Black Coercion

by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tracy and Jason are in town for the night. They have one thing on their mind, finding a couple of playmates for Meat.

I had just showered and lay on a sheet over the bed while Jason sparingly applied a light coating of baby oil. Once he was finished I admired myself in the hotel room full length mirror,

"You know girl if I wasn't married to you I'd pay a million bucks to get into your panties".

"They wouldn't fit you".

"You know what I mean".

I surely did. Turning sideways I looked at my reflection, six feet tall, one eighty pounds, shaven head, horizontal boobs, large aureole and pert nipples. My jet skin glistened in the harsh illumination. I was twenty two years of drop dead gorgeous and totally intimidating.

"You'll knock 'em dead tonight".

"I always knock them dead".

"Just so long as we find a couple of playmates for later or Meat won't be happy", said Jason.

"Don't I always find playmates".

"Yea, I know, but I think he gets randier each time he fucks a new girl. Time to get dressed.

I slid on a pair of sheer silk snow white stockings, expensive but worth it. The skin tight ivory lycra skirt barely covered my ass and left a great expanse of thigh, not to mention stocking tops and suspenders, on full view. The matching crop top was so tight Jason had to help me into it. I struggled to get my head in and pull it down over my chest. When I finally managed to get it straight Jason said;

"I hope you realize every line of your boobs is completely visible and you'd better not bend over".

"All the better for snaring a couple of playmates".

As I pulled on my heals Jason completed his Windsor knot and slipped into his jacket.

A little while later we walked through the crowded hotel lobby. I knew we had achieved the desired effect when the hubbub crashed to a deathly silence. We must have made a striking pose. Tall, black, athletic and completely bald with glistening skin. Jason in a white suit, shirt and tie. Me in my very revealing lycra. You could have heard a pin drop and the concierge almost had apoplexy while ushering us into a waiting taxi.

Window shopping several restaurants before finding a likely couple. We asked for a table next to our prey. She was tall and pale with a frizz of blond hair. He looked ill at ease, perfect.

"Evening", Jason said.

"Evening", he replied.

As we finished our meal and sat sipping coffee Jason asked:

"I wonder if you could help us. We're only in Bradford for a couple of days and don't know our way around. Do you know off a hot club with lots of action. I don't want anything tame?"

"There's Rockies on Market St.", he replied.

"That dump?", she interjected, "Max's on Goregate is a hell of a lot better, no sleaze balls and anything goes".

"Oh excuse me I'm Jason and this is my wife Tammy".

"Nice to meet you", said the blond, "I'm Jules and this is my intended Mark",

"Nice to meet you both", I said.

We all shook hands.

"I wonder, do you have any plans for the rest of the evening?" asked Jason.

"Not really", Replied Jules, "We were going dancing but can't decide where".

"Would you like to join us as our guests at Max's. After all you suggested it and I'm not sure if we could find it on our own".

"Sure, why not, It'll be a hoot", said Jules.

"Julie I thought we were going to Rockies", said Mark.

"Screw Rockies, I told you I wasn't going there. I'd much rather go to Max's and anyway I have a feeling Jason and Tammy will show us a great time".

We left the restaurant and headed for Max's, Jason took Jules by the hand leading the way. I linked arms with Mark.

"Please don't worry about Jason, he's just a flirt", I reassured my reluctant partner.

By the time we reached Max's place Jules was clinging to Jason and Mark was getting a little agitated. I had to reassure him so...

"Don't worry Mark. Jason won't fuck his new little playmate unless I give him permission. I won't say yes unless You fuck me first".

I don't think Mark was expecting that.

"I beg your pardon".

"If you don't want Jason to fuck Jules Don't fuck me. If you want her to feed on a black salami all you have to do is stick your pecker in my but".

"You. You mean. Just like that. You'd let me...".

"Mark it's the twenty first century. sex is great. I like to fuck. Jason likes to fuck. If you want to fuck me that's OK provided you don't mind Jules sampling my Jason's prowess".

That was it. Mark didn't have an answer. We arrived at Max's to find about two hundred people queuing. Jason left Jules with us and approached the bouncer, a fifty pound handshake later we were ushered past the indignant line and inside.

I took Jules by the hand and headed for the loo.

"Your husband's a bit fresh", she said, "He asked me to loose my undies".

"Oh don't mind him. He has a thing about bare pussies. I never wear panties".

Standing in the crowded loo I slid the front of my skirt up a couple of inches and exposed my shaven mound.

"Tammy!", she exclaimed.

"Go on, do as he asked. You'll have a great time.

"No I couldn't...".

As we entered the main room I looked around for the boys. I stepped behind Jules and put my hands on her sides. Spotting them I shouted in Jules ear and gently maneuvered her In the correct direction. As I did so I rubbed my hands on her side. What I was really doing was raising her hem so Jason could see the tights and panties had gone. Mark and Jason, and anyone else looking, had a glimpse of Jules sparse blond pubes before she realized what I was doing and pulled the dress back down.

Jason grabbed Jules by the hand and whirled her away leaving me to sort out a rather shell shocked Mark. I thought he was about to explode so I went straight in. Straight into a clinch, my tong invading his mouth while I moved one of his hands onto my ass and the other onto my boob. He certainly wasn't ready for that but, as per normal, he soon melted.

Glancing around I could see why Jules said this place was hot. There were at least a thousand couples, all young and well appointed if you know what I mean. Nearly all scantily dressed. A lot of the lads were naked from the waist up and likewise a few of the girls. No one appeared to be paying any attention to the couple of girls who were kneeling giving their partners blow jobs in the middle of the floor.

Mark was beginning to soften, his tong was in my mouth and his hand was exploring the crack of my ass. A little way away Jules had her arms around Jason's neck and her legs wrapped around his waist. With her dress up around her waist I knew Jason's cock was in her pussy.

"Our partners are certainly enjoying themselves", I shouted into Marks ear.

He took one look, shouted something obscene and stormed over to the pair.

"Come on Jules we're going home", he shouted trying to disentangle his erstwhile girlfriend.

"Fuck you. I'm fucking and enjoying it for the first time in ages. Piss off Mark".

"Jules come on we're going home right now".

"Why don't you go home and have a good wank Mark. I'm not leaving here until Jason has fucked my brains out".

"If you don't come with me right now we're finished".

"Bye Mark, have a nice life".

I was giggling to myself. I couldn't here the exchange but I knew what was happening. Jules was too hot a girl to be tied up with a deadbeat like Mark. He stormed over to me.

"Your husband is fucking my girlfriend".

"It looks like she's enjoying it".

"Can't you stop him".

"Why would I want to do that.

"But he's your husband".

"So what. He can fuck anyone he wants to and so can I".

"But you said he wouldn't fuck her unless I fucked you".

"So let's fuck".

"Fucking bitches you're all perverts", and he stormed off.

Now this wasn't exactly going to plan. I hadn't wanted Mark to storm off even though he had been a bit of a prat. For one thing my pussy was itching and for another we always liked to bring a couple back for meat. So I looked around for a likely pair. No not the black girl, she looked like a sulky bitch. The tall blonde looked too athletic and may not take it too kindly. Then I spotted the Chinese girl wearing only a micro skirt. Lovely pert tits, nice nipples and shaven pussy showing under her pulled up skirt. The lad she was with looked self assured and happy with his lot. Looking at her I wondered if...

Jason still had Jules wrapped around him and Jules still had Jason's pecker in her blond pussy. I tapped him on the shoulder and shouted in his ear:

"Hurry up lover boy we need to sort out some more playmates", and I pointed to my intended victims.

I moved over to join the couple, they didn't appear to mind. Paying as much attention to her as to him I rubbed my hand along his crotch and slid my other between her legs. He made no protest and she just squirmed a little as I slipped a finger into her slit.

"Help me out of this", I shouted in his ear and he helped me slip my skin tight top over my head. With my skirt up around my waist everything was on show. Just then Jason and a naked Jules joined us.

I shouted into the lads ear, "This is Jules my husband's just fucked the shit out of her".

As I said this Jason was moving off with the oriental beauty leaving me and Jules with our new playmate. I unzipped his pants and smiled as Jules reached in and released his eight inch erection. Without bidding she knelt In front of him and started to blow. I looked for Jason and smiled. He had the girl bending over and was fucking her from behind. Only one reason for that position, she had a foot of black cock in her ass.

Jules ended up with a face full of cum while the oriental ended up with a sticky back. When they returned Jason guided the group over to a slightly quieter corner.

"Let's go back to our hotel for some great fun".

All three were willing. Only thing was to find our clothes. The Chinese girl couldn't find her top so I didn't bother putting mine back on.

As we left the club the bouncer called a cab. He was used to seeing topless girls, and not a few buck naked ones, leaving the club. Needless to say his prick had been accommodated by most of the regulars. On the way to the hotel we all introduced ourselves. The Chinese girl was Janine and her partner, actually her brother, was Ranan. Everyone was bubbly, chatty and flirty. Jules opened the front of her dress completely while I and Janine slid our skirts right up so our pussies were visible, and available. Janine went down on Jules and licked her out and I blew Ranan while Jason slid a couple of fingers into Jules and Janine's pussies.

It was after two when we arrived at the Holiday Inn. Thankfully the lobby was deserted apart from the clerk. Jules did her dress up while we pulled our skirts down, even though we were still topless. Brazenly we entered the lobby and I breezed up to the desk:

"One seventy five please".

The clerk nearly choked on his spit.

"I b-beg your pardon".

"One seventy five please", repeated Janine standing next to me.

"The clerk was staring at two magnificent pairs of boobs, one black, one mellow".

"Y-yes of course Mam".

He fumbled in the key case, dropped several keys before finally handing one to me. As we walked away he was treated to a view of three bare asses, we had all pulled our skirts up. Just as we got to the lift I looked at the key. Turning around I walked back to the counter all the while the clerks eyes glued on my shaven naked pussy.

"Excuse me this is five seventy one, I asked for one seventy five".

He darted for the key cupboard and while he was fumbling I shoved the key fob into my very moist pussy. He handed me the correct key and I dropped the other on the desk before joining my companions, his eyes fixed on my bare ass all the way across the lobby. As we ascended in the lift Jules said.

"Poor man he'll probably wank himself stupid".

"We could always invite himself up and fuck him stupid", replied Janine.

"Maybe later", I finished.

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