A Wife's Mistake, A Husband's Nightmare

by Not my Story

Copyright© 2003 by Not my Story

Sex Story: A wife cheats on her husband online and then the unthinkable happens.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   True Story   Cheating   BDSM   Rough   Torture   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   .

Many of you have probably read my first story "A Husband's Mistake, A Wife's Nightmare." Well I never would have thought it was true myself, but it has been said there is a little truth in every story. Well, that story was written about a little truth in my own life. I had found my wife having an online affair, when I wrote that story I thought that was all it was, and that it was over. I was wrong and last week she took it to the next level. Although I was able to stop it before it went any further, I need to write this story now, before I can move on with any of my others. I have included some of the actual E-mails between my wife and her online man. She swears that I put an end to it, before they ever actually met. This is a hard story to write, but I need to do it at this time. Part of me says he apparently didn't know she was married. Then there is the other part of me that say to. Well here's the story.

How it all started.

My wife and I had been married for eleven years when I found her chatting with other men on the Internet. I hadn't been the best husband in the world. Hell to tell you the truth, I was probably one of the worst, and had probably given her every reason to leave me. I drove her away from me, more than anything else, in our almost fifteen year relationship. I loved her, and had never been unfaithful to her. I would do anything for her, to keep our marriage together.

At first, she denied ever having done anything inappropriately in the chat room. It was only after I caught her red handed, did she confess to her cyber infidelity. I was hurt by what she had done, and began to write a story to vent my feelings on the matter. She promised me that it was over, and that she would stop, but you must understand that she never really wanted to agree to stop, and only did so, because I forced her to promise that she would stop doing this. Well, obviously she didn't stop, she continued. She found someone in a chat room who called himself Nate_dehl, whom she professed her love to, and had cyber sex with him continually.

One night, when I caught her chatting with him, I forced her to allow me to do all of the things to her that she, and her online lover, discussed. As he typed, I did those things to her. It was strange and different. She swore to me that night that it would end. But again she lied, only a month or two later, I caught her going to the library to chat with her men on line. She told me that she had only continued to do it, because I had told her that she had to stop and that I wasn't her boss. Well needless to say, she continued. One day in late October, or early November, while taking our son to class, I found another phone card in her car, that I just happened to be driving in that day, because my car was in the shop getting brakes. My curiosity was peaked, so I searched her car, and found six more phone cards, with a total of over 3,000 minutes on them.

When I got home, I went through her purse, and found three more. I then confronted her, telling her that I had found "a" phone card in her car. She played dumb, claiming that she didn't know where it had come from. So with this knowledge, I called her bluff, producing the other cards that I had found in her car, plus the ones that I had discovered in her purse.

She begged for my forgiveness, and told me that I had forced her to go to this extreme, of sneaking around behind my back. I listened to her, and accepted her word, when she swore that she would never contact this person again. I should have known something was up, however, when she refused to give me any details about the person that she had been making the long distance calls to. I wanted to believe that it was over between them, but over the next several months I found more phone cards, and she always swore that they wore old, and that she had indeed stopped.

When we fought, she would always say that she wanted to leave me, that she couldn't live this way anymore, with me constantly checking up on her, and that she wanted a divorce. I would beg her each time for her forgiveness, telling her that I would do anything to keep our family together. I promised to do anything that she asked and I did, but she still seemed distant and cold.

I guess that I should tell you a little about my wife. She is 33, and is really very beautiful. It's not just my opinion, as I have several friends who consider her very pretty as well. She is a very short, petite woman, who wears just a size six. She has long brown hair, that hangs all the way to the small of her back. Several months ago, she went and had her hair highlighted, which makes her hair look even better. She's only a 34-B, but on her small body, they look just right.

Five days before she took off on me, she yelled at me for three hours straight, telling me how much she hated me, and how horrible I was. I listened to her ranting and raving, but never got angry with her, as that only seemed to make her even angrier. She wanted me to call it quits, instead of her doing so, but I wouldn't do it and make things easier on her. Two days before she left, she went and got her hair done again, and also a complete make over. She had never had so much done to her before at the beauty salon. She even had her eyebrows plucked, along with getting the highlights in her hair redone. She looked better than she ever had.

Then she left. I came home and found a note. She had seduced me earlier in the day, to make sure that I wouldn't come by her place of work that day. I should have known that she was up to something, as she had never instigated sex before. Duh! She told me that we could have sex right now, if I wouldn't come by the pizza parlor that morning, as I had told her that I had planned to do.

I read her note, and it said over and over again, that she just needed some time to herself. She had a week of vacation coming, and she was taking it. She hadn't told me about it, but she'd be back soon. She claimed that she didn't like the person that she had become, and just needed the time to herself to find her true self. She spoke of how she had never dealt with the recent death of both of her parents, plus having to take care of her brother. She also mentioned several times about how she would just be by herself, and that I had nothing to worry about. But I was plenty worried.

I immediately tried to call her, as I was troubled by how she had never even mentioned our son in her letter, and how now all of the pieces of her recent strange behavior fell into place. I called her cell phone repeatedly, but she never answered it. I called and found that our son was still at the sitters.

I picked him up, and went to where she worked. I knew that she still had her cell phone on, and if she wouldn't answer it for me, maybe she would for them. She picked up the call on the second ring, and was angry that I had called her from there, but agreed to call me on my cell phone, if I left the pizza parlor. She called me back before I left the store, and we began to talk as I left her place of employment.

She continued to tell me that she wasn't doing anything wrong, and that I had nothing to worry about, but I knew better. I had checked on our bank account and she had taken out almost a thousand dollars, not even leaving me enough to pay our bills, especially the ones that she had incurred recent on her spending. spree. I got even more worried when she told me that she would call her boss, and tell him to give me her check in two days, on their pay day. I asked her why I would have to get her check, if she wasn't going anywhere? When I asked her if she was still in town, she insisted that she was, and that she wasn't going anywhere, even as she refused to tell me where she was.

I knew then that she was lying to me, and asked her to call me from a pay phone in our area code to prove it, but she refused. I begged her to meet me for lunch the next day, and she reluctantly agreed to do so. As we were hanging up, she agreed to answer the phone if I called, but she didn't answer the phone when I called back, at the time that we had agreed that I would call her. She had told me that she would pick me up at noon the next day, and when she didn't show up, I called in sick, my worst fears having been confirmed by her blowing our appointment off.

Not only didn't she answer her phone, but now she had even turned it off. I drove around and finally found her car parked in front of her brother's house. Inside of it I found an empty bag from a store, with a receipt showing that she had bought a card, new bikini panties, and new bra's, along with several items of make-up. She had never worn bikini briefs in her entire life, and hadn't bought herself a new bra in years. She had make-up at home, that I had bought for her nearly every Christmas, but she "never" wore it. After checking with her brother, and convinced that he knew nothing, I was sure that she had left town to meet some man.

I returned home, and began to search through everything, taking an inventory of what she took. I was shocked that she had taken every sexy outfit that I had ever bought her, but that she had refused to wear for me. Instead, when she was with me, she would wear her stupid little pizza uniform, on all but her days off. On her days off, she wore only a different shirt, but the same khaki pants that she wore to work every day. In my search, I found her wedding ring hidden away nicely. I had never known her to take it off before, and was now really concerned that our marriage was over.

Next I searched her car again, and found that she had left all of the contents of her purse in a box, having taken only her driver's license, while leaving all other forms of her ID behind. I was worried, and determined to stop her, before she did something that we would both regret. I began a search of the computers in the house, and found an email address. It was a Yahoo account that I didn't recognize, it was nrwlovesngz@yahoo.com, after trying to access it, with the few passwords that I knew that she used, I was in. I found E-mails dating back to October, to someone else on Yahoo that she had meet in the WWE chat room. This person, called himself XXXXXXXX or XXXX in the chat rooms. She didn't even watch wrestling, so I was shocked, as I read some of her emails, that she was very conversant in who's who in wrestling, holds, moves, etc. She talked to him in ways that she had never talked to me. I had never heard her say things like this.

An actual E-mail


I hope u are alone while you are reading this, or we both might get embarrassed. I had the best dream this afternoon, & I even needed to have smoke after I woke up. I had come up to see you, and we went back to my hotel to drop off my stuff, before going out, but we never quite made it out. I went in to take a shower, a nice hot shower. When I turned around, there you were. I leaned up against the shower wall, and you spread my legs. DAMN! You really knew how to use your tongue, as you made me cum four times as the hot water ran over the two of us. My knees were so weak, that I thought I might even collapse. After you made me cum several times, I changed places with you, and I took your hard shaft into my mouth, giving you the same kind of pleasure that you had given me. Then you carried me into the bedroom, and I climbed on top of you, sliding onto your very hard and thick staff, and rode you. I started out slowly, but then got faster and harder. I moved your hands up to massage my hardening nipples. Then I leaned down and we shared a very passionate French kiss. After we both came, we switched places, and you got on top of me. You bent my knees way up, so that you could bury yourself deeper into me than I could ever imagine feeling a cock inside of me. Like when I was on top, you started out slowly, but quickly got faster and pounded me harder. It felt so good, looking up into your eyes, and knowing that I had truly found love. Then you wanted to switch again, so I got up on my hands and knees like a bitch, as you entered me from behind. It felt so good, and you were so hard, that I could have melted. I felt you pounding my pussy like it was never pounded before. I even came harder than I've ever cum before. Afterwards, we had to order up room service, because after all of that s*x, we were both too exhausted to go out for dinner. We laid around and held each other, for what seemed like forever.

Then of course I suddenly woke up, and realized that it was all just another dream. I know that sex isn't the only reason u want me to come up to see you. If I thought that it was, I wouldn't waste my time or money, but I know that it is so much more for the both of us, that's why I want to come up now, more than ever.

Love Always,


PS. I actually went out this afternoon and bought my ticket. So I hope u are really ready to meet me really soon.

After reading this I almost died. How could she? I continued looking at what she had sent him.

Nikki Wagner <nrwlovesngz@yahoo.com> wrote:
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 12:58:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Nikki Wagner
Subject: I hope u are alone when you read this
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com

Hey Babe,

I just thought that I would write you about a dream that I had last night. I was able to fall right to sleep, after we hung up with each other last night. I love you so very much, and I don't want you to ever be afraid to ask me or to say anything to me. Well I guess that I'll try and put my dream into words so here it goes.

Well I came up to see you finally, and we spent a very long day out, seeing the sights of your wonderful city. Then we get back to my hotel room and I went in to take a shower and change. But when I got into the shower, I turned around and you were standing right there next to me, and just as naked as I was. We started French kissing and are massaging each other, as the hot water ran all over us. As you played with my tits, my nipples got real hard under your insistent finger tips. I ended up against the shower wall, with you on your knees, eating me out like I've never been eaten out before. After a while I decided that I shouldn't have all of the fun, so we traded places, as I got down onto my knees, and gave you a very good blow job. As I got you hard, the water was starting to get cold, but we barely noticed it, due to the intense passion of the moment. I took your hard cock into my mouth, with very long, deep strokes, as I bobbed my head up and down on your shaft. With you still in a very erect state, we quickly adjourned to the bedroom for more interesting action. I pushed you down on the bed, and climbed on top of you. I started out slow, but was soon fucking you faster and harder. I reached down and moved your hands up to my breasts. You massaged them tenderly, then leaned up and kissed them. I then leaned down, and we French kissed for a few moments. Then I moved my hands behind me, for support so that I could ride you even faster and harder. Then we rolled over, with you on top of me. Since we'd been going at it for a while, you just pounded me fast and hard, driving me crazy with lust. It went on like this all night long, with us making sweet, passionate love. Then, what felt like early morning, we fell asleep in each other's arms. What made it so special, was that we were truly in love with each other, and it wasn't just the sex, it was really love.



Reading what she had written to him killed me, and I knew that she may very well be doing exactly what she had written to him, with him right now. I suddenly wished that I was dead.

I was determined to find her, and stop it. I did an online search of her cell phone records, and found where she had called him several times since last August. I found a number indicating that he was in Winnipeg Canada. I didn't hesitate, as I loved her, and wanted her back. I had no choice, I had to stop her, so I called the number.

The phone rang twice, and then he answered. I said, "Hello. You don't know me, but I think that you know my wife. She calls herself Nikki, and you would have met her in the WWE chat room. She goes by the screen name Nickkipizzagirl."

There was silence on the other end of the line, so I continued, "I'm her husband, and I love her very much. We have a nine year old son, and we both love her, and want her back. Do you know who I am talking about?" I asked.

"Yes." came the reply.

"Is she with you now." I asked.

"No. No one's with me right now." came his reply.

"I know that she told you that she loves you, but do you love her?" I asked.

"No." he replied.

"I want you to know that her son and I both love her very much, and want her back. We don't want her to do anything stupid, as we love her, and want our family back together." I said, now crying.

"I don't know how I got in the middle of this shit." he said, as the phone went dead.

At this point, I didn't know what to think, and I didn't know what my wife was doing, and worse, what she might have already done. I cried, and wondered what she was doing just then.

Then my dark imagination set in. Even after I called him, I heard nothing from my wife. I didn't know that only minutes before my call, that she had called him, telling him that she had finally arrived at the hotel. Having just gotten off of a twenty-six hour bus ride, that was supposed to taken only nineteen hours. She had given him the address of her hotel, and he had told her that he would meet her there.

However, after my call, he began to feel betrayed. He was hurt by her lies, and his hurt turned to anger. His first thought was to leave her just sitting there, never going over to meet her. As he fumed in his anger, he decided why not go, and have his way with her. He knew that she was willing, and he had seen a picture of her, that she had sent to him. Seeing a sure piece of pussy, he couldn't think of a good reason not to have her sexually, before leaving her.

As he took the bus over to meet her, his anger continued to mount, and he knew that he would make her pay for this. She had lied to him all along, and he had had some feelings for her, but now they had now all turned to anger.

He met her in the lobby, recognizing her immediately from her photos. She was dressed in a short black skirt, with a white satin top, revealing her pierced navel and flat stomach. She was truly gorgeous. To his surprise, at least she hadn't lied about her appearance, although the way that he had described himself to her, wasn't what she had expected at all, he could tell from the look on her face. But that was tough shit, considering all of her lies.

After forcing himself into some polite small talk with her, he suggested that they go back to her room, hoping to live out some of her E-mails about their first real encounter. They had talked about this moment on the phone for hours. All of the things that they had wanted to do to each other. His anger with her grew, as she suggested that they go get something to eat instead, choosing not to go back to her room with him just yet.

Reluctantly, he agreed, and took her to his favorite bar and grill. Although only twenty four, he was quite an experienced drinker, and as he learned quickly, she *had* told him the truth, when she had told him that she didn't drink. He convinced her that she would like the strawberry daiquiris, and she agreed to try it. After he coaxed her into drinking the first one, he ordered her a second one within thirty minutes of their arrival. After talking with her, he was now sure by her standoffish nature, that she wouldn't allow him back into her hotel room. That had been another of her many lies, she was a just tease, he thought to himself.

Having gotten her to drink two daiquiris in the first forty minutes, he approached the bar to get her another drink. When he ordered it, he asked his friend the bartender, to make this one a really strong one. When he returned to the table, he gave her the drink. As she was already feeling the effects of the first two, she pushed this one away.

He asked her, "What's wrong with the drink?" in a hurt and confused manor.

She replied, "Nothing. It's just that I'm not used to drinking, and don't want to get sick or drunk."

When their food arrived, he had her try his entre. It was a very spicy dish, too spicy for her sensitive palette. After taking just a mouthful, her mouth was on fire, and so she drank down her third drink, in several long sips, trying to cool her tongue off.

When he returned to the bar, he ordered her another one just like the last one, and a shot of vodka for himself. As he made his way back to the table, he added the vodka to the daiquiri, and mixed them together. He would claim his prize one way or another.

Handing her the drink, he kept a watch over her, as she finished her food, but never drank a drop of the daiquiri. As they continued their conversation, the affects of the alcohol on her were quickly becoming obvious to him. Her pupils became dilated, her speech was slurred, and she needed to lean her head on her arm, to support its seemingly growing weight.

With dinner now finished, he pressured her into finishing her drink, so that they could go. After repeatedly telling him no, and refusing to drink it, he finally told her that it had cost him $8. Feeling guilty, and being a little drunk already, she finally took the drink, and slowly finished it, unable to taste the extra ingredient in it this time.

As she stood to leave with him, she almost fell over, in her three inch tall heels. He leaned in closer to her, as she closed her eyes. She stood there trying to regain her sense of balance. He moved in, and pulled her arm over his shoulder, and waited for her reaction. When she did nothing but exhale deeply, he knew that he had her.

"Lets get you back to your hotel. You don't look so good." he said to her, grabbing her purse from the back of her chair, as he led her to the door.

Once they hit the door, she pulled away from him, doubled over and vomited right where she was standing.

"Oh that's bad!" he said, patting her on the back, as she spit the taste from her mouth.

"You gonna be ok?" he asked, as she stood up.

"I don't know." she replied "I don't really feel too good, do you have some aspirins?" she asked.

"No. But why don't you have a seat here," he said, pointing to a bench on the sidewalk. "and I'll go across the street to get you some." pointing to a drugstore across the street.

"Thanks." she said, as he helped her to the bench.

Still carrying her purse, he crossed the street and entered the store. No sooner than he had entered the stored, than he opened her purse and began rummaging through it. He found what he was looking for quickly, and pulled her driver's license out from her purse. It confirmed her lies to him. Her real name was Marie, she was 33, not 24 as she had told him, and she didn't live at the address that she had given him. He continued his inspection of the contents, finding make-up, $600 US dollars, and over $200 hundred Canadian. He also found two notes, one addressed to him, telling him that she couldn't see him anymore, and that she had to met him, just to end it in person. The other one was addressed to me, telling me why she had to go and meet him, to end it, so that our marriage could get better, and she could be happy again. His anger grew his thoughts for revenge upon her, for her deceptions and lies.

As he thumbed thru the rest of purse, he found the two key cards for her hotel room. Taking one card from her purse, he placed it in his pocket. A plan began to form in his mind. Walking down the pain relief aisle, he picked up some Tylenol PM. Reading it's warning about not taking it with alcohol, he grabbed it and headed right for the register. Waiting to be checked out, he saw a disposable camera display, and another idea popped into his mind, as he grabbed two of the 24 exposure cameras, a tin of Altoids, and a bottle of Diet Coke.

As he walked back to her, his mind was filled with all of the things that he wanted to do to this lying bitch. Handing her the Diet Coke and two of the Tylenols, he politely said, "Here you go. I hope these help."

Looking down at the two pills that he had handed her, she looked up groggily, and asked for two more, complaining about how bad she felt. He happily reached into his pocket, and pulled out two more of the pills, handing them to her. She quickly downed the four pills, as he flagged down a cab.

Once in the cab, he moved closer to her, but she pulled away and placed her arm down between them, to keep him away. He was annoyed by her actions, and asked her to allow him to get closer. She rebuffed his advances, but it was of no real concern to him, as he would have his way with her soon enough. The fifteen minute ride back to the hotel, was almost too much for her, as she had to force herself to stay awake.

He insisted that she let him walk her back to her room, and as she pulled her remaining key card from her purse, she told him that she didn't feel well, and needed to be alone. He told her that it wasn't a problem, and that he just wanted to make sure that she got to her room safely. As he held the door open for her, he watched her walk over and collapse on the bed. "Goodnight." she told him, motioning for him to leave. He gladly allowed the door to close behind him, as he told her that he hoped that she felt better, in his kindest voice. After the door closed, he waited to see if she came back over to lock the swing lock. As he heard nothing, he knew that she was out cold.

Happy that everything was going as planned, he walked down to the lobby, and asked the receptionist to call a cab for him. He had the cab take him on the twenty minute drive back to his house. He then went into his house to gather his things. He made it a point to tell his mother, with whom he still lived, that he was tired and was going to bed. In his room he filled his bag with the items for his plan, then left through the window, making sure that no one saw him.

He returned to the hotel, walking in through one of the back doors, carefully making sure that no one saw him entering again. He looked around, to make sure that there were no surveillance cameras, which could catch a glimpse of him reentering the hotel, usually with a time and date stamp on it. Confident that no one, or thing, had observed him coming back into the hotel, he stealthily walked up to her room. He slipped the key card into the lock, and waited for the sound of the clicking release of the door. He slipped into her room, and noticed that the light was still on, and found her lying face down on the bed. She really hadn't moved much in the hour that he had been gone.

He approached her as quietly as he could, and he pulled the roll of duct tape from his bag, afraid that he would need it soon. As he leaned over to check her breathing, he inadvertently knocked her purse from the where it had been lying on her bed. As it hit the ground, her keys and the other contents spilled out, making a loud noise, as they rattled around on the floor. He jumped back, fearing that she would awaken, but to his surprise, she didn't move at all, and appeared to be impervious to the noise around her. Deciding to test this theory further, he ripped a twelve inch piece of the duct tape from the roll, and she still didn't move a muscle. He ripped off another piece, and then another, but she didn't move a muscle, she was dead to the world. He ripped a few more pieces off, just to be safe, applying each to the end of the of the night stand, so that he could easily grab them, when they were needed.

Feeling more comfortable and relaxed, he began to search around her room. He found only a duffle bag, and small handbag in the room. He began rummaging through the handbag, and found a portable MP3 player, a few CD's and some tabloids. Next he moved onto her duffle bag, and found her new panties and bras, with the tags still on them. He then began looking at the clothes that she had brought with her.

He admired the thin black slip, the two piece swim suit, and the short black skirt that he had pulled from the bag. As he continued, his excitement grew, as he found a lovely black lace negligee, and then a pair of jeans and deep V-cut white shirt. Digging to the bottom of the bag, he found a thin sun dress, and a pair of black pants, with a couple of blouses to go along with it.

Going thru the side pocket of the duffle bag, he found her toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo, razors, and body wash. Finding nothing else to search through, his attention now turned to Marie. He slowly approached her, and touched the back of her leg with his hand. She made no move and was apparently unaffected by his touch. He then ran his fingers up her legs, and between her thighs, yet she was still unaffected by his explorations. Next he stood next to her head, and began tapping on her shoulders, she crinkled her nose, but made no other moves.

As his confidence grew, he pushed her over from lying on her front, to lying on her back. She moved her head from one side to the other, but showed no signs of coming to. With a huge smile on his face, he grabbed his digital camera from the bag, along with one of the disposable cameras that he had purchased earlier. He took a few shots from each of the cameras, hoping that the flash wouldn't wake her up. Still lifeless, he began to take her shoes off. With no signs of her being disturbed by his undressing her, he then began to remove her satin blouse, slowly unbuttoning it.

Once he had gotten all the buttons on her blouse undone, he began pulling it open, to allow him a full view of her chest. Her head moved slightly, and her lips parted, scaring him into pulling away.

Thinking that was a little too close for comfort, he moved away from her, retrieving the contents from his bag. He pulled the thin leather belt from it and one of her new pairs of panties from her bag, He then took several lengths of rope, that he had brought with him, and began tying them to the corners of the bed. Once he had tied a length of rope to each corner of the bed, he pulled two pair of old handcuffs from his bag, they wore old and cheap toys from his childhood, and both were made of steel, thus they strong nevertheless. He had broken the safety release of them many years before. He no longer had a key, but could easily open them with a paper clip.

Tying a handcuff to each side of the headboard ropes, he cautiously took one of her hands, and placed it in the cuff, slowly locking it into place around her wrist, one click at a time. She tried to move her arm to her face, but merely turned to her side, when she was unsuccessful. He cautiously grabbed the matching ankle, and using one of his ties that he had brought, wrapped it around her leg before tightening it and then securing the rope to it.

He stood back and decided that he needed more photos, to document his conquest of this bitch. After capturing his handiwork from multiple angles, he went to the bag, and retrieved a pair of scissors. Using the scissors, he slowly snipped her blouse up the short sleeve to her collar. Once free, he pulled it off of her other shoulder, as she slept on her side. Now she was exposed, her tits were only covered by a lacy white bra. He quickly returned to snapping photos of her unconscious body, spread out before him.

Since she had made no effort to move in several minutes, he decided to push his luck, and pushed her back over onto her back. Her head turned, and he thought that she would awaken, but her eyes never opened, even as her restrained arm tried to pull free. As soon as her movement stopped, he pulled her free arm above her head, to the other cuff, and quickly locked it in place. She still had not awakened, and he had her almost totally secured.

Moving to her legs apart, he pulled her skirt up, and onto her belly. Seeing her in just her pristine white panties, he snipped them down one side, and then the other. Tossing the scissors to the floor, he began to gently pull on the panties, trying to work them out from underneath her.

His latest efforts though, were enough to wake her. He was startled when she started to speak softly. "What? Stop?" she moaned under her breath.

Taking no chances he yanked the panties out from under her, no longer trying to not to wake her. Then he grabbed the thin ¨ inch belt, and jumped to the head of the bed. Standing over her face, he stuffed her panties into her mouth, and then used her belt to secure them in place, having to force the buckle into the leather to make a new hole in it, in order to hold it in tightly.

As he shoved her panties into her mouth, her eyes shot wide open with fear. He could hear her muffled cries and screams, under his make shift gag, but knew that it couldn't be heard by anyone else. He had her now, just as he had planned, just eight hours ago, he never would have thought himself capable of such an act, but yet that was exactly what he was doing now. He had been driven to this point by his anger, his sense of betrayal, his sense of hurt. She had made him do this, and now she would pay.

Her free leg flailed about, kicking wildly, even as she pulled on her bonds with her other limbs. Her whimpers were barely audible over his laughter. He looked down at her and laughed, groping her tits, as he leered at her rudely.

"You bitch! You've been lying to me for six months! What did you think, that I wouldn't find out?" he growled at her. "Your husband called, he told me about you, and he was right. Do you know what it's like to be lied to by someone? You lied about everything! Your name's not Nikki, it's Marie?" he gritted his teeth, his anger boiling "You don't have a daughter, and you're sure as shit not 26. You told me that you loved me, and that we would be together, but you just came here to fuck with me, you evil bitch!"

He tried to calm himself down, feeling that he was about to blow a blood vessel, as his anger built. "You talked about what you wanted to do when we first met, but I guess that was a lie too. Well guess what we're gonna do it anyway." he smirked, as he spoke. "I don't now this Marie person, but Nikki and me, we have plans of what we're going to do, and I think that it's time that we got started on our plans." as he pinched her nipple roughly.

As he lost his cool, he grabbed her bra and ripped it off of her chest. In a frenzy, he then reached down, and grabbed her skirt, which met the same fate as her bra. She now lay before him, one leg flailing about, nude and scared. He watched happily, as the tears rolled down her face. Not wanting the distraction, he grabbed her free leg and sat on it. Next he tied another of his neck ties to it, then running the rope, which was attached to the bed, through the tie, he pulled her legs as far apart as they would go, before tying the rope tightly, to insure that she stay spread eagled.

He stood back and admired his handiwork for several minute before he remembered the cameras. Her crying intensified, as she saw him photographing her naked body. After getting several shots from all angles, including a few close-ups, he put the cameras down and announced. "The time has come at last."

He made a ceremony of dropping his trousers to the floor, and then his underwear. He was already hard, the excitement welling inside of him. He would show her. She saw his cock hard and glistening, a small trickle of precum already escaping it's head. She looked at him in fear, she had thought of this moment the fist time they would make love, but it had never seemed real. It had all been make believe. It was never supposed to be like this in any case. The person that she knew from the chat room and the phone, would never do something like this to her.

She had been disappointed when she first saw him, and even before she had gotten here, she had all but talked herself out of doing anything with him. She had begun to feel guilty about cheating on me, and she was way too shy to go through with it in person. She had only made this trip to prove to herself that she could make it on her own, and now look where she found herself.

He climbed on the bed, and without another word being said, he moved between her legs. Without any concern for her comfort, he rammed his cock into her dry cunt. His thrust where violent and angry, he was raping her and she knew that he wanted her to know it. He pounded away at her for several minutes before he emptied his seed into her, for this, their first coupling. After he shot his last squirt into her, he pulled out, and moved up to her face. He then wiped his slick cock across her nose and face, laughing the entire time.

Once satisfied that he had wiped all of the liquid off of his prick, and onto her face, he collapsed next to her, breathing heavy, while he recuperated, in order to use her again.

She lay there crying through her gag stuffed mouth. How could this have happened, she had only come here to end this relationship. She had considered having sex with him, but this was nothing like she had imagined that it would be. She had never thought Moses was capable of such acts of depravity. From his biblical name, to his charming and kind sense of humor. She hadn't thought that he would be capable of something this horrible. He watched cartoons and wrestling, and he had seemed so gentle and kind. She had struggled both mentally and physically with his assault. She had felt that she would be completely safe here with him.

Her husband had warned her of the terrible things that could happen to her, when had she gotten involved with strangers on the Internet. As Moses' cum dried on her face, she thought back to all of the things that she had talked to him about. They had spoken of their love for one another, and how they would spend the rest of their lives together. He had told her how much he loved her, and how much he wanted to have children with her. He wanted to grow old with her, and show her all of the love that he felt for her. But here she was, tied to a bed, having just been raped.

Moses had rolled over, and began sucking on her left breast, as he lay there recuperating from his first rape of her. He began biting and chewing on her now erect nipple. She winced, as he continued to assault and humiliate her.

She pulled on her bonds, praying for a way out.

He sucked and mauled her breast for the next twenty minutes, and as he chewed it raw, she closed her eyes, laying there and hoping that he would lose interest in doing these horrible things to her. Soon his mouth enveloped her left breast, he began pinching and groping her right one.

He saw that she had closed her eyes, and he didn't like that, as he wanted her to see what he was doing to her. Still feeling angry and hurt, he moved his hand lower to her crotch. She bucked and tried to move away from his snaking hand, but her eyes never opened. He grabbed a handful of her tiny pussy hairs, and pulled them out of her skin.

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