Florida Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Swinging,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The swinging adventures of an Indian couple in Florida, with their American friends.

Hey Mahesh, come here and take a look at this, called out kavita to her husband from the computer on which she had been browsing the net in their home. What is it asked Mahesh getting up to join her. It's a great new site on swingers, and its located just in Florida where we are headed for our holiday.

Mahesh and Kavita were a successful couple in India. She was 35 and Mahesh was 40 but they both looked a couple of years younger, thanks to the workouts that they did at the Gym. They over the past year had expanded their sexual horizons by getting into a wonderful sharing relation with two good friendly couples, Rahul & pinky and Paul & Rani(pls. read earlier stories "Goa Vacation and Dream Cruise ) Ever since they were fascinated by the swinging concept and were constantly on the look out for expanding their horizons.

The site that kavita was looking at was one that offered to put people on to other like-minded couples for a nominal fee. Mahesh looked at it and said that it seemed perfect and asked kavita to register and put a request to be linked up with some swingers while they were there. Mahesh also picked up the phone and called up Rahul to keep him informed about the developments. The four of them were to take a three-week vacation to the US and were keen on having some Americans join them in their sexual adventures.

Phil woke up on a bright Sunday morning as the sunlight creeped in through the windows. As he stretched out he felt Lauren stir against him. The sight of her naked body and firm breasts jutting out started getting him hard again. Lauren was the wife of Sam, with whom Phil and his hot wife Pam had spent the Saturday night in an awesome orgy. Phil had forgotten how many times they all had come together. Resisting the urge to wake up Lauren and give her a wake up fuck, he crept out of bed and tiptoed down the hall to the kitchen. As he entered an incredible sexy scene met his eyes. Sam was sitting on the kitchen table leaning on his hands and head thrown back in ecstasy. Kneeling on the ground in front of him was his sexy wife Pam. Pam was completely naked and was in the middle of what seemed, by the look on Sam face, a top rate blow job. Seeing Phil walk in Sam looked up and grinned - " good morning sleepy head, looks like you have screwed Lauren into exhaustion last night he said. The sight of her husband walking in and watching her give another man a blow-job further excited Pam and she began moving her head faster on Sam throbbing cock and swallowing the whole thing into her mouth and kneading his balls at the same time. Phil pulled up a chair behind her and started squeezing her tits with both hands encouraging her with her sucking. Soon he could see Sam tense up and knew that his lovely wife would have a mouth full of hot cream from Sam nuts. Oh yeah baby oh yeah said Sam as he shot his load into her perfect mouth. Pam caught it all and swallowed it with gusto sucking him dry. Phil pulled her up and kissed her tasting the cum with her saliva. "Looks like you wanted some cream with your coffee today baby " he said grinning.

After a relaxed breakfast later in the day the four of them got around to discussing the outing on the sea that they had planned to take. The four of them had gotten into swinging recently and it was everybody s idea to have a sex filled holiday with a few more couples. Phil had a top class ocean going cruiser boat that had 5 cabins and could accommodate up to 12 people. Phils friend Tom was to join them with his girlfriend Valerie. Valerie was a married lady and wanted a break from her husband who was the conservative types and was averse to the idea of mate swapping. Tom and Val had been working together and were lovers. Lets ask Tom if he has found any one else to join us said Phil, picking up the phone and calling.

Hey Tom how are ya? have you found any sexy swingers to complete our outing asked Phil. Hi Phil, I have been just checking out a website, and they have put me onto something that is quiet exciting he said. There are two couples who are coming in from India, who have requested to meet up with some local swingers. I have been in touch with them over Email and have also seen their Pics. They seem like great people and the girls look like knockouts. What do you say to the idea of us inviting them to join us for this trip he asked. The idea immediately appealed to Phil, who had never tasted an Indian pussy in his life. He quickly checked it out with the rest of them and after getting an enthusiastic response asked Tom to go ahead and ask them if they would be interested to take up Phil's invitation. Tom was glad to hear this because ever since he had seen Kavitas picture he had been having a fantasy of fucking her. Mean while the idea of having a gang bang with people from a different country got the four of them so excited that they all settled down into a day of serious sucking and fucking.

Kavita was giving final touches to her packing when the doorbell rang. As she opened the door she found Pinky and Rahul there with their baggage. They had come to pick them up to catch the flight to Miami. All of them were extremely excited because of the invitation that they had received from Phil. Not only was an invitation to a boat trip exciting, but also filled with swinging sex was the ultimate. Pinky gave Kavita a warm hug and got inside the house to say hello to Mahesh. Rahul stood at the door for a minute admiring this sexy lady and then took her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. As his tongue slid into her warm mouth Rahul began to feel his cock hardening in his pants. No matter how many times he had screwed her in the past, she always had this effect on him. The chemistry between them was magical and Kavita felt her pussy getting wet with arousal. The memories of Rahuls hard cock came into her mind as she reached down and gently rubbed his erection. Rahul reached behind her and cupped her ass and pulled her towards himself grinding his cock into her pussy. The passion was too much for Kavita, quickly dropping to her knees she opened his fly and pulled down his boxer shorts. Releasing his throbbing cock she took the whole thing into her mouth and started sucking on it. Rahul groaned in pleasure as he felt the hot tongue and mouth ravish his hardness. He reached down and cupped her breasts in his hands through her blouse feeling her nipples harden underneath. Kavita sucked him quick and hard for two minutes, and suddenly got up. If we are going to be fucking here all the time we are going to miss our flight Tiger she said. That was just a sampler of what you are going to get for the next two weeks she said grinning. Not fair said Rahul, another minute and I would have come. Any way I shall save it up for you and fill your pussy with it he said playfully patting her backside. As both of them went looking for Mahesh and Kavita they found them locked in a tight embrace. Mahesh had Pinkys top open and was sucking on her ample breasts while she had his cock out and was stroking it. With great reluctance they all got ready and left for the airport, with the happy thought that there would be plenty of time over the next three weeks to have each other and more.

Tom was waiting at Miami Airport when the four of them landed over there Tom was excited to meet the Indian ladies particularly Kavita, to whom he had been extremely attracted, ever since he had seen her picture. As they arrived out and met him he thought that she looked even sexier than her picture in real life. Her tanned skin color, and sexy slim figure with firm tits and round ass got him so hard that his prick was standing out like a pole in his jeans, which the girls couldn't help noticing. They drove to Phil's house where the rest of the people were waiting to have lunch and then proceed to the marina to board the boat. As they drove along Tom gave them a description of all the others and assured Rahul and Mahesh that they would have a great time with Lauren, Val and Pam. He also candidly said that all the guys were eagerly looking forward to their first experience of Indian pussy. Kavita and Pinky were blushing to such open reference to sex from some one they had just met, but at the same time were excited at the thought of getting some hard white cock from three horny Americans. Both of them were quietly wondering as to the size of the American cocks.

The five couples enjoyed a great lunch that Pam had prepared which was preceded by some champagne and frozen Margaritas. All of them got to know each other and found themselves to be extremely comfortable in each others company. The topic after lunch came around to sex and both Kavita and Pinky were surprised at the ease in which they could discuss sexual habits and preferences with a group of people whom they had met a couple of hours ago. Phil and the others had decided that they wouldn't rush the visitors into any thing and wait until they were comfortable. There fore all of them refrained from any outwardly show of passions or touching and feeling around, though it was obvious from the looks of all the men that they could hardly wait to get going with the sexy women.

Later in the day they left for the marina to board the boat. The men stopped over to get the liquor for the bar. Kavita and Pinky took the help of Val and Lauren and went shopping for some sexy swim wear and thongs. It was a greatt ending to a wonderful day as they sailed off into the sun-set. It was a relaxed evening of some soft music and some nice wine and plesant conversation over dinner. For any body watching these people it would have sounded impossible to believe that the next day onward they would be fucking like a bunch of horny rabbits. Since it was the first night out and also the fact that the visitors were tired from a long journey they all decided that they would spend the night with their respective partners. In any case from the next day they would not know with whom they would be. With this exciting thought on their mind Kavita and Mahesh snuggled up to each other in their cozy bunk and went off to sleep.

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