I Am a Breeder

by The Hedonist

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Zoophilia, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Bestiality, Lactation, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: He farms humans, and more

I am a breeder, not your average breeder of dogs; or horses; or pigs; or anything like that; no, I breed humans. Usually it is by request, a man whose wife or girlfriend has suddenly decided her cunt is too good for his cock, or who he has discovered to be opening her legs to someone else. Perhaps he simply sees a girl he wants to have impregnated. In any case, he contacts me. I stalk the subject until I know her every move and at the right time I strike. She wakes up to find herself in my stable along with the other cows awaiting their breeding studs to give them big bellies. There is nothing more exciting to me than a stable full of big-bellied sluts. Their milk-engorged tits lying on the upper slope of their distended stomachs, their legs spread to support the weight of the baby they will soon drop. Their cunts, spread and wet, open to the fingers and cocks of those who, like myself, enjoy taking their bloated bodies at every opportunity. And because of my work I have lots of opportunity.

As I said, she wakes up. She finds herself bent at the waist in a frame of pipes such as you see used for cows to keep them immobilized for feeding and fattening. There is a box under her belly to help take the weight off her legs. Her tits hang over the other side of the box to give her studs something to play with as they fill her with their baby-making juices. Just under her face is a trough where her food is placed and under her feet a generous amount of hay is placed to absorb her droppings and piss. The stable boys are always available to keep her ass and slit clean for her so she does not have to worry about that.

Obviously, the main reason for this apparatus is to keep her cunthole accessible for her studs at all times. As the stable boys themselves have been known to make use of the readily available "facilities" she could find herself being used anytime, day or night. To prevent contamination the boys have been instructed to piss in her cunt after each fuck, their piss acting as a birth control washing out and neutralizing their sperm before it can take hold and give her a bastard child from one of the workers.

The studs are men especially selected for the length and girth of their penises. They must be at least 8 inches long and 6 inches in diameter although we made an exception for one stud who is only 5 inches in diameter but when fully hard and extended is a full 13 inches long.

The length of course is necessary to plant their seed high up at the entrance to the waiting wombs; the thickness keeps the seed from escaping after it has been ejaculated. Naturally there is also the pleasure of watching as a young cunt is stretched to the limit to accommodate such monstrous cocks. Quite probably the most that had been inside her up till this time had been the fumbling finger of some pimply faced youth (who had probably come in his pants from the experience.)

Sometimes the sow is introduced to her stud and she is given the opportunity to prepare for the fucking she will be getting, but more often she will simply feel hands opening her cunt passage and then the hard bone of her studs organ will thrust into her. If she is lucky he may play with her tits and clit to help prepare her passage. His finger sliding in and out of her, spreading her natural lubricants around her crack, getting her pussy lips nice and swollen. Mostly though, it is a rape, and she must get used to it for it will happen many times over until, and even after, her belly becomes swollen and full with child.

Once it is clear that the slut has been successfully bred, she is turned out to the pasture with her sister sluts. Occasionally one might try to escape the confines of the ranch but there are too many miles of open country for that and they are all fitted with a tracer device. Of course it is an inconvenience to have to chase the bitch down so she is often made an example of. The farm also has a number of animals, dogs, horses, pigs and so on. Since there is no shortage of customers wanting to see a human bitch, mare or sow with her animal counterpart's hardened penis sliding in and out between her legs this becomes the fate of the escapee.

She is placed on a platform, either kneeling or standing, depending on whether she is to be used as a bitch, mare, or sow. Her feet are anchored, spread wide, then a bar is positioned across her crotch, just at cunt level, she is then bent over and her wrists secured so that she remains in position with her ass high and her vagina ready for the animal waiting to be brought on stage.

To insure the success of our little show her two holes thus exposed are now well lubricated with the juices from her namesake while she was in heat. (Her ass hole is also lubricated since it is always a shame to interrupt a male just because he has penetrated the wrong hole.) Her mate is now brought out and he is given the chance to sniff and lick his female's parts and of course she will do the same. Having been encouraged to suck the male as deeply as possible in hopes of having him cum in her mouth, particularly with the stallion, was a wonderful incentive.

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