Buddy Does Shiann

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A gorgeous blonde with a hot sexy body who normally does private exotic dancing and sometimes live sex shows finds herself challenged with a sexual partner like she's never had before. She can't get enough of Buddy and she wants more and more.

Shiann was a very hot sexy woman who'd had lots of sexual experience starting from her teenage years up into her mid-30s when this story occurred. Shiann had started her career out as an exotic dancer and she'd been quite successful. With her gorgeous C-cup sized breasts and legs to die for, Shiann had easily gotten herself dancing jobs that carried all kinds of sexy erotic fringe benefits along with them. She'd found herself having the time of her young fucking life.

On one particular evening, Shiann had agreed to put on a private dancing show for a party of men and women and she knew that the word got around that her private performances nearly always ended up in her putting on a pretty hot lusty hormone-driven private sex show. Shiann loved everything about the private dance engagements and all that followed -- and it was good that there was a lot that happened after she'd danced because she'd get so horny, so wet and so needy to be fucked and to suck some hard horny cock that if she'd just danced and then gone home, she'd have had to get a boyfriend or one of her huge hard dildos out of the nightstand to fuck her. Once Shiann got through with an exotic dancing evening, she was so fucking horny and turned on that it took lots of fucking and sex to get her unwound again.

As Shiann had begun her performance that evening for the group gathered in the private party room, she'd quickly stripped out of her dancing outfit and had given the entire crowd -- men and women alike -- an exotic strip/dance show that they'd never forget. As she'd approached the end of her planned routine, Shiann began a smooth transition right into having some of the men start caressing her naked tits, rubbing her naked body and then beginning to finger fuck her pussy and finally to letting her suck some of their cocks before she made it clear that she not only wanted but needed to have more than one man fuck her pussy and give her their hard cocks and their cumloads.

Shiann had finally gotten herself into a very lusty and very sexually intense group sex session where she had guys with their cocks in her hands, in her mouth or in her pussy. She was "doing" more than one horny guy at a time. At one point, she even had one of the women slide out of her panties and Shiann had the babe sit on her face while two guys were getting their cocks stroked and two guys were waiting to penetrate her pussy and fuck her. Shiann couldn't seem to get enough hot unrestrained sex that night.

Everybody finally thought after Shiann had been fucked by at least 6 or 7 guys and had that one babe cum on her face that the evening was rapidly coming to a close. But they were just about to be proven wrong. The man, Robert, who'd arranged for the private party with Shiann had a surprise up his sleeve that only Shiann knew about at the very last minute. Robert had a large mature male German Shepherd named Buddy that he wanted Shiann to fuck in front of the entire party crowd.

Shiann, after all the sex she'd just engaged in, had cum on her tits and on her stomach as well as oozing out of her well-fucked pussy where several guys had shot their jizz loads inside her when she brought them to climax. She smelled of hot lusty sex and when Robert had Buddy brought out into the center of the party room, everyone could tell that Buddy, the horny German Shepherd knew that there was one reason he was there, to fuck a hot randy "bitch". Shiann was to be Buddy's "bitch in heat" for the night.

Robert had assured Shiann earlier that no harm would come to her but he'd also hastened to tell her that the surprise he had planned for her would probably be a hot sexy fucking that she'd never had and would never forget. He got Shiann to lie on her back there in the center of the room where everyone could see her and he had her spread her thighs so he could let Buddy get at her pussy and get a good scent of the cum and her own pussy juices and cum that was plentiful there by then. Buddy's nose went wild and Robert no sooner moved him into place than he began sniffing and licking Shiann's hot pussy. She loved the feel of the dog's eager tongue licking and moving across her swollen pussy lips and her aroused hypersensitive clit. She was loving having this "doggy lover" focusing on her cunt and she quickly felt an orgasm explode in her pussy from the dog's attentions.

After Shiann climaxed from having Buddy's mouth licking on her pussy, Robert gave her directions to turn over and get on all fours there in front of where he had Buddy standing. Shiann found herself getting unbelievably horny and hot as fire as she realized what was just about to happen between her and this big muscular lusty dog. She was about to literally get "doggy fucked" and she could hardly wait. As she got herself in the proper "bitch"/male dog fucking position with her ass in front of Buddy and her legs spread so Robert could help the big dog mount Shiann and get his cock inside her, Robert took just a moment and lifted Buddy's large left rear leg to let everyone see that Buddy was amply equipped in the cock area to give Shiann the fuck of her life. When he moved Buddy's leg out of the way so everyone could see, the dog's horny hard cock had grown fully erect and as it had become aroused and fully enrorged, the hair skin sac that normally contained Buddy's dog cock had allowed the hard wet red cock to emerge and come into full view. There were audible gasps and expressions of lusty delight at the size of the big thick cock that was going to be fucking Shiann.

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