Death Wish

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Water Sports, Enema, Scatology, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: He answers a newsgroup post from a woman who has a death wish...

Fred was browsing the postings in the alt.torture newsgroup when he came upon this post:

    > Hi,
    > My name is Candy.  I am a female pain slut with a 
    > death wish. I would like to correspond with males 
    > or females who would tell me how they would kill me 
    > if they ever met me.

Fred figured her for a troll, but shot off a quick reply anyway.

    > Hi Candy,  
    > I know exactly what I would use you for!  Reply if 
    > you want to know what :-)

To his surprise, Fred received an email from Candy the following day.

    > Hi Fred,
    > Thank you for your email.  I am very interested in 
    > what you would like to use me for. It really gets 
    > me wet when guys talk dirty and mean to me.  The
    > more dominant the better.
    >  Love from your slave slut, Candy

Fred replied,

    > Hi Candy, 
    > It's great to have my own slut.  The first thing I 
    > would use you for is to be my cum sponge.  I'd strap
    > your mouth to my cock with a harness that fits round 
    > my hips and also around your head and "wear" you all 
    > day long!
    > Of course, that's somewhat tame for a start.  I have 
    > other ideas more nasty than this!  Write back and I'll 
    > tell you what dangerous (to you) uses I would put your 
    > body to by day, and what disgusting uses I would put 
    > your body to at night.  I mean besides filling all your 
    > holes with my cum ;-)

Fred and Candy replied back and forth for a few weeks, each e-mail hotter than the one before.

Eventually, Candy challenged Fred to satisfy her death fantasy.

    > So, when are you planning to come and kill me?

Fred answered.

    > If you're really serious about this, I'll meet you at 
    > Newark airport whenever you decide to come.

Fred met Candy at Newark airport two weeks later on a Friday afternoon. They had exchanged photos, and they both instantly recognized each other. Fred grinned as the tall attractive blonde woman approached him in the arrivals' concourse. Candy dropped her bags and they hugged tightly as if they had been longtime lovers.

He carried her bags for her and strode out the terminal building through the mass of parked cars to his red Jaguar.

Two hours later after a westward ride along I-80 to Pennsylvania, they had arrived at Fred's large secluded farm in the Pocono Mountains.

Upon entering his house, Fred told her, "We'll get started tomorrow. Tonight, I just want to fill all your holes with my cum."

"That sounds like fun," she answered.

That night, the two virtual strangers got in bed together. "Tonight, Candy, you're my fuck toy," he told her.

She threw herself on her back on the bed, spread her arms and legs open wide, and replied, "Knock your self out!"

He climbed over her head and dove into her muff. He began by gently caressing her clit with his lips. He licked all around the perimeter of her twat. Then he started licking up and down the middle. He fucked her pussy with his tongue then moved to her clit, and then twirled and flicked her clit with his tongue. He pressed his tongue against her clit, and pressed it gently into the opening of her urethra just under her clit. He didn't know or care if she was resisting or not, but at that, she exploded in orgasm, throbbing and twitching under him.

Then he turned around to face her and plunged his cock into her soaking pussy. He pumped her cunt with all his might, and it wasn't long before he came with moan after moan.

Partially satisfied, he rolled off her and then climbed over her head once again and mounted her body with his hips over her face. Next, he pinched her jaw open and plunged his rock-hard cock into her mouth. With his arms outstretched with his hands flat on the bed on both sides of her hips, he bore down on his hips and arched his back, practically placing his entire weight on her mouth with his crotch.

Rocking his hips back and forth, the pressure in his loins quickly built again as her body throbbed from the gagging force of his cock down her throat under the full weight of his body. He came quickly for a second time, as her body bucked and rocked while he shot wads of cum deep into her throat.

Fully satisfied, he rolled off her, stroked her hair, and said, "Sleep well, my love, for tomorrow you die." He settled his head onto his pillow and went into blissful sleep.

The next morning, Saturday, after Fred served them both a hearty breakfast, he said to Candy, "So! Want to get started?"

"Sure!" she answered. "It always helps to have a full tummy before getting tortured. I even brought some of my own toys."

Candy grabbed one of her bags and they went downstairs to his homebuilt dungeon. His dungeon was fairly well equipped with suspension equipment in the middle of the ceiling, a Saint Andrews cross on one wall, and cabinets full of BDSM paraphernalia.

She dumped the satchel out onto a table in the corner. Assorted whips and other devices lay scattered on the table.

"Very interesting," he said. "Now come over here," he said pointed to the middle of the room under a rope hanging from a pulley.

"Remove your clothes now," he said.

As she got naked, he hooked a pair of wrist supports on the rope. Then he closed the supports onto her wrists. Then he walked over to a motorized capstan bolted to the floor in the corner that the other end off the rope was wound around, and raised her off the floor by a few inches.

He then picked out a couple of whips from her collection. He picked up a small riding crop and stepped up behind Candy hanging naked by her wrists from the ceiling. She let out a "Yeow!" as he swung it hard across her buttocks with a snap! He struck her a few more times, then returned to the table.

Rooting around, he said, "Ah, this is more like it!" He picked up a long heavy bullwhip and walked back over to Candy. Like a cowboy, he swung the whip around a few timed before slicing it across her back with a loud crack as she let out a loud "Yeowww! Owwww!"

Not limiting himself to her back, he walked all around her as he whipped her over and over again. Her body swing back and forth from the rope from the repeated blows. The slices in her body oozed blood that dribbled down her body and down her legs, dripping into two puddles of blood under each of her feet. He whipped her a good twenty lashes before he stopped.

Then he returned to her pile of toys. He picked up a violet wand, then said, "Nah," to himself and set it back down. He muttered, "Ahh, that's more like it," as he reached for the cattle prod.

He plugged the cattle prod in to a power point in the wall and approached Candy once again. He touched the her chest briefly with the tip of the prod, causing her to let out a screech. Then he began prodding her more aggressively, in the stomach, on her buttocks, on her breasts, on one of her nipples then the other, into her bellybutton. For the grand finale, he kneeled down and shoved it upward into her crotch burying the tip into her twat. She screamed in agony as he twisted and twirled the prod until it slid up into her pussy where he pushed it up to where its tip should be pressing against her cervix.

She finally passed out from the pain, and so he removed it and reversed the capstan to lower her body to the floor. Then he carried her over to a gurney and applied Salve to her many bloody gashes and gouges all over her body.

The next day, Sunday, Fred led Candy into his dungeon once again and told her to sit down in a chair next to a workbench on which were mounted a pair of vices. He tied her securely to the chair then pulled her outstretched arm out straight and placed he between the jaws of the two vices.

"I'm curious," she asked, "what are you doing?"

He answered, "Our first scene yesterday was great fun, but before I do anything else to you, I'm going to sign your body. I'm going to take a knife and carve my initials into your body, and then use a soldering iron to trace the knife cuts for extra emphasis!"

"Oooh! Sounds like fun," she said. "Will it hurt?"

"Extremely so," he answered with a grin.

"Oh, I'm getting wet already," she told him.

Candy whimpered as he turned the cranks to close the vices tightly onto her arm and wrist.

He walked over to a counter and returned with a fistful of steak knives. Taking one, he began to carve his initials into her upper arm. He made two strokes, cutting a deep V-gouge in her flesh, for each mark. She bucked in her chair at the first cut, and he had to tighten the vice to prevent her from ruining his monogram. She screamed in agony at each slice. By the time he had finished the full design, she had passed out with her upper body slumped down in the chair hanging comically by her one arm clamped in place by the vice.

He left her there, bound and clamped in place, the rest of the day so that she could not mar the design. He released her in the evening to prepare dinner, then he took her to bed after both having bathed. In a repeat of the previous night, he licked her wet, fucked her pussy, fucked her mouth, then fell to sleep with a satisfied sigh.

Fred and Candy spent the rest of their first week together in a blur of fucking, dining out, and going partying in the downtown clubs.

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