Anal Wife
Chapter 1: Goodtime Charley

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Goodtime Charley - Susan Bunkers and her obsession with backdoor pleasures.

"I think it's something we have to try," said Charley Bunkers. "We've been married a while now and I think we could use a little experimenting."

Susan winced at the idea. She put down her cup of coffee and inspected her husband's face to see how serious he was. His broad shoulders and hairy chest caught her eye. She looked at his curly dark hair and his dark eyes. He was smiling.

"Charley," she said, brushing back her own blonde mane, "just because we've been together for a year or two doesn't mean we have to go and start experimenting like that. I really don't see the purpose." She pulled her blue terry cloth robe close around her big tanned titties. Only the creamy tops remained in view. "Seriously," she continued, still put off by the thought, "I don't think it would be good." She was worried about her little hole, but she also wondered what it would feel like. Her husband's big prong, she figured, would probably destroy her if he used it in the manner he was suggesting. "And besides," she said, "there are health reasons, too."

"Nonsense," said Charley, "we can take care of that. Doc told me all about it. No problem at all."

She blushed at the thought of her husband having asked another man, even the family physician, about such intimate and Sexual details. "You know," she. said, "I don't think it's right, your going around and asking people like that." Her blue eyes flashed at him.

"Don't be silly," said Charley, scratching his arm and not really looking at Susan. "Doc wouldn't tell a soul." He stood up. "I'm gonna shower and get ready for Dave and Gloria." He came over to Susan's side of the table and leaned over her. "Gimmee a feel," he said, reaching into her robe and palming her two big titties. "What a pair of knockers," he whispered. "I love 'em."

"Don't call em knockers," she moaned, pulling away. "It's not nice, Charley."

"Hey," said Charley, "I just had an idea. We can ask Dave and Gloria about it. Maybe they'll know something we don't."

"Charley!" she exclaimed, "You wouldn't dare!" She knew he was joking, but she didn't want to take any chances.

"Just kidding," he said. "I better get moving, or they're gonna get here and see me in the buff."

Susan glanced down at her husband's crotch. His muscle was large and thick. "I bet Gloria would be happy to see that thing of yours," she whispered. She reached out and palmed Charley's joint. "Oh, my," she said, "I could never get something like this anywhere near being inside me like that."

"You'd be surprised what you can do," said Charley, "if you put your mind to work on it." He smiled and gave Susan a kiss on the mouth. Then he went on his way to the bathroom.

She heard the shower go on and mused over her coffee. She wondered where Charley had gotten the idea, what had started him thinking about it. She'd never heard anyone talking about such a thing, and she herself, though she knew people did it, had never spoken with anyone who had. Actually, if she told the truth, she was curious about whether or not it was possible,, and what it might feel like. Just the thought of it made her nipples start to rise. She even felt a small battalion of chills start to climb her smooth tanned thighs. "Oh, God," she muttered into her coffee, "what would Mother say?"

An hour later she sat with Gloria in the living-room. Dave and Charley were out in the backyard. "Frankly," said Gloria, "I think it would be good for you. It's not like it's evil or something, you know." She was twenty4w¢, a year older than Susan, and she'd been married about a year longer. She adjusted her short skirt and continued. "When Dave first suggested it to me, I had the same feelings you do. I was scared about what it would do to me. I thought it was dirty and all, and I couldn't stand thinking about it. Now, well, now..."

Out in the back yard, Charley broached the subject with Dave. "The thing is," said Dave, "you got to work her into it. Start out with your finger or something. You know, something small. Always keep her wet though. If she's not good and wet, it'll be tough going. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah," said Charley, "sure. Sure I know what you mean. But she always gives me so much shit, you know? I feel like slapping her around or something just to get her back in order. It pisses me off, you know? I mean there it is, perfect little brown hole and she gets all upset just because I happen to look at it or something. It's a bummer, man. I don't know what to do about it." He tossed a rock against the fence at the back of the yard.

"Well," said Dave, "don't let her give you any shit next time. Just grease her up and stuff it. Once she gets going, she won't be able to stop. You'll see. That's how it was with Gloria." He smiled and winked at Charley. "Besides, you're a lot bigger and stronger than she is anyhow. So what can she say?"

"Fuck shit piss cunt... you dirty fucking bastard!" is what she said, screaming her lungs out and flailing like a' fish out of water, finally flipping onto her belly. "Charley," she moaned, "you said you were just gonna try it a little." She reached down and grabbed her butt. They'd climbed into bed that night with the thought of having a little normal intercourse, and slowly but surely Charley had worked his hands, and his wife's temperament, toward the anal sex. But when he finally pushed his finger into the tube, she went wild, screaming and hollering obscenities at him, complaining about the pain. "Jesus," she grunted, "how could you!"

"You talk about it as if I was fucking raping you," he said, lighting a cigarette. But then he suddenly put the cigarette out. "I'm not taking this kind of shit from you," he said in an angry voice. "Roll fucking over."

She stared at him with fright in her eyes.


"You heard me," he said "Roll the fuck over." He pushed her over on her belly.

"Charley!" she protested, trying to wiggle free. "Please... no... come on and no... " He was on her back with her hands pinned up above her body. He took both of her small wrists and tied them together with one strong hand of his own. He reached back with his other hand and started fingering the crack between her buns "I don't care how much you wanna wail, Susan. We're going to do this." He reached his finger down into her cunt, approaching from the rear, and then came back up with plenty of natural grease. He coated the slot and rubbed up and down, back and forth between the smooth firm cheeks. She had a natural tan and the only place where her body was white, creamy white, was on her ass, on her cheeks. He stuffed his finger into the iris hole and jammed down deep.

"Ooooh, fuck!" she cringed. "It's killing me, Charley. Come on. Please. No more. That's enough for tonight Please." She tried to squirm free, but since he sat on the small of her back, held her hands captive with one hand, she had no way to get free. His finger continued to plunge and twist in her anus. "It's too big," she said, "please" She begged him, but no matter how much she moaned, he would not let her go. He wanted to make sure that the. next night her anus was significantly stretched out and ready. Finally, he took his digit out, of her asshole and lay off to the side. She stopped crying out at him.

"See?" he said. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" He patted the smooth white globes of ass flesh. 'There, there," he said. "Isn't that nice?" He ran his finger up and down between the cheeks without penetrating the hole. He caressed the groove. "You have a nice little anal vagina there, Susan, and it's kind of like you're a virgin today. This was the first finger-fucking for your asshole, and tomorrow we'll get going with it again and in a few days, you'll be an anal fuck that we'll both enjoy."

"I doubt' it," she said. But she had to admit that there was a flow of juice from her cunt that was so plentiful that it couldn't be denied. She was puddling on the sheets under her belly, even though her asshole still ached from the driving pressure of his finger in her tube. "I don't know if I'll ever really like it," she said, "but it sure is different."

She climbed out of the bed. "Where you going?" he asked. "I got a hard-on a mile long here."

"I'll be back in a minute," she said. "I have to go to' the bathroom." He watched her smooth hips and long legs carry her lovely ass cheeks out of the room. She closed the door to the john behind her and locked it. Taking a mirror from the vanity table, she spread her legs and lifted the piece of reflecting glass to an angle that afforded her a view of her buns and the little brown hole between. She saw the tight ring of muscle and the shiny juice around it. "Well," she mumbled to herself, "it certainly doesn't look, like it's been wounded or anything." She put the mirror aside and took out a tube of lubricant from the medicine cabinet. "Maybe he'll be pleasantly surprised if I bring this stuff back with me." She flicked out the light and went back to the bedroom.

"Charley," she said, climbing into the bed along side him.with the tube of grease out of sight, "maybe, well,. I've been thinking. Maybe it would be better for us to get it all out of the way at once. You know what I mean?"

Charley smiled. "Good baby," he said. "That's the kind Of thinking a man likes to hear from his wife I'll go get some grease and--." She Showed him the tube of lubricant. "Hey," he, said, "now you're using your head." He took the tube from her and twisted off the cap. "This stuff will make it so easy. You won't believe it."

She. rolled over without his asking. "I hope it's good," she. said. "If it hurts too much will you pull out when I say so?"

"Of course, darling," said Charley, really not. paying much attention to what he was saying. He spread. a thin line of ooze down into the narrow brown crack. "There," he said, "just the way it should be." He put the tube aside and used his finger to work the ooze into the area around her anus. "Have to be sure to get the hole nice and greasy," he said. He Used his index finger to push the sphincter full of lubricant. He packed 'the stuff in - not really all that much of it but enough to be sure - and wiped his fingers on her slick cheeks.

"I think it's going to be alright," said Susan, shaking her fanny just for the hell of it. "Does it look good to you?". She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks open with two hands.

"It looks perfect," said Charley. He leaned down and inspected the narrow groove and the hole embedded in the folds of her ass flesh. "It's a perfect little entrance there. It's gonna be just right. You wait and see."

"What are you waiting for?" she asked.

"You want me to put some lubricant on your penis?"

"That's right," said Charley. His wife rolled over and took the tube and some of the grease from it. "Go on," he said, "and lubricate my big boner, baby. Make it nice and soft and' slippery." She spread her fingers out and wrapped them around his big meat. She stroked the grease into the ridges of his hefty cock. She kneaded the flesh of his boner until the whole thing shined. "That's the way, Susan," he said. "Get it nice and ready." Soon she was using two hands, rubbing his flesh pole with all ten fingers, rolling the heavy beef steak in. her palms. "There," he said, finally, "that's the way., it should be all the time."

Susan looked up and smiled. "I sure hope this works," she said. Then she rolled over and showed him her buns and her asshole. "Go on," she said, "and make it, Charley. We can't put it off any longer."

"Right," he said. "Let's go." He climbed between his wife's smooth thighs and pressed his fingers around the globes of her ass. He leaned forward and lowered his jumbo flesh spear into place between her buttocks. By pressing down with his hips, he sandwiched his meat between her buns. The initial strokes were merely for the purpose of sliding back and forth in the soft, well-greased canyon, and he had no intention of spiking her anus right away. He wanted to take his time make sure that the head of his meat was polished and ready.

"It's nice that way," moaned Susan,, talking to the pillow. Her hands were stretched out to hold onto the mattress. "I like the feel of that bone-on between my buns like that." She tried to look behind her, but she couldn't get an adequate view while laying flat. "What about if I get upon my hands and knees?" she suggested.

"Sure," said Charley. "Why not?" He let her climb up on all fours. He changed his' angle in order to accommodate the new 'slope of the narrow crease. He used his hands to hold the big soft buns apart, and then, when he had the right position in the greasy canal, he pushed her creamy but tocks closed around the shaft of his pecker.

"Oh, yes," she sighed, "that's nice." She turned her head and was able to see a bit of the way her husband's hips rocked on her rear end. His mighty shaft was sliding to and fro in her ass crease, but he was yet to penetrate into the tube itself. "It's gonna be good," she said. "Big, anyhow."

"Let's find out," he replied. She took hold of the bedboard in front of her. Her legs were spread out for balance. Charley pulled one buttock away from the crack and exposed the little hole. "There it is," he said. The thing was the size of a large pearl, and it was colored dark. A narrow strand of braided muscle made up, the rubbery entrance. It tapered smooth. "Get set." he said, pulling a bit at the sphincter with his finger.

"Oh, God," she moaned, like a virgin. "I don't know if we should after all, darling. I don't know-"

"It's too late for that," said Charley. He pushed the mushroom, head of his meat into the entrance.

"Uuumph," Susan grunted. "Is it in?"

"It's starting," he said. "It's getting there." He held her ass cheek back with his hand. He used his other hand to guide the flesh arrow home on the target Lunging forward, he used one long thrust to penetrate the entire length of tight anal flesh.

"Ooooh, Christ!" hollered his wife. "Fucking asshole slut fuck pies it's too fucking... ooooooh!" She rolled her hips, tried to get away from the long thick cock muscle grinding down in her anus., But it was no use. Charley had changed his grip. As soon as he realized' how tight things would' be he grabbed his wife around the hips and hugged her buttocks up close to his crotch. He pulled her buns up around his penetrating meat He held her neck with his other hand, in an iron grip, and he shoved down hard. His stroking phallus was securely lodged in the anal crevice. There was no way that young Susan could possibly escape him. He bore down hard and plugged her rear cavity with all of his hefty bone-on.

"Shit," she murmured, her fingers turning white where she gripped the bedboard. "I can't fucking stand it"

Ignoring her plea, he located a finger inside her twat He pulled out a little in order to test her clit. The thing was stiff and nearly twitching. It was coated with greasy juice. He probed at it, pushed and 'pulled with his pinching fingers, and made sure that this part of her body, as well as her asshole, received plenty of sensuous stimulation. He could feel the ooze puddling in his palm as he continued to flick her cut. His other hand held her steady at the nape of her neck, and there he could feel her begin to sweat with a growing sexual heat. "It's getting there," he said. "I can feel your body getting hotter, babe. It's not gonna be long now. It's not gonna be long at' all."

She tried to ignore the feeling of ache in her asshole. She moaned under her breath, "Oooh, shit fuck pies, it's killing me," but she ceased screaming and hollering as she earlier had been doing. She rolled her butt mildly, trying to get a feel for what it was like to have a little pump action in her anus. She could sense, as Charley had, the growing passion in her twat and the plentiful supply of ooze. "Ahhhh, crap," she swore, "I wish... ahhhhhhh, shit!"

He was getting ready to shoot off up her anus. "It's happening, babe. It's gonna be..." And with that he was orgasmic. He spurted hot creamy pudding into her anal cavity, flooding the thing and drenching it with jism. "Ahhh, perfect," he sighed, pulling back, "just the way I imagined it would be." He still had half of his cock inside the squeezing anus muscle, and he was enjoying the final squirts of ejaculation. His joint throbbed as the circle of ass flesh massaged the sperm juice out of his stem and mushroom head. "Oooh, yeah," baby," he said, "this is the best thing we've done in a long time, you know that? Absolutely the fucking best!" He ripped his prick from her ass tube. and lay back on the bed.

Susan let loose of the bed board and collapsed in a fetal position along side Charley. "Wow," she said, "I don't know about you, but that took a lot out of me."

"Sure, kid," said Charley. "I know what you mean. But it was worth it, eh?"

She was hard put to comment. Her buttocks ached, her tube felt sore, and it was the first time for her. She knew her cunt was swollen with aroused passions, but she felt like she had been through the mill. She climbed slowly off the bed and looked in the floor length mirror on the wall opposite the foot of the bed. Her belly was smooth and shiny with perspiration, and clit juice seeped from her pubic forest. Her legs were long and golden tanned usually, but now they were red and blushing, moist and heated. Her lovely pendular breasts were hot, and they leaned sideways following the sprung pink nipples and brown caps. Her face was crimson, 'and her' blond hair was matted around the edges of her face. "Jesus, Charley," she said, "I look a mess."

But Charley was regarding her buttocks, the full globes between Which he'd only just finished spearing his dock. The buns were glowing, as far as he was concerned, and his wife's long body. was about as hot looking as he'd ever seen it. She looked like she could go another round, if he wanted It, but he didn't dare tell her that that was what he had in mind. He gave her a few minutes to recover from the first fuck she'd ever had up her asshole. "You look good," he told her when she finally came back to bed. "Why don't I dry out your anus a little bit and clean you off?"

"Sure," said Susan. "That's fine with me." She rolled over and exposed her lovely crack. "Help yourself." Charley picked up a tissue from the box on the end table beside the bed. He folded it into a neat square. He used two hands and opened Susan's rump. He spread the silky buns and held the narrow flesh groove apart. He used the Kleenex to wipe the walls and the area around her punctured bunghole. "There you are," he said, drying off the little brown hole. "Isn't that nicer

"Yes," she said, "that's very nice." But then, because she had her face buried in the pillow and she didn't see what Charley was doing, she was suddenly surprised by the feel of his big joint touching the area he'd just dried. "Charley! No!" she wailed. "Oh, what the hell?" He was already on his way in, sliding his pecker down into the anal canyon of love, filling her ass with his hot thick cock flesh. "Ooooh, no..." she pleaded, but it was too late. Charley had a good hold around Susan's waist, and more importantly, he had his big bone-on fully buried in her ass flesh. There was no way he could stop now.

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