Belinda and the Faun

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman invites a faun to dinner and mistakenly gets him drunk. Set in the same universe as "The Last Elf"

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Mr. Tibbits trotted at a goodly pace down the dusty path through the woods. His cloven feet kicked leaves and dust up behind him as he raced towards his meeting with some fellow learned scholars.

Fauns were emotional creatures, but many learned to control their feelings and became great thinkers, philosophers, and scholars. Tibbits and his colleagues were meeting this year to discuss the creator god, Spermes. Was Spermes still alive? If yes, and he took no interest in the affairs of the world, did it make a difference if he existed? This was fascinating stuff to Tibbits and he merrily played his pan pipes as he traveled.

Tibbits was a faun, often called a Satyr. For all intense purposes he was naked. From the waist up he was a man. His chest was very muscular and a little hairy. His skin was reddish-brown. His face was of a devilish appearance. Course black hair covered his head traveling down to form a thick pointy beard. His eyes were bright yellow, but red-rimmed. Two small horns extended from his forehead. From the waist down, Tibbits had the hindquarters of a goat complete with tail. His course hair was bushy and tightly entertwined forming a loincloth to protect his genitalia. Despite appearances, he was a docile, friendly, creature.

Mr Tibbits was trotting along happily when he noticed the cabin. It was of a kind the humans built. Humans served no purpose, they had none of the sexual gifts Spermes children possessed, yet they were spreading like wildfire through the lands. Tibbits would of avoided it all together, but the delightful aroma of roasting meat danced upon the air like butterflys around the cabin.

"You would be most welcome to have some," said a female voice.

Startled, Tibbits looked around. The woman was hanging clothes from a rope tied between two trees. He hadn't noticed her because she was hidden behind a large quilt. She stepped out into the open.

"Walking nymph."

"A Brightness upon the earth."

"Perky peaks of purest snow."

"Gazing into two mountain pools"

"Topped by the Sunset."

"Excuse me, good sir?"

"I was commenting on your beauty, lady. The world is a brighter place because you exist upon it. I am Mr Tibbits. Yes yes."

"Belinda, and I thank you for the compliment." Tibbits poem did describe her well. Belinda wore a tight. peasant bodice that showed of her ample white bosom. Her figure was curvy like a nymph's, thin, but with large hips and breasts. Her eyes were bright blue and her har did resemble some sunsets, part red, part blonde.

"As I was saying. I've plenty stew for a guest if you'd like to join me."

"Yes yes. Delighted my dear, though I will need to leave soon after as I am in a hurry to meet with some colleagues."

The faun followed Belinda into her cabin. It was the typical home of a woodsmen, one large room with a fireplace. The home had a nice bed with down pillows and a stuffed matress held off the ground by ropes. A table for two sat near the fireplace and in the fire was the stew pot from which the tantalizing aroma emanated from.

Belinda filled two bowls with stew and placed them on the table. She then poured sme red wine into two drinking bowls while Tibbits was staring hungrily into the bowl of stew. "Some wine, sir."

"Oh dear, no no, thank you lady. It is never a good idea to give a faun wine."

"And why is that?"

"We do not make the best of drunks." Tibbits stared at the red wine greedily. "No no we don't need wine. I have some tea in my bags."

"I will heat you some water then. Please do not wait for me, dig in."

"I think I will lady." Tibbits picked up the spoon and soon found the stew tasted as good as it smelled. The venison was perfect as were the vegetables and the broth. His long tongue was licking the bowl clean by the time she sat down.

"Help yourself to some more, sir," she said.

Tibbits took his bowl back over to the fireplace and filled it "Where is your man, lady?"

Belinda paused over her meal and spoke quietly. "I've not seen him for two winters. He went off to fight the orcs and has never returned."

"Forgive me. These are troubling times. The orcs are desperate for mates I hear. The Bedwin up North are particulary harried. This broth is excellent, by the way."

"I use a bit a sherry as a base for the broth."

Tibbits was almost finished his second bowl. "Sherry?" He stared at the bowl of wine sitting beside him. "I think I will have some of that wine after all. One small bowl can't possibly hurt." The faun's tongue came out and lapped at the wine like an animal before he swallowed it all down like a man. "May I have some more


"Of course."

"And a refill?"

Belinda opened a cubboard holding half a dozen bottles of wine and refilled both their drinking bowls. Tibbits refilled his stew bowl with just broth and was lapping it up. He quickly downed the wine when she set it down, burping loudly. Fauns did not possess the best table manners. She quickly poured him some more wine before sitting back down to her stew.

Belinda looked up from her empty bowl to see Mr Tibbits staring at her as he took a swig from her bottle of wine. His stare was intense and his yellow eyes stared straight at her bosom. "Mr Tibbits, are you alright?"

"Show me your bosom," he barked.


"I want to see your tits." Tibbits was filled with lust now, the strong drink having unleased his emotions. He stood, as did Belinda who backed away from him as he approached. He grabbed a knife from the table just as she turned to flee. This was a big mistake on her part as it triggered the faun's hunting instinct. Wild fauns spent their free time chasing down nymphs and dryads. Resisting just turned him on more. Tibbits leaped across the room and caught her by the collar, bleating loudly in her ear. Belinda's bodice was held together by crisscrossing strings in the front. Tibbits swiftly cut them and tossed the knife asside out of her reach. He pulled her back to the table while she beat her hands futilely against his hard, muscular chest.

Tibbits sat and pulled the helpless woman between his legs, his hooves locking behind her to keep her from escaping. He grasped her cut bodice and ripped it open. Belinda's large proud breasts burst forth. "Oh these tits are most exquisite. Yes yes, they are. Beautiful!" Tibbits hands came up and squeezed her heaving bosom. The faun carressed her breasts, then took her nipples between two hairy-knuckled fingers. He tugged and twirled them until they involuntarily hardened. He bleated, goat-like, in delight at the hard, fat nipples capping her breasts. The faun leaned down and his tongue flickered out circling her nipples. "Tasty, but they need some flavoring," said Tibbits reaching out for the bottle of wine. He poured small amounts on each breast, his tongue lapping it up before sucking her entire nipple between his lips.

Belinda moaned from the attention, scarcely noticing that his hands were still ripping down her dress. The rip revealed her lean, flat belly, navel and the tops of her pubic hair. Tibbits stopped, reaching up and pushing the ruined dress off her shoulders. It fell around her feet leaving the woman naked and at the mercy of a horny faun.

Tibbits let her step back for two reasons. First, so he could take in her lush beauty. Her skin was a pure white, unblemished except for a few freckles here and there. Her pubic mound was a strawberry blonde like her head, bushy and full. Her nipples were long, fat, and an angry red from their hardness under his ministrations.

The second reason he let her pull back, was to give his cock room to grow. Belinda was staring at it as it grew to it's foot long length. The thick shaft was copper colored like the rest of his skin. Tibbits held his hairy crotch apart as the cock turned fully hard. "Oh yes yes, it needs a good sucking. Yes yes, it does."

"By Spermes, that's a big one."

"Yes yes, it is and I'm quite proud of it. Now show me how a human sucks cock." Tibbits squeezed his goat legs tightly around her waist until she relented and kneeled before his mighty shaft. Tibbits then wrapped his hairy legs around her shoulders, locking his hooves behind her back. Belinda leaned down toward the head and sniffed. "Of course, yes yes, how rude of me. I must be quite musty from the trail. Lets make it taste better." Tibbits took a big swig of wine from the bottle, almost draining it. The last bit in the bottle he poured along his shaft. "Now suck it. It grows impatient. Yes yes."

Tibbits' large yellow eyes stared lustfully at the nude human as she reached a tentative hand out and wrapped it around his cock. She pulled the foreskin back so that his big, red head emerged. Her tongue flickered out, only to jerk back when she touched him. Growing bolder, Belinda's tongue came out again, this time licking around the head. The human woman leaned closer and began licking the wine off his cock. "Enough licking. yes yes. Suck it," said the faun growing impatient.

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