My Fantasy Gone Wild

by Tracy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tracy establishes an email relationshiop with one of her favorite SO erotic writers, but when they meet for real, she finds out he's far more erotic and sexy-minded than she'd have ever thought possible.

Chapter 1

I was doing some work around the house, when the phone rang. It was Tom Land, a writer I had been emailing after reading his stories on line. He said he would have my husband sent TDY, rent a house, and he would come down. I was to be his plaything from the time I dropped my son off at school until it was time to pick him up. Of course I said, "No way, emails are one thing but reality is something quite different." He said that if I didn't do what he said, he would send my husband the emails. So I said okay.

Well lo and behold, my husband was sent TDY, the next morning I got a phone call from him saying "This is the address, get over here as soon as you drop your son off." Well I took my son to school, and drove over. I didn't know he had timed how long it took, and that he did it in the middle of the night when there was no traffic. I went to the door and knocked, Tom opened the door and told me to come in. First I kissed him hello thinking that maybe I could change the circumstances. "When you come in this house the clothes go, STRIP!" I started to take off my clothes, and he stopped me "What do you think you're doing? Do it like you said in the emails." I stood there for a minute, trying to think of what I had written, then it came to me, I had written in order to make myself sexy to a group of people in an orgy, I would take off one piece of clothes and then take that same piece off of a person, and kiss and caress every part of their body that I had bared. Since I had already taken off my shirt, I walked over to Tom and started unbuttoning his shirt. When I had his shirt off, I ran my hands over his chest, then I started to kiss his shoulders, running my tongue all over. Kissing lower onto his stomach but stopping short of his pants. I then took off my bra. By this time, even though the situation, sucked, I was dripping wet. I unbuttoned my jeans and slowly peeled them off. I went over to Tom, and started to undo his belt "On your knees, slut." I unbuttoned his jeans and took them off, and kept going with the underwear. I could tell he liked it, because his cock was hard and dripping precum. As much as I wanted to take the head in my mouth, I knew I had to keep kissing and caressing him. I then stood up to take off my panties, I had gotten so wet they were hard to take down.

"First," Tom said, "there's the matter of you being late."

"I wasn't late," I stammered, "there was bad traffic, I came here straight from the school."

"I timed how long it takes, it takes 14 minutes, you took 25. For every minute you were late, I will spank you 5 times. That comes to a total of 55, guess that's what you should have drove. Now get over here across my lap. NOW!"

I walked over across the room, dreading what was about to happen, I hadn't been spanked since I was a little girl, and I didn't like it then. "For each time I hit you, you are to say the number and then say thank-you"

His hand came down hard on my ass "fuck that hurt" I said, "you were supposed to count and say thank you, so that one doesn't count. We'll try again" "One, I said, thank you." By the time he reached 55, my ass was bright red, my pussy was dripping, and I was humping his leg. "You look like a bitch in heat, and every bitch needs a collar." He took a collar out of a bag, and fastened it around my throat. "Now bitch, give me a blowjob and it had better be good" Tom knew that from reading my emails to him, whenever I had a cock in my mouth it would get me hot, and he wanted me boiling. I leaned over and slowly licked his cock, getting it wet, before I took it in my mouth. Sucking and nibbling his hard cock all over, until he grabbed me by my hair and started fucking it in and out, hard and fast. "Look at you, you really are a slut, pumping your ass in the air, looking for a cock"

"Ummhmm, I want to be fucked so bad, please fuck me, I'll do anything you say" "I hope you can suck alot because here's my cum" With that Tom came in my mouth, filling it hard and fast, I tried to swallow it all, but some came out, leaking down my mouth and onto my tits. "Clean yourself up bitch" I started to get up to go to the bathroom, when he said "no just use your hands and tongue" After I was done, licking the cum off my tits, I thought the game was over. I stood up, walked over to him, and asked "Now will you fuck me?"

"Nah, you drained me pretty good."

"But I'm horny, please?"

"you want to fuck, fine I have someone you can fuck." "Ace, come in here." In the room came the blackest Russian wolfhound I had ever seen.

"Tom, what is that dog doing here?" I asked.

"You said in your email, that you wanted to fuck a dog, so here he is."

"The email, was just fantasy"

"Sorry, your fantasy, my reality" With that he told me to get on my knees over a stool. "Do it or your husband gets copies of the emails, or maybe I should send them to your son's school" I got over the stool, with my breasts hanging over the sides. He brought Ace over and I looked back towards the large dog and could already see that his dog cock was getting hard, the redness of his growing canine erection was sliding out of the protective hairy sheath that normally covered it. Tom had the horny dog mount me and he helped Ace find the hole of my pussy with his jutting cock as the dog automatically banged his ass back and forth looking for my wet pussy. Suddenly I felt the wet hard tip of Ace's cock hit my pussy and the dog bucked his cock forward, quickly penetrating my vulnerable and very horny pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," I moaned as I felt myself mercilessly taken by a horny canine lover for the very first time. After Tom helped Ace mount me, he grabbed up a camera and began taking pictures of me coupled with this horny wolfhound.

While he was taking pictures he said "Now you look like the bitch I knew you were". After the dog had fucked me, and I came, over and over again, he let me get cleaned up and go get my son. Before I left, he told me to make sure I was on time the next day, because he had some more friends he wanted me to meet.

Chapter 2

That night, after putting my son to bed, I stood in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear the next day. I couldn't get the picture out of my mind of being spanked and being fucked by Ace. I started playing with my tits, rubbing and pulling my nipples. I couldn't wait for the next day.

The next morning I got us up and dressed. I put on a suit jacket, skirt, stockings and heels. Took my son to class, went back to my car and wiggled out of the skirt. I was so horny, I didn't want to have to wait for the clothes to come off, I just wanted a cock in me.

I got to the house, this time I was only 6 minutes late. Damn, I thought, only 30 spanks. I'll have to take my time tomorrow. I knocked on the door, and Tom opened it. "You're late, slut" he said.

"I'm very sorry, sir," I said, "I know this means 30 swats."

"I can see how sorry you are, your pussy juice is running down your leg." I unbuttoned my jacket, and took it off, "Do you want the stockings and heels off or on?"

"You can leave them on, it makes you look even sluttier," Tom said.

This time Tom had me bend over and grab my ankles, while he spanked me with a ping pong paddle. "I like the pattern that left," he said, while running his hand over my ass. I started to stand up, when I felt his hand pressing down on my back. "What do you think you are doing slut?"

I said "I thought you were done."

"I'll tell you when I'm done. I guess you need more reminding of who's in charge." With that, I heard the sound of his zipper coming down. The next thing I felt was his hard cock slamming into my pussy.

"Oh yes, fuck me please, Tom."

"Oh, I'll fuck you alright, but not like you think." Saying that, he took his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my ass.

"God that feels so good," while I started to play with my clit.

"Put your hand back down on your ankle, bitch, this is for my pleasure not yours." After fucking me for another 10 minutes, and me whimpering because I wanted to get off, he finally came deep in my ass. "Go clean your ass, slut and come back here. Don't touch that pussy, or you will be punished."

When I was done cleaning up, I came and knelt before Tom, he had my collar and leash in his hand. Thank Goodness, I thought, Ace will fuck me. Boy was I wrong! "Today I am going to teach you about pleasing a woman," he said. I was furious, "I told you in my emails, I would never even think about doing that. I even fast forward during that part while watching a porno movie! I'm out of here." I got up, and started for the door, when there was a tug on leash.

"I will tell you when you can leave slut, not you. I own you for the week, between the hours of 8:25 and 2:15. You will fuck who I tell you, and suck who I tell you. You were the one stupid enough to email me with your fantasies. Now get your ass into the bedroom!" I slowly walked into the bedroom, trying to think of how to get out of this week. I mean, how pissed off could my husband get, the emails, he might understand, but the pictures of me and the dog, he definitely wouldn't like. There would be a divorce for sure, and I sure as hell wouldn't have custody of my son.

In the bedroom, reclining on a chair was a gorgeous female. She had long black hair, tiny waist, and big tits. Tom walked over to her, and said, while rubbing her tit, "This is Caroline, she will teach you how to please her, you will do what she tells you to."

"Tom, she purred, what do I call her?"

"Oh, just call her slut, since that is what she is"

"Slut get over here on your knees" she said. I walked over and got on my knees. I really didn't want to do this.

"First you will caress my legs, and kiss and lick the inside of my thighs. Then you will gently part my pussy lips and lick inside. Pay particular attention to my clit. That you will suck on. Then you will put your tongue deep in my pussy and fuck me with it. You will continue to do these steps until I cum, which you will lick up. Start now." I started licking and kissing the inside of her thighs, working up to her pussy, trying to put off the time to actually put my mouth on her pussy. When she grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face into her pussy. Gross, I thought, why in the hell did I have to write to him in the first place? I gingerly stuck my tongue out and touched her clit. Then I slowly put my lips around it and started to suck. "Ummm, that feels so good slut, now fuck me with your tongue" I curled up my tongue and started putting it in her pussy. My nose was bumping her clit, giving her extra pleasure. "Back to my clit, and finger fuck me at the same time" she moaned. Putting two fingers in her, I started fucking her, while sucking her clit. "I'm cummming, harder, fuck me harder" After she was done cumming, she told me to lick her clean. While I was doing that I started to hear clapping, looking around, I saw Tom laying on the bed, with an erect cock sticking straight up in the air.

"Come over here Caroline, and bring the slut with you, I'll fuck you then she can clean you up again." Caroline got up and grabbed my leash, "come on slut, you can suck my clit while I get fucked." I got on the bed with my head toward the bottom of the bed. Caroline climbed on top, with her pussy right over my head, in doggy style. Before Tom could start to fuck her, I managed to get a few licks on his gorgeous hard cock. When he started to fuck her I started licking, I found my hands going up to her tits and pulling her nipples.

"Tom, Caroline panted, she's playing with my tits."

Tom laughed, "I knew she wouldn't be able to resist, the slut love sex no matter what kind." When Tom came deep in her pussy, I rolled her over and dove into her pussy, sucking all of that delicious cum out of her. I managed to bring her off twice more before I stopped. Tom pulled me up to the top of the bed and laid me back on his chest. Playing with my tits while Caroline went down on me, he said "I knew you would get into it, once you tried it. I know what you need, even if I have to force you to do it. I know you better than you know yourself." When he whispered in my ear about what he was going to do to me tomorrow, my body arched up, and I screaming while I came.

Chapter 3

Tuesday night after I got my son to bed, I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened that day. I had actually gone down on a girl, and liked it!!! Maybe my husband will get a treat when he comes back from TDY, he's always been after me to have a threesome. I had always said that the only way there would be a threesome, was for it to be two guys and me. Bet he'll be pleased I changed my mind, now I have to figure out how to bring it up.

Tom had been telling me that while Caroline was making me cum, that Wednesday was going to be pure hell for me, and that I was to come in just a coat. How in the hell was I going to pull that off, it's not winter, so my dress coat is out, maybe it will rain.


Wednesday morning came, and I looked outside, gray skies, so after getting my son up, breakfasted, and dressed, I went into my room, took off my robe, and put on my raincoat and a pair of shoes. Dropped my son off and went to see Tom.

When I got to Tom's house, I took him at his word, so I left my shoes in the car.

Tom opened the door, while I was walking up, and he said, "Open your coat to see if you followed my orders." Standing in the driveway, I untied my coat and opened it up, showing that I was naked underneath.

"Today, we are going to test your endurance. You will make me cum, but you are not allowed to. By the end of the day, you will be begging me to let you cum, and you know what slut? You won't!"

Tom led me into the living room by pulling my nipples, putting me on the floor and telling me to suck him.

That started the worst day of my life.

After Tom came down my throat, he called Ace over to lick me, every time I started to get close to cumming he would pull Ace off. "You got Ace horny slut, what are you going to do about it?"

"Would you like to me to fuck him, would that please you?" I asked.

"No," he said, rubbing ice over my nipples, "I want you to give him a blowjob." I crawled over to Ace, and took his cock in my mouth. It had a gamey taste, but I started sucking him, the whole time I was going down on Ace, Tom was taking pictures. "Don't swallow, I want to get pictures of his cum in your mouth." I sat up and opened my mouth, Ace's cum started running out of my mouth.

"God, you are such a slut, you are sitting there with your legs spread, and dog cum on your body, clean yourself up." As I started licking the cum off my body, I was getting hotter, every time Tom called me a slut it was like an electrical charge going off in my pussy.

Tom had me get up on the couch, put one leg on the back, and the other foot on the floor. "Show me how you play with yourself." I started running my finger over my clit, dipping into my pussy, slowly finger fucking myself. The other hand was on my tits, pulling the nipples, and roughly mauling it. Every time my breathing would start to change Tom would take my hand away.

"Get on the floor slut, and suck my hard cock." He grabbed me by my hair, and shoved his cock deep in my throat. I tried to put my hand on my clit, but he saw me. "Put your hands on your tits, slut, where I can see them, I told you, you were not getting off today."

When Tom came in my mouth, he had me clean him, then get back on the couch, spread wide. He reached in a bag and brought out a vibrator.

"While I'm using this on you I want to tell you what is going to happen tomorrow."

"When you get here tomorrow, I want you dressed like the perfect wife and mother everyone thinks you are.

Think June Cleaver, meets 2003. Underneath, I want you dressed like the slut I know you are. Trashier than a 5 dollar whore. You will be entertaining friends of mine. They've already seen pictures of you fucking Ace, taking me in your ass, and sucking Caroline. So they know what a slut you are. They know you get horny from being spanked and sucking cock." I was laying there, picturing what Tom was saying to me, pushing my nipples up to my mouth so I could suck on them. My pussy was lifting up, trying to capture that vibrator deep in my pussy that had been teasing my clit.

"Please, Tom, let me cum! I'll do anything you want." "You'll do whatever I want anyway slut, and you know it. I don't even have to threaten blackmail to you anymore, do I? You love it!"

He knew me so well; I did love what he was doing to me.

"Tonight, you are not to play with yourself, I want you to think about what will happen to you, and get hornier. I want you dripping wet when you get here.

Now get your coat, and leave." With that he gave me a deep kiss, and pushed me out the door. I stood there; putting on my coat, wishing it was Thursday.

Chapter 4

Wednesday Night

I kept wanting to touch myself, my pussy was dripping wet. I'd go into the bathroom, lock the door, and play with my tits. I found myself sucking my nipples and then pulling them out as far as they would go. Mashing my tits and fantasizing that they were Tom's hands on me. I really wanted to get my vibrator and shove it deep in my pussy, and fuck myself with it, but I knew Tom would be upset with me. He wanted me on edge, ready to show his friends what hot horny wanton slut I really was.

I went to my closet, to find clothes for how he wanted me dressed. The perfect wife and mother outfit was no problem, I had many dresses that fit that bill. It was the dressing like a $5 hooker that might be. I opened my drawer, and started pulling out bras and panties. The white ones were definitely out. So were the lacy ones, they just weren't slutty enough. The pile on my bed was growing, and I was going through my mind of who I could call to come over and watch my son while I went shopping. Then there in the back of my drawer was the perfect thing. A blue bustier, that had garters attached and stockings. I tried it on and looked in the mirror. My nipples were barely covered, in fact, if I moved too fast they would pop out. Now where were the panties that went with it? They were blue with ties on the side. They weren't in my drawer, damn! I hooked on the stockings and looked at myself. It would look better if I shaved my pussy hair, I thought. After I got done shaving, I was going to bed when the phone rang.

It was Tom. "Hi slut, I just called to see if you had been playing with yourself. Tell me what you have been doing to yourself." Well, I told him that I had played with my tits, and picked out an outfit for tomorrow. Then I told him that I had shaved myself and that I hoped he didn't mind.

"No slut, I don't mind, it will make you even sluttier. Guess who I have with me. Caroline is here, and you're going to listen to me fuck her, while you play with your pussy. Remember don't cum!" He put me on speaker phone, and soon I started hearing noises. Caroline was moaning and telling him to finger fuck her. Then there was slurping and Tom told me that she was sucking his cock. How good it felt, and that didn't I wish I was there? "Are you close to cumming slut?" he asked. "Mmmmmmm, so close, I need to cum so bad, please, just let me cum just once."

"Take your fingers away from your cunt, and go get some ice," Tom ordered me. As I walked to the kitchen, I thought, "Not on my nipples again." I came back into the bedroom with a bowl of ice, picked up the phone, and told Tom that I was back.

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