What The Computer Hath Joined

by Uncle Sky

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a short wedding story written in honor of the marriage of a fellow writer. It is not my usual story. It may not please my fans but is posted with all my others for your pleasure.

This story was written in honor of the 30 Aug 2003 wedding of Souvie and John.

Cash was nervous. This was the big day so he had a right to be. Isn't everyone nervous on their wedding day? He paced back and forth as he waited and tried to remain calm. It wasn't working. This was a big step. Was he ready? How had he gotten into this?

He thought back to the start of it all. He had been coming here for about a year when she first showed up. He was attracted to her from the very start. She seemed smart and had a great sense of humor. She joined in the conversations without any hesitation and contributed to them knowledgeably. He knew she was beautiful even before he saw her picture.

In the beginning they were just two of many who shared their time and thoughts. But as time went on they began to share more with each other. They both shared their fantasies and found they were similar. A closeness developed without their even seeing it. Others noticed before they did. But as time went on they realized they belonged together. And so he had finally asked and she had accepted. Today they would make the connection permanent. Or as permanent as these things ever are.

The place was filling up rapidly. Cash could see the crowd from where he was waiting. It had been quite a job to schedule the wedding at a time and place that allowed most of the regs to attend. As he looked out at them he could see people from all over the globe. There were some from the UK and New Zealand and Canada. There were people there from all over the US as well. It was a good turnout.

He marvelled at the variety of clothing. They had told everyone to "come as you are." It looked like they had done just that. He saw some men in military uniforms, some in sports shirts and slacks, some in suits. One guy was wearing the plainest brown suit Cash had ever seen. And as for the ladies, well they were really a strange group. There were some in leather and chains, some in fancy dresses and some who looked more like men than women. Some looked sexy and some looked frightening. But all seemed comfortable in what they wore and who they were.

Cash was wearing what might be called a modified tuxedo. At first glance it looked like any other tux. But when you looked closely you saw that it emphasized his "package" in a way that was very unusual. Anyone looking closely could tell that Cash was very well hung.

As the time for the ceremony neared, his best man joined him. Frank was perhaps the most normal looking person there. He wore a standard tux and looked like the guy next door. It was a comfort to have him standing there with Cash. They moved into position at the front of the room and heard the crowd reaction. There were several women that commented on his tux and what it showed. That made him smile.

Music played as they waited. It had been selected by the other Frank. As usual he had selected just the right music for the occasion even though it was not traditional. At least it wasn't until it changed to the Wedding March.

Everyone turned to the back of the room. There they saw a little girl about five years old, in a blue dress, holding a basket. As she started down the aisle she reached in the basket and pulled out some rose petals which she then dropped along the way. She seemed very happy and proud of herself as she walked slowly down the aisle.

Next came the bridesmaid. Carrie had chosen to have only one. She was a lovely lady dressed in a soft green gown that looked almost like leaves. If it hadn't been for her red hair you might have mistaken her for part of a tree. Perhaps a graceful branch covered with leaves. She moved smoothly down the aisle behind the little girl.

And then came the bride. A vision to behold. Carrie wore a white gown (why not it's a modern wedding) that showed off her body for all to see. The gown had no back and the front plunged to her navel. Only faith held it up over her luscious breasts. It was short and so allowed her gorgeous long legs to flash as she walked. Cash felt a tightness in his chest and a surge in his pants. What beauty was coming toward him. He was indeed a very lucky man.

When Carrie reached him, she took hold of his hand and they turned to face the preacher. It had been a problem getting the Reverend to officiate since he was seldom seen these days. But he had been persuaded by the regs.

The ceremony was fairly normal until they reached the vows. Cash and Carrie had written the vows and repeated them together.

"I promise here with these people to love and honor you for as long as we are here together. I will share with you all my life and love as long as we are able. And when the time comes for us to part I promise to remember you with love."

The preacher then spoke. "Here and now in this place I pronounce you husband and wife. May you live and love here for all time. You may kiss the bride."

Cash did as instructed and kissed his bride. It was a very long and passionate kiss. They broke it off only after they heard the best man clearing his throat. Carrie took her flowers from the bridesmaid and they walked up the aisle and out of the room.

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