Surprise, Surprise

by Nancy

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Desc: Sex Story: Adaptation of a story previously posted on the net.<br> Young married woman who's husband is in the Navy posted elsewhere is invited to stay with a girl friend and her cousin at their small farm. Things develop from there.<br>(F/dogs)


(Original: Taken by Surprise (F/dog, FF, reluc)
by Susan Watergate (

This event was a mistake, you might even call it an accident. But since this event, I have had a few more encounters with farm animals and my girl friends and I are still having a great time together on the farm. 1998.

I thought I knew how lucky I was to live on a farm while my husband was stationed in Alaska, but I had no idea just how lucky I really was until last Tuesday.

I had lived most of my life in St. Louis and was considered quite the good girl in my family. Although my husband James, and I married very young our sex lives had been pretty much routine. A little 69, lots of bi stuff and even a little anal intercourse, but that was the most I had ever encountered. The wildest thing I had ever encountered was watching a few porno movies at a downtown adult movie house.

Well, James was now off on his NAVY tour and had been gone for two months. Stationed in Alaska, and was supposed to be there for another three months. The longest stretch we had ever experienced. I really missed my husband but being in the Navy he didn't get home as often as I would have liked, so we only get to see each other when he's on furlough. About once every three or four months usually. Not this time though. This time it was going to be five months.

We had both agreed that getting together every three, four or even five months was a long time to go without any sex, so our agreement was that we would both masturbate to relieve our tension. Or if we were to have sex with another person it should be with someone of the same sex and we wouldn't talk about it when we were together again.

My best friend Karen, and her sister May had insisted that I moved in with them on their farm until James was finished with his tour of duty sometime in September. I had accepted immediately and moved in, in May. I couldn't resist the invitation because the farm is very beautiful, it has four hundred and eighty acres of land with lots of open grazing. There's a magnificent wooded area covered in grazing grasses next to a small lake with a little stream running in and out of it. The water in the lake is about six feet deep in the center. It's clear and cool, but in the warm spring and hot summer months it's wonderful for swimming, and I took every opportunity to visit.

One of the things I liked most about the farm was all of the animals. The girls had a number of cattle and sheep with some crops. It seemed like everywhere I looked I could see cattle and sheep. There were also a few horny rams and two giant Black Angus bulls with huge muscles all over their bodies.

There were also a few chickens, six pigs, one of them a fairly large boar, and lots of cats, not to mention three horses and four dogs. It seemed like the dogs were always off somewhere rummaging or hunting something. The horses earned their keep by carrying us around the farm on various chores or when the cattle were being herded.

All four dogs were huge. Three of them were brothers and a mixture of English Mastiff, and German Shepherd. They had the head and snout of the Shepherd but the body of the Mastiff. Karen said they had been abused and trained badly before she got them. They were aggressive to strangers although they had never shown these tendencies towards Karen or May. When I first arrived they were very wary of me, and a couple of times they had me backed into a corner or against a wall until either Karen or May came to my rescue. Funny thing though, whenever they had me at their mercy they were wagging their tails. Or at least their ears wren't lowered or the teeth beared.

Of the four dogs the favourite was Digger. Digger was about a year older than the others, and a huge black lab. He was really good at hunting. He'd earned his named because he was always digging around the farm trying to sniff out different smells.

Being a city girl I hadn't been aware of the goings on around a farm and was really surprised when I first arrived with all of the open breeding acts. My first visual experience was with the stud horse. Karen was just starting to groom him and I was taking some iced tea out to her. I approached them from the horses rear quarter so I hadn't seen them very clearly, but when I walked up to them, I looked up from the tea, I saw his giant horse cock hanging out of its sheath. This horse cock was hanging down, and was getting longer as I watched. It was close to the length of my forearm to begin with and as I watched it grew until it reached close to 2 or 3 feet long. It took my breath away, and lit a strange feeling inside me. The next thing I remember was Karen saying something about needing some salt from the back feed barn and wanting me to take one of the trucks back there and get 3 blocks. This particular chore I didn't mind because the back barn was very near that nice little spring.

So off in the truck I drove. I got the salt blocks loaded into the truck, then drove over to the spring. I stripped down and waded into the water. It was a little cool, which made my nipples, stand out straight. I was hoping the dip in the spring would help clear my mind and cool off the warmth in my pussy I was still feeling from seeing that enormous horse cock. After my dip I was lying with my head back on the towel enjoying the warmth on my naked body after the cool water, when I heard a noise near the truck.

I looked up to see a few cows grazing nearby, some of which seemed interested in the truck. I remembered they were used to Karen having some range cubes that she would use to gather the heard. It was only a few minutes later when I heard some snorting at the rear of the truck. There I saw one of the largest bulls on the farm. He had his head down in a stream of cow piss sniffing and bulling for all of his worth. It was several seconds before this cow finished pissing but when she was finished, the bull raised his head and let down his dick.

I couldn't believe my eyes. The bull's dick just kept getting longer. Seeing the second, enormous cock in my life I stood up and walked to the edge of the spring and sat down on the cool grass. I was now only about 25 feet from the bull and cow. From this point I set and watched this massive Animal mount the cow and slide his dick deep inside of her. I can't tell you how long this act took but I think I fingered my pussy raw watching. So much for cooling off my pussy. I spent the rest of the day slightly flustered at seeing free, abandoned, raw sex. I finishing my few chores long before dinner then spent the evening lost in thought about sex. At about 9 o'clock I said good night to the ladies and went to bed.

I dreamed all night about sex. My dreams had been so sexually raw, and fantastic. I had never even come close to imagining the lust my head had pictured. One dream had me being filled with cock in both my holes and holding two more in my hands, but the cocks were not human they were animals. There had been a horse, a bull, and two dogs, and they had stuffed me and humped me until I had come several times. I woke after that dream completely soaked in sweat and my panties where so saturated I had to change. I needed sex bad. I needed sex now, but there wasn't a man anywhere and James was in Alaska.

I woke late next morning feeling very tired. I had slept in. When I finished using the bathroom, I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. I found a note on the table saying that Karen had gone to town and May had gone to the neighbour's to babysit for the two kids while their parents had gone to the city for a couple of days. Karen wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon. I didn't mind at all. I needed time to think and straighten out my head.

I spent the rest of the morning doing my chores, and since it was such a warm sunny day, I decided to take a shower and go for a walk around the farm. I put on one of my little sun dresses. Sun dresses allow the cool breeze to blow gently around my legs and over my body, and because the top is so small and loose the warm sun can get to my shoulders, back and chest. I put on a clean pair of white cotton panties. and a pair of small sandals without stockings or socks. I might as well have been naked, but then nobody was going to see me anyway.

I left Karen a note where I was going, and set off for my walk. As I walked though the basement I grabbed a towel and my backpack to carry it in. I also stuffed in a bottle of wine in the pack in case I got thirsty, or whatever.

The walk was going well and I had covered a good piece of ground. The afternoon sun was bearing down on me and the sweat was dripping from under my armpits and down between my legs. I really felt like taking another swim, but the small lake was still to far away. I saw the big oak tree at the top of the hill where the lovely little glade in the wooded area was. So I turned towards it.

Once I arrived under its shade I laid out my towel and sat down, and opened the wine bottle. The wine really tasted great and was still quite cool. I usually don't drink that much during the day but it was so hot, one glass seemed to follow another. The sun grew hotter, but the wine, the shade and the slight breeze was keeping me feeling very light headed and carefree. I stood up to move the towel and fell back to my knees. I guess drinking that much wine wasn't very smart.

I began to feel the need to pee but was afraid that I would fall again so I pulled my panties off. Then I simply rolled my butt off of the towel and let loose. I remembered rolling back onto the towel. I think I was finished peeing. Sleep quickly over came me.

"Oh, that feels great." I thought. In my mind, in my dreams, I knew the great feeling of someone licking my pussy. "Oh yes that does feel good.". Now I could feel a wonderful tongue licking deep inside of my pussy. I was coming, and my cum was running out of me like a river. My mind was in the throws of orgasmic ecstasy, which seemed to last beyond my endurance.

I finally convince myself that this was no dream, and that my pussy was being eaten. My eyes jerked open and I got up on my forearms.

"Oh damn." I screamed. Digger was lapping away at my pussy. My dress was pushed up over my belly, and my legged were spread wide.

I lay there for several seconds watching, and feeling in total disbelief, and confusion, not understanding how a dog could be eating my pussy. It must have taken another few seconds for me to realise that I had to do something to stop this terrible act. Yet all the time Digger just kept lapping at my pussy lips with his long tongue and burying his nose deeper and deeper inside of my pussy.

"Stop!!" I screamed. "Digger stop it now you bad dog."I clamped my legs together, but I was physically weakened from the heat, the wine and the sleepiness, so the effect on Digger was just like giving him a big hug. It sure didn't stop him, or even slow him down. All he did was drive his snout further into me.

Oh God! The course hair round his muzzle scratching my mound, the roughness of his tongue inside me, and his cool wet nose scraping against my clit was more than I could resist.

I couldn't decide what to do. Whether to scream and push at him or to fight him off. He had to be stopped. Didn't he?

The wine and my light headedness had reduced my inhibitions. I knew that damned dog had to stop but I didn't know how.

The things he was doing to me were wrong, totally immoral, wicked, horrible and unnatural. Weren't they? I kicked my legs out, trying to get a good wack at him, to drive him away, but my foot couldn't reach far enough back to connect with him.

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