Wife's Erotic Peccadilloes

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A follow up about 'Pam' and 'Ooh Good Boy!'<br>This bit of non-fiction in Pam's case might better be termed 'Pecker Dildos'!

A follow up about "Pam" and "Ooh Good Boy!"
© 2003

This bit of non-fiction in Pam's case might better be termed "Pecker Dildos"!

Pamela was my wife at the time and is prominently featured in "Ooh Good Boy". This tome will be the concluding act (or sex acts if you prefer) about her. By the time our life together vaporized... Pam was very much INTO dildos and vibrators IN to HER! Please excuse the use of caps here. They are essential in that they convey the message of her masturbation be'coming' obsessively compulsive!

My older mentor Tina had unwrapped her angel wings from around me and bid me to fly on my own. (Read "The Naked Cup of Coffee" for her all-important wonderful, loving influence on my life.)

At Tina's urging I began dating Pam. It was a rebound romance on my part at first.

We dated but never mated until after the wedding. Pam was an "old fashioned girl" under the thumb of her harpy of a mother! She was terrified of the "Sex is SINFULL" woman. Pam felt her presence everywhere. She even sensed her disapproving mother in the car with us when we were parked and making out!

That had a stultifying effect on Pam and made me all the hornier. I wanted what I could not have, what she dare not GIVE!!

Pam was not a 'pretty' girl by classic standards. She was in fact, a bit mousy... including her undistinguished long brown hair. Even though the woman was well beyond the age of majority, she still lived at home. Housing in the Big Apple is expensive if one is single! Mom discouraged the use of make-up. She even frowned upon her daughter having her hair done professionally! Any attempt at beautifying one's self was cause to promote SEX!

Via the mother's old world upbringing women had sex to make babies or because they were being raped! Married sex for "fun" was a mortal sin according to her! Even her geriatric parish Monsignor couldn't argue with her to the contrary. There was nothing in the "good book" that upheld her "opinion"! The old Irish priest knew that people needed a good, frequent "screw" in order to maintain a healthy, happy marriage. I know that about him because he had told me as much. "Between you and I my friend, I think your bride's mother is a fruit cake!" All I could add to his assessment without saying it out loud was, 'Amen to that Father John!'

Pam was a talented semi-pro modern dancer though that cut no ice with mater either. She had gone to see one of her daughter's stage performances and seeing her kid in abbreviated attire and theatrical make-up elicited, "You look like a WHORE! Is that what you've become after all I do for you? Have you no morals?"

The old bat had gone to see her daughter perform only once... and that was enough! She prayed fervently for Pam's redemption! I prayed for the opposite!

I came close to giving up on "Prim Pam"... I wasn't accustomed to girls with so many hang-ups. Particularly not girls in New York City! For Pam the height of sexual excitement was kissing and the occasional tongue wrestling matches.

In desperation, I decided to fold my tent and move on. I didn't want to, she was certainly nice enough to me. Pam cried and admitted that she too wanted more than just necking. Would I please give her a chance? Within moments, she nervously guided my hand into her blouse and let me feel up a tit through a very heavily padded bra! 'Oh Gawd, she wears foam rubber falsies!'

I'm not a "Blue Meany" but she had been giving me "Blue Balls" for too long until then! It wasn't really her fault... like Pavlov's dogs, hers was a 'conditioned' response.

Even though I only groped and petted through her bra and sucked her face, she seemed to have had an orgasm from it! I asked her if that was what had just happened. Very shyly, she admitted that she did have one... that was what had happened.

'Well I'll be damned' I thought. The girl had possibilities after all. She had not been playing with her own pussy while she 'came' either. (I sure as Hell didn't... she wouldn't and couldn't let me... just yet.) However, we did discuss her unique abilities. She had been giving herself breast-enhanced orgasms since age fourteen when she finally had enough tits to play with.

The next make out session went a little better. Right off, she helped me push her bra and falsies up out of the way. I had access to both of her naked little breasts. The preamble for me that prompted her cooperation was my asking if I could, 'Give you a better tit orgasm than last time? Could I try? Just slide your bra up, I wont look.' She seemed to like the idea of my hot hands fondling her naked aroused tits.

I must admit to some incredulity about a woman's ability to 'come' just by having her breasts manipulated. Pam was particularly horny that night and proved the point that it could be done where she was concerned. There was no "Seemed" about liking the idea or about climaxing with her tits in my hands! She did love being felt up!

She pumped her hips as though she were fucking and being fucked while waves of orgasmic ardor washed over her. The result being that I wanted to be pumping my hips with my erection in her hand. Pam was too timid to try it. She had never touched a male organ before let alone jerking one off! Truth be told she had never seen a male erection except in pictures that she thought were borderline disgusting! (That was the first hint that I failed to recognize!)

I thought that I could help ease her into masturbating me and unzipped, taking my erection out for some fresh air. In the dark Pam hesitantly touched it and then retreated, "Ooh NO, you do it!" she said and then began smothering my face with kisses. Her hand found its way into my unbuttoned shirt and she manipulated my nipples more deftly than I had done hers. She had me hard in three places at once!

I groped for my handkerchief and began masturbating... urging her to 'look' at it! I was too far-gone to argue with her about, 'Hey, I DID you... fair is fair'!

For a total, virgin Pam had a delicately arousing touch with my nipples. Those things are hard wired directly to my penis! Her tongue was rather sexually talented as well, in my mouth and on my nipples.

By the time she had probed and lapped my mouth and eyelids and began fucking my ear with her tongue I was pumping, moaning and spraying my hand!

I missed the handkerchief altogether and spent the next few minutes blotting and wiping my 'come' off of my trousers. Pam could not watch that either.

After putting my satiated cock back where she felt it belonged, I needed some straight answers from the girl! Her hang-ups about jerking me off went directly back to her shrewish mother's anti-sex influences. Pam just could not bring herself to "do it". I wanted to tell her, 'Look kiddo, I'm not dating and trying to be mating with your mother... get over it! I want you!'

I did no such of course, I am not the kind of rat bastard that uses the old cliché of, "You would if you loved me!" I did not threaten to leave her either.

What I did was remind her that her kid brother was an avowed pussy hound and fucked his pretty girlfriend with no qualms (and she him quite joyfully!) They made no bones about going all the way as often as they could! "Mother" did not intrude on their physical expressions of love and lust.

I suggested that Pam have a frank talk with the brother's girl friend... maybe the girl would enlighten Pam. I bought a copy of Alex Comfort's "Joy of Sex" © for Pam to read.

She did talk with the girlfriend, soon to be sister-in-law. The younger woman was amazed that Pam was still a "virgin" at her age! Pamela read the book though had to keep the damned thing hidden. She read it behind her locked bedroom door of course!

By the time, she had read cover to cover Pam had had more than a few hand made orgasms beneath her bed covers privately. On our wedding night, she vowed to try everything in that sex book. She said that she was turned on by almost all of it!

After a few more park and make out dates Pam allowed my hand to roam from her excited hard nipples down over her tummy and into her underpants! She went so far as to voluntarily pull her elastic waistband out to provide free access to her slit and clit!

Was she nervous about that? Hell yes! More so, when I exposed my erection and hopefully, tempt her into doing something (anything) with it while I diddled her pussy!

Massaging Pam's clit, I noticed that she was doing likewise under her sweater, a breast in each hand. She wasn't reaching for me.

The SEXploration on my part proved that Pam was a virgin... so much so that I could not get my fuck finger into her! She even pushed back at my probing in an attempt to help... until I noticed that she was in obvious distress. This was hurting her. (Later Pam admitted that she did not and could not use Tampons. They would not pass through the tiny opening of her strong hymen!)

In the dark and my hand in her panties, I discovered something else about her pussy. She had the largest labia that I had ever encountered. They were huge and ultra sensitive. For her it was almost like having another pair of clits! Lucky girl, lucky me!!

After we married and I saw her pussy completely sexposed for the first time I was astounded! Her 'lips' dangled a good two inches below her twat! I had photographed hundreds of naked pussies by then... none had exaggerated external labia quite like Pam's!

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