Wife's Erotic Peccadilloes

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A follow up about 'Pam' and 'Ooh Good Boy!'<br>This bit of non-fiction in Pam's case might better be termed 'Pecker Dildos'!

A follow up about "Pam" and "Ooh Good Boy!"
© 2003

This bit of non-fiction in Pam's case might better be termed "Pecker Dildos"!

Pamela was my wife at the time and is prominently featured in "Ooh Good Boy". This tome will be the concluding act (or sex acts if you prefer) about her. By the time our life together vaporized... Pam was very much INTO dildos and vibrators IN to HER! Please excuse the use of caps here. They are essential in that they convey the message of her masturbation be'coming' obsessively compulsive!

My older mentor Tina had unwrapped her angel wings from around me and bid me to fly on my own. (Read "The Naked Cup of Coffee" for her all-important wonderful, loving influence on my life.)

At Tina's urging I began dating Pam. It was a rebound romance on my part at first.

We dated but never mated until after the wedding. Pam was an "old fashioned girl" under the thumb of her harpy of a mother! She was terrified of the "Sex is SINFULL" woman. Pam felt her presence everywhere. She even sensed her disapproving mother in the car with us when we were parked and making out!

That had a stultifying effect on Pam and made me all the hornier. I wanted what I could not have, what she dare not GIVE!!

Pam was not a 'pretty' girl by classic standards. She was in fact, a bit mousy... including her undistinguished long brown hair. Even though the woman was well beyond the age of majority, she still lived at home. Housing in the Big Apple is expensive if one is single! Mom discouraged the use of make-up. She even frowned upon her daughter having her hair done professionally! Any attempt at beautifying one's self was cause to promote SEX!

Via the mother's old world upbringing women had sex to make babies or because they were being raped! Married sex for "fun" was a mortal sin according to her! Even her geriatric parish Monsignor couldn't argue with her to the contrary. There was nothing in the "good book" that upheld her "opinion"! The old Irish priest knew that people needed a good, frequent "screw" in order to maintain a healthy, happy marriage. I know that about him because he had told me as much. "Between you and I my friend, I think your bride's mother is a fruit cake!" All I could add to his assessment without saying it out loud was, 'Amen to that Father John!'

Pam was a talented semi-pro modern dancer though that cut no ice with mater either. She had gone to see one of her daughter's stage performances and seeing her kid in abbreviated attire and theatrical make-up elicited, "You look like a WHORE! Is that what you've become after all I do for you? Have you no morals?"

The old bat had gone to see her daughter perform only once... and that was enough! She prayed fervently for Pam's redemption! I prayed for the opposite!

I came close to giving up on "Prim Pam"... I wasn't accustomed to girls with so many hang-ups. Particularly not girls in New York City! For Pam the height of sexual excitement was kissing and the occasional tongue wrestling matches.

In desperation, I decided to fold my tent and move on. I didn't want to, she was certainly nice enough to me. Pam cried and admitted that she too wanted more than just necking. Would I please give her a chance? Within moments, she nervously guided my hand into her blouse and let me feel up a tit through a very heavily padded bra! 'Oh Gawd, she wears foam rubber falsies!'

I'm not a "Blue Meany" but she had been giving me "Blue Balls" for too long until then! It wasn't really her fault... like Pavlov's dogs, hers was a 'conditioned' response.

Even though I only groped and petted through her bra and sucked her face, she seemed to have had an orgasm from it! I asked her if that was what had just happened. Very shyly, she admitted that she did have one... that was what had happened.

'Well I'll be damned' I thought. The girl had possibilities after all. She had not been playing with her own pussy while she 'came' either. (I sure as Hell didn't... she wouldn't and couldn't let me... just yet.) However, we did discuss her unique abilities. She had been giving herself breast-enhanced orgasms since age fourteen when she finally had enough tits to play with.

The next make out session went a little better. Right off, she helped me push her bra and falsies up out of the way. I had access to both of her naked little breasts. The preamble for me that prompted her cooperation was my asking if I could, 'Give you a better tit orgasm than last time? Could I try? Just slide your bra up, I wont look.' She seemed to like the idea of my hot hands fondling her naked aroused tits.

I must admit to some incredulity about a woman's ability to 'come' just by having her breasts manipulated. Pam was particularly horny that night and proved the point that it could be done where she was concerned. There was no "Seemed" about liking the idea or about climaxing with her tits in my hands! She did love being felt up!

She pumped her hips as though she were fucking and being fucked while waves of orgasmic ardor washed over her. The result being that I wanted to be pumping my hips with my erection in her hand. Pam was too timid to try it. She had never touched a male organ before let alone jerking one off! Truth be told she had never seen a male erection except in pictures that she thought were borderline disgusting! (That was the first hint that I failed to recognize!)

I thought that I could help ease her into masturbating me and unzipped, taking my erection out for some fresh air. In the dark Pam hesitantly touched it and then retreated, "Ooh NO, you do it!" she said and then began smothering my face with kisses. Her hand found its way into my unbuttoned shirt and she manipulated my nipples more deftly than I had done hers. She had me hard in three places at once!

I groped for my handkerchief and began masturbating... urging her to 'look' at it! I was too far-gone to argue with her about, 'Hey, I DID you... fair is fair'!

For a total, virgin Pam had a delicately arousing touch with my nipples. Those things are hard wired directly to my penis! Her tongue was rather sexually talented as well, in my mouth and on my nipples.

By the time she had probed and lapped my mouth and eyelids and began fucking my ear with her tongue I was pumping, moaning and spraying my hand!

I missed the handkerchief altogether and spent the next few minutes blotting and wiping my 'come' off of my trousers. Pam could not watch that either.

After putting my satiated cock back where she felt it belonged, I needed some straight answers from the girl! Her hang-ups about jerking me off went directly back to her shrewish mother's anti-sex influences. Pam just could not bring herself to "do it". I wanted to tell her, 'Look kiddo, I'm not dating and trying to be mating with your mother... get over it! I want you!'

I did no such of course, I am not the kind of rat bastard that uses the old cliché of, "You would if you loved me!" I did not threaten to leave her either.

What I did was remind her that her kid brother was an avowed pussy hound and fucked his pretty girlfriend with no qualms (and she him quite joyfully!) They made no bones about going all the way as often as they could! "Mother" did not intrude on their physical expressions of love and lust.

I suggested that Pam have a frank talk with the brother's girl friend... maybe the girl would enlighten Pam. I bought a copy of Alex Comfort's "Joy of Sex" © for Pam to read.

She did talk with the girlfriend, soon to be sister-in-law. The younger woman was amazed that Pam was still a "virgin" at her age! Pamela read the book though had to keep the damned thing hidden. She read it behind her locked bedroom door of course!

By the time, she had read cover to cover Pam had had more than a few hand made orgasms beneath her bed covers privately. On our wedding night, she vowed to try everything in that sex book. She said that she was turned on by almost all of it!

After a few more park and make out dates Pam allowed my hand to roam from her excited hard nipples down over her tummy and into her underpants! She went so far as to voluntarily pull her elastic waistband out to provide free access to her slit and clit!

Was she nervous about that? Hell yes! More so, when I exposed my erection and hopefully, tempt her into doing something (anything) with it while I diddled her pussy!

Massaging Pam's clit, I noticed that she was doing likewise under her sweater, a breast in each hand. She wasn't reaching for me.

The SEXploration on my part proved that Pam was a virgin... so much so that I could not get my fuck finger into her! She even pushed back at my probing in an attempt to help... until I noticed that she was in obvious distress. This was hurting her. (Later Pam admitted that she did not and could not use Tampons. They would not pass through the tiny opening of her strong hymen!)

In the dark and my hand in her panties, I discovered something else about her pussy. She had the largest labia that I had ever encountered. They were huge and ultra sensitive. For her it was almost like having another pair of clits! Lucky girl, lucky me!!

After we married and I saw her pussy completely sexposed for the first time I was astounded! Her 'lips' dangled a good two inches below her twat! I had photographed hundreds of naked pussies by then... none had exaggerated external labia quite like Pam's!

Her labia could be comfortably pulled and stretched to four inches. I know, we measured them for fun. For laughs one time, we tied them in a knot! She held the ends while I photographed the entwined lips. Pam climaxed while I worked on stretching them and 'tying' her up.

Getting back to Pam's first hand job in the car. Even though I could not force my finger into her pussy, she had a soul satisfying orgasm via clitoris and labia stimulation. I did not want to hurt her and gave up on pushing at her pussy's inadequate opening.

Now I needed my own climax. I kissed and petted Pam and carefully guided her hand to my naked lap. All the while whispering, 'I need you, I love you'! On both counts, I was not bull shitting the girl just to get my rocks off! Both were genuine admissions. Her erotic mystique had helped me fall for her.

She did wrap her hand around my hard-on but did nothing more. She was afraid to masturbate me no matter what the sex book said about the benefits of that! I petted her hand and lightly sucked her nipples and placed my hand over hers. 'I'll show you how... just relax.'

I guided her small hand up and down, she was frightened but did not balk! When I felt myself about to spurt, I locked lips with her to divert Pam's attention and kissed as passionately as the fervor my erection in her hand knew was 'coming'!

Pam returned the kiss with equal passion and for an instant began masturbating me on her own. Tentatively, a little clumsily, but she was "doing it"!

I didn't have a handkerchief handy this time and didn't care were my semen went so long as it WENT!

It "went" all over her hand and up onto my exposed belly. A few drops flew to my chest. I was horneeee! Pam was glad that she had satisfied me but was not enamored of what had 'come' out of me! To her that was still "sorta dirty"!

The next time we parked and "did" each other, I applied a condom first. As long as she didn't have to touch the "sticky stuff" she could jerk me off, pretty much on her own, but only in the dark! (Another hint, that I overlooked!)

We honeymooned in Montego Bay. Legally married, Pam far away from "mother", was more inclined to fuck her brains to mush, or try to at any rate!

For three agonizing days and nights, we struggled to get through her hymen using everything short of high explosives! In desperation, we bought a giant industrial size tube of K-Y jelly from the hotel's gift and notions shop.

Back in our room, Pam went into the bathroom, inserted the open end of the tube into her tiny pussy port, and squeezed about _ of the contents into her self. The sharp edged worm threads on the end of the tube hurt going in yet she felt this was a make it and BREAK it proposition!

I used more of it to lather myself and we went at each other again!

Poor Pam was eager for it to be over and finally cried out in pain when my erection bent in two! We stopped and she began sobbing from sheer frustration.

I had seen and photographed numerous non-virginal pussies by then. (My regular readers know that I had fucked a baker's dozen of those as well! Pam knew that I had been fucked by them also, thus she was doubly frustrated that I of all people could not render her pussy to a serviceable state of being!)

I was no expert at popping cherries. All of the pussy's that had ever serviced me were well beyond the virginal state. Pam's was the armor plated Cherry from Hell!

I assured Pam that we would do it and cuddled with her for a while. The very least I could do was give her an orgasm for her valiant efforts!

No one had ever "eaten" Pam's twat before... no time like the present to start. She agreed to try it... at least that sex act sounded painless. Having seen my share and yours of pussies close up and personal; when Pam followed my instructions and held her exaggerated pussy lips wide open I was stunned at what I saw! Her only disconcerting though about cunnilingus was that mouth to pussy resuscitation was a slightly "unclean" thing to do. Otherwise, she was too horny to make a "big deal" out of it!

Her hymen was indeed visible and the 'opening' was tiny. If it was more than _ inch in diameter, I'd be lying to you! The membrane when probed was thick and as unyielding as calloused skin. I ate her while she played with her sensitive breasts. She liked that and it took only moments for her to learn to pump her hips up and down... essentially fucking her wet twat and engorged clit against my face.

She was having so much erotic fun that her pussy became a fast moving target! I had a Hell of a time keeping up with her.

The orgasm that resulted from my low calorie snacking was loud and very arousing. She was spellbinding in her own surprised enthusiasm for cunnilingus... yet she was still a virgin! By then, she discovered that she was partially right about oral sex being a "big deal"... a damned nice one at that. She changed her attitude about that in less than ten minutes. "Dirty or not here I 'COME'!" Pam would set aside her scruples for a chance at her cunt in my mouth everyday and twice on Sunday!

That's when we decided to give her another go at being finger fucked.

The horny heat inside of my new bride's vagina was melting the jelly. It was running out of the tiny opening in small rivulets. Stretched out next to her and in a good position to apply gentle but insistent pressure I felt for her hymen and began pressing. I asked her to jerk me off while I tried to get a finger in place.

She was hesitant about both aspects of my request though she did comply.

It probably took about ten minutes of probing her vestibule and some pussy discomfort before I forced my finger through her doorway to heaven! Pam was gritting her teeth and grimacing while squeezing both tits until I thought for sure she'd bruise them! She was mashing them painfully to circumvent the pain below!!

I was IN; we'd achieved it... well almost. My dick is far larger than my finger; it still would not fit in there. Pam's membrane around my finger was as tight as an elastic band. Just the same, she bit the bullet and allowed me to work a second finger in beside the first. She let me insert a third finger though obviously in considerable discomfort at that point.

She had tears in the corners of her eyes trying to be stoic! This was akin to raping someone you cared about. I was hurting her and did not like it at all!

Pam went so far as to permit me to apply more sex jelly and slowly finger fuck her newly dilated cherry then began complaining of lower belly cramps. Bad one's at that. Oh shit, what had I done to her?? There was a little blood on my fingers between her pretty legs. Had I torn the hymen or worse?

There was more blood and then clots of it when I slid my fingers out. Way to go Ron old' boy... my dick would fit into my wife now... if she didn't bleed to death first! Pam saw that I was as white as a sheet from fear.

Suddenly there were copious amounts of blood and clots running down her fanny cleft onto the hotel towel under her well-developed, sexy ass.

Pam figured what was "wrong" before I did. The wedding had been planned to be about two weeks before the onset of her menses. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of men and women to lay each other oft go awry! She didn't want anything fucking up her loving and fucking! Hence the mid month wedding date.

As ill luck would have it the pre-nuptial stress brought on her period too early! She was experiencing, as she called it, "The curse" right there on the bed. By the time I began packing wads of toilet tissue against her leaking twat the towel looked like the floor of an abattoir... a bloody mess!

Relieved of her hymen pain and the hymen itself Pam finished jerking me off with her eyes closed. I then went downstairs and bought some "Tampons" for her and a bottle of Midol! She'd try the "White Owls" in her cunt if for no other reasons than that she could insert them now and that those should keep her vagina's front door from closing up again!

We never knew for sure if I had torn her hymen or not. The timing and circumstances were not good for playing amateur Gynecologist. We did wait a couple of days for her menstrual cramps to subside. The time was spent touring the island. The Green Grotto, Dunn's river falls and a rafting trip on Ocho Rios itself were among the touristy stuff we did.

In reality we had better ideas about "doing" each other but Mother nature had other plans. On the third morning of celibacy, Pam inserted another Tampon up herself. Her cherry had suffered no ill effects from my finger fucking of it and the thing went in quite comfortably. She reasoned if it could, I could!

Driving about the island that day Pam wondered aloud if she could have "real sex while still bleeding?" I told her how I had done that numerous times with my older woman mentor, "Tina". I explained that all we needed was some condoms and more K-Y. "Good, good turn the car around and lets buy some rubbers at the gift shop and try it!"

Hey, I'm not a bad blood hound when pressed into service. If she was game so was I!!

Back in our room, Pam stretched out nude, spread her legs and about lost her mind with joy when I went so far as to pull the Tampon out with its 'string' between my teeth. Without much foreplay, I mounted her and fucked myself silly in her twat! Pam was too horny to wait for the niceties of being romanced... she wanted to GET LAID and PRONTO!

My wife played with her miniature tits, lifting and rubbing them against my chest fur. For a technical virgin, she was off to a good, rambunctious start! Pam closed her eyes and surprised both of us with her first ever orgasm with a stiff dick between her lower lips. Her labia were sensitive enough for that! Tickle and tease those properly and she'd 'come'! When they folded in and out, Pam could 'come' simply by fucking.

She wasn't sure how to screw... having never done it before she just did what felt good. She did well enough to make me as happy as a man can legally be!

Let me take a quick side step. For readers of any gender if you haven't tried sex during menstruation there are some simple common sense things to follow when you do it. (I assume that you will sooner or later.)

I knew from sexperience that a menstrual vagina may SEEM wet and slippery when in fact there are NO natural lubricants in her to facilitate fucking no matter how horny she may be. (Some women are at their peak of arousal during their periods... aren't you?!)

Engaging in normal intercourse then can be dicey and cause infections or injury. Fucking a menstruating pussy for you men can feel like being jerked off with rough sand paper!

To give Pam her first ever-real fuck I rolled on a condom and lathered it and her with more than enough K-Y to float a rowboat! The condom should be slick and smooth, no French Ticklers, ribbed or such! The brand of lubricant need be whatever SHE likes, so long as it is non-perfumed and not oil based. Even if she is young and normally doesn't need artificial lubricating... she will if she's menstruating!

The condom is smoother than an erect penis' skin and will do no harm. Yes, I am speaking to my lesbian friends here as well! Make sure that whatever you fuck your lover with is sterile, ultra smooth and well lubed. Other than that, if she's horny and you are not put off by it... go for it! If a hand job is her preference put on a latex surgical glove and then wash it, clean with hot soapy water. Those things are often coated with perfumed talc. (Not a good thing to introduce into your best friend's vagina when she's menstruating or into yours either!)

For Pamela the act of fucking to orgasm while she had "the curse" (or in spite of it) was a treat. She was glad that I didn't find it to be disgusting to love and bang her during her time of the month!

After that successful sexual interlude the island saw very little of us. Pam was hooked on S-E-X. We screwed in our room four and five times in a day, sometimes from sun up to after dark! We'd come down for lunch or dinner with good intentions of going out to see more sights.

While eating, we would see the naughty, needy glimmer in each other's eyes and race back upstairs to begin fucking again! We "did" that until it was time to fly home.

It was quite out of the question to "fly united" of course though a blanket spread across our laps allowed for hand jobs to 'come' about, somewhere over south Florida I presume. We were too damned "busy" to look out the window!

Back home and in the day to day routine grind (me photographing and filming naked masturbating women and Pam working at an import firm far down town) we had no down time. Not even when Pam had her periods!

Pam liked the photos of the "other nude" women in my life. They seemed to lift her libido. Any excuse for her to visit my small studio after hours usually ended with us fucking like starving minks on the floor or a couch!

One night during a particularly passionate interlude, Pam asked if it was possible to take close up pictures of our genitals engaged. "Could we do that without a third party needed to snap the photos?" I can thank the late Dr. Comfort and his excellent books for that idea. Pam had read about that and was in a squirrelly enough mood to want to try it for herself! She had read about taking intimate nude photos as a means of foreplay within that marvelous book. The idea of being the nude and lewd object of my voyeurism was provocative for her. (As a rather "plain Jane" type of girl she wasn't accustomed to men leering at her fully dressed let alone in the nude!)

Pam had developed a fantasy about seeing on photo paper what it looked like and why her pussy felt so good during sex! Yes, we could do that without help I told her. What the Hell, why not! We did it. We took more than a few photos in fact.

Her enormous erotically sensitive pussy lips folding in and out during sex showed clearly in the finished prints.

I brought those pictures home as soon as they were done. Pam was astounded at seeing her genitals in coitus and what they actually did while fucking. "No wonder it feels so damned good!" she exclaimed after surveying the entire batch!

Our dinner got cold on the stove while we screwed with her holding and looking at some of those explicit pictures. Pam set those aside and picked up her ornate hand mirror... she wanted to see her self, live and 'doing it'! That was her first such use of that mirror and far from the last orgasm achieved with it in hand!

Her Mom had given that thing to her as a gift and would have had a shit hemorrhage if she only knew how her horny kid was using it right then! She would have had a double hemorrhage if she even knew that Pam had sex for the sheer Hell of it!

My wife was a strange duck in some ways where visually aided erotic arousal was concerned. She loved looking at her own pussy during intercourse or masturbation. (Screwing, joint masturbation or solo was all the same to her libido!) At least in the beginning.

She could even get off looking at another woman's genitals engaged in self-sex. I had plenty of those photos to tempt and tease her with.

Pam liked my naked physique well enough, my ass in particular. If the room was dark she had learned to jerk me off with ease. What I didn't know was... well let me explain what I learned the hard way! ("HARD" being the key element here!)

Because Pam was learning to be'come' aroused by viewing pictures of our genitals conjoined, or with her finger alone in hers, I thought that I had 'come' up with a brilliant idea. If she enjoyed looking at prints of her private parts in action and invite me to watch her masturbating as a result... well, I'd turn the tables!

I'd give her something else quite personal to scan while one of us fingered her. I'd give her ME! Beyond that, I would buy a nice vibrator for her autoerotic enhancement to accompany the other 'intimate gifts'.

At the studio behind locked doors, I set up a camera and peeled my clothes off. The thought of Pam getting a squishy, twitchy twat from what I was about to 'do' gave me a flaming hard-on!

I shot a 36 exposure roll of myself naked and hard as Hell! I posed front, rear and in profile. I took full length and extreme close ups, posing as provocatively as I could in each photo without letting it look too much like gay male porn.

The final bit of self-porn showed my seminal load flying through the air with the greatest of ease. The close-ups made my erection look and feel enormous. I was tickled with those and the promise they held at home!

I stopped on the way and bought a nice 12" vibrator for Pam. I gift wrapped the 'toy' knowing that tonight my wife was going to masturbate to a screaming finale with it and then invite me to fuck myself senseless in her! I'd love and fuck her with the self same erection displayed in her new photo collection.

Pam opened the envelope first and slid out the prints. "What's this?" she asked. She did not seem overly excited about what I had done just for her! The photos were placed in chronological order... the first being a full length shot, my hand on hips and my erection fully erect and pointing skyward.

I answered her tepid inquiry with, 'Obviously I was thinking about you today and decided to 'do' something about it. Like 'em?' She kept turning the prints over until she reached the full length and close up ass shots. I knew she liked my ass and had devoted six or more frames to that. Including one tight shot of me bent over and holding my ass cheek open with one hand and pulling my balls and pecker down for her to see between my spread legs. A girl showing off her inviting twat from the rear couldn't have done it better.

Pam lingered on those and set the rest aside, including the spurting cock photo.

Uh oh, something is amiss here!

With the lewd ass shots spread out Pam said, "These are nice." Thus began a long conversation. My wife had a phobia.

Yes, she really liked what my cock felt and looked like in her. Yes, she could bring herself to play with my erection... hadn't I ever noticed that she always did that in the dark? Seldom during daylight or with the lights on?


Pam loved her heterosexual finger; mouth and cock induced orgasms yet she did not enjoy looking at male erections on display or being masturbated by its owner. She had tried to accept mine from the first time I had guided her through jerking me off in the car. "After all" she reasoned, "Love him love his penis!"

Until the very first time that I had actually pierced her pussy with it and 'came' in her Pam wasn't 100% sure that she could ever learn to like that either. Her asexual, anti-sex mother had really fucked up her daughter's libido!

Suddenly I felt really bad for Pam's father. (I didn't feel so good for myself nor Pam at the moment also.)

I think that I am typical in wanting any woman seeing my erection to develop a burning desire to have it all for herself! It doesn't work that way of course (but for rare exceptions) women are more impressed with what the cock confronting her can "do"... rather than getting sexcited over simply seeing it. If the latter were true, every male flasher would get laid on the spot every time he opened his rain coat!

We had quite a talk that night, sometimes tearfully. As horny as I had been while lustfully posing for HER edification earlier, I promised 'No sex tonight' if we could just explore and maybe cir 'cum'vent her inhibitions.

We did just that to a point. Pam opened her other 'gift' and had a small change of heart about "sex tonight". She had heard and read about those 'things' in Dr. Comfort's book but obviously had never tried one. She was eager enough to use it and soon.

Indeed, 'sex' was on again... after her phobia confession was done. I'm not the brightest guy in town... probably not the sharpest male on my block either. (In fact, if you listen to the teenagers that tried valiantly to grow up under this roof... I am NOT the smartest dude in my own household!) I wanted to help Pam overcome her deep-rooted 'problem' but had no idea how to go about it except through loving trial and error.

Pam did admit that she preferred the explicit experimental photos of our genitals plugged in. Looking at my erection fucking her was more than arousing. But simply looking at it in the new pictures I had made for her (or seeing it 'coming' towards her with the erotic intent of fucking her) gave her deep dark images of something dirty. Damn but I was hating her mother more and more.

Surprisingly so was Pam! By acknowledging that, she promised to work at getting over her 'erection dilemma'! She wanted to enjoy what her new sister-in-law did and what "The Joy of Sex" promised between its pages and between her legs. She would prove her love and lust. To her credit she did try... though after a few years she back slid to square one.

That night, using what my older woman mentor Tina had taught me about 'toy fucking' a girl, Pam had the loudest screaming orgasm of her life. At least that part of my erotic gift package was very much to her liking!

She had a second climax using the thing on herself while I cradled her body, rubbing her nipples and holding the hand mirror for her to see her own "self abuse" as her mother called it. The orgasm that episode of mechanical masturbation produced was as noisy as the first.

What I didn't know until sometime later was that Pam found ways to fuck herself with the vibrator every day thereafter! She managed to wear out the mechanism within 6 months.

Ladies, if you have ever killed one of those adult sex machines you know that Pam was masturbating too frequently to have assassinated hers in such a short time frame! She had be'come' a "Do it yourself" addict.

When I bought a replacement for the defunct plastic pussy pleaser, I selected several varieties. One of those had an anal probe. Pam took to that like the proverbial duck to water. After a few private and public (in front of me) ASSignations with it, she invited me to genuinely ass fuck her! You know, stiff dick in tight hole... fucking. She had been finger fucking her own ass for years and never told me about it until then.

If you have ever had a girl (or done this if you are female) sit on your stiff dick on a dining room chair, all the way up her ass to your pubic hair while you played with her breasts; then you know that there are NO words to describe the sensation!

Pam did just that while she fingered her clit and I accelerated her orgasm by working on her breasts the way she liked it!

As small, as she was Pam wriggled my cock up her ass far more easily than we had deflowered her pussy. She moaned with delight while she did it. It was her idea, she initiated how we'd do this and she did all the work. Not one iota of pain according to her. (Obviously not, as her responsive nipples in my hands were swollen to the point of bursting.)

It was also Pam's idea to photograph the anal sex in extreme close up. After a few robust rump romps and rammings, we did begin to fulfill her fantasies of that on film! If her mother only knew where Pam had hidden her personal porn photos! If she only knew that her daughter loved being ass fucked, on film no less!

I worried about that as "mother" had a key to our apartment and frequently snooped while we were at work. We had to keep everything from our bankbooks to Pam's pussy nook pictures locked in the desk!

I really preferred that those explicit, tell "tail" prints be kept at the studio. Pam felt otherwise. She was using them daily for her own masturbatory excursions. Unknown to me, a few prints for the turn on effect, a 'toy' in her twat, ass or both and Pam was exorcizing years of pent up rage and sexual frustrations, by herself. She needed the instant gratification from fantasy fucking herself in ways she never dared imagine while living at home.

I wasn't yet aware of how often she was "doing" herself. Nor was I cognizant of the toll her self-loving, narcissistic activities would take on our sex life and marriage eventually. Pam's peccadilloes were gradually turning into "Pecker Dildos" of the greatest magnitude.

A publisher called. He wanted a lay out of a typical haus frau, nude and orgasmic. "No professional models please" he wanted a rank amateur. Not homely but definitely NOT beautiful either. She had to look like the wife next door. A lonely, sexually frustrated wife that anyone could believably get to fuck or at least fantasize about fucking. A plain woman that would let you into her pants without emotional encumbrances just because she needed it!

I didn't know anyone like that, most of my models were definitely not the house wife types. I told him that I'd look around... 'no promises'.

Hanging up it dawned on me a second later. 'Shit, if she'll do it, I had the perfect candidate for the job. We slept, loved and lusted in the same bed!

Over dinner, I gave the 'proposition' to my wife, conveniently leaving out the "not homely but not beautiful" requirements. There was no need to hurt her feelings with that! When I explained that we would change her appearance so friends and family would not recognize her, Pam's ears and nipples perked up simultaneously. When I added that she'd get an orgasm or three out of each picture set and some spending money she bit... hook line and sinker! My wife was a multi-orgasmic exhibitionist when the timing was right.

After the dishes were in the sink Pam stripped and we fucked right there while I provided the details of how we'd shoot the set. (Those graphic niceties created major erotic fantasies for her.)

The only qualifier from Pam was that she had to approve the makeover. If the 'new' look provided anonymity to her satisfaction, she'd 'do it'.

The following evening Pam arrived home with some good wigs she'd bought. We tried them all and settled on an auburn pageboy for her first make over attempt. I darkened her nipples with make up to complete the illusion. By the time I had completed that Pam was 'coming' in front of the bathroom mirror!

Okay, so I played with her tits a little more than was necessary for the project.

Pam then turned tail and bent over the sink. She had me fuck the new naked girl in our apartment from behind. (We fucked her twat until I flooded it and then a second 'coming' in her ass for good measure, at her request.)

Pam even had me call her "Karen" while I pounded her alter ego from the rear. She was unleashing some kinks that neither of us knew she harbored! Each make over and subsequent photo session produced a new pseudonym from Pam. I never knew whom I'd be photographing nor who would be fucking me afterwards.

My wife had helped me with a few still photo porn shoots by then and a couple of beaver loops. She had a good idea what to 'do' when her turn 'came'!

The nudie magazine industry was metamorphosing. Hotter, raunchier photo sets were required. The sleaze publishing houses were at war. Who could produce the most explicit layouts and yet not get their magazines yanked off the newsstands.

Pam was on route to finding her long repressed sexuality and a niche for it. Any sexcuse for fingers or toys in her hair-covered niche was fine by her. My wife in her unbridled enthusiasm would produce more than a few photos that were too graphic even by the basest of market standards. Those were for our own dual and solo sexual satisfaction.

My wife was acting out against her mother's former domination big time!

During her first nude posing soiree all Pam wanted to do was to watch herself masturbating, top and bottom, in the full-length mirror. Considering that this was her first attempt at flying solo on film, I let her masturbate. I didn't want to destroy the all important mystique. One can't take a lot of pictures in ten minutes. That was all it took for her finger to do the job. When she was finished squirming and moaning I was ready to do the same. The photo session was done for today!

Pam's erotic showing off had made me too damned horny to bother stripping. I rolled her over, pulled my leaky dingus out of my pants and fucked her from behind. She thought that was too funny for words.

She was enjoying her newfound roll of "temptress". However, after seeing her first photo set she realized that there had to be a little more than her in an orgasmic state to create a saleable picture set.

The next time she did better and took longer. Combining sets one and two worked.

We posed her in the kitchen as the lonely, horny homemaker as the publisher had requested. She was naked all but for a very sheer small, apron that allowed her tits to show through and look more appealing than they really were. We made good photographic use of her hard muscular dancer's ass and shapely legs. The apron barely covered her pubic bush. (Jungle is more appropriate... she did have a lot of pussy fur.)

Pam had even brought home some phallic veggies to work with. We co wrote a storyboard scenario to submit with the picture sets we'd mail out.

Essentially it went like this;

1. Horny nude homemaker prepares dinner...

2. The penis shaped veggies remind her of something lacking in her life. She isn't getting enough at home.

3. The woman needs that "something" and needs it now!

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