...Or Not to Be

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Fiction, Vampires, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man in service to a vampire meets a new woman who may be his destiny.<br><i>A sequel to "interlude with the Vampire.</i>

Even if she hadn't demanded it of him, he would have made sure to witness her daily rising. The lid would snap open, she was that strong, all it took was a flip with one hand. One of the mystery's was how she came out looking so goddamn virginal each sunset. He had seen her lie down coated with scummy spunk, or mud, sweat from lovers, blood, just nasty as hell. No pun intended. Then she'd rise the next night looking pure as driven snow.

The good nights were those when she made love to him at rising. He knew it was because she was hungry, it hadn't taken long for him to realize that their relationship had nothing to do with romance. But those nights, she would sit up, already gazing at him, the dark auburn hair waved around that gorgeous, puffy lipped, small nosed face, her huge green eyes burning into his soul as she fluttered her long eyebrows beneath those heavy, dark brows that gave her face the defiant, slightly sinister look that made every man she met want to try to tame her.

Then those fantastic tits. She always smiled in a triumphant way as he gazed at their full, incredibly high profile, and sometimes she would twist as she got to her feet, letting him see them jiggle the slightest bit, face on. Then she'd be standing there, staring at him when she wanted him, letting his gaze caress her trim body with the dark, heavy pubic triangle that was always slightly parted by her gash. And wet. Always wet, down there. Smooth legs that seemed awfully long, yet slim. He was six feet, but she was eye to eye with him. He got hard just looking at her, his heart bursting with anticipation.

It had been that way from that first night, six months ago, at the nightclub. She had been dressed, but she wore that tight lace thing that hardly covered her pussy. It had a belt that was the only non transparent item on it, and it had always seemed to him the crowd had sort of parted so she appeared before him suddenly, and the old johnson went boingggggg. Her eyes slowly looked down, then back into his with that triumphant leer. She told him later he had needed less mental suggestion than most. They went outside to her hearse, and that was the first time.

He had been around. Not only a surfer, but a split end for UCLA, he rarely lacked for female company, always willing, always turned on by his broad shoulders and outsize dong. Mostly beach bunnies, but a few old broads, teaching him with their experienced fucking. Two years out of college, second string for the Rams when he hurt his knee, giving him a lifetime income. He could still jog, but couldn't plant and pivot. He'd been starting to wonder about his life when he met her, after a year of getting laid every night and sleeping well into the afternoons.

He would feel her warm breath as her lips and tongue kissed his face while her hips humped his, as her hands undressed him. She liked him touching her the same way she caressed him, lightly, but insistently probing the sensitive places. Eventually, she would literally float around him, writhing against his nakedness as she let her wet cunt plant her smell all over him. She really didn't go in for a lot of foreplay, though it varied. He was never sure whether it was the wonder of her beautiful body, the womanly natural perfume that would surround them as they moved against each other, or her mind controlling him. He didn't care.

Sometimes he sat, sometimes reclined, sometimes stood. It always felt as though she was wrapped around him, and he around her, and the movement of his thick cock inside her was smooth, effortless, and sexier than anything he had ever experienced. She always let him enjoy it for a while, although occasionally when she was in a hurry, he would pump just a few times, then she would feed, and the ecstacy would come.

It had never been painful. Just that little twinge in the neck, as he fucked her wetness and felt her body pressing to him. Then the orgasm as she fed, groaning, both of them coming with a fever outside human experience. He would spurt wildly into her body as she drank his blood. She often lifted them both off the ground in their completion, as wave after wave of tingling euphoria filled them both. She needed the feeding to cum, though he didn't, but it was far better when he got off as she did. He had a feeling she could make it last a long time, though she rarely took more than a cupful from him, but he always lost track, just luxuriating in the haze of pleasure that was like a crack hit, his first nut, and runners high all combined.

But not tonight, he knew. She had fed from all three of those swingers last night, two guys and a girl, and wouldn't need him for that tonight. Sometimes they would fuck at the end of the night, so he could get off. She was thoughtful that way. "Good evening, Lance."

"Serena." He watched her strut to the cupboard, on her toes like always, her body lithe, rippling, the most erotic spectacle he had ever seen. He had watched her cause a riot in a strip club once, putting on a show for a bunch of Russian weightlifters. She had taken them all on, feeding as she went, smiling at him occasionally as the rest of the bar was torn up by everybody fighting to get at her, laughing throatily as the chaos made her enjoy the whole scene. He would never forget her on her knees up on the stage, two naked hulks bleeding, with their cocks in both her holes, her throat arched to drain down the red liquid, some of which had coated her boobs.

As they walked out, her naked body sticky with blood and jism, a wide smile on her face, she whispered "I get a little naughty sometimes, Lance. You thought it was sexy, didn't you?" He didn't have to answer, and as he drove the hearse into the hills, she sucked him off.

As she stared into her wardrobe, she asked "What's the weather like, darling? Another hot, humid, California night?" He responded "Yeah, a little drier though. I hardly broke a sweat running." She looked over at him, with a tiny grin. "I'll signal you some time soon, dear. We'll jog together, let you get those nice chemicals going, and I'll feed while they're in your blood. It's a great taking." He knew they lived forever, or damn near, but she seemed young to him, almost as young as she looked.

"Anything in the news? The Balkans still hot? Such foolishness." He tried to find out details of her past obliquely, and said "Yeah, lost an Apache. You're originally from there, aren't you?" She chuckled as she continued to sift through her clothes. "No dear, I'm as American as you are. Umm, this'll do. Now let's go upstairs." She had slipped on a halter and mini skirt of bright lime, making a strange color combination, but spectacular, hugging her lithe curves, the tops of her tits wobbling while her pussy mound pushed at the soft fabric. Never any panties.

They sat on the veranda watching the red sky slowly darken. She had told him once that was the only thing she missed, sunsets. In spite of never being in the sun, she still appeared to have an all over tan. She always insisted he keep himself brown, all over. She liked white wine, though she didn't digest it much. He had tasted her piss, and it was always still alchoholic. She always waited until it was completly dark before telling him what the evening held in store.

"I see you got the lawn cut. Oh, and the new rose bush. Don't forget to feed it tomorrow. And I think you should buy two more patio couches. I have to host a party next week. My father's coming, with his harem." She giggled. "He thinks I'm licentious because I don't have one. But we should look around for some attractive women, Lance. We always have good luck at Almost Heaven. Make a reservation for tomorrow night, will you?" It was a great place to pick up attractive couples. They often stayed with us for several days, finally dragging away drained to exhaustion. But happy.

Just as he got up to go make the call, he heard her gasp. When he looked back, she was smiling, with a vacant look on her face. It meant she was getting a message. It passed quickly, and he waited, then asked "Your father?" She smiled and whispered "No, no, an old friend. Very old." A giggle again. That usually tipped him off that something unusual was coming. "We're driving down to the beach. I have to change. Get your suit."

Her only beach outfit is a string bikini, black, that shows her body off wonderfully. That new style, with a tiny little triangle over the pussy. Like Vampirella. When she swam with it, mostly in the pool, it couldn't stay in place, engineering wise. It could barely hold when she walked. She always wore a little gauze jacket in white that was a fantastic turn on. She liked him to wear a speedo.

She didn't say a word to him on the fifteen minute drive to a spot up north he wasn't familiar with. But there was a full moon, and another car was parked there when they arrived. As they pulled in, he could see two females standing down in the light surf, both in bikinis as skimpy as Serena's. When she pulled off her top, he lost the shirt. They walked, hand in hand, toward the surf. The moon was bright, and a familiar sense of anticipation overcame Lance. The two figures turned to face them.

The vampire looked no more than fifteen, if that. She had a very slim build, pert but small tits, narrow, girlish hips, and nice legs. Her face was almost virginal, a small nose, short blonde hair, thin lips, but that look of arrogance they all have. She had the smile of anticipation.

The fantastic blonde standing beside her was a good head taller, and Lance remembered his first look at her all his life. Her hair was california long, down to her waist. She looked like an amazon, muscled, broad shoulders, narrow midsection, legs with tendons and hardness rippling in the pale wash of the moon. Her face was gorgeous, full lips, wide forehead, upturned nose. The white bikini fit her loosely, the huge tits impossible to cover, her pubic mound so full it pushed the strings away from her groin. I recognized her smile, the pleasure of being with one of them, and of excitement at what might come. The vampire must have fed, because her neck bore two red welts.

Serena never took her eyes off the smaller woman. "Lance, this is Ariane. I've known her a long time. And her friend Daphne. She's local." Ariane's smile broadened, and she sidled up to him and breathed "So nice to meet you, Lance. I'm looking forward to knowing you better. Daphne is too." The big blonde took two steps, pressed her body against his, and kissed him on the mouth. The vampire stroked his cock through the black fabric of his suit, then flippd it up so it jutted out the top. "Mmmmmm. What good taste you have, Serena."

Daphne turned to Serena and pressed against her, tilting her head to the side, offering her throat. She was as tall as the brunette, and had the look of fervent need to be taken Lance knew so well. Serena licked at the welts, then whispered "Perhaps I will taste you later, darling." With a look of disappointment, Daphne stepped back, and Serena and Ariane kissed on both cheeks, the continental way. As they did, the two disciples eyes' met, and a coupling formed between them instantly. It was more than the usual bonding of shared experiences the slaves always felt, there was also a lust, an attraction both physical and emotional.

"You should have let me know sooner, dear Ariane. You needn't have bothered with the hotel. And that dirty basement." said Serena. "Please stay with me as long as you visit. I have an appointment with an exotic latina. Lets let Lance and Daphne move you in with me."

By the time he and Daphne had moved all the clothes, the coffin, and had some dinner, they were in serious heat. She had seen him play, and her eyes kept drifting down to his groin, only barely covered by his shirt. He found out about her weightlifting, and the boob job she had gotten to try for a career in movies. So far, there had been a couple of "Xena" walk ons. She murmured to him during cheeseburgers at an outdoor diner "Ariane goes mostly for women, Lance. When I'm not with her, I miss men."

They had both been overtaken by the vampires' profligate sexuality. Since they shared it, there was no inhibition between them, from the start. When he finished getting Dapne's bedroom prepared, and the coffin near Serena's in the basement, she was swimming lazily in the pool, nude. On her back, he caught glimpses of her pussy, which was completely shaved. She noticed his interest, and explained "I did it for a couple of body building contests. It's hard to get oiled up right with a lot of pussy hair. Ariane likes it. She says she rarely sees a bald one."

He stripped off the speedo, and noticed her staring at his cock. "Damn, Lance, that's some dong. No wonder Serena likes you. How long have you been with her?" He dove in, swam to her under water, and dragged his tongue up from her naked,slightly flared slit to her mouth as he surfaced. "About six months. How about you?" "Only a week. It started when she first arrived." Her hand underwater wrapped around his tool, which was stiff, but she kept talking. "I never had much fun fucking, mostly I could get better cums by myself. But I never ate a twat before hers. I like it now, and, you know, what great orgasms. I'm probably ruined forever for normal stuff. Will she make me like them?" There was no regret in her voice.

He gripped her waist, feeling the rippling muscles, the smooth flesh. She rode up on his thighs, her legs around him, rubbing his cockhead against her open slit, concentrating on the clit. He answered "Nah, I think she'll be careful not to take too much, they don't want to turn you. Why, do you feel weak?" She laughed, and one arm went to the small of his back, pulling him hard into her, his prick between her thighs. Her tits were incredibly firm, and the pressure signaled her strength. "Do I feel weak?" They kissed then, mouths open, tongues exploring, but not frantically. As they slipped under the surface, both felt a wonderful sense of comfort with the other. He had to break away first, after a minute, for air.

He stood in the shallow end, gasping, and she was breathing hard, but slowly approaching him, when he felt Serena's nearness. They both stood, waist deep, as the two vampires, so different, walked out onto the patio. He had never seen her fly, though he knew she did it. Both were still dressed, had red mouths, and there was a little spot on Ariane's breast. Serena enjoyed Rosita, she'd been going there every other night lately, and he assumed the classy mexican girl must have had a great time. He had fed Serena and her dad a couple of times. It had been world class, though he had been weak for a couple of days.

"Rosita said hello, Lance. I think she likes you. I can see you and Daphne have gotten acquainted." His cock was obvious in it's full erection. "Ariane's taking me to one of her friends later, but we have time for our favorites." The small blonde eased out of her bra, as she breathed "Yes, let's. Come, Daph."

He ended up on his back, Ariane astride his throbbing member, Serena and Daphne with their cunts pressed together, scissored over his mouth. He did the best he could, eating slavishly at the two slits, two clits, and two assholes on his face, but the vampires didn't wait very long. He felt Ariane nip his pectoral and begin to feed, as Daphne emitted a low moan of pleasure. Then he was lost in the rapture, soaring as always, as his throat was flooded with two tart flows of climax cream. He never knew quite how long he would be out when they fed, but when he came to, he and Daphne were alone.

Her leg was hooked over his chest, and when he looked up, he saw her open pussy, glistening, still leaking juice. He crawled up between her legs, and watched her as she slowly came out of her comatose pleasure. "Oh, oh, ohhh." she moaned as her arms came weakly up to embrace him. The smells of sex were all around them. After a few minutes, they helped each other up to his bed, and collapsed together into sleep.

He had cleaned up the living room and fussed with the garden by the time she woke up, about three in the afternoon. He was on the phone checking out a source for the same patio chairs they already had. "Okay. I'll pick'em up later. Yeah, sure sure. I'll look when I get there. Hi Daphne." She looked a little wobbly, and came to him. They embraced, as he felt that lush body through the soft fabric of a loose thigh length print cover up.

"Oh, Lance." She sighed as they clung together. When she leaned back to look at him, her eyes were teary. "When she's asleep, sometimes I wonder what to do, how this will end. And I feel so... nasty." He held her, then whispered "Look, have some breakfast. There's coffee, and lots in the fridge. I'll be back in half an hour, and we can go for a run. There's a good gym in the poolhouse. You'll feel better after you eat something."

She mumbled agreement to the run, and he started for the car. Then he stopped and turned to her. "Daphne, look, I speak from experience. She means you no harm, she's just greedy. Serena's father's the same way. He wouldn't think of having someone around the way she keeps me. The trouble is, you'll feel empty when she's gone. So enjoy it. I hope... I'd like to be in your life when she leaves. Unless she takes you with her. Oh shit, well, see ya." The look on her face was a trifle sad, but there was affection for him, he thought. As he got in the car, he wondered if it was his imagination.

She seemed better when he got back, and their run was great, both well conditioned, feeling a high after the second mile, and she looked terrific with her blonde hair floating in the breeze, the gorgeous legs pumping, a sheen of sweat all over her tan skin. He guided her back after the fourth mile, less than an hour, but she seemed to be flagging. She'd been taken twice, after all. But she insisted they lift a little after they got back. He did mostly leg lifts, but she worked on her upper body. "Gotta keep the old boobs firm, babe."

He made steaks and a salad for dinner, with an hour before the waking. They talked idly, but both felt the attraction between them. It was shared addiction, mutual admiration, sexual lust, and the relaxation stemming from knowing they would become physically close. As she sipped on her second beer, she whispered "Lance. Make love to me. Please." He knew what she was feeling, the need to get back to reality, to orgasm without the weakness and all encompassing fervor of the taking. He hoped there was more to it, though.

He went to her languidly, smiling as she stood up, her arms out to him. They embraced and kissed, deeply, tasting each other, her magnificent body undulating against him. He picked her up, carrying her to the large sectional sofa, and stretched her out. They were both sighing, kissing lightly, licking too. She was on her back, smiling as he stripped away the black halter dress to reveal her braless tits, and thong style black panties. He could see a wet spot already.

Their eyes were locked together as he tore off the tee shirt and shorts, then his briefs. His cock was standing out, and as she glanced down at it, her smile got wider. She licked her lips. The tan lips of her cunt were parted, the pink, wrinkled insides showing, and the stiff little clit. It had a head on it, like some he'd seen. Even in repose, her fit, solid, curvaceous sexiness radiated to him.

He straddled her head, let his prick tickle her lips, and pushed the panties down as his mouth covered her flowering cunt. She couldn't get all of him inside her mouth, but tried. He felt her wet tongue licking the head, with suction trapped by her lips, and her throat. He applied steady pressure to her vaginal hole, while his tongue moved smoothly up and down her oozing slit. She had a lovely, musky odor.

He stayed on his knees as he orally caressed her pussy, basking in its smell, the tart taste. He could hear, and feel her, humming around his tool from his sucking, even as her firm, nipple stiffed breasts punched at his stomach. He felt her straining legs trying to open herself to his mouth, and began to concentrate on her clitty. It stuck up, making it easy to twitch with his tongue. Only a few moments drifted by until he felt her hips began to hump up at him.

He stepped off the couch, letting his dong pop out of her mouth, and eased atop her writhing body, luxuriating in the warm, damp flesh. Her eyes were closed, and she had a finger in her mouth, sucking on it as she had his cock. As she felt their bodies come together, her shapely legs wrapped around his thighs, and her hand dived down to grasp his hard, pulsating prick. She opened her eyes and stared with wanton need as they both felt him enter her foaming, sopping cunt. As he slowly sunk deep into her, she smiled with relief. "Oh, oh Lance."

He began to fuck slowly, firmly pistoning into her wet softness, feeling himself bottoming on each inward stroke. Her eyes closed as she pulled his head to her, and her legs pulled in rhythm with his plunging, rotating cock. They grappled together as she tried to speed him up, beginning to gasp. There was an urgency to her movements that carried him along as they rose in their fierce passion. He could smell her again, the light perfume she favored combining with her musky cunt cream and their mingling sweat. It was intoxicating, the sense of their bodies as one writhing, thrill seeking entity dominating their minds. He realized he was uniting with her in a recently unfamiliar way, giving and receiving in a mutual pleasure very human, but without the carnal, purely sexual excitement Serena brought him.

Her body's power began to take him away, as he pummeled with a force he hadn't used before, with anyone. And the approaching peak seemed to swell up to them, attracting, inviting, waiting, rather than exploding. He thought, toward the end, he could feel every muscle, every tendon, every luscious part of her, twisting and turning with him. They were sighing to each other, hands moving constantly, seeming to seek the depths of their sleek, glistening, bodies.

She finished first, grunting out "Aaaah, cummmmmmm" as he felt her pussy squeezing him wildly, with pulsing vigor as juice seemed to almost flow around his tool moving inside her. The mental and physical pressure got him off seconds later, and he arched his head back while the tingling gave way to orgasmic spurts of spunk. But even after his spasming cock emptied, he kept easier movements, luxuriating in her own ecstacy. She seemed to climax for minutes, moving her head back and forth, groaning. It wasn't the thrill of the taking, but it was a truly great fuck. Still, he couldn't get his mind off Serena.

Words seemed unnecessary, and they quickly showered together, then dressed for the rising. They met the vampires hand in hand. Ariane seemed oblivious to their langorous satisfaction, but Serena appeared to feel it immediatly. She came over close to them, staring, then pressed their heads to her cheeks, and whispered "Darlings. I'm so glad."

Serena told him later about the "discussion" she and Ariane had that night. She never admitted to having an argument. Put in dialogue humans might understand, it sounded like it went this way.

Serena: Lance and Daphne have found something special with each other, dear.

Ariane: So what?

Serena: Well, shouldn't we help them, as a sort of repayment? I'm fond of Lance, and Daphne seems lovely. Surely we owe them a nice life after we have used them up.

Ariane: That's your trouble, darling. Too damn sentimental. She's good and strong, can withstand a lot of feeding. But she has no imagination. I have to push her to the least little out of the ordinary thing. Your father says the same thing about you, so wrapped up in your friends, though I admit he develops affection for some of them. We give them lots of pleasure. That's enough.

Serena: Now Ariane. I remember a sixteen year old chinese girl Brad had to almost force you to give up, and you installed her in her own whore house. I do get very close to some of my friends. It's my perogative. You are a guest, after all. If you intended to take Daphne back to Rio with you, I would understand. But otherwise, we really should try to help them. I was thinking she could stay with me when you leave.

Ariane: Oh, well allright, dear. You're right, I only want her during my stay here. You're hiding something from me.

Serena: No, no, truly. It's just something Dad said to me. I'm going to see what he thinks at the party.

But he had no idea about that during the next five days. Daphne became almost a shared person, and Serena seemed to take an interest in her. They went shopping for dresses and sets for her, using Serena's favorite coturists, because they could fit Daphne's large figure. They didn't repeat the foursome, and both vampires treated Lance and the blonde like a couple. Both takings in that week, he and Daphne were joined during the euphoria.

Serena told him the night before the party that Daphne would stay with them when Ariane left. "I've never had a couple before, darling. And I find her very sweet. I hope to have a surprise for you tomorrow night. Now, do you think there will be enough canapes? Rosita's coming, and Ariane has a new little teen. Why not double the cheese trifles?"

During the daylight hours, they made love daily, no matter how fatigued either was, and went running together happily, talking about their backgrounds, tastes, all the trivialities lovers share. He thought it was heaven, and she seemed to begin to share his acceptance of their liege to the two creatures who had brought them together. She even became more sexually daring, insisting he sodomize her one afternoon by the pool. He was very careful, using vaseline as she knelt in the late sun, penetrating her anus slowly, and she ended up gasping with pleasure in the act. She breathed at the end, lying on her stomach with him on top, still embedded deep in her bowel, "At least you had one virgin hole, Lance."

But they both found their thoughts drifting to the question of closure with Serena. They couldn't imagine being as happy as they were without the euphoria, the grand rapture of the taking. It was their only worry.

As he looked around, Lance knew that a party like this was a rarity, especially with Ariane there. There were torches spread everywhere, giving a weaving, sensual movement to the group of spectacular people in fine, but skimpy outfits. There were more women than men, he and Brad's boy toy the sole human males. Serena could have invited more couples, but had decided it would be too crowded with Ariane there. He had the impression vampires avoided each other, usually. He could already sense tension between Ariane and Serena.

He had experienced one of Serena's orgies, with two other men and three women. There was no jealousy, and Serena took each of them in bizarre, erotic ways, as the others would join, seeking to cum with her. He hadn't particularly enjoyed it, though it was undeniably sexy.

Brad, her father, must have been the oldest. Both women deferred to him. But he was a smiling, gracious guest, with compliments for everyone, getting drinks for his women, carefully complimenting his daughter on her preparations. Each of them was a center of attention. So Rosita, Daphne and Lance stood talking with Serena.

Rosita was a tall, slim woman who looked like a mexican beauty queen. She was wearing a completely transparent, full length, form fitting dress that permitted no more than six inch steps. She had whispered to him at the door "I won't have it on long anyway, Lance. You'll spend some time with me tonight, won't you?" He had just grinned.

After all the humans had eaten well, and were buzzed with booze, Serena pulled he and Rosita into the middle of the patio, while everyone looked on. She undressed them both, making it sensuously teasing. He was floating in that wonderful anticipatory haze she created, as Rosita lay on her back, legs spread, staring at him as he ate her slavering pussy. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Serena dancing around them, stripping off her two piece evening gown, then sinking her cunt down on the Latin face waiting there in adoration. The vampire pulled him up, inserted his cock into the dark twat already oozing, and then, strangely, she kissed him, as they all began to undulate in passion. Breathily, as she let their bodies rise toward climax, she whispered to him "My father has a gift for you and Daphne, darling. Later tonight. Ummm, yes, yes Rosita. Be sure you ask him." Then she fed.

He was vaguely aware of Oohs and aahs from the group as he soared into rapture, feeling Rosita wiggle as Serena's cream flowed into her mouth, and he spurted into her spasming body. Just before he became comatose, he saw Daphne looking on with a turned on fervor. She was starting to embrace the whole experience.

He returned to awareness as Ariane stood with her new little playmate upside down, and Daphne kneeling under her. Both were sucking hungrily on her pussy, when Daphne rose to her feet, pushing the other two into the air. With her arched body supporting them, her face coverd with pussy, that incredible body shining with sweat, the muscles all standing out with the effort it took, his cock got hard at just the eroticism of it. When they all came, and Ariane didn't stretch it out as Serena had, glistening juices dripped down the teens face, and Daphne's mouth. Ariane let blood flow down her body in a small rivulet from the wound in the groin at her face.

Lance inventoried the food, and replenished the booze. It would be a long night, so it was important that there be plenty of sustenance for the humans. As he was working in the kitchen, Daphne came up behind him, pressed herself to his back, and reached around to grip his cock. "Oh darling, darling, it's nice isn't it. Will they take us again? Maybe you and I together? It's funny, I enjoy showing off. Do you?" He turned and kissed her, though it was a tepid, cursory caress, unlike their daytime urgency. "Brad has a surprise for us, babe. Later."

They missed Brad's show, returning to find his harem lolling in the pool, all showing signs of the euphoria. Serena and Ariane stood on either side of him, as all three seemed to be sort of sharing their pleasure with small kisses. Ariane had his cock in her hand. Rosita came up and described what he had done. As she did it, she had one hand in Daphne's cunt, and the other around his prick. It was very softly sensuous.

"Santa Maria. He fucked one girl in the ass, while she ate out another one. The kid fucked his ass while he ate out a third. He fed on two of the girls. That redhead is sooo hot. I'm going in and have her. Unless you two... no? Well allright." Everyone was stripped now, lovely bodies moving with abandon in the soft torchlight. Even as Rosita moved away, Lance could feel the tension in Daphne, the need to sexually express the fervor of the erotic scene.

She was popular. Serena pulled her out into a frantic dance, the two gorgeous creatures undulating, bumping, grinding, one hairy cunt, one bald one, dripping as heavy music reverberated in the night. While they sixty nined at the end, he sunk into Serena's ass, and his blonde would lick his balls. Later, she sucked the boy toy's cock as a redhead ate her pussy from behind. Her eyes were woozy now, lost in the excitement of the unbelievable orgy.

Toward the end of the evening, he and Brad took Daphne into the living room. "Lie down, Lance. Daphne, mount him." She stared at him, bleary eyed, but her body preening for him. She cupped her big round tits, whose nipples were stiff as nails, and slowly, with a control only a person in great condition could manage, lowered her hips down toward his cock. The muscles rippled, the legs tensed, then they both felt the first contact with her gaping twat.

"Oh Lance, darling, darling, I feel it, oh I'm so fucked, it's sooooo neat, aaaaaaaagh." The first inch was in. She leaned forward, sighing "It's going to happen again, oh yes, three times in one, oooh, one night. Yessss." Her tits were dragging on his chest, and her eyes were closed now, as she concentrated on the stiff rod filling her pussy. The lips flared out, the clit left its hood, she bottomed so it rubbed at the base of his cock, and began to undulate.

Brad knelt behind her, and pushed his cock gently into her ass. She groaned with the unfamiliar act, double fucked. "Oh god, oh god, ouch, ouch, aaaaaaaah, don't stop. Ungh, ungh ungh." But he did not feed. Fucked out as they were, it lasted for a long time as such things go, fifteen or twenty minutes. As normal orgasms approached them, Brad whispered something to Daphne. Her eyes opened wide, she stared at Lance for a moment, then clamped her lips to the wound on his neck from Serena's previous taking. Lately, his wounds hadn't been clotting normally. He felt her sucking, blood flowed, and miraculously, they soared into the rapture.

His hands had been on her hips, but as he felt her drinking from him, he put both to the back of her head, and pulled wildly, increasing the pressure of her mouth at his jugular. Brad was just staring at them, but the two spasming disciples were lost in a euphoria almost better than before because it was so unexpected. His cock was gushing, while her cunt nearly poured out its cream, as she collapsed on top of him, her mouth leaving his neck. He experienced the wonderful climax for a couple of minutes, then completely lost consciousness.

He awoke the next afternoon, alone in his bed. He was tireder than he could ever remember. He lay there for ten minutes, when Daphne came in, carrying a tray with fruit and a sandwich. She wore her tiny bikini. As she fed him, she whispered "Do you remember, darling? I sucked your blood, and we had the wonderful cum. Don't you see what this means? I feel wonderful, much better than usual. Does that taste good? Wait 'til I give you dessert."

When he had finished, she set the tray down, stripped and stood staring at him. He never failed to get turned on by her firm, fantastic body, but murmured "Shit, Daph. I'm exhausted. I don't know if..." She smiled, and pointed to a hypodermic on the bedside table. "I'll do all the work, Lance. When we get close, use this to open these" pointing to the welts on her neck, "and we'll see if it works both ways. Brad said it would."

She mouthed his cock, and it resisted her efforts for a minute or two. "Darling, oh my, you are tired, aren't you? Here. Eat my pussy. You can't resist that." She wiggled around to present her puffy cleft to his mouth, and sure enough, the smell and taste combined with her sucking to stiffen him. She straddled him, and eased his thick, nearly firm tool into her wet box. As she did, their eyes held, and she felt him harden. Smiling, she breathed "My Lance, you're such a lover, oh yes, ummm. It's good, oh it's good, ummmm. Ahh, ahh, hurry dear, aaah, hurrrrrrry." She was arched over him, tits incredibly high, nipples stiff, her stomach rippling as her hips ground into his. Her hair flew about wildly, until suddenly, she groaned "I'm too close, darling, oh now, do it, do it." He fumbled with the needle, as she leaned down, pulling the long blond mane away from her jugular, which looked to be almost throbbing.

She turned her head, showing the two red, clotted fang marks. He carefully pierced each one, as she flinched and smiled each time. Still holding her hair, she dropped her neck to his mouth. He sucked gently, he thought, but hot, tart liquid flooded his mouth, and he swallowed reflexively. Then everything happened at once.

She was gasping "Lance, Lance yes, I'm feeding you, darling oooooooooooooooh." She twisted and pushed with her neck, the tendons standing out, as her eyes closed. He felt an incredible burst of energy, his hips surged up into her wet cunt, and he felt the rapture, strong, sweeping, all-encompassing in its wonder. She was groaning too, and her pussy contracted frantically on his suddenly spurting cock. He heard himself grunting "Christ, Daph, oh Christ."

"Take more, darling. Take more." She was still pressing the open wounds to his mouth, and he took a careful, very light second draught. They both screamed into the quiet bedroom, thrills seeming to course back and forth, through their genitals, their stomachs, their minds. He felt another burst of energy. Daphne seemed to collapse onto him, and he rolled her over, staying buried in her spasming twat, feeling her cream flow, as his throbbing member spurted into her again and again. It went on and on, he licked at the wounds, resisting the temptation to suck more of her blood, watching her face for signs of pain, or fear. But all he saw was happiness and ecstacy. She swooned, but he didn't, the first time he had been able to stay aware through the rapture. He kissed her face softly, as she sighed and undulated under him in her bliss.

He kissed, licked and caressed until she began to come down. Then her smile widened, she opened her eyes, and moaned "Darling Lance, I love you. I'm so happy. Mmmmm."

Ariane left that night. She gave quick, concise instructions to Daphne about shipping her things to Rio, slipped on a black leather outfit, and was gone. The three of them sipped cocktails watching the darkening sky, and Serena asked "How was it, darlings? My father told me it was possible, something about a virus. Was it as good as with me? His surgeon friend actually discovered it, by mistake. I don't know the details. We'll go to Almost Heaven tonight."

Daphne looked glorious at that dinner, wearing a sheath in black that hugged her body, naked beneath the dress, while Serena wore a new white two piece. They brought two couples home, and watched as she played with them. The two men fucked her bottom at the same time as she fed from the two women. She was in a nasty frame of mind, forcing both men to piss on her, then pissing on both women herself. She was usually very careful about not wasting blood, but let some leak onto her breasts.

She wasn't patient, either. After she had fed from all of them, they all were in the mood to lay around, get more attention from her. But she insisted they leave, though there were three hours of darkness remaining. It was a strange mood, and when they were again alone in the big house, she stared at them. Then she went up to her study. Over her shoulder, she called out "Be sure to trim the hedge tomorrow, Lance. You can go to sleep. I won't need you anymore."

When they awoke early next afternoon, Daphne was still a little pale, while he was jazzed up. He began to eat her cunt, his tongue working inside her, while he thumbed on her clit. Once she was wet, he entered her, stroking smoothly for ten minutes, feeling a nice growing tension as her hips met his languidly. When he got close to a cum, he pressed the hypo into her hand, and through bleary eyes, she opened the wounds on his neck. When she fed lightly, she brightened immediately, he still felt terrific, and they had the earth shaking orgasmic completion.

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