision that I would stay there and continue in school, much to the concern of my parents. We took care of business and each other until the day he left. I was bawling like a baby as I watched the formation leave the bay, but when I got home I quickly determined that I was a twenty year old woman on her own and had to get my act together.

The everyday living was easy enough. School work and more school kept me busy. I was having a very difficult time with one of my math courses and spent a lot of time studying and at the school math lab with math tutors. As I struggled with it I began to struggle with something else. Sex with David was sweet and loving but not great. I would never have told him, but I had never reached an orgasm with him. I had an older sister that I confided in and she said for me not to worry. It would come in time with him. Basically, he was caring and gentle in his foreplay and sex, but always seemed to get excited and stop short of bringing me off. My release came as a result of my own talented fingers.

This was my struggle. Within a week after David was gone, I found myself wanting him so badly that my hands were constantly on myself. Two or three times a night was common, and I did it at least once in the morning and afternoon regardless of where I was; work, school or home. The immediate satisfaction was rewarding, but I always slipped back into the mode of wanting him. I guess that I was dealing real well with everything else, but what I felt was really abandoned was my pussy.

Beyond this, things were looking up. My little job was perfect and I got a new tutor at school that really was great. He was so different from everybody else. For one, he seemed to understand that some people just don't grasp algebra and have to be taught slowly step by step. The other difference was his appearance. Instead of the studious guy with thick glasses, he was huge and extremely good-looking. I knew he was providing this service as part of a graduate program, but it was only by asking around that I found that he played football on a little semi-pro team in the area as well. That's why he was in such good shape.

We had to sign up on a weekly basis for assistance, and suddenly he was always my mentor. This meant that I saw him at least three times a week. Being around him that much meant that we got to know each other personally. Although we both kept it friendly but professional, little personal things started to creep in. It was in that time period that I started to really sense his presence on a sexual level. His nice personal appearance and especially his size didn't escape me. I made sure I showed no signs of interest, but after a lonely night his smell and the sound of his voice was enough to make me moist. He went from slowly creeping into my thoughts as I masturbated to being the dominant one, slowly pushing David aside. I'm

sure it was just because of my almost daily contact with him. Still, my level head kept it contained to just that and there would be no problem.

Then one Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend I was in the math lab with him. The lab had a large communal area and many small rooms for private sessions. Since it was a long weekend, it was empty except for us. I sensed an urgency about him and assumed that he wanted to hurry and get out even though that was not his normal attitude. We entered one of the rooms in the very back and started going over my assignment. He never sat down as he normally would, so I stood with him, assuming he wanted to get in and out that day. I misjudged his intentions.

He positioned himself behind me as we stood in front of the table. As I started my usual routine of showing

him what was happening, I became more than aware of his breathing on my neck from very close range.

Without turning, I could tell that his face was almost into my neck. Immediately, I pulled away even

though it was a nice moment. We went on talking as if all was normal. Again, I felt his face against me,

actually feeling his lips on my neck. I separated us again, but I gave a slight shudder and what may have

been an involuntary little audible sound. I'm sure he picked up on it.

I was wearing a plain blouse and a relatively demure skirt, dropping down to almost to the top of my knees. As the presence of his lips on my neck turned to small kisses, I was concentrating on trying to avoid any embarrassing confrontation with him. Suddenly I realized that, inch-by-inch, his hands were slowly lifting the hem of my skirt. I was able to break out of it by pretending to have to reach over for a workbook, but as soon as I straightened up he moved back over and started it all over again. His kisses were bolder and his fingers more aggressive. I had to make my move. "Chris, we can't do this," I told him. His response was a muted sigh and more kisses. When I felt the skirt coming above mid thigh, I put my hand on his wrist and told him to stop right then.

He complied, dropping the skirt but moving his hand to my midriff, caressing it slowly and softly. I jerked back in reaction. This was worse than the skirt going up. I was extremely sensitive there and could feel every nerve he touched. As he moved his lips up the side of my neck and started searching for my mouth, his left hand found my breast. Gently pinching my nipple through the thin bra, I sagged a little with the sensation. "Please, Chris. I need to go," I said softly. "I can't do this." His answer to my plea was to turn me around and give me a small, gentle kiss on the lips. Despite my denials to him, I felt it all the way down to my toes, hitting everything in between. I should have pulled away immediately and left the room. Instead, I'm sure he took my hesitation as approval and did it again. Instead of a small peck, he caught me by surprise when it was warm and full. Even when he pulled away it wasn't completely, as he kept gentle contact with my mouth and began running his tongue lightly just inside my lips. My body ignored my mind then and responded, meeting his mouth with mine, our tongues touching.

How could it be so wrong and so good? His hands left my stomach and breast and returned to my skirt, again inching it up slowly in the back, his lips never leaving mine. This time I didn't stop him, allowing him to come all the way up. I felt his hands on my panties, gently massaging the globes on both sides. I don't know where my senses were centered at that time, on his mouth or at his hands. All I know was that it was a very warm and pleasant sensation to a body that had been without for so long. I gave in to his kisses, a reluctant yet willing participant.

As he began moving from my mouth to my neck and ears, I let out a little whimper and put my hand behind his neck. As to whether or not I was a willing partner was of no doubt to him then, his kisses like fire to me. My body was moving in a slow rhythm with him and I was so engrossed with his mouth that I hardly sensed the downward motion that was removing my panties from me. He left them halfway down my legs, then turned me slowly around. Through all of this he was completely silent, but his breathing and the look on his face gave him away.

His hands left me to quickly unbutton my blouse, pulling it aside to expose my breast barely sheathed in a red low cut sheer bra. It was one of David's favorites because my nipples peeked out of the top. He made an "U-m-m-" sound and gently buried his face in my breast, his lips finding the nipples protruding over the top. Using just his mouth, he nudged the top down so that he had full access to my nipples, which he took in his mouth, one than the other.

My eyes were closed, my head back, as I took in all this attention. It felt wonderful! This was not the first time my breast was in somebody's mouth, but it was so different. Warm and wet, soft yet strong and determined. I let myself slide into the moment, leaning back onto the table and opening and losing my legs slightly as he would suck gently then lightly clip each nipple with his teeth. It just seemed natural when I felt his hand come up the inside of my leg, searching for the junction. He found it, wet and moving back and forth.

He began an immediate tease, his fingers light over my lips, never ceasing to explore me. His lips on my breast had turned from nibbles to demanding, his mouth forcing my bra down so that he could suck on them hard, trying to take all of it in his mouth as if he was starved, nipping my nipples with his teeth, sometimes a little painfully. My mouth, having no place to go, just stayed open and emitted little whimpers and groans, giving him all the support that he needed. If I were to feel bad about this, it would have to be later. Right then I was in heaven.

His fingers found my clit and started a steady, slow circular motion. My hips rotated with it, making little circles in response to his touch as my legs started a small up and down motion as if they were not able to sustain my weight. In short, my whole body was in a constant motion in reaction to his mouth and hand. In the past, it was always about now that all my sensations were doused, David always stopping to go inside me, normally for a quick release, leaving me in a blissful agony that I had to subdue as soon as I could behind his back.

Instead, Chris's fingers left my clit only to find their way inside of me, two huge fingers piercing me with their size and strength, causing me to moan loudly and buck against them rapidly. He slowed down, much to my disappointment, but then rocked my head back when he curled them up in a forward motion and slowly caressed the front of my walls. I had to make a real effort not to scream with the surprise and pleasure. I had never came close to feeling anything like it before. He kept it up forever, never speeding up, never slowing down, but changing pressure regularly to bring me to a peak and back down again.

Finally, his mouth was on mine again and he returned to my clit, this time with a furious, hard motion. I jerked up and down, my legs flailing around as I leaned against the table. The orgasm came as never before, ripping through me as if it were leaving nothing for another day. The only thing keeping me from screaming was the constant pressure of his mouth on mine, and even then he was getting a mouthful. My arms were so tight around his neck they hurt, as I couldn't stop pounding my hips forward against his hand. Where had this been all my life?

I could hardly tell when the first one stopped and the second one started, but I came again, this one more

forceful than the first. He had gone back inside me with his fingers, this time keeping them straight and pounding me unmercifully with them in long, hard strokes as fast as he could. I couldn't stop coming and he wouldn't stop making me. He laid me back across the table so he could stand over me, my skirt up high,

my legs wide, all the action hidden from me but clearly in his view. Finally, in total exhaustion, I slid my hands down to take his, slowing the action down to a trickle of intense pleasure. Thinking he would quit, instead he leaned over to kiss me, taking a breast in one hand and continuing his very slow, very gentle action between my legs. He brought me to the slowest, sweetest, longest orgasm I would ever had imagined, making my body like Jell-o.

With that, he gently pulled me up and helped me get dressed. He finally spoke. "Are you alright with this? I didn't mean to take advantage." I nodded more than spoke. "You really enjoyed it. I've never seen anybody come so hard." This time my lack of response brought a small kiss from him. Then, in my stunned silence, we left as casually as we had entered the room. Once in the hallway, though, he showed his arrogance by pulling me to him, sliding his hands under my skirt, and lifting me off the ground by holding my ass as he gave me a long, deep kiss.

It started me creaming all over again and I wasn't even home before my hands were between my legs again. What in the world had happened? How did it get so far so fast? Why had I enjoyed it so?

But mostly, how was I to know it had just started?

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