Bless Me Father

by Settled Nomad

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: A priest gets it on with one of his flock.

I am a very generous caring soul. Comes with the job I suppose. Though it could be said that I've been this way prior to me putting on this collar. It's who I am. Everybody has a purpose for being here and my purpose is to help others. I care

"Excuse me Father Williams but I was wondering if I could stop on over for a few minutes before I go to work." Said, my longtime peritionor, Valerie Hudson.

" Yes Valerie I'd be glad to see you. Not much happening over here tonight. I'll go put a log on the fire and make us some hot chocolate." I generously replied.

" Thank you Father. I wouldn't bother you outside of service if it wasn't important." was her response.

" Nonsense. I've baptized you, christened you and performed your marriage ceremony. One would think that I know you better then most. So where else to go if you had a problem? Your welcome here anytime that you like."

" Thank you Father. I'll be there shortly." and the child hung up the phone as I dog-eared the latest Clancy novel. I got up off of my sofa went to the fireplace and started a nice comfortable fire for my guest. Around twenty minutes later I heard her car pull up on the graveled driveway and so I poured the hot water added the chocolate mix and brought the cups to the living room. I managed to get to the front door just as Valerie was about to knock.

" Good evening Valerie please come in and make yourself at home." I said to her as I shook her soft cold hands in greeting. " My you're freezing. Well the fire is on and the chocolate is ready so let me take your coat while you go warm yourself up." I said as I gestured towards the large brick fireplace.

" Your too kind father." responded the clearly distressed young lady as I took her raincoat and walked to the hall closet to hang it up as Valerie made her way to the fire.

" So tell me Valerie what is troubling your pretty little head?" I asked as I walked back into the living room and sat on the sofa. Valerie was standing directly between me and the fire. Through the light of the blaze I could quite visibly see the curvaceous form of this sad lady. She was wearing a simple floral print dress and nothing else. Despite what you hear even men of the cloth respond positively to the temptation known as woman. I repeated my question as Valerie walked over to my old stereo and turned on some soft jazz.

" What is so terribly wrong in your life that you needed to see a priest? Your young and healthy as well as being breathtakingly beautiful not to mention your married to a wonderful man."

Valerie turned from the fire and bluntly responded. " Do you know where I work Father?"

" No I do not my dear and I cannot see that it is any of my concern." was my answer

" Father forgive me for what I am about to say but I work at a topless bar. I am a dancer and my husband has no idea that I've been doing this for the past six months. He thinks that I got a job at the telephone company."

" Oh dear I see." I said as I tried to gain my composure. " And so I take it the problem is that your ashamed of the profession you chose and that you want to get out of it before your husband finds out." I calmly said as my erection grew despite my good intentions.

" Actually Father the problem is that I love my job so much that I'm thinking of leaving Scott and moving to Vegas. I just feel kind of guilty." The teary eyed girl said.

" What is it that draws you to this particular line of work my child?" I asked.

" Well Father I just love dancing for men. To be honest with you I love to watch their erections grow as I sway to the music. Father I even love to give lap dances too these strangers. I love to feel their, please forgive me, cocks pressing against the thin fabric of my G String. Sometimes when I get into the music I'll push my G string too the side and let them finger me as I dance. Father once I even took this mans cock out of his pants and while it looked like I was only dancing on his lap I was really letting this man I didn't even know fuck me." The young girl said as I sat motionless listening to her sad tale.

" And what is it child that brings you here?"

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