Bowl Fun

by Jaqi

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Humor, Light Bond, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: : Wild and crazy coeds, trying to find something to make the end of the year more fun.

In 1997, I was a sophomore in college living in the dorms. My name is Jaqi, I am truly part of the American Boiling Pot. I am Cherokee Indian, and heaven knows what else. I was 20 years old, with brown hair and blue eyes. I know, I am cute and I am aware of the looks I get from the guys on campus, and also from my girlfriends always telling me about how they notice also. I am not top heavy or anything (34B), I think that my eyes and my skin are what everyone notices.

I live in the dorm with my room mate Sara, she is a blonde that is 5'11, unlike my 5'7. She is on the volleyball team and I think she is very pretty. We like to party with two other girls, Kim and Stacy, they both live off campus. Kim has auburn hair with reddish highlights and she has a small dusting of freckles on her face. Stacy is a brunette, and 5'2 with a little bit of the baby fat look. Kim is the wildest one of the group; she is a cheerleader, and truly an exhibitionist. She is 5'8, and she has green eyes to die for.

We had all been partying and had boyfriends, but none of us were in a serious relationship at the time. We had been noticing how the guys were always betting each other and talking about the NFL playoffs. The four of us got to teasing each other, and said we should make bets so the playoffs would be fun to watch. None of us had any extra money to lose, typical of college students trying to survive. Kim said she thought we might bet a dare, like we could all decide what it would be, and the loser would do the dare.

She thought maybe the loser should wear just a mini dress, no undies to the Mall, and buy a new pair of shoes. I like a dummy, said I thought maybe go to the restroom at the Mall, and get naked for a short time. Sara thought maybe the loser should have to stay in the restroom over night, and Kim said naked would be wild. I think the alcohol was doing some of the talking. Stacy said she thought maybe they should only wear a set of handcuffs, she is the daughter of a police detective wouldn't you know. She also has her own set of cuffs; we are always playing with them in her house.

My roommate said she read an article in Redbook where a girl lost a bet with her boyfriend, and she had had to remove her pubic hair. She said this is becoming the in thing. I thought she was crazy, and but the others said that it would definitely make it humiliating. They said they wanted to make sure it was worth winning.

We actually wrote the dare up as a contract, talk about being drunk. It was decided that the loser would pay off as follows:

We were all to meet at Kim and Stacy's house, the looser was to strip naked, and prepare herself for the dare. We decided that the preparation, was that the loser would completely shave her pubic hair off in the kitchen sink while they video taped it. Then she would wear a long T-shirt and sandals to the Mall. At the Mall, we would all go to the restroom and there the T-shirt and the sandals go into a shopping bag. Handcuffs would be placed on the wrists, and then the other three would leave till the Mall opened the following morning, with the shopping bag and the T-shirt.

We actually all signed it and agreed to the payoff, and then we decided how the bet would go. It was decided that we would each draw a team; this was the second week of playoffs. The bet was only going to be the score of the game, the team you drew would enter into the pool. Even though there were eight teams, we would draw only four of them. The team scoring the lowest amount of points would be the looser.

The scores were as follow, Pittsburgh beat New England 7 to 6, Denver beat Kansas City 14 to 10, San Francisco beat Minnesota 38 to 22, and Green Bay beat Tampa Bay 21 to 7. I had Denver, and thought I had it made. They were also my favorite team. Kim had San Francisco, Sara had Green Bay and Kim drew Minnesota. I had lost the bet, I was totally in shock, and I had a winning team, and lost the bet. I tried to tell them it was not fair, Kim's team didn't even win. They would have none of it, I was doomed. I was also secretly turned on beyond belief.

It was decided that I would do the dare the following Thursday as it was usually the slowest night at the Mall. I showed up at Kim and Stacy's at 5PM, and I stripped off my cloths and kissed them goodbye, they all got a chuckle out of that. I then climbed up on the kitchen counter and put my legs in the sink. Kim brought me a set of clippers, a Trac III razor, and for giggles some Gillette menthol shaving gel. I decided there was no use prolonging it any longer, I knew I was about to become bare as I was when I was 10. I did a very good job if I say so myself. I was very horny after this, but I could not do anything about it. I got out of the sink and I slipped the long T-shirt on. It comes to mid thigh, and then a pair of sandals. I was dressed to go shopping I guess.

We left the house and headed for the car, I felt the breeze caress my nakedness as I walked out, and after all it was January in Colorado. There were not many people at the Mall as it was almost 9PM and about to close for the night. We hurried to the restroom and I stripped off my shirt and give up the thongs. You have no idea what it is like standing in a public restroom with three of your closest friends naked as the day you were born and knowing they are leaving with your cloths. I was now as naked as I was when I come into this world. I had to turn my back to Stacy as she was going to put the handcuffs on my wrists. I had my hands cuffed behind my back as they gathered the stuff and said their goodbyes. I was all alone, I had no concept of time or how long I had been there. After a while, I became very horny thinking about this. I also must tell you, that a freshly shaved pussy needs to be caressed, I was going crazy, and I could not do nothing about it I hid in one of the stalls and prayed that the cleaning crew had took the night off. Let me tell you, time actually stands still when you want it to move along. The noises in a building like this at night are also unreal.

I was a total basket case when the girls arrived in the morning. I could not get out of those cuffs soon enough. As we were leaving the restroom the cleaning lady rolled the cart up to the door. I could not believe I had made the night, my wrists were so sore; I must have jerked on them all night long trying to get loose.

The first thing I did when I got back to their house was go to the bathroom. I had to relieve my pent up passion. I did not care if they knew what I was doing or not. I was so fucking horny that I need to touch my clit and enjoy myself. If there had been a guy there I would have fucked his brains out for sure.

When I was back among the living, I was ready to seek my revenge with the rest of them. Friday night we drew up the next dare, it was going to be just as wild. It was decided that the shaving had to be part of it. The video of that was given to the girl after she completed the dare, and no extra copies were made of it, it was to insure that the one doing the dare, completed the dare.

The next dare was to be the same at the start, except the clothing to be worn was a button up coat and shoes, nothing else. The looser of this one would attend the basketball game on Tuesday night and we all would sit with her in the cheering section. She would slip her coat off and sit there for ten minutes in the buff. We would all sit around her so she probably would not be seen, except by some of the other girls that had agreed to help us. We told them she lost a dare and had to payoff this way, they thought it was wild, and agreed to help. We managed to not let any guys find out about it at the time.

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