Goldielox and the Three Bears

by Midsummer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Rape, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, First, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Twelve-year-old Goldielox finds herself trapped in a cabin with the Three Bears, and experiences her first sexual encounters there!

Glodielox was a darling twelve-year-old girl, and the prettiest in the whole wide world! She had long blonde hair down past her waste, the coulour of gold, ruby-like blue eyes and barely noticeable pink freckles on the upper part of her cheeks. One day, she set off into the woods wearing a pink skirt, black shirt and cowgirl boots. She went further than she normally would, and came acrossed a small cabin with its chimney spitting puffs of gray smoke. looking in through the windows, it looked as if no one was home. But upon the counter sat three bowls of porridge. Goldielox was very hungry as she had travelled so far, and could smell that brown-sugary porridge spilling out into the air. She went to the front door, finding it unlocked, and let herself in.

Upon the counter sat three the bowls of porridge. One was too small. One was too big. But the other was just right! Goldielox took the bowl and turned to sit down at the table. One chair was too small. One chair was too big. But the other was just right! Sitting down, she picked up the medium-sized spoon and ate her porridge. Afterwards, Goldielox got thinking about who might live there. Way out here in the woods? she thought to herself. She began to get sleepy, tired of all the thinking and walking, and now with a full belly, so Goldielox went upstairs for the bedrooms. Stepping in one bedroom she saw that the bed was too small. Stepping in another she saw that the bed was too big, but stepping in further she saw another bad beside that one and--you guessed it--it was just right! She went in innocently, sat down upon her cute little fanny, stretched out her arms, yawned, layed back and fell fast esleep.

Well, soon the Three Bears came back after their morning walk. They stepped into the kitchen, under shock. "Mamma Bear," spoke Baby Bear, "someone has eaten your porridge!"

"I see that," spoke Mamma Bear.

"Pappa Bear," spoke Baby Bear, "Someone has sat in Mamma Bear's seat!" The seat cushion was untidy.

"I see that," said Pappa Bear.

The Three Bears looked around, proceeding upstairs. They looked in Baby Bear's room, but it was untouched. Then in their room, they found little Goldielox sleeping on their bed. She was sound to sleep, a gentle smile upon her little face. "What is THAT?" inquired Baby Bear with wide open eyes.

"A Human," said Pappa Bear. "Nasty things. I'll deal with it myself. Mamma Bear, maybe you should take Baby Bear for a walk. I'll see to the Human child."

Mamma Bear agreed, taking Baby Bear for another walk, leaving Pappa Bear alone in the house with Goldielox. He stood over her, staring for some time. Pappa Bear was older and wiser than Mamma Bear, and knew Humans much better. When he was young, he used to nab young girls from playgrounds and molest them, usually coming between their thighs. A similar urge came over him now, having grown tired of the plain old sex with the Mrs. He reached over and began stroking the hair over her left ear. Gradually, she woke up, stretching and yawning as before. Opening her eyes, she saw a great brown bear in blue jeans standing over her. Goldielox screamed in terror, running to get out of the house. But before she could escape the room, Pappa Bear had grabbed her by the hair, and she fell to her bottom.

"Why do you come into my house?" demanded Pappa Bear with his mighty voice.

"I... I... I was tired, and hungry," said Goldielox.

"Theif!" he said. "Intruder!"

"I--I'm ever so sorry, Mr.Bear!"

"You'll have to make it up to me," said Pappa Bear. "If I am to let you go, instead of having you for supper."

"Oh please don't eat me, Mr. Bear!" bagged Goldielox. "I'll do ANYTHING you ask!"

"Very well," said Pappa Bear, closing the bedroom door. He then undid his pants, and dropped them to his feet, unleashing his maly--I mean bearly--penis, which stood out so long that Goldielox half fainted, falling back upon Pappa Bear's bed. Pappa Bear stepped out of his pants and towards the bed, grabbing at Goldielox's clothes. "No wait! Please don't tear them!" cried Goldielox. "I'll do it." She slipped off her boots, sockings, shirt and skirt as Pappa Bear drooled over her, and finally her panties, dropping them all onto the floor. There she remained before him, sitting her bum cheeks upon her heels, completely naked! Those little tits... pink nipples... hairless, virginal pussy... it brought back pleasant memories of when he was young. Only THIS time, he was going all the way!

Pappa Bear moved over his little victim, as her head lowered and eyes closed, giving herself over to him. Not being human, Pappa Bear wasn't into all that touchy-feely stuff. He just threw her on her back, spread her legs as far as they could spread, to either side of his very wide waste, and began forcing his powerful black dick against her little cherry. "Ow!" Goldielox weeped in horrible agony. That mighty bear's prick pushed up that virgin cunt inch by bare inch, untill he reached the hilt! Goldielox tried to think of other things, pretending it wasn't happening to her, as the physical and emotional pains were too great, but it didn't work. Her sexual awareness was being forced out, a tragic experience which should have been an innocent one. Crying in inner and outter pains, Pappa Bear began humping her.

Goldielox gasped and sighed out of agony alone, her pleasure turned and twisted about through an awakening darkness in her mind, and between the bursts of pain through her little body which felt like her insides were being jammed up into her! She kept trying to pretend it wasn't happening, that it was just a bad dream, but the reality was too real. She was being raped, horribly! Pappa Bear began banging her, increasing her pain to the point where she nearly fainted. Her feelings seemed both crushed and scattered about her, overwhelming her childish mind. In and out his mighty black dick slid through that little pink cunt, rolling the slit tissue about, stretching her vaginal walls painfully in every direction, slamming his powerful body into her little one, pushing it up so high, so hard as if it were never enough!

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