by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, TransGender, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: 4 girls on holiday meat their dream dates and get everything they ever wanted and a bit of a suprise.

So here we were, nineteen year old 'women of the world', or so we thought. We had arrived in Trinidad that morning for a fortnights holiday. The place was a paradise compared to Brixton. The year before we'd been in Benidorm but this year Trailie wanted to go somewhere 'exotic', so here we were. There was; Shauna, tall, leggy, blond and very pretty. Kim, dark, athletic, big boobs and pretty with it. Trailie or course, short, blond, bubbly, and drop dead gorgeous. Finally there's me, Beth, I suppose I'm a bit pretty, tall, peroxide blond and very mouthy.

We were sharing a large room, it wasn't really a problem as we were all best friends. Naturally it was a tip within minutes of us arriving, our stuff was strewn everywhere.

"What should we do after lunch?", asked Trailie.

"Duno," replied Shauna, "We could go down to the pool."

"Mustn't over do it for the first day girls, don't want to burn," I answered.

"Should be OK," said Kim, "It's early in the season. We should be able to manage an hour if we use plenty of sunscreen."

"I'm gona go nude," said Shauna.

"What!" shrieked Trailie.

"Look we're on holiday, It's Trinidad, lots of black guys with big cocks and I intend to get as many of them as I can during the next two weeks."

"You're such a slut Shauna," replied Trailie.

"Aren't we all?"

"Sure but we don't have to advertise it."

"Look we've only got two weeks. If we piss about we're not going to have any fun. I intend to go down there, get naked, show what I've got and get the shit fucked out of me as soon and as often as I can by the biggest blackest cocks I can find."

"Shauna, do you have to be so explicit?", I asked.

"Come on Beth, you were only telling us on the plane how you were gang fucked last Saturday in every minute detail."

"OK so we're all sluts and we're here to have a good time," said Kim, "Shauna's right, lets go down to the pool, get naked, get fucked, get fucked, get fucked and, oh yes, get fucked."

So there were the four of us laying on our backs on the loungers, knees up and wide apart, shaven pussies gaping wide open.

"You must use more sunscreen or you will burn," I heard this gravely voice say.

Standing over me was six foot of naked muscle with his cockhead dangling down between his knees. He wasn't handsome, and he was a bit older than me but the sight was riveting, well the cock was riveting. I wasn't able to say anything.

"You must use a lot more sunscreen or you will end up in the hospital. Here give it to me."

Picking up the bottle he undid the cap.

"Roll over so I can spread it on your back."

Obediently I turned over and he squirted the liquid in a stream from my neck to my ass. I felt him straddle me and start to rub the screen in to my neck and shoulders. Something was laying on the small of my back and sliding up and down. Slowly he worked down my back until he ended up on my ass cheeks which were held tightly together. Then he squirted some more lube from my ass to my ankles and started to rub it into my legs ending up at my feet.

"You must relax I need to rub it in around the sides. Open your legs a little."

He worked back up pushing my legs wider and wider until finally he was kneeling between them on the lounger. When he reached my ass he paid particular attention to the crack and his fingers moved down as far as my clit before coming back up and dwelling on my pink rosebud.

"Turn over please," he said.

As I did so I frantically looked around for the others. Shit, three other guys were rubbing screen into them. No they had been rubbing screen into them, now they were fingering their asses and pussies. As I turned lazily, and sheepishly the other three did likewise. To my surprise the four guys changed places. My new 'partner' was a little shorter than the previous one but sported an even more impressive cock. It was about the same length but nearly twice as fat. He stood behind my head and squirted the screen over my belly, up in between my boobs and down as far as my smooth pussy.

"You would enjoy this more if you relaxed a little, he said, "Come on, loosen up. Spread your knees a little, that's better. Now just relax."

He started rubbing the goo into my belly spreading it from side to side. He leaned over me as he did so and his enormous cock lay against my cheek. As he worked his cock rubbed against my face.

"Please excuse me," he said as he lay his cock over my shoulder. "It gets in the way sometimes."

He worked the cream well into my boobs paying particular attention to my nipples. Oh what the fuck, this was what we came for after all. I took hold of his cock and put the knob end between my lips. Mind you that wasn't an easy matter what with the size of the fucking thing, he wasn't even hard. With one hand working away at my boobs the other slid down and found my clit. As he rubbed I started to strain.

Fuck this was so horney, Here I was laying beside a public swimming pool giving a complete stranger a blow job while he plaid with my clit. It wasn't long before my back was arched and I was cumming better than I had in weeks. It appeared to last for hours but couldn't really have been that long. When I came back down to earth I franticly looked for the others. Shit they were all in the same position as me, doing exactly what I was doing.

I looked up at the guy, he was smiling.

"I think you enjoyed that," he said.

I nodded, I couldn't very well speak with his semi hard knob still in my mouth.

"I think you will enjoy it when I fuck you in the ass tonight."

What! No fuckin way!

Sliding his cock out from between my lips he smiled.

"I will see you at the hotel disco tonight. Please do not get drunk, you will enjoy sex much more if you are still on this planet."

With that he was off, and so were his three friends.

Shauna was the first to speak.

"That was fuckin great!"

"Fuckin shit," said Kim.

Trailie just squealed.

I just lay there almost in shock.

We pulled on, tee shirts, skirts and trainers for dinner. We sat in a corner of the sparkly populated room, most people had already eaten.

"That was incredible," said Trailie.

"I couldn't believe how much I came and he didn't even get hard," I replied.

"I think they're gona fuck the shit out of us tonight," said Kim.

"No fuckin way," I replied, "Did you see the size of those things, we'd end up crippled."

"Yea but what a way to get crippled," giggled Shauna.

It was nearly eleven o-clock and we were still in our room. We hadn't decided what to wear. Finally Shauna took over.

"Look you bunch of shits, we're going down there to get the shit fucked out of us so lets look like we're up for it. Here, we'll all look the same. Get out your highest heals, white kneehighs, kilts and pink crop tops. Come on, nothing else."

Fuck, we looked like little tramps. Our hair was tied in bunches and we used a ton of makeup. Finally we made our way to the disco in the basement. I was surprised, it was very large, airy and well lit. There was an illuminated dance floor and zillions of whirling and gyrating lights. Over on the far wall was two banks of speakers bracketing an enormous disco set up. The disc jockey was a topless girl. Around the room there were several raised platforms, each populated by a gyrating naked girl.

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