Day of Fishing

by falcon29

Copyright© 2003 by falcon29

Sex Story: a couple and a friend go fishing and enjoy the evening as well.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   .

The boat planed as Dan opened the throttle up. It was a beautiful day for fishing -- sunny and clear. The mild temperature made the breeze that now rushed past the three people in the boat a little cool. Charlotte's braless nipples stood up promptly with the chill. It made her a little self-conscious in front of Jeremy, the friend they'd invited along. But she'd had a mild crush on the younger man from the time she had met him. The 'thirty something' bachelor didn't attract her as much as Dan, the man who was now her husband, but Jeremy was intelligent, had a quick sense of humor, plus, he had a mid-range, quiet voice. Charlotte liked voices.

She was in her early forties and Dan was mid-fifties. She had been surprised that Dan had shown an interest in her, due to her overall self-consciousness. She had just left a marriage that had started when she was a teenager. She had never actually dated as an adult. But Dan was attracted to her. They'd made love three weeks after they met and the orgasms were incredible for both of them.

Dan steered the 26' boat out into the middle of the channel. The canvas topper stretched tightly from the windshield to within about four feet from the stern. There was just enough room to stand up under it. Dan complained about maintenance costs, but he loved to fish whenever he could find the time to go out. After meeting him, Charlotte found that she had a taste for the fresh halibut and salmon for which the Southeast Alaskan waters were known. There was also the single shrimp pot over near the far side of the bay. Each week it provided several pounds of the best shrimp in the world.

When they were well away from the harbor, Dan cut the engine. They drifted while they all rigged up the gear. They had decided to go for halibut first. The lines went into the water.

They sat and talked as they fished. With the boat drifting, the temperature rose again. By 9:30, Charlotte felt the sweat dripping between her breasts, from her underarms down her sides, and on her lip and forehead. Just as she became conscious of this, Dan reached down and pulled his shirt off over his head. He too was warming up. Jeremy sat a few more minutes before doing the same.

"Hey, you guys!" Charlotte objected. "That's not fair! I can't go topless."

"Just one of the problems with being a female," Jeremy laughed. But Dan turned to look at his wife. She saw the look in his eye.

He turned back to his pole. "You can go topless if you want, Honey," he said. "I'm sure Jeremy doesn't mind, and there aren't any other boats around. If we see anybody coming, you can duck or put your shirt on." He made eye contact just long enough for her to recognize the dare.

Charlotte didn't answer right away. She and Dan didn't have any secrets from each other. She had admitted to her fetish for spanking the first time they knew they were going to be together. They agreed that flirting with other people was okay. They shared fantasies, knowing that they would probably forever remain fantasies. She had admitted to him that she was attracted to Jeremy. All this went through her mind in a few seconds. It wasn't in her to pass up a challenge or a dare. She peeled her tee-shirt off and tossed it on the bench beside the two men's shirts. Jeremy caught the motion of the shirt out of the corner of his eye. He twisted around and saw her naked tits staring him in the face. When he laughed and applauded, she blushed.

Charlotte's tits were medium sized. Definitely more than a handful. Tipped with nicely sensitive dark pink nipples, they seemed to please the boys and the few men she had been with. Jeremy took his time looking at them, and Charlotte blushed harder. She pretended to ignore him and reached for her pole. She repositioned it in the stern. Dan's chuckle made her tremble. Even with the blushing, she felt bold and sexy. She felt the beginning of warmth between her thighs.

They sat for a half hour, Jeremy in the center, Charlotte to the starboard and Dan on the port side. Once, Charlotte got up and produced some cheese and crackers, along with a beer for each of the guys and one of those trendy malt drinks for herself. They snacked and enjoyed the clear air and being on the water. They reeled in and Dan started the engine. When they moved toward the other side of the bay, the wind picked up again. Her nipples weren't the only ones that stood to attention, Charlotte noticed. And she noticed Jeremy noticing hers, too. When he looked up at her they both smiled. The heat between Charlotte's thighs increased.

Once again, the engine fell silent. Lines went out and they sat. Charlotte got bored. Sitting for hours waiting was okay for Dan, and she enjoyed being with him. She usually liked eating the fish. But waiting for the fish to commit suicide really bored her. She reeled in and stowed her pole. She crawled out from under the canopy and carefully walked the gunwale to the bow. Spreading a towel on the wide foredeck, she lay back on a small pillow and felt the sun invade her skin. She could hear Dan and Jeremy talking quietly in back. The little breeze ruffled her hair and passed over her bare chest. Once again her nipples saluted. She started letting her thoughts drift, along with the boat.

She might have dozed a little. At any rate, she had a dream or a daydream of herself lying on the bed she shared with Dan. Dan was standing beside the bed and Jeremy was just walking into the room. All three were naked. She imagined that Jeremy's young cock was long, but slender. It stuck out at an angle from his belly and had a curve to it. She rolled to the side and took Dan's dick between her lips to suck on him. She felt Jeremy's weight on the bed behind her, then his body heat radiating onto her back before she felt him spoon up against her. His narrow dick slipped neatly into the crack of her ass. In her semi-conscious state she imagined she could feel the heat of the man's hands on her breasts as she ground her ass into his hard, oozing cock. Her husband's cock in her mouth was beginning to yield its own nectar.

Then the dream Jeremy moved his hand down to stroke her hairless mound and began to smear her flowing juices around and to return them to the source. His fingers began to dip inside...

"Charlotte!" Dan's voice brought her back to herself. She sat up, feeling disoriented and somehow guilty. Her panties were soaked inside her jeans. "We're going to move the boat," Dan told her. He held out a hand to steady her return to the shelter of the canopy. She definitely had oozed into her panties. The slickness there made her twat tingle. She couldn't wait to tell Dan about her dream.

They moved the boat to where the orange float of the shrimp pot bobbed in the tide. Between them, Jeremy and Dan got the cable hooked to the winch and started hauling it up. When the wire box broke the surface, they got a wonderful surprise. A King crab -- rare in the bay these days -- had gotten its leg tangled in the cage of the pot and had been forced to ride it up to the surface. Dan grabbed it with his gloved hands and dropped it into the live-well at the back of the boat. Then he opened the pot and added a few pounds of wriggling fresh shrimp to the seawater in the unoccupied side of the well. The pot was rebaited and dropped back into the icy water.

With all the excitement over the crab, Charlotte -- and, as it turned out, Jeremy -- had forgotten she was topless. What brought it back was when -- excited about King crab with drawn butter for dinner -- Jeremy turned and wrapped her in a big hug! He released her quickly when he realized it was her naked nipples pressing into his chest. It was his turn to blush! Charlotte glanced at Dan and saw him grinning. He hadn't forgotten, and he obviously found the exchange amusing. She stuck her tongue out at him, and then threw her arm across Jeremy's shoulder, her right breast against his bicep. Jeremy relaxed when he, too looked at Dan and saw he was okay with the momentary slip and Charlotte's reaction to it.

Rigging their lines for Salmon, they trolled back across the bay. Charlotte's line began to sing as it was hit by a fish. Dan cut the engine and the two men watched as she played it for ten minutes. When her arms tired, Jeremy took over and played the fish out. Dan scooped the net under it, a good 10 pound King Salmon. He killed it and put it in the side of the well with the shrimp. As they neared the small boat harbor, they all replaced their shirts. Charlotte was still gooey in her panties. She even caught a whiff of her scent once and hoped the guys hadn't. Then she wondered if maybe she hoped they had? She watched Jeremy bend for the line to toss it to Dan on the dock. She liked the look of his butt in those jeans. Then she glanced up at her husband. Damn it! He'd caught her looking! But he was smiling again...

They decided to use the heat of the terra cotta chimineria -- the little free-standing fireplace - - they'd brought back last spring to boil the crab. Dan had gone next door and borrowed a big kettle from their neighbor. It was nearing the boil and the three sat in chairs around it. The heat the fire gave off was welcome since the heat of the day had disappeared with the sun. Dan looked at Jeremy, then over at Charlotte. She smiled at him. "Quite a day, eh?" Dan said, stretching his arms and shoulders. They agreed it had been.

"Yeah," Jeremy said, "I think I'll go home and take a hot bath after dinner." Charlotte said that sounded good to her, too.

"Well," Dan said after a second, "I was just thinking about firing up the hot tub for later. Of course, if you'd rather sit in a dinky old bathtub instead..."

"Oh! That'd be great!" Jeremy said. "But I'd have to borrow a suit or some boxers from you."

Charlotte rolled her eyes when Dan glanced at her, thinking, 'Here it comes. I knew he had something in mind earlier.' She raised her eyebrows and looked interested. Sure enough, Dan was explaining their family "Hot Tub Rule": No suits -- ever! Even Charlotte's daughter had been compelled to go in nude if she wanted to use the tub. That had been before she left for college. Jeremy looked back and forth between them. Charlotte shrugged her shoulders and Dan was just smiling. Jeremy shrugged his own shoulders and said it was okay with him.

When Jeremy made a trip to the bathroom, Dan went into the kitchen where Charlotte was throwing together a salad. He moved close behind her and slid his hand down the front of her pants and inside her panties to feel her hairless crotch.

"UmHmm..." he said sagely, "Just as I thought! You've been oozing all day, haven't you?" Charlotte elbowed him. He jerked his hand out of her pants and laughed. Leaning against the counter beside her, he made sure she could see him sucking her juices from his fingers.

"Stop it!" Charlotte said in an emphatic whisper. "What do you have on that dirty mind of yours?"

"Oh, only the usual. But I saw you looking at Jeremy's ass. Just think, in a little while you'll get to see it naked. Does that excite you?" She looked at his grin. He saw her blush, and then glanced down at her shirt where her nipples were again standing at attention. "I see it does," Dan said. He reached out to pinch the near nipple but was headed off as she pretended to come after him with the paring knife. He grabbed her wrist and drew her into a kiss. His hand rubbed her ass through the jeans she wore. He gave her a light swat and she pressed her hips into his harder.

"Um. Folks? Remember me?" Jeremy had entered the kitchen without their notice. Charlotte hoped he hadn't heard Dan's comments.

"See, Dan? Now you've embarrassed Jeremy!"

"No," he said, "I'm not embarrassed. But maybe I came in too soon?" They laughed and went about dinner preparations.

The crab boiled nicely and they ripped it apart. Big juicy chunks of the hot, sweet body meat went into a bowl and the legs piled on a platter. Finally they sat down and enjoyed the spoils of the day. Still, Charlotte couldn't quite get the idea of what lay ahead out of her thoughts. She wondered if Jeremy was similarly preoccupied. Dan opened a bottle of white wine and they toasted.

Dinner over, they all washed their hands and faces. Crab with butter is a messy meal, but well worth it when it's Alaska King crab. Before bringing the crab in, Dan had turned on the tub heater, so it would be ready when they were. The Alaskan summer evening was still as bright as the afternoon had been, even though the sun had long ago dipped below the horizon. The trees around the house made it possible to go nude on the deck with little chance of being too clearly seen by the neighbors. There was some tension, so Dan got another bottle of wine out and popped the cork. Then he went into the bathroom and brought out three big towels. He stepped out to the deck. Charlotte and Jeremy followed silently.

Dropping the towels into a chair, Dan set the wine next to the plastic cups he'd already put on the tub surround. Then he simply stripped nude and stepped up and into the hot water. Charlotte looked at Jeremy. He shrugged and began undressing. Charlotte pulled her shirt off again and tried not to stare or think about it as she got out of her pants and underwear. Again she caught her own scent. There was no way the men could have missed it, she thought, and felt her cheeks redden. At the same time knowing her sexual nature was advertising itself made her feel bolder. Without looking at Jeremy, she entered the tub and sat next to Dan. She couldn't help looking when Jeremy mounted the step and swung a leg over the side. She saw she had been fairly close in her imagination of the size of his dick. 'Of course it isn't hard yet, only half hard, ' she thought, then realized what her thought indicated. 'YET?' she thought again, and looked at Dan. His grin stretched from ear to ear. She closed her eyes. He really meant to do this. They'd talked about it but Charlotte had never really thought they'd have a threesome. But she knew Dan meant to let things go as far as they could.

The hot water was a balm to the sore muscles of the three friends. Nobody said anything for a long time. Dan poured wine and they sipped while the bubbles surged and massaged them. The evening mellowed and dimmed slightly. In Southeast Alaska, night does come during summer. It just doesn't arrive until around two or three o'clock in the morning. They were all perfectly visible to one another.

Jeremy had leaned his head back against the padded edge of the tub with his eyes closed. Charlotte noticed that and tried in vain to peer through the bubbles to get another look at his cock. Dan noticed what she was doing and slipped next to her, their hips touching. He turned and whispered to her, "Don't worry, Honey. I'm sure that you'll get to see it 'up close and personal' if you really want to."

Charlotte pushed against him, but he didn't move away. Instead, she slipped sideways. That put her within reach of the wine. She looked at the three cups and saw that Jeremy's was empty and Dan's nearly so. She stuck her tongue out at her husband and stood up. The water bubbled just at the level of her pussy lips. It tickled and stimulated her overheated flesh. She picked up the bottle and stepped across the tub. Her leg bumped against Jeremy's and his eyes opened. "More vino, Jer'?" she asked. She didn't move her leg. Neither did Jeremy.

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