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Desc: Sex Story: Laurie wakes up and realizes with horror that a geek named Gary has been controlling her mind.

Chapter 1

Laurie opened her eyes wide open as she woke up. She couldn't believe what had happened the night before at all. This skinny geek Gary had come over to her dorm room, and she had had sex with him. Not merely that, but she had a clear recollection of begging him to fuck her in the ass. What the hell was going on?

She got out of bed, got herself a glass of water, and tried to recall what had happened. It had started last night a bit after eleven. There was a knock on her door while she was studying, and when she answered it, it was Gary. She had seen him around campus before, and the way she saw him looking at her was kind of creepy--he seemed like he might be the stalker type. So when she opened the door, she was more than a little cautious, and had it open only a few inches.

"So, Laurie, how are you doing?" Gary asked, with a lot more self-confidence than she would have expected. After all, Gary was pale and skinny, and his greasy hair looked like it hadn't been washed or combed in several days. He was wearing a t-shirt with a dragon on it and what she guessed was the name of some video game, and what looked to be the same pair of jeans he'd been wearing since midterms. He was exactly the kind of guy who normally didn't have the nerve to even talk to a blonde cheerleader like Laurie, though guys like Gary were always staring at her when they thought she wouldn't notice. With her all-American face, thick, wavy hair, long legs, and full chest, Laurie was pretty much the envy even of the other cheerleaders on the squad.

"Uh, okay. What do you want?" Laurie asked pretty coldly, wanting to get rid of him.

"Oh, I was just wondering if you wouldn't invite me to come in?" He placed a strange emphasis on "come in" that didn't seem to fit.

For some reason, Laurie recalled, after that she wanted him to come in really badly, and held the door opened wide for him. "Please, come in, by all means," she now said with excitement. He walked in and she shut the door behind him. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, actually, I was hoping you would perform a striptease." Again, the unusual emphasis. As he said it, he had a seat on the bed, and took off his jacket.

Laurie began dancing around the room, a big smile on her face. She moved slowly and sensually, and licked her lips tantalizingly as she looked at Gary with big, starry eyes. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head in one fluid motion, exposing her breasts in her black lace bra. She then kicked off her shoes, and tried to maintain her swaying motion as she removed her socks. She unfastened her belt and her jeans, and shook her breasts in Gary's face as her hips undulated and her jeans gradually slid down her legs. After they had fallen down around her ankles, Laurie stepped out of the jeans and turned around, gyrating her ass right in Gary's face. From this vantage point, he could easily tell how wet her panties, black lace matching her bra, were. She unfastened her bra, and turned back around, tossing the bra onto Gary's shoulder as she did. Finally, she removed her panties, and continued dancing for Gary completely naked.

Gary finally interrupted her. "I think now I'm in the mood for a lap dance."

Laurie sat in Gary's lap, continuing to move rhythmically as she felt herself rubbing against his hard cock. She then turned over, continuing to move one leg against his crotch as she began rubbing her breasts against his chest and arms. Gary cupped her breast in his left hand, and she giggled but did nothing to stop him as she pressed closer to him, getting more and more excited by the feeling of her skin against his. Gary was obviously just as excited, and said, "You look pretty horny. I bet you could use a good assfuck."

After Gary said that, Laurie did indeed feel an incredible need to be fucked in the ass. She began to squirm, and got up off Gary and got on her hands and knees on the bed next to him. Gary, however, hadn't moved. "Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?" Gary asked with a smile on his face, making a token attempt at feigning surprise.

"Please," said Laurie, urgency in her voice, as she turned to look at Gary. "I need it really bad."

"How bad?"

"Ooooh my GOD I need it bad. Pleeease."

"Bad enough to beg me for it?"

"Oh, please! I'm begging you. Fuck me NOW! Fuck me in the ASS!" By this time Laurie was writhing all around on the bed, completely out of control.

"Well, if you insist." Gary got up, then dropped his pants and briefs, as his cock sprang free. He had Laurie suck his cock for a second to moisten it, then moved behind her waiting ass. He spread her cheeks with his hands, and pushed himself in. Laurie began moaning, and repeatedly thrust her ass back against Gary with all her strength. Both Laurie and Gary grunted with each thrust until finally Laurie orgasmed as Gary shot his load into Laurie's ass. Gary collapsed on top of Laurie for a minute, out of breath, as Laurie collapsed onto the bed.

After lying there a minute, Gary got up and got dressed. Laurie was still lying there on the bed, worn out. As he prepared to leave, he said "Let's make an appointment for 11:00 tomorrow night. Now you should probably go to sleep." That was the last thing Laurie could recall of the night before.

Remembering all of this the next morning, Laurie was horrified. Not just at recalling everything she did, but at recalling how much she had enjoyed all of it at the time. It just didn't make any sense: she didn't do things like that. And if she were ever going to, it wouldn't be with a guy like Gary, of all people. She got disgusted just thinking about him.

Laurie felt a sudden urge to get in the shower in her dorm room and wash herself off, and as she got out of bed, she realized her ass still hurt from the night before. As she walked awkwardly to the bathroom to avoid making it hurt more, she remembered her ass having hurt like this several times over the last two or three weeks, and realized that this must have happened before! She stopped and looked in the mirror with a frightened look on her face, trying to figure out how it could have happened without her remembering.

She gradually came to the realization that he was controlling her mind somehow. It didn't make any sense -- you can't just control somebody's mind, right? But with the creepy way he'd emphasized certain commands last night, and then she had just done them, that was the only explanation. It didn't make any sense, but neither did anything else. And if he could make her do things, perhaps he could make her forget things too, which would explain why she didn't remember the earlier times he had done this. The thing Laurie couldn't figure out was why she could remember this time, but not any of the others.

Then Laurie remembered that he had mentioned an appointment for tonight again. Now she was scared, and it snapped her out of her thinking. She quickly showered and cleaned herself up, including the disgusting remains of Gary's semen from her asshole. She got dressed and left her dorm room to go get help from someone.

On her way to the campus security station, she saw her friend Susan. As horrible and embarrassing as this was, she had to tell someone, so she stopped Susan. "Susan!"

Susan looked over happily. "Hey, Laurie!" She took a second look at Laurie and her expression changed. "Hey, what's wrong? You look terrible!"

Laurie broke down in tears. "The most horrible thing happened last night. This, this..." Suddenly she couldn't speak. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, "This creep Gary attacked me!" but she couldn't. She couldn't say anything. Not his name, not anything about the experience.

By then, Susan had put her arms around Laurie and was comforting her as she sobbed uncontrollably. This was right out in the middle of the quad, and several people were walking by on their way to classes, but Laurie didn't even notice.

After a couple of minutes, Laurie stopped crying, and noticed Susan's arms around her and how good they felt. She looked up at Susan and thought for a second about how attractive Susan was, with her long brunette ringlets framing her tanned face. Laurie was horrified at the thought, and pulled away from Susan. She suddenly realized that she had started to find women attractive a few days ago, and realized that Gary must be behind that, too!

Laurie quickly said to Susan, "I'm sorry! I can't talk about it right now. I promise I'll tell you later. I have to go!" She ran away, as Susan looked on with a worried look. She didn't know where she was running, and finally stopped when she got to the center of campus, by the pioneer statue. She couldn't tell anyone, so it wouldn't do any good to go to campus security. What could she do?

Finally, she went to the back corner of the library on the third floor, where she studied sometimes because it was always deserted. She resolved to hide out here for the day and avoid Gary.

Laurie spent the day there, and kept trying to make sense of what happened, or think of a plan, or something. She kept thinking about the way he said "appointment" the night before, and knew she might not be able to stop herself from going back to her dorm room. She also figured it wouldn't do any good to run away any further, because she would still be forced to come back. She had no idea what to do.

Periodically as she was sitting there during the day, Laurie's thoughts would drift to Susan and how attractive she was. She thought about kissing those full red lips, and sliding the soft sweater off her body. She imagined slowly licking Susan's pussy, envisioning what it would look like shaved. Then Laurie would realize what she was thinking about and be horrified at her attraction to women. She wasn't opposed to other people being lesbians, but had never thought of herself as one, and wasn't comfortable rethinking something so fundamental about herself. After that, she then would consciously try to think about something more heterosexual, concentrating on some of the hot football players she knew: Jason, Eric, Dex, Will... especially Will, a big, sexy blond linebacker she knew. She hadn't gotten together with him yet, but if this was ever over, she definitely wanted to. Laurie was pleased to see, at least, that she could still be attracted to guys like Will, so maybe she could eventually get her attraction to Susan to go away somehow.

She stayed holed up in the library all day, too scared and distracted to think about mundane things like eating. Finally, though, at quarter to eleven, she found herself getting up to leave. She had an uncontrollable urge to go back to her dorm room, even though she knew what would happen, even though she desperately wanted to go anywhere else. She desperately tried to think of anything she could do to stop from heading back, but no matter what she tried to will herself to do, she kept walking back to the dorm room.

Finally she arrived, at only a few minutes until 11:00. She suddenly thought of at least one thing she could do, even though she didn't have much time. She would have to act fast.

Chapter 2

The alarm went off in the dark room at three in the morning, and it jolted Laurie. She slapped the snooze button, then sat straight up, remembering the previous day. She remembered her panic from the previous night, but had no memory of the visit she had been expecting from Gary. For that matter, she also couldn't remember waiting for him and having him not show up.

It was a horrible feeling knowing that something had happened to her last night but that she didn't remember what it was. Fortunately, Laurie had planned a way to find out. She turned on the light, got out of bed, and put on a robe since she had been sleeping in the nude. She went over to the pile of clothes sitting on her desk and extracted her video camera from them. It was still taping, so she figured it must have worked. She stopped the tape and set it to rewind.

Laurie's stomach felt sick as she hooked up the camera to her TV. She needed to know what was on the tape, but she was also very afraid of what she would see. When the tape was done rewinding, she pressed play, and sat down on the bed to watch the tape.

When the tape came on, it showed Laurie standing right in front of the camera from when she was arranging the pile of clothes on top of it, then walking away and sitting on the bed to wait for Gary. She picked up her Econ textbook to try to study or at least give her something to do, but couldn't really even pretend to read it while she waited.

It went on like this for a couple of minutes, then there was a knock on the door, and Laurie walked out of the frame to answer it. You could hear her answer the door nervously, "Hi," trying to sound like she didn't know Gary. Watching the tape, Laurie had no memory of answering the door, so she listened intently to fill in the blanks in her memory.

"So what are you up to?" Gary said this with the same creepy confidence that had struck her from their prior encounter.

"Uh, do I know you?" As Laurie listened to herself, she imagined herself trying to think of what she should sound like to fool Gary.

"Of course, I'm Gary. Aren't you going to invite me in?"

"Please, come in," she heard herself say. Gary walked into the frame with the same dirty jeans and a different computer game t-shirt. Laurie was still out of frame, apparently still standing by the door. Watching the tape, Laurie heard the door close.

Gary continued on the screen. "I really like that blouse. It definitely shows off your NIPPLES."

Laurie tried to watch the screen, but suddenly couldn't concentrate, because her breasts became incredibly aroused. She had to start rubbing her hands all over her breasts, which just felt so good. Her nipples were hard little pebbles, so sensitive that she couldn't help gasping as she rubbed her hands over them. She was incredibly horny now, and left one hand on her breasts, moving the other down to massage her clitoris. She came almost immediately, but still wasn't relieved, and had to keep masturbating.

She wasn't paying any attention to the screen, but she still heard Gary say, "Don't you want to get out of those clothes?" At that, Laurie stopped masturbating just long enough to slip out of the robe she was wearing. She realized she would keep hearing all the commands throughout the tape, so she made a great effort, and was able to pull a hand away from herself just long enough to mute the TV.

Laurie had to masturbate until she came two more times before she was satiated enough that she was able to stop. She lay there for a few minutes, her breasts still sore from overstimulation, before she could get herself to sit back up. She saw herself on the muted TV, giving head to Gary, then went over to the camera and rewound it to just after Gary had come in the door.

Laurie sat back down to watch the tape again, and saw Gary's lips move. She was able to make out the word "nipples" the way he emphasized it, and a moment later she saw herself move into the frame onscreen and start rubbing her breasts all over Gary. He lay back on the bed and she climbed on top of him, cupping her breasts in each hand and pressing them against his body. Laurie was so embarrassed at herself she could hardly watch, knowing how she must have felt from the overwhelming urges she had felt a few minutes earlier when she had heard his words. She wondered once again how all this could have happened, and what could make her be forced to heed Gary's words like this.

After a couple of minutes, Gary said something and the Laurie onscreen came close to ripping her clothes apart to get them off, then continued to rub her breasts all over Gary, until he grabbed one and began to suck on it. She could see herself crying out, and realized she looked like she was pretty loud. The cinderblock walls between the rooms were pretty soundproof, but the doors weren't, and her face flushed as she thought about what the people on her floor might have heard, hoping that at least no one had seen Gary enter or leave.

Gary then said something else, and Laurie saw herself drop down to the floor and open Gary's zipper with her teeth. She then undid his belt with her mouth, first pushing the end through the buckle with her tongue, then holding it with her teeth and pulling until it had come loose. Finally, she was able to undo the button on his jeans with her mouth, and she pulled back the flaps to expose his penis. He wasn't wearing any underwear and was very hard by this point, so it sprang forth into her waiting mouth.

Laurie watched herself give Gary a blowjob, but it seemed a rather clinical one, without the passionate urgency that she had had a few minutes before when she was rubbing her breasts all over him. She was using all the right techniques, but it didn't look very exciting. After a few minutes, Gary said something, and she pulled away from him. He reached behind him into his back pocket, and pulled out something that looked a little like a TV remote, but it only had two buttons (one red and one green) and a couple of LEDs, and it looked homemade.

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