by Clystra49

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, MaleDom, Light Bond, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman's introduction to bondage quickly takes an unexpected turn when her date introduces a third participant.

Sir has told me that we will be going out to dinner tonight, and to take particular care as I dress for the occasion. We've been seeing each other casually for a few weeks now; he has told me that tonight was to be a special occasion, and that he had a surprise for me.

After I bathe I carefully shave my labia smooth, leaving just a small patch at the very top. As I begin to choose my outfit for the evening, I'm filled with conflicting emotions. There is no question that I'm attracted to him, that he excites me mentally and physically, and for that reason I very much want to please him. He's quite unlike any other man I've known. He is gentle, soft spoken and charming, yet there is something in him that makes me want very much to do just as he says, to follow where he leads, to have him control me in a way I could never have imagined. There is an undercurrent of something dark, indefinable, to which I'm attracted and frightened at the same time. He has told me something of his interest in bondage, an admission which initially surprised me, for it is one of my secret desires. He could not have known, and in my responses I gave no indication of the instant thrill I felt as he spoke. My mind raced, wondering what it would feel like to be in his control, to surrender so completely to another. I both hoped and feared that tonight I would have to make that decision. In my heart, I desperately wanted to submit, to give myself up to whatever he chose.

He would be here soon. I still had much to do. Having finished my hair and makeup, I moved to the bedroom and contemplated the items I had chosen to wear this evening. Before me on the bed were my purchases from this morning; a short white silk skirt, a very sexy peach-toned blouse, a lace demi-bra, thong bikini, garter belt and stockings. Wearing a garter belt and stockings always made me feel desirable, very available, and a thrill of excitement passed through me as I put them on. The bra... low cut, just a hint of nipple showing, low enough that it would not show above the deep V of the blouse. Almost done, just the 3" white summer pumps and I'm ready. Last minute details; the small diamond pendant with the long chain fell just to the swell of my breasts, a dash of perfume and down the stairs.

Within moments, I heard your car outside. Pulse racing just a bit, I opened the door, smiled, and gave you a small kiss hello. "You look lovely, just right" you say. As we walk to the car, you explain that you've forgotten something at home; would I mind a brief stop to retrieve it? I'm intrigued for I have yet to see your home, and since we have some time before our reservation, I'm delighted by the opportunity. You drive a few short miles to the outskirts of town, and pull down a long winding drive past a beautiful pond and barn, to a small ranch house set among trees. What a lovely setting! "Please, come in with me" you say, "I'll only be a moment but I'd like you to see the inside". We walk across small flagstones set into the grass, through a screened porch, and enter the house. "I apologize for this delay, but I've forgotten my watch. Make yourself comfortable" you say, pointing to a low couch against one wall. I watch as you leave the room, looking around a bit. The room is large, paneled in old barn wood, a stone fireplace against the far wall, and an incredible view of the pond and fields beyond. After a moment or two, I begin to worry that perhaps you'll feel uncomfortable with this intrusion into your privacy, I follow your suggestion and take a seat on the couch.

I hear you moving about in another room, and realize that more than 5 minutes have passed. Just at the point when I'm beginning to be mildly concerned, you re-enter, smile and approach across the room towards me. I'm about to stand when you do the strangest thing. You reach the couch and stand in front of me to, I assume, take my hand. Instead, before I realize what's happening, you've straddled me on the couch. As you begin to bend over me, I turn my face to yours, anticipating your kiss. Your hands slide down my arms, raising them above my head and I feel my body flush with instant heat, wanting to feel your touch. Holding both my hands in one of yours, I watch you carefully as you remove some items from your jacket pocket, and feel a slight tinge of fear course through me. Two short lengths of rope, and a small blindfold. Hmmmm... this is turning into a much more interesting evening. You sense that I might be a bit afraid, and smile to reassure me. "I will not hurt you" you promise. Taking my left hand, you slip the rope around my wrist, bring my arm back towards the wall and attach the other end of the rope to something out of my line of sight. Then the right hand, spreading my arms wide and slightly above my head. I test the ropes and find them secure. During this process, you continue to speak to me, murmuring softly, dispelling my apprehension. Is this my surprise? I wonder, but do not speak. I want you to control what happens here tonight, to control me. To show me new experiences, to make me want to beg you to continue. I look up, find your eyes, and mutely give you my assent. You kiss me softly, and then slip a blindfold over my eyes. "Wait" you say. "I will be right back".

In the darkness, my mind begins to race. Am I making a mistake? How well do I know you? Can I trust you? At this point the questions are moot. I am where I am, and have very little control over what may happen next. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, and as the minutes pass, fear begins to creep back in. Small sounds, a door opening and closing, footsteps on the carpeting across the room. How I wish I could see, could know what was to come. I sense that you are there beside me, then feel your hand on my calf, softly caressing. I know I am trembling slightly, and that you can feel it. Your hands slowly slide up my thighs, moving my skirt up towards my waist. I feel so helpless, so exposed, and can do nothing to stop you. Your hands move under me, lifting me slightly from the couch, repositioning me at the very edge of the cushion. I feel you grasp my ankle, slip a loop of rope around it, and slowly open me to your view. I know I must be leaving very little to the imagination in this position, and attempt to move my other leg in the same direction to stem my embarrassment. I can feel myself flushing, willing you not to look at me. I remember the tiny thong I'm wearing, the garter belt and stockings, and knowing that you are seeing me like this causes a tear to form under the mask. Through quivering lips, I beg you to stop; you are frightening me. "Shhhh, Shhhh, don't be afraid". "I promised I would never hurt you". "Trust me". My body shivers, and a small sob escapes my lips. You softly kiss me, your hand caressing me. "I did promise you a surprise, and I do want to give you pleasure" you say.

Your words calm me somewhat. I've never done this before, and it is only natural that I would be a bit frightened, not knowing what to expect. A few deep breaths as I attempt to control myself. Your hands are moving over me, touching me here, there. My breathing becomes more even, my heart slows. This is something I've wanted to experience; let yourself go. You begin to unbutton my blouse, moving it down my shoulders, then you slide it from beneath me. I feel a slight chill, and know that my nipples have hardened within my bra. You've seen it too; your hands move down towards the clasp in front and open it, sliding the straps over my shoulders and off. How must I look to you now I wonder. I feel your fingertips at my waist, just underneath the edge of the garter belt. Lower still, just at the edge of my thong, gently touching my skin. As arousal begins to replace anxiety, I can think of nothing I would not let you do. Just touch me, I silently beg. Anything.

You continue your soft, teasing touch endlessly. I begin to squirm, wanting more, anticipation making me impatient. After what seems to be an interminable wait, one finger slides under the edge of my thong, high up on my leg. It begins a very slow caress, up and down, each movement bringing it slightly lower. My hips begin to rise off the couch, seeking you, asking for more. I can't bear it. "Sir, please". "Sir, what?" you ask. "Tell me what you want". "Sir, please, touch me, I need you to touch me". "Touch you how? Tell me" you demand. As my embarrassment and my need increase, I'm torn and do not respond. "If you don't tell me, I will stop" you answer, slightly angered. "Oh, Sir, please don't stop. Please, Sir, touch my pussy. I need to feel you, I'm so excited. Please don't leave me like this". "Don't worry" you respond. "Tonight I want you to cum and cum and cum. I know that you want me to show you new experiences, to teach you. This is just the beginning".

With that, he removes both his hands from my thighs, leaving me straining upwards, seeking his touch. In frustration, I slump back onto the couch, whimpering. In a moment, his hands return, moving my thong aside. I hear his breathing quicken, and something else, almost a panting sound. Startled, I focus on the sounds I'm hearing. Before my mind can discern the conflicting sounds, I feel hot breath on the inside of my thigh, and something cold briefly touches me there. I can feel Sir's hand holding the thong aside, and in the next instant a large, very wet tongue begins to lick repeatedly between my thighs, over my smoothly shaved pussy. The tongue begins to open me slowly, finding that slick moistness within. The sensation is overwhelming. I arch my back, lifting upwards, seeking more and more stimulation. I've never felt anything like this before, and I want it. Want it so badly I never want it to stop. I can feel wetness on my thighs, soaking my panties. I am frustrated; part of me is still covered and I want to feel this feeling everywhere. You sense my frustration, know what I want, what I need. Cold metal against my abdomen, a slight ripping sound, and you have cut my thong from my body. Now as I lay completely exposed at the very edge of the couch, I arch upwards again, seeking that tongue, wanting its return. Again I whimper, a shiver running through my body. My need is obvious, my lips parted, swollen and slick, aching. Again warm breath, tentative lapping, then long, slow strokes from my rosebud upwards to my clit, again and again. I'm writhing against the ropes, pushing my body hard against this tongue, no thought of how or why or what, just feeling. The tongue feels huge, slightly rasping, incredibly exciting, tormenting me. Oh, Sir, don't ever let this stop, please. I'm close, so close, I can feel myself ready to cum, moments away. You're watching me, seeing the flush spread over my body, my hips bucking. You lean over, kiss me passionately. I have no thoughts, only feelings. In an instant, my mind returns. How can this be? How can you be kissing me, and yet that incredible tongue is still at work? You feel my body tense, see my surprise. "Does it feel good?" you ask. "Do you want it to continue?" I'm too far gone, all I can do is whisper "Yes, Yes". You stroke my cheek softly, telling me "What you are feeling is incredible. I know that you want it. Let it happen. It does not matter what is happening, just that you feel pleasure from it, is that not true?" I'm having trouble sorting out all the sensations; it takes a moment for me to process your words. "Sir, yes, it's true, and I do not want it to stop". "Good", you reply. "Then I will describe for you what is happening, and what will happen, and you will accept it because it is what I want. I want to watch you, and when it is done I want to take you in every way possible. Do you agree?" Without hesitation, I agree.

"Then I will tell you. What you are feeling is Max. He is very talented, very experienced, and knows what a lady wants and needs. He can do things with his tongue you would not believe, he is a very passionate lover, and he has a huge cock. You will experience all these things tonight, and many times in the future. Max is my dog." At these words, I begin to struggle against the ropes. "No, this is wrong" I say. "Stop him". "I can tell from the way you're moving, from how wet you are, you really don't want him to stop, do you? You're saying that because you think it's unnatural, because you're ashamed. Do not be. No one else will ever know. If you wish to please me, you will do this. It is what I wish." "Sir, I am ashamed, to be so aroused by an animal. I can't deny what you have seen; the pleasure I am feeling is real and unimaginably intense. And I do want to please you, more than anything." I reply. "Then let him continue; he will make you cum more than you have ever dreamed. I will stay with you, and I will watch as he mounts you, for it excites me greatly to do so". With that, I feel Sir reach down and guide the dog back between my legs. At the first contact of his tongue, I am lost. I know I will do this, because I want it too. The idea of being taken by a dog has become so compelling that I am eager for it to continue, to experience the feelings he will give me, to feel the size of him as he plunges inside me. And to have Sir watch it all. At the end of this thought, I feel my orgasm begin to build, that slow tingling rising, rising quickly, Max's tongue never stopping for an instant, lapping at my smooth pussy, flicking over my clit, bringing me to the very edge and over. Wave after wave of pure sensation, muscles quivering, and through it all Max's tongue never stopping, prolonging it, intensifying. As I begin to come down, I can hear Sir's harsh breathing, and know that he has seen it all. I am too weak to care, spent, my body bathed in sweat. For a moment, Sir removes my blindfold. As I begin to focus, I lift my head from the back of the couch, and see Max. He is huge, black, beautiful. He prances around between my legs, panting loudly. Sir reaches down, grabs his collar, and as he moves him back slightly, turns him to the side. I can see that Max is visibly aroused, his dog cock hanging down between his legs, moist and red and huge. And I want him, want to feel all of him inside me.

Sir gets up from the couch, still holding on to Max. "A moment, my love. I will bring you some water, and allow Max to cool down for a moment. He is much too excited. Then we will begin again".

She lay exhausted, her body nearly spent, but her arousal undiminished. Never had she felt like this, nor dreamed she could reach such heights. She felt on fire, consumed by a continuing lust she couldn't seem to dampen. Lying in a pool of sweat, her thighs and ass slick with saliva and her own fluids, she waited for Sir to return. She heard the sound of water running, of the dog prancing about in what she assumed was the kitchen, and dozed for a moment. When she awoke, Sir had returned and was holding a glass of water to her lips. She drank hungrily, surprised by her limitless thirst. He sat beside her, stroking her hair, as the perspiration began to dry on her body, causing an instant chill. Her nipples hardened, and she began to shiver. Sir reached over to a nearby chair and retrieved a small throw, then covered her tenderly. "This won't do at all. I'll start a small fire to warm the room" he said as he got up. She did not want him to leave her side at called out to him softly. "I will only be a moment, my dear. Rest for a bit, then we shall talk".

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