Little Red Riding Hood

by Midsummer

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Incest, Grand Parent, Group Sex, First, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism, Violent, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Little Red Riding Hood experinces a sexual awkening while visiting her sick groundmother's cottage.

Little Red Riding Hood got the basket to take to her ill grandma's and headed out the door, red hood and all. She sang and skipped as she went along the trail, her dirty blonde hair blowing in the wind. She went along the trail untill it took her deep into the woods, as she kept singing and skipping along. A dirty old wife came to spot her, her clothes being such a bright red and went up to her. She came to see him standing casually before her, smiling strangely and fiddling with his very long penis, placid, swinging it around like a ropr. "Oh, dirty old wolf!" cried Little Red Riding Hood.

"oh don't worry, I won't bite!" he replied. "Unless you'd let me that is. So, where you off to, Little Red Riding Hood?"

"You know my name!" she cried.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm a good friend of your grandma's."

"You ARE?" said Little Red Riding Hood, thinking it over. "Well... if you're a friend of Grandma's then you must be OK. I apologize," she smiled, bowing before him.

"Apology excepted," said the wolf.

"Good. So we're friends!" smiled Little Red Riding Hood, but distracted by his long penis that he kept swinging around. "But you know, for humans, exposing your penis in public is considered rude. A serious OFFENCE, actually."

"Oh IS it," said the wolf with wide-open eyes, playing dumb. "Oh, well then, I apoplogize little lady!" Strait away, he slid his serpent-like dick back into his pants and zipped up. "Tell me, sense your grandma has told me SO MUCH about you, how old are you, exactly?"

"Exactly?" she said. "Thirteen years, five months and... twenty-two days."

"I see," grinned the wolf. "Very exacly. You're a young WOMAN, I do see. Yes indeedy." Little Red Riding Hood grew suspicious of him, more so with each word he said. "I saw your grandma earlier. Quite sick, a real shame. She needs her rest. Tell you what, I'm on my way over there, why don't I just take that basket over there for you. What do you have in there?"

"None of your business, Mr. Wolf," she said, pulling it back as he leaned ahead to look in it, but it was mostly covered over. "I want to go on my myself. I want to see her."

"Well then, I'll go with. No never know these days, a pretty little thing like you travelling alone. Not very safe."

"Why not?" questioned Little Red Riding Hood.

"BECAUSE." said the Wolf, as his first answer. "You're a young thing, with tender, young flesh. You go about through here by wild wolves, with tempting flesh like you've got... something's bound to eat you up!"

"Don't be ridiculous!" she laughed. "I've gone by here sense I was a child. Nothing's ever eaten me before!"

"I can see that," grinned the wolf. "Oh, many girls have been eaten. I'VE eaten a few."

"YOU?" she gasped. "You wouldn't eat ME, would you?"

"No," replied the Wolf. "Of corse not! Like I say, I'm a good friend of your grandma's. "But it IS tempting, I warn you."

"I'll be on my way," said Little Red Riding Hood. "ALONE, thank you." She continued along, singing and skipping as the Wolf watched over her, an evil plan brewing in his twisted mind. She went the rest of the way until she arrived at her Grandma's cottage. She knocked at the door. No answer. She knocked again. No answer. She knocked a third time, getting worried, but the door opened. She stood her granma, smiling and glad to see her. "Granda!" smiled Little Red Riding Hood, as her grandma hugged her. It was a very hard, long hug for the kind Grandma normally gave, especially while sick with a fever. "Why Grandma," she said. "What a strong arms you have!"

"All the better to FEEL you with, my dear." The two went in and sat down. Granda went through her basket. "Oh--your mother's coloured-chip cookies, made of faery sugar! How sweet!"

"Why Grandama," said Little Red Riding Hood. "What good eyes you have!"

"All the better to SEE you with, my dear. Now, it's wonderful to SEE you again, my dear. My you've grown! It's been so long... sense... ?"

"Two days," said Little Red Riding Hood.

"Oh right--two days!"

Little Red Riding Hood stood up, so did her Grandma. "My Granda, what thick hair you have!"

"All the better to GROOM for you my dear." At that, Grandma nearly drpped her backet but snatched it up again in mid air.

"My Grandma, what good reflexes you have!"

"All the better to CATCH you with, my dear."

And then, the final give away: a large, hard wolf's penis shooting out from her dress, splitting right through the fabic. "Why Grandma, what a big penis you have!"

"All the better to RAPE you with my child!" The Wolf then jumped from his Grandma costume, naked in his fur, and pounced on Little Red Riding Hood! She screamed and faught him but it was no good. He pulled up her skirts, pushed his swelling dick to her cunt, and began breaking her in. She screamed and faught but the Wolf only howled and laughed, pushing his way up to the hilt. He began fucking her, ripping off all her clothes into shreads as he did so. His butt and tail started flying out as his penis slid up and down her tight little virgin cunt, pounding her good. Her legs were spread apart, feet tingling as a big smile grew upon Little Red Riding Hood's face. All her clothes were removed, her innocent flesh under that thick, oily wolf's hear. What a sensation! She loved it!

"Oh yes... YES Mr.Wolf, oh YES! Fuck me! Yes. Fuck me good!"

"I intend to," grinned the wolf, working and working her. He lasted nearly an hour in this fashion, Little Red Riding Hood biting her own lips with passion. She had never know anything like this before! "Maybe I'll give you a break now," said the Wolf, proud of his animal lust and good physique. "How's it so far?" he grinned.

"SO FAR?" gasped Little Red Riding Hood, and they laughed togther. "So far! You don't really eat little girls, do you?"

"Heaven sakes no!" smiled the Wolf. "There's better things to do with them." They exchanged grins and laughed arain.

"So then, where's Grandma?"

"I'm right here," said Grandma. She stood naked before them. A thirty-eight year old woman, but she had a good, lustful body. Even Little Red Riding Hood was interested. She joined them, as together they sucked on her fine juggs. "Grandma," came Little Red Riding Hood after a time. "You're not sick!"

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