Father Figure

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: for my 100th posted story on this site, i though a nice family story, mother, father and teenage daughter and of course me

When I was twenty one, I was promoted but as a result I had to move to a different department. My new boss was a great guy, about forty I suppose, but in his quiet way, you would work twice as hard just to make him happy; it was a gift. After I had been working for him for a few months he asked me to pop around to his house and drop off a parcel. When I did, I meet his wife for the first time. I guess she was a few years younger than him and she had a very full figure; it was difficult not to stare at her magnificent bust as I handed over my cargo. One Friday afternoon, he asked me to come over the next day and meet the family, they were having a barbie.

"Fine, I love to," I said.

When I got there, the first person I saw was Betty, his wife, today she was dressed in shorts and sun top, what a very striking sight. I was then introduced to the teenage daughter Mel, a slim, elfin looking girl, it was one of those eye opening, jaw dropping moment. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She seemed very shy and clearly uncomfortable to be with me, but there was no way I was letting her go. She didn't take after her mother at all, being slim, with gentle curves but she had these great long legs.

I tried to get her to talk about herself, just to break the ice, I learned that she was at the local college doing a business course. From reading between the lines I found out that she hadn't got a boyfriend, which was great I thought. Before I left I managed to invite her out for a drink and perhaps a bite to eat. On the doorstep I was smothered with a goodbye hug from her mother and a handshake from my boss. I took Mel to this country pub I knew that do great bar meals. As the evening progressed, she seemed to relax more and even laughed at my few clean jokes. I took her home and she kissed me before she got out of my car; I was in heaven.

Mel and I were now getting on fine, much to her mother joy, she seemed to like me and would always give me big hug, her big bust pushed hard into my chest. If you drove passed their house the road would petered out and ended up to give magnificent view over Southampton water and the docks; at night it was a wonderland of lights. We would often park there taking in the sights. One night I put my arm around her and pulled her towards me; we kissed long and hard. My hand reached up and cupped her small breasts for the first time; they felt nice and firm.

"I'm sorry," she said, there was a small tear in her eye.

"What for?" I asked, slightly confused.

"My boobs, aren't very big," she said with more tears.

"Hey, if I wanted big ones, I'll ask your mother out," I said light-heartedly.

"Please, you're being kind," she said, but she was noticeable less tearful.

"Now look Mel," I said, "I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met, and your slim figure is part of that package, ok."

"Do you really think so?" she asked.

"Yeah, really," I said.

"It's very hard, you know," she said, "growing up with a mother with breasts like hers. When mine arrived, I was waiting for them to grow big, but they didn't, when they got this size, they stopped." She glanced at me. "I know guys like big one, you should see the looks my mum gets, especially when she's on the beach. Guys walk into things you know," she giggled at the memories. We kissed again and this time she seemed happy to let me fondle her boobs.

With my promotion I was earning more money, enough to buy a small one bedroom flat, nothing fancy, but all mine, well mostly the Banks. I would pick Mel up from college and we would go there. For the first time we were really alone and we could do anything we wanted. Off came her T-shirt and bra and for the first time I could see her boobs that, up to now, I had only felt. Although small, they were very beautiful, like round hillocks, topped with erect pink nipples. At first she was very shy about showing them to me, but after I waxed lyrical about how beautiful they were, she was a lot happier. I soon found out that they were very sensitive too, just a light kneading would often bring her off to a series of small orgasm. Finally I persuaded her that she didn't need to wear a bra any more, this I said would not only make her into a even more sexier looking girl and it was easier for me to get my hands on her tits too.

I was now accepted as part of the family and was even invited on holiday with them. My boss had booked a villa in Spain for that year's holiday and as long as I paid my own fare, I was more than welcome. Of course I jumped at the chance. Our first full day there, we met for breakfast and then we spent the day around the pool. Betty looked magnificent in her skimpy two piece-swimming suit, and Mel's comments about guys walking into things came back to me, and I could see why.

"Do you mind if the girls went topless?" Bob my boss said.

"W-what, no of course not," I stuttered.

"I like seeing girls topless, don't you?" he said.

"Oh yes," I said. It was funny but my boss seemed to rule his household with the same quiet way as he did in the office. When he spoke everybody listened and jumps to any task he had set. So with his same assertive style he commanded both girls to remove their tops. It was like magic, for without a whimper Betty and Mel shed the bikini tops to reveal their boobs. Mel glanced at me with a worried look on her face, in case I was comparing her to her mother. Betty was indeed stunning, she drooped a bit of course, but not as much as you would have thought. I took Mel in my arms and kissed her to reassure her of my love.

"There you see, think what it was like growing up in the shadow of those," she whispered to me.

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