BimboTech: A Friend in Need

by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, BiSexual, Science Fiction, DomSub, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Catherine tries to discover why her roommate is acting like a bimboslut.

Catherine was worried as she returned to her dorm room after class. Marissa, her roommate and best friend since forever, had failed to meet her for lunch. She didn't show up for class either. No one had seen her since breakfast that morning. Catherine prayed that her friend was in the dorm, safe and she was relieved to her noises from inside the dorm.

At least for a moment. Something was wrong. It sounded like Marissa was groaning. Was she sick?

"Marissa?" she called out as she struggled frantically with to unlock the door. "Marissa, what's wrong?"

Marissa made an even louder groan but it sounded muffled somehow. Catherine didn't know what to think. She just knew she had to get the door open.

And then the door was open and Catherine wished it wasn't. She was too shocked to close it, though. There was her best friend wearing nothing but a pair of pink socks. She was bent at the waist between two guys, her long blonde hair dangling free. The guys, whom Catherine had seen around campus but didn't know, had their pants around their ankles and their dicks in Marissa. Marissa was sucking one guy's prick while the other was vigorously humping her from behind.

When Marissa saw her dumbstruck roommate out of the corner of her eye, she pulled the hard cock out of her mouth to smile stupidly at her and squeal.

"Catherine! Like, oh my god! Come and play! It's so fun!"

Hearing her name brought Catherine out of her shocked stupor and hot blood rushed to her pale face.

"Marissa!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing!"

"It's a game called 'hide the sausage'!" Marissa exclaimed. "Derek and Chet are teaching me how to play! You just gotta try it--it's the funnest!"

The two guys were looking her up and down, eying her hopefully. Suddenly, Catherine was angry. Very, very angry. Something was wrong with her best friend. She was acting like she was on drugs or something and here were these two creepy guys taking advantage of her. For all Catherine knew they had drugged her. It seemed the only rational explanation.

"Get out!" she demanded, reaching into her bag and pulling out her mace.

"Hey!" said the one getting head. "Calm down! The slut is totally into it. If you don't want none, that's your business. You can just watch if that's your thing, but she invited us here for a three way and OH FUCKIN' SHIT! OH GOD! OH GOD! YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!"

"Holy shit, Chet! She fuckin' maced you!" exclaimed the guy with his cock in Marissa's cooze who by elimination must have been Derek.

Chet came at her, swatting blindly with his pants around his ankles. For all his trouble, he got a patent leather pump squarely between his naked thighs. He immediately crumpled.

"Holy Shit!" exclaimed Derek, struggling to pull out of Marissa's tight twat. The task was made difficult by the sex-crazed girl thrusting back towards him every time he started to pull out.

"Weeeee!" she exclaimed, wiggling her ass.

"Stop it, you crazy slut!" he exclaimed. "Can't you see your roommate is nuts?"

"But I wanna play hide the sausage! <giggle!>" exclaimed the impaled coed. "Fucky-fucky-fuck!"

"Get out!" screamed Catherine, brandishing her mace and advancing on Derek.

He backed away, Marissa's anxious ass doggedly following his retreating cock. Eventually he backed into the wall of the small room. Taking advantage of the leverage, he placed both hands on Marissa's firm ass and pushed her off his cock and into her furious roommate. The two girls tumbled to the ground in a jumble of arms and legs. Grabbing his pants, he made for the door, where Chet had crawled into the hallway.

"You better run!" shouted Catherine from beneath a naked, giggling Marissa.

"You're crazy, bitch! You're both nuts!" Derek exclaimed from the doorway.

Catherine extricated herself from her whacked-out friend and the guys fled in terror. She was tempted to pursue, but Marissa needed her. She slammed the door and locked it.

"Here, Marissa," said Catherine, grabbing up a fuzzy pink bath robe and squatting beside her naked roommate. The anger cooled as she focused on her abused friend. She gently helped her sit up and tried to placed the robe around her shoulders.

"But I'm pretty naked!" objected Marissa. "The boys said so!"

"Marissa, sweetie, those boys did something to you," Catherine tried to explain.

"I know!" said Marissa, brightening. "It was so fun! Why'd you chase 'em away? I was winning the game!"

The naked girl pouted a bit, but then broke out again in giggles. Catherine sighed. What on earth could she be on? Catherine had to find out. She would take Marissa to the emergency room but she first needed to know what the guys had given her. The doctor's wouldn't be able to help her if they didn't know what was in her. Blood tests could take forever.

"Marissa," she said, again pressing the robe on her, this time with more success. "I think those guys must have drugged you. I need you to think. Did they give you something to drink or eat?"

Marissa giggled.

"They gave me sausages! But they aren't really sausages," she shook her head. "They're really their thingies! <giggle>"

Catherine shuttered.

"No, Marissa, before that. Where did you meet them anyway?"

"Outside the one place with all the books," Marissa said.

"The library?" Catherine asked.

"Oh yeah! That's what that thingy is called! <giggle> You're so smart Catherine!"

So where you this morning, thought Catherine, but she pushed forward.

"And what were they doing outside the library?"

"They were just talkin' and stuff, so I asked them if they wanted to see my boobies and they said they did, so I showed them my boobies and they liked them a lot!"

Catherine had never seen Marissa so proud about anything.

"Wait, you just went up to them and showed them your breasts? And that was the first time you saw them today?"

"Uh-huh," Marissa confirmed, then giggled.

"And what were you doing before then?"

"I was showin' my boobies to some other guys. I showed 'em to like a hundred different guys today!" she bragged.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Catherine.

"That's what they said too!" Marissa exclaimed.

"Marissa, why on earth were you showing guys your boobs?"

"Cuz they like it, silly!" she explained. "The teacher guy even said so!"

"Wait, what teacher guy?" Catherine asked.

"The one with the really big cock!" Marissa clarified.

Could a professor have done this to her? It was to horrible to imagine. Plumbing Marissa for information in this state was near impossible though. Maybe if Catherine could find her planner she could retrace Marissa's steps and figure out who had done this to her.

She rummaged about Marissa's desk. This would normally bug the hell out of her roommate but in her current condition she was just singing softly to her self, punctuating it occasionally with giggles. Marissa's desk was in horrid disarray, but that wasn't due to her disheveled mind; it was always like that. Her planner was nowhere to be seen. Catherine realized with despair that Marissa had probably taken it with her when she left that morning and certainly wasn't likely to remember to take it back with her when she was busy showing her boobs to every guy on campus.

But she was in luck. There under a copy of Cosmo was a flyer--it was calling for volunteers for a psychology experiment. Written on it in Marissa's loopy scrawl was 'Thursday--11:00'. This was Thursday. The experiment was being run by Dr. ___ Jones. It was worth a shot.

"Marissa, was it Dr. Jones that told you to show your boobs to guys?" she asked, turning back to her friend.

Marissa had the robe spread wide open, along with her thighs, and the handle of Catherine's favorite hair brush was deep inside her pussy. Her tongue was lolling out of her mouth and her eyes were wide, frantic, delirious.

"God, Marissa, what are you doing?" Catherine exclaimed, as if it wasn't obvious.

She went to her friend and tried to both close the bathrobe and retrieve her hairbrush. Marissa misinterpreted what she was trying to do.

"Yes! Yes!" she exclaimed. "Help 'rissa fuck! So horny! So horny!"

"No, Marissa, no!" Catherine cried, fighting her for the hair brush but only succeeding in pumping it in an out of her.

"Yes, Cat, Yes!" she cried "'Rissa like! Rissa like!"

Marissa let one hand off the brush and grabbed hold of Catherine's right boob, staining her blouse with the fluid that was welling up out of her cunt. Catherine was so shocked that she didn't take advantage and pull out the brush. She just stared at her friends hand groping her, shocked at how hard her nipples had gotten.

"<giggle> Cat has nice boobies too!" her maddened friend observed. "If Cat will like 'Rissa's pussy, 'Rissa will lick Cat's pussy!"

Catherine blushed furiously.

"Oh my god," was all she could say.

Then she remembered her anger at whoever had done this to her friend. Her anger was her salvation. She could do anything if she was pissed enough. She pulled the hairbrush out of Marissa's hand and hole and threw it across the room. She then slapped Marissa's kneading hand from her chest.

"Now look, Marissa, you've got to pull yourself together! Someone has done something horrid to you and we've got to find out who it was. I can't take you to the hospital or the police like this and I can't leave you alone, so you've got to get dressed and you've got to come with me, understand?"

"But Ca-at, I'm hor-neeeeeey!" she whined.

"I don't care!" Catherine declared. "Put your clothes on!"

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