Duke and Lucy

by Dimecross

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, First, Bestiality, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lucy is sexually assaulted by her greyhound.

Ok, I'm tired of this. For years now I've been reading all these stories on these sites, that people submit about their fantasies. Some say they are even true. Who the hell in their right mind is going to willingly have sex with a dog? Or worse, a horse?

They try to play it off as a calamity; I've been around dogs my whole life, big dogs, about six of them while growing up. All the dogs were male and had balls, but nothing ever came close.

I've been on my hands and knees before while unclothed, but the dog didn't try anything, and he sure as hell never growled at me, no way.

I don't believe any of these people, they are just sick perverts, and they're full of shit. I don't even see what the fascination is, it's nasty to have a dog put his, you know, in you, or even to just lick you out, it's repulsive.

I'm Lucy, I'm a Harvard graduate of law, and I work in a very successful firm, one of the largest in L.A. I'm 28, 5'3 and 104 lbs. Long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a good-looking girl I think, even without the shapely ass and 34 D breasts.

I'm very fit; I get my exercise when I take my greyhound Duke, out for runs, which is once, sometimes twice a day. He's a gorgeous dog, very well kept and cared for. I love him.

I got Duke when I got my own place after college. There are plenty of loons out there and I wanted the intimidation aspect on my side, which is why I got a large, swift dog. I live alone with Duke in a house that's kind of set back from the road, and there's only one road.

I like the peace and quiet that you just can't get in the city, and this house and land was very reasonably priced. It's nothing much really, but it's homely. It's about two acres of clear land and another three of dense woods.

Today was not unlike any other day. I Woke up, put on my running shorts and sports bra, grabbed Duke and headed out. First thing is we always go to the wooded area so he can do his business, then we proceed to head down the driveway to the road, then we run about two miles down the road and head back the same.

Once home again, I take him back out to the wooded area for one more stop. Like I said, everything was absolutely regular. After Duke had finished, I led him back inside. I needed a shower before work, after all the running of course.

It was only about 6:30 in the a.m. when I got out of the shower. I didn't have to start my twenty-minute commute to work for another hour, to be there at 8 a.m. In the shower I noticed I really needed to shave, so I thought Ok, I've enough time for a shave.

I grabbed a pillow and sat on the floor with my hair clippers, I've found that they pull less than most other feminine shavers, and I don't like razors, not there. Now I mostly sit "Indian Style" on the floor, only with my legs spread considerably more, and of course, I'm nude. Hence the pillow, I sit on it instead of the dog hair infested floor.

I shaved without a hitch that is until I finished. Duke had been laying only a few feet away on the floor, very interested but, as per usual, scared of the clippers. I didn't think anything of him being so close, he usually is right by my side whenever I'm home.

Unlike usual, Duke decided to get a little closer look at me this time when I finished shaving. When he knew I had put the clippers down and it was quiet. I was looking very closely to make sure I didn't miss the occasional stray hair, which we all know, can be very irritating to an orally involved guy.

I didn't see Duke come up between my legs, he rushed into it, caught me off guard. His snout instinctively went straight to my freshly shaven lips, and began to probe beyond them with his tongue. My guess is that he smelled me, my feminine odor, and was intrigued by the aroma of sex.

Shaving always, for as long as I can remember, has aroused me. Maybe it's the vibrations of the clippers, maybe it's just the touch, the probing with my own fingers, who knows. I was emitting the lovely fragrance of sex.

I felt Duke move my hand out of the way and his tongue replace it. I must admit, it felt good. The long, hot, form of his tongue was a welcomed feel to my intimate being. So much so, I wasn't thinking, about anything, especially not my disgust for this act.

I couldn't take it much more, he'd only been down for a minute, and I was loosing it. The whole time I was chanting in my head repeatedly, the dog is licking my pussy. At first it was my attempt to convince myself to make him stop, but it made me hotter every time I said it.

Within minutes I was moaning and shuttering about my climax. That was by far the quickest cum I'd ever had, I think it was too quick for Duke. He didn't stop licking at that, he instead, became fiercer in his pursuit to find the source of his desire, the slimy juice now running profusely from my cunt.

As he continued to lap at my throbbing cunt, I laid back and put my legs up, as though resting them in stirrups. This allowed him more access than the other position. He soon noticed the sinking motion his tongue felt at a certain spot and became obsessed with that spot. I could feel his cold nose on my clit, causing a rumble inside at every glance. Meanwhile he was devouring his tongue ever deeper into my aching cunt.

He found the source and he wasn't deterring, even for a second. This was amazing, he was reaching heights that some men I've been with couldn't, and Duke was using his tongue only. Another orgasm was fast approaching. I needed to hold something, I grabbed for the sheets on the bed a mere two feet away. I clutched them for mercy as I exploded in another rush of rapture.

Frozen in the moment, I was oblivious to Duke as he walked over me and squatted. With my bum on the pillow, I was elevated to a level and position that Duke found very inviting.

Ouch! I felt something stab me; I thought maybe in his energized state he bit me. That's when I felt it again and opened my eyes fully. All I could see was the once glorious tongue dangling over my face. I felt it again; it was the bone in his boner, very sharp and off target.

My former self quickly regained control over my once convulsing body as I tried to push him off. The tongue was one thing and this was another, this was going too far. He growled showing his frustration with my attempts to break free. I froze once again.

Damn it! The bone hit me again; he wasn't very good at this. I couldn't take another blow like that from his ever stiffening member. I reached down to insure his next attempt would be successful. What was I doing I thought, I'm helping this dog, this inhumanly animal put his cock in my unwelcoming womanhood.

Hey, it was better than being stabbed again. Alas, he had his way as his growing cock managed its way into my flesh. Oh no, he was inside, now what? I pondered. Duke soon showed me, would it be too obvious to say he was humping like a hound dog? Five minutes under and I couldn't have expected to feel what I was.

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