She Wouldn't, Would She?

by Charley Ace

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Hubby's wager with office lothario places wife in a compromising situation.

Chapter 1

Since Peggy, my wife, gets off work about an hour later than I do, I usually kill the hour at the local watering hole on Friday afternoons. One particular Friday, as I was sipping on my usual beer, Ron, one of my unmarried co-workers, came up to me. Apparently, everybody else had been avoiding him, and with good reason, his reputation for boasting preceded him.

"Hey, big guy, how's it goin?"

"OK, how are things with you?" As innocent sounding as my response was, I knew that it was a mistake as soon as I said it. It was just the opening he needed to begin boasting about his latest conquests. He wasn't bad looking, in fact, he was a good-looking guy, and probably had done well with the ladies. The thing was, everybody, including me, had long ago gotten tired of listening to his bragging about his exploits, over and over again. It was all he ever talked about.

"Well, let me tell you, things are just peachy. You know that new blond chick in Accounting? Well, last Wednesday, she and I..."

I decided that the honest, direct approach might get him to shut up, "hold it Ron, I know you're quite a ladies man, but I'm tired of hearing about your conquests. Can't we talk about something else?"

"Whoa, what's this? Do I detect a bit of skepticism, maybe envy, here?"

"No, just a bit of boredom, I really don't want to hear about who you bedded and how many times, etc."

"Nah, I don't think you believe me, that's what it is. You think I'm making all this up. How can I prove it to you?"

"You don't need to prove it to me, I believe you, I 'm just tired of hearing about it, that's all."

I could see that he was offended and maybe that explains what came out of his mouth next, "what if I were to tell you that I could fuck that beautiful wife of yours, would you be interested in hearing about that?"

"That's not funny, just leave Peggy out of this. I don't have any intention of getting into that kind of discussion with you."

"You would if I actually did it."

My blood began to boil, "look, unless you want to wind up on the floor with a bloody nose, you'll change the fucking subject."

He persisted, even after my threat of bodily harm, "what's the matter, don't you think I can do it? How about a friendly wager?"

"What kind of a wager?"

"I'll bet you $1000 that it won't take me any more than 2 weeks to get into Peggy's pants."

I reacted angrily and grabbed him by the shirt with my left hand, my right hand made into a fist with my arm cocked as if to deliver a blow, and told him, "look, you bastard, I said to lay off this talk about fucking my wife, understand?"

The fear in his eyes told me that he had gotten the message, as I let go of his shirt, he turned and walked away, leaving me alone at the bar. Confident that I had heard the last of that particular subject, I ordered my second beer, gulped it down and left.

I hadn't given that disgusting conversation another thought until I saw him the next Friday. Once again, he came up to me at the bar. "Are you calmed down enough to try and win that $1000?"

With my temperature on the rise, I replied, "look, I'll tell you this for the last time, lay off that talk about my wife."

Since I hadn't threatened bodily harm, he persisted, "what if I told you that I've already fucked her?"

Confident that he hadn't, I told him, in an unmistakably threatening tone, "then I'd just have to maim you for life, maybe cut off your dick."

He chose to ignore the threat, "ha, ha, that's funny, but I could have, you know."

I replied, in a more stern voice, "no, asshole, you couldn't have, now just drop it before I drop you right here and now."

He heard the seriousness of my tone and saw the anger in my eyes, and wisely decided to walk away while he still could. However, he had succeeded in getting me so upset that I ordered a couple of shots of Jack Daniel's, with a beer chaser, to calm my nerves. I downed them quickly, and felt the effects just as quickly.

I was a bit tipsy and probably shouldn't have thought about driving home, but as I turned to leave, Ron came up to me again, "you're missing an opportunity to pick up an easy grand, are you afraid that you'd lose?"

That did it, the combination of the alcohol and his arrogant attitude did me in, "OK, you bastard you're on, you have two weeks to do it. If you can show me proof, I'll pay up, but you can't ever tell Peggy about this wager, or I'll maim you for sure."

"You're on, big guy, but you can't tell her either, nor can you interfere in any way."

I thought about it some and decided to add a few more conditions, "any kind of mind altering substances, like alcohol or drugs, or techniques, like hypnotism, are out."

"Hell, I don't need any of that stuff, with my macho charms, she'll be under my 'fucking' spell before you know it. Heh, heh."

"Ok, smart ass, I'll meet you here two weeks from now to collect my grand."

"Don't be so sure, my friend, you may not know your wife as well as you think. She's a woman, and I'm the seducer of any and all women. Heh, heh."

"Arrogant son-of-a-bitch," I muttered as I turned and walked out the door. I immediately began to think about, and regret what I had just done. 'What would Peggy do to me if she found out? It was a stupid bet, I should have known better, what a dip-shit I am.' He seemed so confident, I wondered if he knew something about Peggy that I didn't.

Even though I regretted making the bet, I never doubted that I'd win. Peggy and I had been married for 7 years and were very happy together, sure our sex life had dwindled somewhat, gotten a bit 'samo, samo, ' but who's hadn't? I loved her dearly and I knew that she felt the same about me, and would never consider cheating on me any more than I'd consider cheating on her.

I also knew, or thought I knew, that Ron barely knew Peggy, they had met a couple of times at company functions, but had hardly talked. I remembered telling Peggy what a ladies man he thought he was and how he continuously bragged about his conquests. She seemed intrigued, and told me that he was very good looking, as if to lend credence to his bragging. I also remember Ron coming up to me at work the Monday after meeting Peggy for the first time, and telling me what a beauty she was.

More upsetting thoughts crept into my cranium, 'that bastard set me up, he's probably been aching to get into her pants for a long time, and now he has my approval. Besides, I can't afford to lose $1000! To hell with the money, would I be able to handle it if she did fuck him?' I couldn't come to grips with the down side of the situation, I could only hope that he'd be unsuccessful. I became more than a little concerned, though.

I had one hell of a week, as all I could think about was what Ron might be up to. I kept wondering if he had made any contact with Peggy. She certainly hadn't said anything to me about talking to him, but would she?

The week dragged on, with me continually wondering about Ron and Peggy. Friday finally arrived and I stopped in at the lounge, as usual, and saw Ron on the opposite side of the bar. Every time I looked at him, he had an 'I know something that you don't' smirk on his face. I couldn't help but wonder how far he had gotten, he certainly hadn't appeared to have lost any of his confidence. I finished my usual two beers and turned toward the door to leave when I almost fell over in astonishment. There stood my beautiful wife, just inside the door.

She walked up to me, gave me a peck on the cheek, and said, "hi honey, thought I'd surprise you by meeting you here tonight. Maybe we can get something to eat here for a change, and stick around for the dance band. What do you think?"

I was stunned, "I-I don't know, I think we should go someplace else."

"Why? Your friend Ron called me this afternoon at work and suggested that I come over."

'No wonder that prick was smirking, ' "what else did he suggest?"

"Oh, nothing much, he did say he'd be here, have you seen him?"

"Yes, but why do you care?"

"Well, he promised to buy me a drink, and I shouldn't turn down a free drink, should I?"

"Yes, in this case..."

Just then, Ron appeared out of nowhere, "hello there beautiful! You look ravishing tonight. For the life of me, I can't understand why a beauty like you would tie yourself down to a guy like Harry here. He's just not worthy of you."

"Maybe it's because he swept me off my feet," she said as she giggled.

'Yeah, right, ' I thought to myself.

Ron bought both of us a drink, and invited himself to join us for dinner and dancing afterward. I couldn't refuse because, as he reminded me, I'd be violating the rules of the bet by interfering. He continued the flattering comments, and kept feeding Peggy drinks. She was quite tipsy by the time the band started playing. When Peggy took one of her trips to the Ladies room, I reminded Ron that getting her drunk was not within the rules.

"I hadn't planned on seducing her tonight, this was supposed to be the preliminary to the main event. However, I'll bet you another grand that I could do it tonight, and I'd even agree not to buy her any more drinks."

"No way, one bet's enough."

"Are you sure? Just think of the two grand you could have that you don't have now. You're just not very sure of yourself, or Peggy, are you?"

"You're such an arrogant prick, OK, you're on."

Ron was beside himself with excitement, "all right! At midnight, you need to disappear for 15 minutes, then come out to my van. You know my van, right?"

"Yes, I know your van."

I'll leave the window rolled down part way and you can listen or peek in for your proof."

"This is it, then, whether you succeed or fail, the entire two grand is on the line tonight, right?"

"That's right," he smirked.

He was so goddamn confident, it pissed me off. I thought about it and decided to back out of the second bet, "look, I take it back, I don't want to make another bet, she's more than a bit tipsy and may not know what she's doing."

"Oh ho, not so confidant now, are you? Well, a bet's a bet, and I'm not letting you back out. I'm going to fuck her tonight whether we have a bet or not."

"You do and you're minced meat." I paused, and reluctantly said, "OK, I'll stick by my word, and the bet."

Ron and Peggy spent the better part of the next 2 hours on the dance floor, with Ron getting progressively braver as time wore on. Peggy had tried to get me up on the dance floor several times, but I had to make a lame excuse about a sore ankle, as Ron smirked.

Peggy was enjoying Ron's attention much more than I thought she should have been, she being a married woman. In fact, due to the alcohol that she had consumed and his constant flattery and attention, she eventually became oblivious to my presence. I thought that she might have been upset with me for not dancing with her, but I hadn't detected any glares or other indications.

As midnight approached, I noticed Ron holding her closer and whispering in her ear off and on. I could see her giggle some, then get a serious look on her face, then giggle some more. I'll admit that I was very concerned, even though she had had a chance to sober up a bit, as she hadn't had any more alcohol to drink in more than 2 hours.

Before I knew it, I saw Ron wave at me, as if to tell me that it was time to get lost. My heart began beating faster and I broke out in a cold sweat. 'My God! This is it! Will she be able to resist? She damn well better!'

I got up and headed toward the Men's room. As I entered, I looked at my watch and noticed the time was exactly 11:55. I waited, fretted and paced for 5 minutes with all kinds of horrible thoughts racing through my mind. 'Would she hold out and remain faithful to me? What would I do if she did fuck him? Would I divorce her, or could I live with it? This was my fault, I should have never made the bet. DAMN! What a fool I am!'

I couldn't wait the full 15 minutes, at exactly 12:00 midnight I made my way out to the parking lot and began to look for Ron's van. I spotted it on the far side of the lot. As I slowly approached the van, I heard voices. I couldn't see anybody at first because they were on the opposite side of the van, but I recognized the voices as belonging to Peggy and Ron. I sneaked around, ducking behind the cars, to where I could see and hear them.

I heard Peggy say, "Ron, I like you and I've had a great time, but I can't do this, I'm married."

'Atta girl, honey, you tell him!' I silently encouraged her.

"Sure you are, and when it's all over you'll still be married. I'm not asking you to leave him for me, just to enjoy a little fling, to let yourself go and enjoy yourself for one brief, pleasure filled encounter."

"No, I really can't..." just then he pulled her close and kissed her, passionately. She initially resisted for 10 or 20 seconds, but as he persisted, she put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her.

'Damn it, Peggy! He's an asshole, can't you see that?' I became a little more concerned.

I watched as he slowly, but deliberately, placed his right hand on her left breast, he began massaging it masterfully through her dress and bra, and she started groaning in response to his stimulation. She finally pushed his hand away and broke away from him, "whew! That was nice, but I told you before, I'm a married woman."

He didn't give up, he pulled her close again, and again she didn't offer much resistance. They were in a passionate lip lock when I noticed his left hand grabbing her ass. He was massaging her tit with one hand and her ass with the other and she was making these distinctly feminine pleasure noises, like some combination of moans and sighs muffled by the lip lock. I watched as he pulled her dress up and got his hand underneath. It looked like he was trying to get a finger or two under her panties. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw her spread her legs to give him better access to her pussy.

"Ohhh, God!" Peggy broke the kiss temporarily and moaned. I assumed his finger had found its way into her fuck hole from behind. She was really hot and thoroughly enjoying his stimulation. Her breathing became heavier and she resumed the kissing, with even more passion than before.

'Damn! That bastard is getting to her!'

I continued to watch as he removed his hand from her breast and unzipped her dress. She backed away from him long enough to let it fall off her shoulders, down her arms, over her hips and onto the asphalt. She stepped out of it, and he pulled her to him and they became joined at the mouth, once again. There she stood, in bra and panties, passionately kissing the son-of-a-bitch!

I continued to watch as he unclipped her bra, and again she moved back far enough to allow him to remove it completely. I could clearly see the erect nipples on those gorgeous mounds of hers, before he pulled her into another passionate embrace. My loving wife was now practically nude, in a public parking lot passionately kissing the biggest womanizer I knew. 'Damn, There's no way she can resist now!'

'Peggy, my dear, sweet, loving wife Peggy, what are you doing? Why was I so stupid!'

I continued to watch as he expertly moved his head down to her chest, and used his tongue to circle, and then flick, her nipples, first the right, then the left. He tweaked the one he wasn't tonguing with his thumb and forefinger, rolling and pulling it. Peggy was seemingly in another world, one that contained only she and Ron. She held his head to her breast with both hands, moaning loudly with sexual pleasure as he continued to manipulate her nipples.

My mouth fell open as I watched her slip her right hand off his head and under the waistband of her panties. She began to furiously finger her clit and, within a minute or two, climaxed in a relatively quiet, but expressive orgasm as she thrust her hips back and forth in a lewd fucking motion.

Her orgasm took Ron by surprise as he straightened up, stepped back a pace and clumsily attempted to remove her panties. By this time, Peggy had recovered from her orgasm and resisted his attempt. He chose not to persist, but took her in his arms again and resumed his passionate kissing, and she returned his kisses with as much passion as before.

At this point, I thought that she was a goner, and I gave some serious thought to breaking it up and conceding the bet. I really didn't want him to actually fuck her. I couldn't have handled that at all.

Just as I was about to make a move to break them up, I saw Ron break the kiss again, and, this time, take Peggy's upper arm as if to lead her into the van for the grand finale, the fuck-de-grace, so to speak.

I rose from my position and began moving toward them.

Chapter 2

In chapter 1, I was goaded into a stupid bet with an obnoxious co-worker and womanizer, Ron. He bet me that he could fuck my wife, Peggy. I regretted making the bet, but stuck by it and watched helplessly, as Ron was about to seduce Peggy in the parking lot of the lounge where the three of us had spent the evening.

I had gotten up from my hiding place and began to move toward them in hopes of stopping the inevitable. I stopped dead in my tracks when suddenly, and surprisingly, Peggy pulled away from his grip and said, "NO! I-I can't do this! I'm married, and I love my husband." She hurriedly put her dress back on and headed back toward the front door of the lounge, leaving her bra behind. Ron was stunned at the turn of events, I saw him standing there with an open-mouthed, dumbfounded look on his face. I turned and headed for the back door, my heart pounding with glee.

'ALL RIGHT! That's my Peggy!'

I hustled back in through the back door and made it to the booth where we had been sitting only seconds before Peggy arrived. I got there before her only because she had to wend her way through the crowd on and around the dance floor.

"OK, honey, let's go," she said as she grabbed her purse, which, fortunately for me, was still there on the seat of the booth.

I decided to have a little fun, I couldn't let sleeping dogs lie. "Wait, what's your hurry? Besides, where have you been for the last 15 or 20 minutes? I've been looking all over for you."

Even in the dimly lit lounge, I could see her face flush noticeably, as she looked at me briefly, dropped her head, said nothing, turned and walked out the door, and I quickly followed. I watched her get into her car and pull out of the parking lot. I looked around for Ron's van, but it was nowhere in sight, so I hopped into my car and followed her home.

Peggy arrived home a minute or so before me. I entered the house and found her in the bedroom in the process of getting undressed. She was standing there with only her panties on, as she had been earlier in the parking lot.

"Did you lose something?"


"Your bra. You had a bra on when you showed up at the lounge tonight."

Her face flushed a nice shade of red again, and she looked down at the floor. "I-I took it off earlier. It was bothering me."

"Of course, where is it then?"

"I-I don't know, I must have dropped it somewhere."

'Yeah, you dropped it somewhere all right.' "Its so obvious that you're hiding something, talk to me, I want you to tell me everything that happened tonight. You had such a guilty look about you when you ignored my question as to your whereabouts at the lounge, and again now when I asked about your bra."

The guilt of what she had almost done overwhelmed her, as she began to cry. I moved over to her and hugged her. "It's OK honey, don't cry, you can talk to me, I love you."

"Sob, I know, I love you too, sob, sob. I love you more than I can say, sob." It took a few minutes, but she calmed down somewhat, and asked, "are you sure, sniff, you want to hear what I was up to?"

"Yes, I have a pretty good idea, but I'd like to hear it from you."

"What kind of an idea do you have?"

"Well, you were certainly enjoying Ron's company all night, the way you were dancing with him and looking googly-eyed at him. I figure he tried to put the make on you, did he succeed?"

"NO! No, he didn't, but, yes, he did try. I'm so ashamed of myself for allowing the situation to get as far as it did. Yes, I enjoyed his company, he's a great dancer and he kept complimenting me all night, making me feel really special. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there was a point where I was just tipsy enough, and aroused enough that I forgot that you were even there."

"That would be about the time you went off with him?"

She looked at me sheepishly, then looked away, "yes, he took me out to his van to show me the way he'd recently re-finished the inside, or so he said."

I laughed, "is that what he told you? That's almost as good as the old line about the etchings."

"I know, actually, I knew what he wanted, but I was having such a good time, I wanted it to continue for a little bit longer. I felt that I could stop him anytime, please don't be angry with me, but I almost fucked him. I mean, he had me so aroused while we were standing in the parking lot, that if he had tried to stick his cock in me right there, I probably would've let him. When he broke our kiss and tried to get me into the van, I came to my senses, and broke away from him. That's when I came back inside."

Astonished, I looked her in the eye and asked, "you mean you would have fucked him?"

She dropped her gaze, hung her head and responded, "I mean, I'm not sure, I might have. Are you angry with me?"

"Yes, I'm also disappointed that you let things get that far. I'd never do that to you, and I guess I never expected that you'd ever do it to me."

Looking straight into my eyes pleadingly, "I know, I'm so sorry, I hope you can forgive me. I do love you very much and I feel so ashamed of what I did, and what I almost did."

"I forgive you, but there's something you need to know, too."

"What's that?"

"I was watching you in the parking lot, I saw everything. I saw you kissing him, I saw him taking your dress and bra off, everything."

"Wh-why didn't you stop me? Why did you let it get that far?"

"You're a big girl, I had to see if you'd really go through with it and cheat on me. I was glad that you stopped it when you did, but I'm still disappointed that you let it get that far. Whatever got into you?"

"I-I don't know for sure, but the alcohol and your indifference had something to do with it. You wouldn't dance with me, or pay any attention to me all evening. When Ron stepped up and filled the gap, I just got carried away. You know he was kissing me and feeling me up on the dance floor too?"

"No, I didn't see any of that. You let him?"

"Yes, I tried to stop him at first, but he was so persistent. I loved the way he touched me in places that I had only let you touch me before. He did these things only when he maneuvered me into that dark corner. I was so hot, and you were ignoring me, I don't know, my head was spinning and I was thinking only with my wet pussy."

Noticing the wet spot on her panties, I asked, "and what might that sweet little pussy of yours be thinking right now?"

She chuckled, "it's thinking that if it doesn't get some cock soon, its going to go on strike."

I attacked her, pulled her panties off and proceeded to fuck her like a crazed animal.

I laid her back on the bed, dove between her legs and began to lap her pussy with my tongue. God! Did she taste good to me at that moment, the best I had ever remembered. I brought her to several small orgasms and one volcanic one by flicking, licking and sucking on her clit, before I got up and straddled her chest. She immediately took my rock-solid cock into her mouth and began to give me a blow-job. I reached over and took her head in my hands and proceeded to fuck her face. I controlled the action until I came in her mouth, which took but a few minutes. She gagged a bit, but managed to swallow it all, and believe me, it was quite a load.

I released her head and she continued to lick and suck my cock until it became hard again, and it didn't take very long. Man! I was hot!

I hopped off her, turned her over and rammed my rod into her pussy from behind. I fucked her doggy-style for about 10 more minutes, during which time she came at least three times. Finally, I could feel the dam about to burst again, "Oooh, yeah, I'm cuming babe, I'm cuming!"

"Oh, yes, cum in my pussy. I want to feel your hot jism all the way inside me!"

She screamed and moaned, "Ooooh, fuuuck, I'm cuuuming! Yessss, Ooooh, Yessss!"

"Ughhh, Ahhh, Ughhh, ughhh, ughhh," I grunted as I came deep into her well-fucked cunt.

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