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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Slut Wife, Cuckold, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Her husband had made a foolish bet that she had to win!

"Come on Rita." my husband yelled up the stairs "the taxi will be here soon."

Putting the final touches to my make-up I stood up and looked at myself in the full length mirror, nodding I looked at my reflection with approval, my trim body and heavy breasts filled out the black evening dress nicely. The slit at the side of the skirt showed a good amount of stockinged leg when I moved and my make-up enhanced all my best features while hiding the few wrinkles I had developed after thirty-three years.

"Will you get a move on!" my husband's voice yelled, "The damned taxi is here."

"Coming." I shouted back.

Gary was always like this, I could never get him to understand that if he wanted me to look my best it took time and it wasn't as if we were going anywhere vitally important, just a party at the house of an acquaintance of his. Picking up my purse and wrap from the bed I left the bedroom, turned out the light and made my way downstairs, Gary watched me as I descended with approval in his eyes and condemnation on his lips.

"Lord you took your time." he greeted me "Come on, the taxi's waiting."

He rushed me out to the waiting cab, my high heels clicking on the path in a hasty tattoo; in the cab he finally unwound enough to kiss me lightly on the lips.

"You look gorgeous." he grinned as he sat back "Tonight is going to be fun."

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, the tone of his voice told me that he was up to something, but he fell silent and gave no further clue as to what that something was. When we got out of the taxi my husband paid the fare then took me by the arm, he smiled at me and I saw that strange twinkle in his eyes that told me that whatever he was up to involved sex in some way or another.

"Gary," I said quietly "what's going on?"

"Quick as ever." he grinned, "Give me your word that you will do everything I ask you to do."

"What is this Gary?" I protested, "What are you up to?"

"Give me your word and I'll tell you." he replied.

Looking at him I weighed up in my mind what the possibilities were, Gary knew that if I gave my word on something I would keep it, but what would it lead me into? My own curiosity finally got the better of me, as he knew it would, I had to know what he was up to.

"All right," I sighed, "I give my word."

"You give me your word to obey me tonight?" he asked.

"Yes, I give you my word." I responded, puzzled at the way he had put it "Now, what have I let myself in for?"

He grinned and started walking with me hanging from his arm.

"I bet Mike five hundred pounds," he laughed, "that you would do whatever I wanted for the time we were at the party."

"You WHAT!!" I cried, "That randy sod will expect me to..."

"Do whatever you are told." Gary finished for me "Do you want to back out?"

"No," I snapped "I gave you my word, but I wish you'd talked it over with me before making such a bet like that."

"And if I had, would you have agreed?" he asked.

"I don't know," I replied "oh, hell, probably not. I feel used."

"Later dear." he grinned.

His comment made me shiver at the thought of what lay ahead; Mike was a randy sod who had probably manoeuvred my husband into the bet just so that he could get his hands on my body. Some weeks back Mike had made a try for me and had been miffed when I had told him to sling his hook, this was just the sort of scheme he would cook up to get his own back. I brightened a little at the thought that his pleasure would cost him money, and then I frowned as it dawned on me that the money made me a prostitute and Gary my pimp. As we arrived at Mike's house I considered backing out, but Gary seemed set on winning the bet and I would do anything to make Gary happy and it wasn't as though it would be the first time I had been with another man, Gary and I still enjoyed swapping partners with couples we liked. This was different though, this time I would be the sole recipient of the attention.

"I thought you weren't coming." Mike laughed as he opened the door to us "Come on in, everyone else is here already."

Mike took my wrap and pointed us towards the living room; I could feel his eyes burning over my body as we walked away from him. There were fifteen other people in the room, none of whom we knew, the mix was fifty-fifty male to female, or would be when Mike returned, nine men in all including Gary and I had the horrible feeling that every single one of them knew about the bet. Mike's wife came over to us and handed us a drink each, she smiled at me then looked at Gary.

"Well?" she said quietly.

Mike suddenly appeared on the other side of me; he grinned and looked at Gary with a raised eyebrow.

"You owe me five hundred quid." Gary grinned.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Mike retorted.

"Get her to do something to prove it." Sonya, Mike's wife grinned looking at me.

The cow was looking forward to my humiliation as much as Mike was, smiling sweetly I did not let her see my nervousness, just to wipe that smile off her face I was going to let them do as they wished with me. I met Gary's eyes and nodded my head imperceptibly; Gary smiled and took a breath.

"Give Mike and Sonya a kiss darling." he instructed.

Mike's hands were all over me as I kissed him, to my surprise Sonya was no better, but when I stepped back Sonya shook her head.

"Nice, but not proof Gary." she said.

"Well what would be proof?" Gary asked.

Sonya grinned at me wickedly, and then looked up at my husband.

"If you got her to take off her dress in front of all of us and stay without it," she laughed, "that would do for a start."

"Okay." Gary retorted, "Rita, you heard what was wanted."

"Yes Gary." I responded as meekly as I could and reaching for my zip.

"Hang on." Sonya said then raised her voice "Hey, everybody. You all know about the bet Mike had with Gary, well we are about to find out if his wife will do whatever he tells her to or not. Gary's just told her to take off her dress and give it to Mike. Come on then Rita."

I looked at Gary, smiled and reached behind me, opening the zip on the dress I wriggled it down my body and handed it to Mike; he leered as he looked at my body which was now only clad in bra, panties and stockings. Around me men and women cheered at the sight of me.

"If she doesn't bottle out," Mike laughed "before the end of the evening I will write you a cheque for five hundred pounds."

"Better get your cheque book." Mike grinned.

"We'll see." Mike grinned "Tell you what, how about upping the stakes, make it a thousand."

Gary's eyes widened in surprise, he looked at me uncertainly as he wondered just what Mike had up his sleeve, and I was damned if Mike was going to win and nodded to Gary to accept the stakes.

"Okay." Gary responded.

Mike took my dress away and came back without it, the whole room was watching me as I helped myself to another drink, and beside me Gary looked troubled.

"What's wrong?" I whispered to him.

"Mike's up to something," he sighed "I'd like to win that thousand, but not if it will hurt you."

"Don't worry about me," I grinned, "I can take whatever he has in mind. The money will clear off the repayments on the car with a bit over."

"If you are sure." he sighed then grinned "It looks as though Mike is about to get the ball rolling."

I looked over to where Gary was looking, Mike and Sonya were circulating among their other guests handing out slips of paper, smiling as Mike glanced my way I wished that I could double the bet again. Confident that he would win his wager Mike strutted across to where Gary and I stood with Sonya swaying triumphantly along beside him, it was too much.

"Seeing as you feel confident of winning," I said as they reached us "how about doubling the bet again?"

"Rita!" Gary gasped.

Mike grinned at me, obviously whatever he had planned was supposed to get me to back out at some point, Gary was worried that if that happened we would have to struggle to pay off Mike, but I was damned if I would back out.

"Let's make it really interesting," Mike grinned, "let's make the bet five thousand pounds."

"I can't aff..." Gary gasped.

"Done." I cut him off.

Sonya shrieked with glee at the thought of having us in hock to them for years, Gary stared at me wide eyed while Mike loudly announced the new stakes to the rest of the gathering. Gary looked stunned, but the bet was that I would do anything he wanted me to do so I would have to snap him out of his shock or we would forfeit the bet. Pulling him to one side I touched his cheek and smiled at him when he looked at me.

"Rita," he whispered glumly "Mike is so confident of winning that he must have something nasty up his sleeve."

"Don't worry Gary," I said soothingly "I'll handle whatever the bastard wants, but after tonight we will not mix with him or his crowd again. Now, pull yourself together, we don't want to lose the bet because you can't give me the orders."

"Okay Rita," he grinned "but whatever happens tonight I want you to remember that I love you."

"I know you do dear and I love you, otherwise I would never agree to do whatever it is I'm going to be doing." I replied "Now let's get it over with, the sooner we win that bet the sooner we can leave."

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