Danielle's Breaking Point
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, MaleDom, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Water Sports, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cute college student has car trouble and winds up the object of a gang's "affections"

Danielle had planned her getaway for weeks, school was out for two weeks and she was going to take a break. It had been a long semester, lots of late night studying and besides all that, she had broken up with her boyfriend, leaving her with that itch you just can't scratch. She hoped maybe she could hook up with someone while she was in Seattle, after all she had two weeks, no responsibilities, no pressures. She took the exit for Seattle and made a wrong turn, ending up in a seedy suburb that made her want to floor it and move on, but her car began to act up and she was forced to pull over by a little convenience store, if you could call it that. She glanced around, seeing two young boys about 17 standing by the phone booth, 'Damn, ' she thought, 'I sure wish I had a cell signal, ' and she waited for them to get off the phone as she hurried to it. She picked up the receiver, no dial tone, then she felt something at her back, it was one of the boys, with a knife poking into her ribs, "Don't scream Bitch, or I'll ram this thing in you!" and she panicked, afraid to even move, "Walk around the corner and act natural or I'll fuck you up!" and she felt herself ushered around the corner to a dark van and then shoved inside as the door slammed shut. The boy who had shoved her in was examining her purse as he walked back around the corner, but two guys in the back of the van took his place, "Don't make a sound, or I'll carve your skinny white ass up! UNDERSTAND?" and she nodded her head, her knees knocking as she heard the van start.

She saw the first boy going through her car as the van rounded the corner and went down the street, then she jumped as she felt a hand clamp down on her right tit, "You ain't got much for tits, Bitch, I hope your ass is better or Bobby's gonna be pissed!"

She wondered who Bobby was and also what was going to happen to her, for the first time she feared for her life as she watched his knife cut through her bra straps and then between the cups and he mauled her tits. There was a window on the side door and anyone who looked could see her naked breasts being manhandled as they drove through traffic, the thought bothered her, yet excited her as she glanced down at the black hands covering her milky white tits and saw her nipples squeezed out between his thumbs and forefingers. "Hey, Tony. Better not go too far or Bobby will fuck you up, you know he's waitin on a fresh piece of ass!" He squeezed her nipples hard and she let out a yelp, "Don't worry about it Paco, just drive the fuckin van!" and he dropped his mouth to her neck and sucked hard making her yelp again as his hands still squeezed her nipples. Soon the van pulled into a garage and it got very dark, the motor was shut off and she was hustled out into the open bay and towards a dim light in the back. He shoved aside some curtains and she saw about 15 of them just milling around, a gang she figured, with one guy who looked like the leader sitting off in a corner. "What the fuck is this?" he screamed at the one named Tony, "I told you to bring me a mother fuckin blonde! You know they make better cock suckers and what do you bring me? A fuckin dark haired white bitch!" and he slapped him hard across the face, making him jerk his head to one side.

"I'm sorry, Bobby, this cracker bitch was the only one we could find. She's got a nice body, though, check it out for yourself. Her tits ain't huge, but they're firm, see for yourself," and now Bobby looked at her, she had gathered her blouse back together when they got out of the van, "Let's see, Cunt!" and Danielle opened her blouse to reveal her destroyed bra and her naked tits, "I see you already helped yourself, you Mother Fucker! What's that fuckin mark on her neck? You better not have touched anything else or I'll fuckin kill you!" and Tony swore he hadn't. "This white bitch looks like Polly Purebred, you know, off that fuckin cartoon. How old are you, Polly?' and she looked into his eyes, sensing the power there, "20," and he stared at her, "Fuckin Polly Purebred, bet this Bitch ain't had more than 4 or 5 cocks in her life and ain't none of them been black! That's why I likes the blonde bitches, they been down on a brother, know how to puff on that oversize meat." He looked her up and down for a few minutes, "Shuck them fuckin clothes, Bitch. Let's see what we got to work with," and she nervously began to strip, conscious of every eye in the room on her. For some reason and she didn't know why, she felt excited, like when Tony mauled her tits in front of the van window on the way here, but her upbringing made her feel ashamed too, as her blouse and shredded bra hit the floor and she worked to get her Reeboks off. She looked around nervously as she worked at her zipper on her jeans, then pushed them off her hips and down to her ankles and pulled them off one leg at a time, leaving her in only her socks and panties, "Let's go, Polly, all of it!" and she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and peeled them down and stepped out of them, tossing them onto her other clothes piled on the floor.

"Turn around, Polly, bend over and grab your ankles," and she hesitated, feeling a hard slap on her ass cheek, "NOW!" and she complied, slowly reaching down to grasp her ankles firmly as she stared at the floor. "Spread your legs, Polly," and she did as she heard people move to get a better view of her exposed pussy and ass. "She do have a sweet ass, ever had a cock in that ass, Polly?" and she could feel her face flush, "No, " she felt her stomach churn at the thought, "You will soon, a big black one!" and they all laughed. "Tony, where's them two fuckers that wants to join?" She heard two sets of feet pad up to the side of her, "Roger and Claude, take this Polly Purebred bitch in the other room and break her in. You two ever rape anyone?" and her heart sank at the word rape, but her pussy quivered, 'It was so odd, ' she thought. "No sir," Bobby stared at them, "I wants thios bitch raped, I want her to know she has no control anymore, I control her. Don't you touch her ass with your cocks, I be the first one to get up in there, them dark haired bitches always gots tight asses, understand? Don't touch her ass with your cocks, or I'll cut em off!" Danielle felt herself being raised upright, then dragged into a back room, it smelled musty and there was a cot on the corner, they pushed her onto it face first, then one of them slapped her ass and she yelped at the suddenness of it. "This here's Roger and I'm Claude. If you knows what's good for you, you'll take whatever we give you, understand?" and he slapped her other cheek hard and she screamed out, "YES!!!" She heard zippers and clothes rustling, knowing that meant they were stripping and her ordeal would soon begin, she had often wondered what a black cock would feel like. She had seen pictures of them and had heard all the rumors about their size and she felt herself getting wet at the thought of actually feeling one in her, though she knew she was in a dangerous position. They could kill her and she wouldn't even be missed for two weeks!

She felt the cot move, telling her one of them had climbed on it behind her, then another slap, not so hard this time, "Up on your hands and knees, Bitch!" and she eased up in a compromising position, knowing that she would soon have her first black cock. She jerked her head around, trying to glimpse its size, but the other one grabbed her by her hair and brought her head back around and a huge cock struck her in the nose, "Open up, Polly," and he laughed as he pulled her head up by her hair and fed the huge cock to her. It was so big, she felt her lips stretching to accommodate it and it rode over her tongue, feeling like it was completely covered, "Suck, damn you!" and she began to suck on it, feeling it grow slightly larger as she nursed on it. She flinched when she felt the head of the other one push through her outer lips and stretch her opening, he was not gentle and rammed it all in at once, making the one in her mouth meet the entrance to her throat before she was anywhere near ready and making her gag. Her mind was going crazy, the pain receptors in her vaginal walls were screaming, but her mind was in ecstasy with lust, as the cock in her mouth pressed on the opening to her throat. She had not given a huge amount of blow jobs and never had one in her throat before, she began to panic, she couldn't breathe, finally she switched to breathing through her nose as her attacker nudged his cock deeper into her mouth and pushing the entrance to her throat. She fought not to gag, knowing that if she threw up, she would choke on it, but the cock in her pussy was now sawing in and out and she felt embarrassed that her pussy was so wet, hoping they couldn't tell it was excited. The guy getting the blow job, had his fingers entwined in her hair and began fucking her mouth, forcing himself into her throat as she fought for air and to hold back gagging. Meanwhile, the one in her pussy had risen to a fevered pitch, its movements feeling like electricity on her stretched vaginal walls as his groin slapped against her ass each time he buried himself and throwing her harder on the cock in her mouth.

The cock in her pussy erupted first, spewing it's white hot contents into her womb, giving her a burning sensation, she hoped he didn't have any diseases, then the one erupted in her mouth, forcing her to swallow a large load of cum or choke to death. As soon as she had swallowed one load, along came another, then another, she was feeling bloated by the time she felt him softening in her mouth. Luckily, he had cum so hard and fast, that she hadn't had to taste much of it, it was much saltier than her boyfriend's had been, then she felt cum oozing from her stretched pussy and running down her legs. She felt dirty and disgusting, but her itch had seemed to be gone now, as a matter of fact, she wanted more! But, she didn't want them to know that. She collapsed on the bed and wiped the slick cum from her lips and onto the cot, then she got a glimpse of the cock that had raped her pussy, it was about 9 inches long and about an inch and a half thick, no wonder it stretched her! Her boyfriend had been maybe 6 inches, quite a difference, size does matter! Her pussy felt stretched and violated, but it was strange, it also felt more satisfied, she couldn't reason it to herself because she shouldn't feel like this after getting raped. The two of them high fived each other, then switched places as they made her roll onto her back next and she could see them hardening once more, she both dreaded and couldn't wait for what would come next. The one straddled her head and his huge cock hung down over her face, she didn't need coaxing this time, she took it in her hand and fed it to her mouth, not wanting to be hit anymore. She could taste her pussy on it, mixed with his cum as she sucked it deeper into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, then adjusted her neck so that if he rammed it in, it could go straight down her throat, she rather gag than choke. She felt her legs being lifted and spread as the other one pressed his cock to her cum slick pussy and he went in easily, sliding all the way as she felt his pubic hair brush her own and she felt so full. He held it there for a moment as he twisted and pulled at her nipples, making her wince in pain, then the other cock slid into her throat and she fought for air through her nose as well as subduing her gag reflex, they both began to pump at once, making her entire body feel stretched once again. As she was now lying on her back, her smaller tits had flattened and he grabbed handfuls of them to make them more appetizing to himself, but increasing her pain, she cried out, but it only came out as a muffled moan around the huge cock in her mouth. He seemed to like the vibration of her vocal chords though, as his cock twitched each time she cried out.

Since they had both just cum, they held out much longer this time and the pain that was developing in her throat was outweighed by the pleasure she was feeling in her pussy, to be so full of cock, it was indescribable. Before she could even fathom the pleasure, she was cumming herself as her body bucked and thrashed, forcing the cock in her throat even deeper as her body took over and she exploded. Afterward, she prayed they hadn't noticed, she shouldn't have cum, after all she was being raped! She felt another orgasm building and she fought to hold it back, but she came just as they did, her body once again thrashing as well as accepting the torrents of cum deposited in her throat and pussy, afterwards, she collapsed, both them still pumping in and out of her. She was wiped out, she had never cum like that before in her life and she couldn't understand it, women weren't supposed to get off getting raped, what was wrong with her? She passed out from exhaustion after they withdrew from her and when she came to, she opened her eyes to a large black cock, inches from her mouth, she accepted it as it lowered into her mouth without any resistance whatsoever and closed her lips around it, sucking in its warmth and size as she thought she was dreaming. When another cock entered her pussy again, she knew she was not dreaming, the cum had begun to dry and her pussy was dry as well as the brute worked its way inside of her, making her wince from the pain as it dragged over her tender vaginal walls. They had switched once more and now they had come back for another round as her oral and vaginal cavities worked to accept their respective invaders, her mouth more able to accept its than her dry pussy. Her boyfriend had dry fucked her once and now that pain was back, only multiplied due to the size difference, she opened her mouth to cry out and that cock dropped into her throat making her switch to her nose or be asphyxiated. Finally, she felt some moisture build as he began to move in and out and it spread, then she felt the pleasure once more, as her body responded to its invaders and she worked to get more of them inside of her. She never believed it was possible that she could take such a huge cock in her throat, but she was doing it and loving it! The one fucking her stopped, grabbed her ankles and pushed her calves against her tits as he continued his assault, going much deeper than she could ever have imagined, it felt like he would tear through her womb!

She felt like one of the wanton women she had seen once in a porno movie, she was insatiable, her body just couldn't seem to get enough. It was like she was in a totally different woman's body and she couldn't put it all together, but she really didn't care, she just enjoyed it. She exploded again, her body wracked in spasms as it was forcefully attacked from either end and as her orgasm subsided, another quickly took its place and the feeling went on and on until she felt she couldn't take any more, then she felt the familiar squirts in her throat and her pussy as her attackers once again unloaded in her. As they withdrew, she could feel her throat was raw as well as her pussy, she just knew she couldn't take another cock in either one today, but she was not in control here, Bobby had made that very clear. She tried to speak, but her vocal chords were thick with cum and she sounded very hoarse and unintelligible, she needed some water bad, to cool the burning in her throat. She made the motion of drinking and the guy who just pulled out of her mouth understood and padded out of the room, returning with a bottle of water, she drank greedily. The cock was still in her pussy and was slowly deflating, but he seemed to want to leave it in until the last moment and as it finally came out, she could feel the gush of fluids as they trickled down her thighs and onto the cot, then he let her legs go and it hurt so bad to let them finally straighten out again and lie flat. Her muscles, as well as her throat and pussy were definitely sore, they hadn't had this much abuse ever in her life and she didn't know when and if it would end. She finished the bottle of water, but still her throat felt raw, she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, my God, they were hard again! Little did she know, they had been smoking crack, it's the gang member's Viagra, lets them fuck all day long! She pleaded with them not to fuck her again, but they rolled her onto her stomach, pulled her up in a doggy position and she felt the tears as once more, two cocks entered her, grating on her raw nerve endings. As soon as the one in her pussy stirred her juices, it wasn't so bad, but the one in her mouth still hurt, her throat was raw and her jaws hurt, having been stretched so many times today. She prayed it would end, but then her pussy overruled the rest of her body as she had a series of orgasms that put a cock further down her throat than she had ever had one before as she was wracked by spasms of delight and her muffled screams sent a torrent of cum down her throat, making her swallow as fast as she could to keep from choking. The cock was pulled from her mouth and her screams resounded, gurgled by the remaining cum as her pussy grasped the cock in it and it too exploded. With so much cum already deposited inside of her, most of this gushed right back out as he withdrew, Danielle passed out from her ordeal and her many orgasms, leaking fluids as she slept, the two men left her there as they set about making their report to Bobby.

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