It's a Man's World
Part 1

Caution: This Indian Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Indian Sex story, Indian Incest Sex Story, Indian Brother/Sister sex story

Desc: Indian Incest Sex Story: Part 1 - It is Holi, the festival of colours. Aditi's seven-month pregnant sister and her brother in law are visiting them. Unknowingly Aditi drinks a couple of glasses of bhang, an intoxicant. Things start to happen...

My name is Aditi, Except my daddy everyone else calls me Adi. I am nine months pregnant. The doctors say that I will deliver my boy any day. Yes I know... they told me it is a boy.

Damn this pregnancy, I am convinced that it will kill me. I became so huge that everyone said I was going to have twins but the doctors established that it was only a boy thank God for that.

A month back I had some spotting and was rushed to the hospital. After ten days the doctors sent me home, though I was still feeling miserable, to die. They insisted that I am okay and advised me complete bed rest. You know how these doctors are nowadays you can't believe them anymore.

Let me tell you something in confidence, they prefer that their patients die at home rather than in the hospital because nobody would know that they have lost a patient or two. This is how they maintain their reputation.

Omigosh! I am bored to death. I have no one to keep me company except for the idiot box and this computer. Even the stupid cable guy is conspiring against me. He has stopped showing the programs I like. Probably he also knows that I am going to die. I have four maids but now when I need them they are not here.

Ouch! The little rascal is kicking me. Akaash (I have already named him. Akaash means sky. I hope you like the name? If not who cares) is impatient to see the world and why not after all it is a man's world. He would in all probability want to meet his parents also. This is where my problem starts because I myself don't know who his real father is.

No, no it is not what you are thinking. I am happily married and have been since over a year. When I conceived him four virile young men, including my husband, were fucking me day and night for two weeks. Confusing isn't it?

Before my end comes let me try and explain how all this came about. Perry Mason always advises his clients that the best way to narrate a story is to start from the beginning but I am not going to do that just because some stupid lawyer said so.

Let me tell you what I will do. I will begin from a year after, then go back to the beginning and then proceed from where I left off. Got it? I suppose not. Let me explain... omigosh even I find it confusing.

Best is, I start writing, you just sit back and try to make some sense out of it. Agreed?

Good! Tighten your seat belt, we are ready to take off.

Few years ago on a cold January afternoon Sarita and I were sitting in my room. She was checking her e-mail and I was glancing through a fashion magazine.

Sarit and I loved surfing. Together we surfed the net for hours. We loved visiting pornographic sites specially the ones that showed naked men. We looked at the huge cocks and discussed as to how it would feel to have one of those big ones up our cunts.

We also frequented many chat rooms. Chatting with people using false identities. To get cheap thrills we enjoyed using vulgar words, which we couldn't do in our daily life. We also got in the habit of using these words when we were alone.

Sarit was a member of many sites, which posted erotic stories. Some of them even sent them in her mail. We would read the erotic stories together, get horny and masturbate like hell.

"Adi come let us surf the net' Sarit asked me.

'You go ahead I am not in the mood' I replied, 'besides I must return this magazine to the library later this evening'.

'Okay if that is what you want' Sarit replied making a face.

This is how it happened that she was checking her mail and I was reading a magazine.

'Adi have you read this story?' Sarit asked me.

'No what is it about?' I asked absentmindedly.

'It is about a young girl who was deflowered by her jija (Brother in law - sister's husband)' Sarit giggled.

'Hmm' I responded without looking up from my magazine.

'Look, here is a story written by a boy about how he fucked his sister's best friend on Holi' she said.

(Holi is an important Hindu festival. In the west Holi is better known as the Festival of Colors. On Holi people visit friends and relatives, put dry color and colored water on each other. It is celebrated in spring each year. Many believe it heralds the onset of summer)'

'So' I replied still engrossed in my magazine.

'Adi you are not paying attention' she said snatching the magazine.

'Of course I am listening to you' I replied retrieving my magazine.

'Okay tell me what I said?' she asked. The truth was that I had not heard a word. Sarit's favorite topics were boys and sex so I took an educated guess.

'You said something about a boy fucking a girl' I replied hoping to score a bull's eye.

'No I did not' she complained, 'I told you, you were not listening'.

'Sorry Sarit tell me again' I said closing the magazine, 'I am all ears now'. She repeated what she had said.

'Why are you telling me all this?' I asked puzzled.

'Kyonki meri pyaari Adi teri choot bhi tau tere jiju ne Holi a mauke pe phardi thi (Because, my dear Adi, your jiju (Jija = jiju = sister's husband) also deflowered you on the occasion of Holi' she said giggling.

'Why this sudden interest in what jiju and I did last Holi' I inquired raising one eyebrow.

'Don't you understand your story has both the ingredients first saali (wife's sister) -jija angle and the festival of Holi. You should also write your story and post it on the net' Sarit suggested.

'Hai nahin! Main sharam se mar jauingi (Omigosh no! I will die of shame)' I replied blushing.

'There is nothing to be embarrassed about. No one will know who you are' she replied then sitting up straight in her chair, pointing her big twin peaks at me added in her best pucca sahib accent, 'net is anonymous you know'.

'Lagta hai tu pagal ho gayi hai (It seems you have gone mad)' I replied laughing.

'Nahin main pagal nahin hoon (No I am not insane). Just think about it' she said then changing the subject added, 'I hear jiju is coming for a visit on this Holi also'.

'Oh yes he is coming' I sighed.

'How does it feel?' she asked.

'Jiju ke aane ke baare main soch soch kar mere dil main kuch kuch hota hai (Just thinking about jiju's visit makes my heart go pitter patter)' I replied truthfully.

'Arre pagali main tere dil ke baare main nahin poonch rahi hoon, bata teri pyari choot ka kya haal hai (Stupid girl I am not asking about your heart, tell me how does your dear cunt feel)' she giggled poking my crotch with her finger.

'Oh meri choot ka bura haal hai? Jab se suna hai jiju aa rahain hain, woh nadi ki terah beh rahi hai rukne ka naam hi nahin leti (Oh my cunt is in a terrible state? Since I have heard about jiju's coming it is flowing like a river. It would just not stop)' I giggled.

'Don't worry jiju will put a cork in it and stop the flow' she laughed.

'I hope so. I am looking forward to it' I sighed clasping the magazine to my breasts.

'Sarit I have heard that your jijaji is also visiting you folks this Holi. My advice is that you let him plug your cunt. You will love it' I suggested grinning.

'Na baba na main jaissi hoon achchi hoon (No thanks I am fine as I am)' she replied, 'waisse bhi mere jijaji aisse nahin hain. Woh ek gentleman hain aur mujhe ek lady ki terah treat karte hain (Anyway my jijaji is not like that. He is a gentleman and treats me like a lady)'.

'You mean to say that your jijaji is a gentleman and my jiju is a rogue?' I retorted throwing the magazine at her.

'Remember you said it, I didn't' she laughed ducking my missile, 'Sorry Adi I must run, I promised to help mama clean the store today'.

'Achcha mera jiju badmash hai? Main tujhe dikhati hoon (So my jiju is a rogue? I will show you)' I muttered to myself after Sarit had left, 'agar maine iss Holi per teri choot main tere gentleman jijaji se daat nahin lagwayi tau mera naam Aditi nahin (if, on this Holi. I don't get your cunt plugged by your gentleman jijaji then my name is not Aditi)'.

Frankly I had no intention of telling you in detail about jiju and me but now that Sarit has blown the whistle I might as well tell you how it happened. But before proceeding any further let me give you some background about our families and us for better understanding.

Sarita is my best friend. We grew up together. There are no secrets between us. We confide everything in each other including our most personal things. We are so close that many a times we take a shower together, kissing, hugging and touching each other. No we have no lesbian tendencies but do it just for fun. Sarit is a couple of months younger to me. Our thinking, tastes and reaction to most issues is about the same except that in a tense situation Sarit gets nervous very quickly. Another difference is our looks.

Sarit is 5' 6" tall, fair and slim with short bobbed hair. She is pretty but not a head turner. You can't say this about her boobs. They have turned many a heads. Omigosh, they are big. Sorry big is not the right word, they are huge, like two mini Mount Everest peaks. I always tease her by saying, 'Sarit be sure to marry a mountain climber. An ordinary man will never be able to climb on top of you on your wedding night and you will remain a virgin all your life'.

In contrast I, Aditi am no taller than 5' 3", with wheatish complexion, slim and have long black hair. My boobs are small. When I tease Sarit about the size of her boobs she retaliates by calling my boobs miserable looking pimples or mosquito bites.

Another fact that brought us so close to each other was that our fathers are also great friends. They had been class fellows in school and college. In other words they did all things that boys do together. After their education they started their own businesses. They invested in land in the same colony and built their houses around the same time. I would npt be surprised if the architect and the contractor were also the same. Sarit's house is about seven minutes walk away from mine.

We are five members in my family, my parents Ravi and Seema Razdan, my elder sister Madhu, my thirteen-year-old younger brother Hemant (Hemu) and I. Our two-storied house is built on a 500 sq. yard plot. Drawing room, dining room, kitchen and a guest room along with stores etc. are situated on the ground floor and three bedrooms with attached bathroom, one for the parents, one for us sisters and one for Hemu, are on the first floor.

About five years ago my father developed some problem in his knees, making it difficult for him to climb stairs. As a result my parents shifted to the guestroom on the ground floor and we three children enjoyed the luxury of not having to share a room.

Sarit's father being more affluent constructed a palatial house on a 1000 sq. yard plot. There are only four members in Sarit's family, her parents Romesh and Lila Singh, an elder sister, Rashmi and her.

Three years ago my sister Madhu married Mohan. Four months later Rashmi also got married to Abhishek (Abhi). Like Sarit and me both Madhu didi (Didi= respectful term used to address an elder sister) and Rashmi didi were of nearly the same age, class fellows and great friends.

Are you guys still with me? Please raise your hand if something is not clear. No hands! Good now let me get on with the story. In case I have forgotten something I shall elaborate during the flight.

Two days before last Holi jiju and Madhu didi came to visit us and moved into Madhu didi's room on the first floor. Didi was seven months pregnant. Their plan was that after spending his one-month vacation jiju would return leaving didi behind for the delivery and return three months later to take her and the baby home.

It was a special Holi. No, no not because what happened between jiju and me but because daddy was the president of the "Residents Welfare Society" of our colony. Elaborate arrangements had been made as many guests were expected. Several tubs were rented and filled with water of different colors. A halwayi (a person who specializes in cooking sweets and snacks) was hired to prepare sweets and other snacks. Our servant, Bhola was in charge of making thandayi and bhang.

(The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines Bhang as an Indian hemp used as narcotic and intoxicant. It can be smoked, chewed, eaten and drunk).

NOTE: Traditionally bhang mixed in thandayi is served on Holi. Some people go to the extent of mixing bhang in sweets and other snacks also. Thandayi, a cooling drink, is made of grounded dry fruits predominantly almonds, herbs and select spices blended with cold milk or water.

It was a fine sunny day. The sun was shining bright in the sky. It was not hot but warm enough to make playing with water a pleasure. We all assembled in the lawn of the house. After greeting each other and rubbing dry color on each other the elders including didi sat in the verandah while Hemu, jiju and I waited for the revelers to arrive. Hemu started the ball rolling by shooting a jet of colored water from his 'pichkari' (a large syringe like contraption) on jiju.

'Wait you young scoundrel' jiju said and ran after him. Catching him jiju dumped him in a tub full of colored water.

'Jiju what about didi?' Hemu suggested with a naughty smile as he climbed out of the tub. I tried to escape them but jiju was faster. Effortlessly he picked me up in his arms and dunked me in the tub. When I stepped out of the tub my drenched clothes were sticking to my body revealing it's each curve and bulge. As I was squeezing the excess water from my wet clothes I noticed jiju staring at me with a strange gleam in his eyes.

I forgot all about it as group of visitors arrived. The elders moved to greet my parents while the younger crowd joined us. I noticed that each time the revelers came, jiju concentrated more on me rather on them. Many a times I felt his hand squeezing my boobs and his hard cock pressing against my butt. At first I ignored it thinking that it was unintentional but when this happened again and again, I realized that jiju was doing it on purpose.

'Jiju stop it' I said when it happened the next time. Jiju just laughed. When he squeezed my tits again I said, 'Jiju please stop it otherwise I will tell mummy'.

'Stop what?' he laughed.

'Mere mamme dabane bund karo (Stop squeezing my boobs)' I replied looking him in the eyes.

'Main tere mamme kahan daba raha hoon main tau sirf ek hee mamma daba raha hoon kyonki tu mere adhi gharwali hai (I am not squeezing your boobs. I am pressing only one of them because you are my half wife only)' he replied.

Reflecting briefly, I realized that what he had said was right he had manhandled the same breast each time.

'Ek mamma ya do mujhe pasand nahin hai iss liye aur mat kijiye (One boob or both I don't like it so please stop)' I told him.

'No I will not I am only exercising my right' he replied.

'Kaun sa huq? Aap ko ye huq kissne diya (What right? Who gave you this right?)' I asked getting annoyed.

'Your parents. Remember you are my saali (wife's sister). They say that saali aadhi gharwali (Literally translated it means: Wife's sister is husband's half wife). I am only following their diktat' he replied with a grin.

'Main aadhi gharwali ke chukker ko nahin maanti iss liye please aur mat kijiye (I don't subscribe to this "half wife" stuff so please stop)' I told him.

Revelers kept coming and going. Jiju did not desist. Whenever he got a chance he continued to squeeze my boob and press his hardness against my ass.

'The only way to make him stop was to make a scene' I thought, 'but it was not in didi's interest, she being seven months pregnant'. I therefore decided to ignore his childish game. Another reason was that I did not find his touch unpleasant.

Sarit and her parents arrived followed by a large group. We got busy playing Holi with them and entertaining them. Jiju continued to exercise his so-called "right". As the crowd thinned Sarit took me aside.

'Adi I see you are having a great time with your jiju' she giggled.

'You saw what he is doing?' I asked grimacing, 'I have asked him to stop but he says it his "right" because I am his saali, aadhi gharwali (sister in law, half wife)'.

'Why don't you tell auntie or better just scream murder when he does it the next time' Sarit suggested.

'I thought of it but it might have an adverse effect on didi. Her health is more important to me' I replied, 'so I have decided to ignore his innocent game'. I did not tell her that I enjoyed his touch and his hard on pressing against my ass made my choot wet.

'Dhyan rakhna kahin woh khel khel main tujhe aadhi se poori gharwali na bana le (Be careful that in this little game from his half wife you become his full wife' Sarit laughed.

'No way' I replied, 'you think I am stupid'.

'Who knows?' Sarit giggled.

Before I could give her a befitting reply more guests arrived and I got busy looking after them. In the meanwhile Sarit left with her parents. After couple of hours jiju and I sat down to relax.

'I am thirsty' I said, 'I am going to have some thandayi. Will you join me?'.

'Yes' jiju replied and shouted, 'HEMU'.

Hemu adored his jiju actually we all did, and came running. 'Yes jiju' he panted.

'Hemu please ask Bhola to bring us a glass of thandayi' jiju said then turning to me asked, 'I am going to try some bhang what about you?'

'No thanks I will stick to plain thandayi' I replied, 'Hemu one glass with bhang for jiju and the other without bhang for me'.

'Yes didi' Hemu replied.

With jiju playing his little games I was suspicious and just to make sure that Hemu had understood the instructions correctly I made him to repeat them. Couple of minutes later he returned with two glasses. 'Bhola has had too much bhang, so I have brought them' he said.

'One without bhang for didi and one with bhang for jiju' he said handing the respective glasses to us. I was so thirsty that I nearly downed the whole glass in one gulp.

'Adi more guests have come' jiju said getting up.

'I'll just join you' I replied and draining the glass ran after him.

'Omigosh I am thirsty' I said after seeing the new guests off, 'jiju will you like another glass?'

'Yes thank you I will' he replied finishing his glass. 'Hemu please one more round of the same' I requested my brother.

'Hemu tell Bhola to put some more bhang in my glass. I could hardly taste it in the first one' jiju told Hemu.

Just then mummy arrived on the scene. 'Adi it is getting late and we are going to get ready. Mohanji (Mohan = jiju's name and ji added for respect. Sons in law in a Hindu family are highly respected) and you can look after the guests though I doubt if any more will come. Hemu you also go and have your bath' mummy said pulling a protesting Hemu, who was giving us our drink, behind her.

Jiju and I finished our second glass. While we were seeing off some visitors' mummy shouted from the verandah, 'Adi we are ready now you and Mohanji also go and have your bath'.

'One minute' Jiju said and picking me up dumped me in a tub half full of colored water and started to knead my tit with one hand and rub me between my legs with the other. I struggled and shouted for help.

My mother heard me but had no inkling as to what jiju was up to. She watched us from the verandah with an indulgent smile on her lips thinking I was shouting because jiju had dumped me in the tub. He, being stronger than me, continued with his evil intentions.

After five minutes jiju released me. 'Jiju you are a very, very bad man' I told him wringing the excess water from my clothes.

'Adi let us get ready now' he said laughing.

When we reached the stairs my legs suddenly felt weak and I nearly fell.

'Careful' jiju said putting his arm round me to support me. His hand cupped my boob. He continued to press my boob while helping me up the stairs.

'Please jiju no more' I pleaded but he paid no heed to my plea. I tried to struggle but felt too weak and groggy. Slowly we went up the stairs to my room.

'I can manage now you go' I told jiju shaking my head vigorously trying to clear the cobwebs in it. He removed his arm but my legs buckled.

'Let me help you' jiju said catching me and led me into the bathroom.

Once inside he suddenly embraced me, crushing my body against his. Chucking me under the chin he raised my face and started to kiss me passionately. I could feel his hardness pushing against my belly. Then he started to rub my cunt from above my salwar (the lower part of the dress salwar kameez). I tried to free myself but I was too weak to make any impact.

He then put his hand inside my salwar and caressed my naked choot. I intensified my effort to get free. In the ensuing struggle the string holding up my salwar broke and it slid down to my knees. His hand now had unhindered access to my cunt. He ran his fingers up and down in between my lower lips.

'Oh jiju please don't' I moaned. Jiju picked me up and carried me to my bed. Laying me down he disentangled the salwar hanging from one leg and dropping his pants lay on top off me. Luckily I still I had enough sense to close my thighs tightly. This did not deter him. He rubbed his hard cock in between my now wet slit.

'Oh it feels so good' I moaned. Involuntarily my legs relaxed and separated slightly. Seizing this opportunity Jiju pushing his knees in between them spread them wide and putting his mouth on mine pushed forward. I felt a stab of pain cut through my body as his hard cock entered me. My scream of pain was muffled by his lips on mine. For a moment he relaxed. Sarit's words were still echoing in my head.

Instead of shouting for help or asking him to let me go I said looking him in the eye, 'Ab aapne mujhe aadhi se poori gharwali bana hee liya (Now from half wife you have made me your full wife)' I said.

'Abhi nahin abhi tau aadha hee gaya hai (Not yet it is only half in)' he smiled and pushed again. I felt his cock slide deeper inside me. Jiju started to move his cock in and out of me.

'Jiju please don't' I protested but he was past listening. Even my befuddled mind knew what we were doing was wrong but my body wanted more. Jiju's cock felt so good. I had never experienced such wonderful sensation before. With each stroke the feeling got more and more intense. I lay moaning, 'Oh jiju' 'Oh jiju'.

Jiju was moving much faster now. I was fast approaching an orgasm. 'OH JIJU GO ON. PLEASE DON'T STOP' I shouted. My mind willing him to go on and on. My body arched. I was nearly there but suddenly jiju withdrew his cock. The first spurt of his cum hit me on my chin the second fell on my stomach and the rest collected in a heap on my pubic hair.

'Oh jiju nikaal kyon liya (Oh jiju why did you withdraw?)' I moaned disappointed.

'I had to otherwise there was danger of your getting pregnant' he said gently kissing me, 'don't worry when we do it the next time we both will have our full pleasure'.

I was so engrossed in enjoying the new sensation that I had completely forgotten about the consequences. I thanked God that at least jiju had the sense to be careful.

'Adi it is late. Get up and get ready' he said pulling on his pants. Then kissing me lightly on my lips left.

I don't know how long I lay on the bed thinking what I should do. Didi's marriage and happiness were at stake. What if didi loses her baby on hearing what jiju has done to me? No, no the thought in it self was so frightening that I could never let that happen.

Slowly I dragged myself out of the bed. The cold shower did me a world of good. As I stood under the shower I tried to recall what jiju had said. Ah yes, it was something about having our full pleasure when we do it the next time. 'That is what you think. There is going to be no next time' I muttered to myself smiling sardonically.

Half an hour later when I went down the family was eating lunch and discussing something loudly. Seeing me approach the conversation ceased and everyone stared at me.

'There she is' Madhu didi laughed.

'How are you feeling? Are you all right?' mummy asked concerned.

Why is she asking me this? Why are they all staring at me like this? Do they know or have they guessed? These were the few questions that went through my guilt-ridden mind. 'I am sure jiju is not stupid enough to have told them' I thought.

Blushing I shot back, 'What should be wrong with me?'

'Aditi we are asking you this because it was your first time' daddy said gently.

'My first time? Omigosh they know' I panicked, 'jiju has told them everything'.

'It was not my fault he... ' I started to explain but jiju intervened retrieving the situation, 'Adi Mummy is asking you this because it was the first time that you had bhang to drink'.

'Bhang to drink! I did not drink bhang. Why are they... oh I see Hemu had given me bhang with the thandayi? So this explains everything. That is the reason why I felt so woozy and weak' I thought and made a mental note to kill the little rascal.

'Oh you want know about bhang' I laughed nervously much relieved.

'What else?' didi asked looking confused.

'Oh nothing. Just a little confused otherwise I am fine' I replied sitting down then glaring at Hemu added, 'but I have a bone to pick with this little rascal'.

'Mummy please tell her it was not my fault' Hemu wailed appealing for help.

'He is right it was not his fault' mummy said coming to his defense, 'you know how Bhola lisps and on top of that he had had too much bhang. Hemu misunderstood him and gave you the glass with bhang in it'.

'Hemu how could you misunderstand such a simple thing? Did you also drink bhang like Bhola?' I asked.

'No I did not touch the stuff. Didi I am sorry it was really an honest mistake. I told Bhola what you had said. Giving me a glass Bhola lisped deh glath dida te diye aur deh glath didu de diye (Dith glassh thor dida and dith thor didu)' Hemu said mimicking Bhola, 'I thought by didu he meant jiju but the glass was meant for you'.

'You stupid fellow do you realize that your honest mistake has cost me my virginity' I thought wryly.

Soon everyone lost interest in my plight and the table buzzed with conversation. They tried to involve me in it but I excused myself by saying I was still a bit disoriented. The truth was that I was so ashamed that I could not see anyone in the eye but what surprised me was that jiju talked and laughed as if nothing had happened and deflowering an unsuspecting virgin was part of his daily routine.

I don't know how I went through the whole day but after dinner I excused myself saying that I was tired and wanted to go to sleep early.

In my room I changed into my nightie and hit the sack. I was asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

In the middle of the night I suddenly woke up. Somebody was caressing and kissing me between my legs. 'HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' I shouted unable to comprehend what was happening as my mind was still drugged with sleep.

'Shh not so loud. It is I, your jiju' jiju replied.

'Yes who else' I said sarcastically pressing my thighs tightly together, my mind was clearer now, 'stop at once'. He was right there was no need to shout and collect the whole household bringing the events of the morning out in the open. Instead of stopping he recommenced to lick my choot.

'Jiju stop I don't like it' I hissed, 'stop immediately'. But he continued. I tried getting angry when that did not succeed I begged him to stop. More I protested harder he licked my choot. I wriggled and twisted in order to dislodge him but he held me tightly and his mouth stuck to my cunt like a leach. I was at my wits end.

Then I got an idea. I caught his hair and tried to pull his mouth off my choot with force. With one hand he held me down on the bed and with the other caught my hand reducing the pain I was causing. I pulled his hair with all my strength but his mouth remained glued to my choot.

Gradually the good feeling started to spread in my body. 'Jiju please let me go' I moaned. My body tingled with a new sensation. My hips started to move. My grip on his hair relaxed. Instead of pulling his hair I pressed his head to my choot.

'Oh jiju it feels soooo goooood' I moaned.

The sensation got more and more intense. I was rapidly approaching an orgasm. Involuntarily my thighs separated. My body arched pressing my choot against his mouth. 'Jiju don't stop. Go on' I moaned.

Sensing that I was about to come he stopped and got in between my legs. With one deft stroke he pushed his cock deep into my wet choot and commenced to move it in and out. After a minute or so I came with a loud moan, 'OHHH JIJU'.

Without missing a stroke he continued to fuck me. The good feeling returned. 'HAAN JIJU HAAN. MUJHE AUR ZOR SE CHODO (YES JIJU YES. FUCK ME HARDER)' I shouted.

He immediately put his mouth on mine muffling my further screams of pleasure. 'Not so loud my darling somebody might hear you' he warned in a whisper.

'Sorry jiju I could not help it' I moaned softly, 'it feels so great'.

Undeterred he continued. His strokes got faster and harder. Soon I was again ready to cum again. My hips were moving in rhythm of his strokes. 'Oh jiju! Oh jiju I am commmmmiiinnng agaaaaainnnn' I shouted as softly as I could and fell back gasping for breath. Suddenly with a loud grunt he came. His strokes became slower and slower till he stopped completely and lay panting on me.

Our lips drew to each other. After a long kiss he slid off me. 'Adi it was wonderful' he panted, 'did you enjoy it too?'

'Enjoy it? It was just heavenly. I have never had such an intense orgasm before' I replied kissing him, 'but why did you cum inside me? What if I get... '.

'Don't worry there is no danger. I am wearing a condom' he assured me caressing my tits.

For a long time we lay without talking savoring the sensations we had just enjoyed. There was something bothering me. I had to know the truth.

'Jiju' I said nudging him with my elbow.

'Hmmm what is it?' he replied.

'Jiju tell me did you bribe Hemu to give me bhang so that you could fuck me' I asked.

'No I had nothing to do with it' he replied, 'I think it was a genuine mistake as Hemu explained'.

'Then you must have come here with the intention of popping my cherry' I asked.

'Actually no' he replied, 'today being Holi, I decided to have some innocent fun with you... '

'Innocent fun my foot' I said sarcastically interrupting him, 'you call squeezing my tits and rubbing my choot?'

'Well it may not be exactly innocent' he laughed, 'but it was fun at least for me'.

'What happened then?' I pressed grimacing.

'Believe me Adi when I escorted you to your room I had no intention of taking advantage of you' he clarified.

'Then why did you do it?' I said with tears welling up in my eyes.

'But when we were in the bathroom the vision of you standing drenched with your clothes sticking to you revealing all the nooks and curves of your body floated before my eyes. Suddenly something snapped in my mind and I lost control' he explained, 'with the result that we landed in bed and the deed was done'.

'I don't believe you lost control' I countered, 'you are normally so... , what shall I say, so cool and collected'.

'Well may be the condition of your sister had something to do with it' he replied. I was now angry.

'Don't you dare bring Madhu didi into it' I retorted angrily.

'Easy Adi no need to get excited let me explain' jiju said trying to pacify me.

'Because of your sister's condition I have not had sex with her for over two months. Though she did help me in other ways but they are no substitute for the real thing' he said continuing with his explanation, 'I was already feeling horny and this coupled with the alluring sight of your clothes sticking to your curves made me lose control'.

'He may be right' I thought calming down but aloud I said, 'what other means?'

'I will tell you later' he laughed, 'tell me Adi are you very angry with me?'

'In the morning I was livid but now I am happy that it happened' I replied covering my face with my hands in embarrassment though it was pitch dark in the room.

'Thank God' he sighed, 'shall we do it again?'

'Yes! Yes! I thought you would never ask' I giggled and turned on my back.

'Give me a minute' he said and went to the bathroom. I could hear the water running through the half open door. Few minutes later he emerged, leaving the door open and the lights on. He sat down next to me on the bed. In the dim light that now flooded the room I could see his erect cock sheathed in a condom.

'What did you do in the bathroom?' I asked out of curiosity.

'To be on the safe side I washed my cock to remove all traces of my semen and wore a fresh condom' he replied pointing to his erection.

'Thank you jiju' I said softly, 'you think of everything'.

'We wouldn't like to get our little Adi getting pregnant would we?' he laughed and added, 'Adi take off your nightie'.

'No please don't make me naked' I protested, 'I feel shy'.

'No you must' he insisted, 'I want to see your sexy body'.

'He does think of everything' I thought, 'this is the reason he left the stupid lights on'.

Despite my protest he pulled off my nightie in a trice. 'Oh Adi you are beautiful' he said whistling silently. I liked what he said and grinned happily.

He caressed my hard tits and gently tweaked my erect nipples.

'Oh jiju ' I moaned with pleasure.

He then kissed and sucked my tits.

'Oh jiju der mat karo mujhe chodo (Oh jiju don't delay fuck me)' I moaned louder than before.

But jiju continued to kiss my boobs and slowly kissed his way down to my choot.

'Yes jiju lick my choot I love it' I moaned spreading my legs wide. He commenced to eat my pussy.

After few minutes I could not control myself. I caught him by the hair and pulling him upwards pleaded urgently, 'Oh jiju I can't take it any more. Just put your big cock inside me and fuck me silly'.

Jiju got on top me and shoved his cock inside me. 'AHHHH' I moaned with satisfaction.

He started to stroke my choot with long slow strokes. 'Darling if you pull my hair each time I eat your pussy then soon I will have no hair left' he laughed softly without missing a stroke.

'I am sorry I will never do it again' I panted.

After few minutes of in and out movement of his cock I could not control myself and shouted, 'OH JIJU BAHUT ACHCHA LAG RAHA HAI. HAAN AUR CHODO. ZOR ZOR SE CHODO (OH JIJU IT FEELS SO GOOD. GO ON FUCK ME HARDER AND FASTER)'.

He started to hump me harder and faster. Each time I was about to come he placed his mouth on mine stifling my screams of pleasure. By the time he came again I had cum three times.

'Oh jiju this time it was even better than before' I said gasping for breath and cuddled up to him. I don't recall when I dozed off in his arms. After an hour or so jiju woke me.

'It is getting late I must return to my bed' he whispered kissing me.

'No please not yet. Jaane se pahele mujhe ek baar aur chodo (Fuck me one more time before you leave)' I pleaded.

'That's my girl' he said laughing softly and pushed his cock inside my cunt. After we had finished he dressed to leave.

'I will come again tomorrow night' he promised.

'I hope so otherwise I will tell didi everything' I threatened kissing him and squeezing his flaccid cock.

During the day jiju behaved normally but I found it difficult to stop myself from grabbing him and kissing him. I could hardly wait for the night. It was midnight when he came.

'Why have you come so late I have been waiting for you since ages?' I complained impatiently.

'I had to make sure that your sister was asleep' he said, 'but now I am here let us not waste time and start'.

That night and the following nights we fucked and fucked. Each night I waited impatiently for him. Many a times I fell asleep and he would wake me by gently eating my pussy. I enjoyed having my pussy licked so much that some nights I pretended to be asleep.

On the fifteenth day the onset of my period took me by surprise. I was very worried because normally I am very regular and this time it had started ten days too early. That night when jiju came I expressed my misgivings.

'Instead of complaining you should be happy' he laughed.

'Yes I am happy but my period has started ten days too early' I said expressing concern, 'I hope nothing is wrong with me'.

'There is nothing wrong with you' he replied, 'it is because in the last days you have gone through intense emotional experience. Don't worry everything is okay with you'.

'I hope you are right' I said still doubtful, 'but the other problem is that we can't do anything for days'.

'Yes we can' he said grinning.

'You mean you are going to fuck me in this m... m... mess' I asked surprised.

'Who said anything about fucking' he replied, 'you remember you wanted to know by what other means your didi satisfied me'.

'Yes tell me' I asked innocently.

'Mera laurda choos ke (By sucking my cock)' he replied.

'K... K... Kya? Aap chahate hain ki main aapka laurda apne muh main loon (W... W... What? You want me to take your cock in my mouth?)' I asked incredulously.

'Kyon nahin teri didi leti hai aur duniya ki hazaron aurtain leti hain (Yes why not your didi does it so do millions of other women in the world). Haven't you ever heard of a blowjob?' he said.

'So this is meant by giving a man a blowjob' I thought. 'B... B... But I can't it is so... ' I started to protest when jiju interrupted me.

'Adi meri jaan agar main teri choot chaat sakta hoon tau tu mera lund bhi choos sakti hai (Adi my dear if I can lick your cunny then you can also easily suck my cock). It is only fair isn't it?' In a way he was right I thought but I was still not prepared to do it.

'What happens when you cum?' I asked.

'Kuch nahin usse sakat lena (Nothing just swallow my-cum)' he laughed.

'Aap pagal tau nahin hogaye? (You must be mad?)' I said, 'if you expect me to swallow that gooey stuff'.

'Listen sweetheart at your behest I eat your pussy and lick your juices and when I ask you to reciprocate you call me mad' he said calmly but firmly.

Change of tactics was required. 'Oh jiju please don't make me do it' I pleaded.

'All right if that is the way you feel I won't insist but don't ask me to eat your pussy again' jiju said.

This was even worse. I loved having my choot licked. No way did I want him to stop doing that. Maybe there is another way out I thought.

'All right jiju I will suck your cock if you promise not to cum inside my mouth' I said.

'Sorry I must cum in your mouth otherwise it is no fun' he replied.

'God what shall I do now?' I thought furiously. Suddenly a brilliant idea came to me. I will suck his cock but when he is about to cum take his cock out of my mouth and let it shoot its load in the air.

'Okay jiju I will do as you say' I said agreeing to his demand, 'just guide me how'.

'Good girl I knew you would see reason' jiju said, 'come kneel between my legs. Good now take my cock in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it and suck on it'.

Under his directions I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it. After a few minutes jiju said, 'Suck Adi suck harder. You are doing great. Good move your mouth up and down as if my cock was fucking your mouth'. My head bobbed up and down. Jiju's cock went in and out of my mouth.

Several minutes later I felt jiju's cock getting harder. The head swelled to even larger proportions, the length of his lund increased. Jiju moaned louder than before and pulled my head even closer to his hairy groin.

'Adi poore laurde ko muh main lene ki koshish kar (Adi try to take the whole cock inside your mouth)' jiju moaned. I tried to take more of his cock in my mouth but nearly gagged. I shook my head indicating that I can't take more.

'That is all right just do your best' jiju said, 'keep fucking your mouth with my cock'.

As the cock-in-mouth rhythm increased I was surprised that my choot got wet and I felt a pleasant sensation in it. 'Sucking a cock is not so bad after all' I thought.

Suddenly jiju caught my head between the palms of his hands and moved his hips in fuck motion, moving his lund in and out of my mouth. His movement became faster. I sensed that he was about to cum and tried to pull my head back but could not as jiju held my head in an iron grip. I struggled to get free but could not.

Suddenly with a loud grunt jiju jerked his hips forward pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. The quantity took me by surprise and in order not to choke I had to swallow. Then he spurted many more times in my mouth. This time I was ready and did not swallow but collected his cum in my mouth.

'Adi swallow it' jiju said. No way was I going to swallow his gooey cum and shook my head as best as I could.

He laughed softly and pinched my nose. 'Swallow it Adi' he said again. I shook my head but when I couldn't breathe I was compelled to swallow his gooey salty cum.

'Good girl. Sorry I had to pinch your nose, I knew you would try to cheat' jiju laughed releasing my nose.

After taking a few deep breaths I said, 'Jiju you are a very, very bad man'.

'That I am but tell me how did you like the taste?' he said grinning.

'Not bad but a little too salty for my liking' I replied truthfully after reflecting for some seconds.

'This was exactly Madhu's reaction but the taste grows on you. She loves it now' jiju said.

Before he left I sucked his cock one more time. Jiju did not come the next two nights. On the third night I sucked him off twice. 'When will your choot be ready for fucking?' Jiju asked as he prepared to leave.

'The flow has stopped I think we can fuck tomorrow night' I replied grinning.

'Great see you tomorrow' he said kissing me and left.

Thereafter he came every night and we fucked, sucked and sixty-nined.

One afternoon we both were alone in the house. Daddy was at work as usual, mummy had taken didi to the doctor for a check up and the little rascal Hemu was out playing with his friends.

'Let us go to your room' jiju said, 'I will show you something new'.

Happily I led him to my room and after we had fucked once I asked, 'what did you want to show me?'

'Get on your fours' jiju replied.

'Why what will you do?' I asked.

'Aaj main teri gaand maroonga (Today I will fuck you in your asshole)' jiju said calmly. I was shocked. I had never heard of such a thing.

'Y... Y... You want to put that big thing of yours in my gaand?' I asked incredulously, 'the pain will kill me besides it is unnatural'.

'No it won't. I will lubricate your asshole and my cock thoroughly with Vaseline. The pain of entry will be minimal' jiju said.

'Less or more pain it is unnatural' I replied, 'I will never agree'.

Jiju did not give up. He continued to badger me bringing forth many arguments like you will love it, your didi loves it, all couples do it etc. To put an end to all this I said, 'Jiju if you ever bring that big laurda of yours anywhere near my gaand then I will never speak to you'.

'All right, Adi if you feel so strongly about it then let us forget about it' he said, 'come get on top of me and fuck me'.

'That I will do' I giggled getting on top of him taking his erect laurda in my choot. As I was fucking him I felt his fingers pressing my asshole. I stopped moving.

'Jiju what are your fingers doing near my gaand?' I asked.

'Nothing my dear just exploring the region' he replied smiling, 'go on why have you stopped?'

'Jiju remember what I told you' I replied and resuming the fuck motion.

'Don't tell me you are scared of my fingers' he said pushing one finger inside my asshole and commenced to finger fuck my rectum.

'JIJU' I screamed, 'STOP IT'.

'Did it hurt?' he asked.

'No but... ' I replied honestly.

'Then stop complaining' he replied interrupting me and shoving the second one in, 'you will like it'. He was right it did feel good.

'Jiju you are the limit' I laughed. He continued to finger fuck my asshole till we finished.

'Did you like my fingers fucking your asshole?' he asked.

'I must admit it felt great' I replied honestly.

'Just imagine the pleasure my lund could give you' he grinned.

'You don't give up do you?' I said laughing, 'I am telling you for the last time I will never let you put that big thing inside my asshole'.

We continued to meet every night till it was time for jiju to leave. I missed him terribly but it could not be helped. Four weeks later my didi was blessed with a little girl. Six weeks later jiju visited us again. After spending a week with us, during which we fucked every night, he took didi and Shashi, his darling daughter home.

Alone again I devoted most of my time studying. Whenever I felt horny I fingered myself or forced Sarit to take a shower with me. I told Sarit about jiju and me. Time flew. In the month of October Rashmi didi gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Sunder but called him Sunny. Months passed.

Then came the wintry afternoon when I promised myself to have Sarit's choot plugged by her gentleman jijaji. I thought and thought but could not come up with a plan to achieve my goal. Holi came so did didi and jiju but I still did not know what to do. I decided to consult jiju.

'Jiju main chahati hoon ki Sarit ki kori choot phardi jaye (jiju I would like to see Sarit deflowered)' I said to jiju.

'No problem' he laughed, 'just tell me when and where I will be pleased to do it'.

'Not you silly' I said slapping him playfully, 'I want her jijaji to pop her cherry'.

'Lucky fellow' jiju replied laughing.

'JIJU! Please be serious' I replied getting annoyed.

'Okay sorry just joking' he said, 'I only want to see if those boobs of hers are for real'

'I have seen them, they are real' I replied, 'jiju please help me'.

'Okay what do you want me to do?' jiju asked.

'I need a plan' I replied, 'I have not been able to think of any'.

'Let me give it a thought' he said. Later we discussed his suggestions. We rejected all of them because some were not practical and others required the use of force which I did not want.

On Holi morning I still did not have a plan. Sarit with her whole family including Rashmi didi and jijaji came to play Holi at our house. We all played Holi together. We ate and drank. Jiju and jijaji drank thandayi with bhang. Even I took some thandayi with bhang now that I had nothing to lose but Sarit was very careful. She did not consume anything including coca-cola.

'She is careful' I thought, 'she does not want to go my way but what she doesn't know is that I have pledged to have her plugged and will get her in the end'.

After an hour or so Madhu didi and Rashmi didi left to take care of their children. My parents and Sarit's parent were engrossed in some discussion.

Jijaji and I sat on the verandah watching jiju and Sarit along with some other guests playing Holi. I could hear Sarit squealing as jiju squeezed her boobs.

'Do you see what jiju is up to?' I asked jijaji.

'Oh that he is just having some innocent fun' jijaji laughed.

'Omigosh all men think alike' I thought but aloud I added, 'You don't mind after all she is your aadhi gharwali (half spouse)'.

'No why should I?' jijaji said.

'Kahin khel khel main jiju aapki saali ko apni poori gharwali na bana le? (Not that in this innocent fun jiju makes your half wife his full wife?)' I said stressing the words your and his.

Jijaji looked at me strangely and then suddenly stood up. 'Now we can't let that happen can we?' jijaji said and pulling me by the hand added, 'come let us join them'.

While I was being pulled to the scene of action I thought, 'Adi what a stupid thing to say. He suspects that something is on between jiju and you'.

Jijaji joined the fun immediately. Poor Sarit she was in double trouble now. Instead of two hands now four hands sought her tits. 'Adi please help me' Sarit pleaded.

'Hey guys that is no way to play Holi with a lady' I said, 'give her proper bath in the tub'.

Sarit threw me a dirty look as four strong hands grabbed her and dumped her in a tub. Sarit screamed loudly and tried to get up. I saw jiju whispering to jijaji. Jijaji grinned and nodded. Jiju held Sarit down with one hand and with the other explored her mountain like boobs. It didn't surprise me when I saw jijaji rubbing Sarit's choot vigorously.

'I bet this is what jiju whispered to him' I thought grinning, 'bravo jijaji go on'.

'HEY STOP IT. LET ME GO' Sarit screamed struggling to get free of their strangle hold on her.

'Just checking if they are real' jiju laughed.

'Stop it and let me up. Otherwise I will shout' Sarit threatened.

'Go ahead scream' jiju laughed. In the meanwhile jijaji kept massaging her cunt with full gusto. From Sarit's facial expression I could see that she was getting horny.


'Okay children it is time to get ready' my mummy shouted from the verandah.

After a final squeeze and rub they let her go and pulled her to her feet. Instead of being happy Sarit looked a bit disappointed.

'You both are very bad' Sarit said settling her clothes, 'and you Adi are the limit instead of helping me you encouraged them'. We three laughed at her discomfort.

As we approached the verandah we heard Sarit's mother say, 'We will be back as soon as we are ready'.

'What is happening?' I asked.

'Nothing we all are lunching together here' mummy replied.

'Auntie please let Sarit stay, she can get ready in my room' I requested Sarit's mother. She looked questioningly at Sarit.

'I don't mind but what about my clothes?' Sarit remarked.

In my eagerness I said, 'No problem you can wear mine'.

'Your clothes?' Sarit giggled looking at my boobies. Everyone laughed when they saw what Sarit was staring at.

'Of course Sarit can stay' auntie replied and turning to Sarit added, 'I will send your clothes over'.

When we alone in my room I asked, 'Sarit lagta hai aaj tune bahut mazaa liya (I see you had a great time today)'.

'God these two men are terrors' she replied, 'did you see what they were doing?'

'Yes but I also saw that you were enjoying it' I replied laughing.

'Adi I tell you it felt great. Oh why did they stop, another ten seconds and I would have cum' she complained.

'It was your own mistake. You should have waited for ten more seconds before yelling for help' I replied.

'Yes I thought of it later' Sarit said in a disappointed tone.

'Soch Sarit kitna mazaa aayega agar tu jijaji se chudwa le (Think Sarit how much you will enjoy if jijaji fucks you)' I suggested.

'Na baba na main aisa nahin kar sakti (No, no I couldn't do that)' she replied turning red with embarrassment.

'Teri marzi (It is up to you)' I replied, 'you are missing all the fun'.

'I don't mind' Sarit replied.

'Sarit I bet you are feeling very horny' I said, 'let us shower together'. In the shower we fingered each other till we came thrice.

The lunch table was abuzz with conversation and laughter. Everyone was happy and relaxed except Sarit. She seemed preoccupied. She ate silently and occasionally glancing covertly at jijaji.

'I bet she is imagining how it would feel to have jijaji's lund in her choot' I thought smiling to myself.

During the conversation Rashmi didi said, 'Madhu it has been a long time since we really had a heart to heart talk. Why don't jiju and you spend a few days with us at our house'?

Madhu glanced enquiringly at jiju. He nodded. Then she looked at mummy.

'Madhu you both go and enjoy yourself. I will take care of Shashi' mummy volunteered.

'Thank you mummy' Madhu didi said then turning to jiju asked, 'Mohan what time do you think we can be at their house?'

'We should leave here at six' jiju replied then looking at Rashmi didi added, 'would that be okay?'

'Great but Jiju I must warn you that Madhu will sleep with me in my room and you will have to share the guestroom with Abhi' Rashmi didi said laughing.

'Doesn't matter it will give us an opportunity to really get to know each other better' jiju replied.

'Of course it will be my pleasure' jijaji said confirming the arrangement.

Just then the plan to have Sarit's choot corked by jijaji's cock flashed through my mind. In my excitement I shouted loudly, 'YEESSSS I GOT IT AT LAST'.

Pin drop silence followed my sudden yell. Everybody stopped eating and stared at me.

'Aditi what have you got?' daddy asked puzzled. Daddy always called me by mt full name.

'Nothing really' I replied getting red with embarrassment, 'just the solution to a problem I have been struggling with for long'.

'I am happy that even on a festival day you have not forgotten your studies' daddy said, 'when do your graduation exams start?'

'In five weeks or so' I replied thinking if he only knew what was going on in my mind.

Sarit was still lost in her thoughts and quite oblivious to all that transpired.

'Sarit' I said.

No response.

'SARIT' I said loudly.

'Eh! What did you say?' Sarit replied pulling her mind back to reality, 'sorry I was lost in my thoughts'.

'So it seems' I said sarcastically, 'I think you are very mean'.

'Mean? W... W... What have I done?' she asked bewildered.

'It is not what you have done but what you have not done. Rashmi didi has invited jiju and Madhu didi to spend some days at your house and you have not invited me' I replied shamelessly fishing for an invitation.

'Of course please come I would love to have you' Sarit replied still a little lost.

'Mummy, please may I go?' I asked.

'Of course you can go' mummy laughed, 'now that you have invited yourself'.

'Thank you mummy you are the best mother in the world' I said happily.

'Stop it you flatterer' mummy laughed, 'be ready to leave at six'.

After lunch I did not get a chance to speak to Sarit alone as she and her parents left immediately thereafter.

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