A Wife's Mistake, A Husband's Nightmare

by Not my Story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, True Story, Cheating, BDSM, Rough, Torture, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A wife cheats on her husband online and then the unthinkable happens.

Many of you have probably read my first story "A Husband's Mistake, A Wife's Nightmare." Well I never would have thought it was true myself, but it has been said there is a little truth in every story. Well, that story was written about a little truth in my own life. I had found my wife having an online affair, when I wrote that story I thought that was all it was, and that it was over. I was wrong and last week she took it to the next level. Although I was able to stop it before it went any further, I need to write this story now, before I can move on with any of my others. I have included some of the actual E-mails between my wife and her online man. She swears that I put an end to it, before they ever actually met. This is a hard story to write, but I need to do it at this time. Part of me says he apparently didn't know she was married. Then there is the other part of me that say to. Well here's the story.

How it all started.

My wife and I had been married for eleven years when I found her chatting with other men on the Internet. I hadn't been the best husband in the world. Hell to tell you the truth, I was probably one of the worst, and had probably given her every reason to leave me. I drove her away from me, more than anything else, in our almost fifteen year relationship. I loved her, and had never been unfaithful to her. I would do anything for her, to keep our marriage together.

At first, she denied ever having done anything inappropriately in the chat room. It was only after I caught her red handed, did she confess to her cyber infidelity. I was hurt by what she had done, and began to write a story to vent my feelings on the matter. She promised me that it was over, and that she would stop, but you must understand that she never really wanted to agree to stop, and only did so, because I forced her to promise that she would stop doing this. Well, obviously she didn't stop, she continued. She found someone in a chat room who called himself Nate_dehl, whom she professed her love to, and had cyber sex with him continually.

One night, when I caught her chatting with him, I forced her to allow me to do all of the things to her that she, and her online lover, discussed. As he typed, I did those things to her. It was strange and different. She swore to me that night that it would end. But again she lied, only a month or two later, I caught her going to the library to chat with her men on line. She told me that she had only continued to do it, because I had told her that she had to stop and that I wasn't her boss. Well needless to say, she continued. One day in late October, or early November, while taking our son to class, I found another phone card in her car, that I just happened to be driving in that day, because my car was in the shop getting brakes. My curiosity was peaked, so I searched her car, and found six more phone cards, with a total of over 3,000 minutes on them.

When I got home, I went through her purse, and found three more. I then confronted her, telling her that I had found "a" phone card in her car. She played dumb, claiming that she didn't know where it had come from. So with this knowledge, I called her bluff, producing the other cards that I had found in her car, plus the ones that I had discovered in her purse.

She begged for my forgiveness, and told me that I had forced her to go to this extreme, of sneaking around behind my back. I listened to her, and accepted her word, when she swore that she would never contact this person again. I should have known something was up, however, when she refused to give me any details about the person that she had been making the long distance calls to. I wanted to believe that it was over between them, but over the next several months I found more phone cards, and she always swore that they wore old, and that she had indeed stopped.

When we fought, she would always say that she wanted to leave me, that she couldn't live this way anymore, with me constantly checking up on her, and that she wanted a divorce. I would beg her each time for her forgiveness, telling her that I would do anything to keep our family together. I promised to do anything that she asked and I did, but she still seemed distant and cold.

I guess that I should tell you a little about my wife. She is 33, and is really very beautiful. It's not just my opinion, as I have several friends who consider her very pretty as well. She is a very short, petite woman, who wears just a size six. She has long brown hair, that hangs all the way to the small of her back. Several months ago, she went and had her hair highlighted, which makes her hair look even better. She's only a 34-B, but on her small body, they look just right.

Five days before she took off on me, she yelled at me for three hours straight, telling me how much she hated me, and how horrible I was. I listened to her ranting and raving, but never got angry with her, as that only seemed to make her even angrier. She wanted me to call it quits, instead of her doing so, but I wouldn't do it and make things easier on her. Two days before she left, she went and got her hair done again, and also a complete make over. She had never had so much done to her before at the beauty salon. She even had her eyebrows plucked, along with getting the highlights in her hair redone. She looked better than she ever had.

Then she left. I came home and found a note. She had seduced me earlier in the day, to make sure that I wouldn't come by her place of work that day. I should have known that she was up to something, as she had never instigated sex before. Duh! She told me that we could have sex right now, if I wouldn't come by the pizza parlor that morning, as I had told her that I had planned to do.

I read her note, and it said over and over again, that she just needed some time to herself. She had a week of vacation coming, and she was taking it. She hadn't told me about it, but she'd be back soon. She claimed that she didn't like the person that she had become, and just needed the time to herself to find her true self. She spoke of how she had never dealt with the recent death of both of her parents, plus having to take care of her brother. She also mentioned several times about how she would just be by herself, and that I had nothing to worry about. But I was plenty worried.

I immediately tried to call her, as I was troubled by how she had never even mentioned our son in her letter, and how now all of the pieces of her recent strange behavior fell into place. I called her cell phone repeatedly, but she never answered it. I called and found that our son was still at the sitters.

I picked him up, and went to where she worked. I knew that she still had her cell phone on, and if she wouldn't answer it for me, maybe she would for them. She picked up the call on the second ring, and was angry that I had called her from there, but agreed to call me on my cell phone, if I left the pizza parlor. She called me back before I left the store, and we began to talk as I left her place of employment.

She continued to tell me that she wasn't doing anything wrong, and that I had nothing to worry about, but I knew better. I had checked on our bank account and she had taken out almost a thousand dollars, not even leaving me enough to pay our bills, especially the ones that she had incurred recent on her spending. spree. I got even more worried when she told me that she would call her boss, and tell him to give me her check in two days, on their pay day. I asked her why I would have to get her check, if she wasn't going anywhere? When I asked her if she was still in town, she insisted that she was, and that she wasn't going anywhere, even as she refused to tell me where she was.

I knew then that she was lying to me, and asked her to call me from a pay phone in our area code to prove it, but she refused. I begged her to meet me for lunch the next day, and she reluctantly agreed to do so. As we were hanging up, she agreed to answer the phone if I called, but she didn't answer the phone when I called back, at the time that we had agreed that I would call her. She had told me that she would pick me up at noon the next day, and when she didn't show up, I called in sick, my worst fears having been confirmed by her blowing our appointment off.

Not only didn't she answer her phone, but now she had even turned it off. I drove around and finally found her car parked in front of her brother's house. Inside of it I found an empty bag from a store, with a receipt showing that she had bought a card, new bikini panties, and new bra's, along with several items of make-up. She had never worn bikini briefs in her entire life, and hadn't bought herself a new bra in years. She had make-up at home, that I had bought for her nearly every Christmas, but she "never" wore it. After checking with her brother, and convinced that he knew nothing, I was sure that she had left town to meet some man.

I returned home, and began to search through everything, taking an inventory of what she took. I was shocked that she had taken every sexy outfit that I had ever bought her, but that she had refused to wear for me. Instead, when she was with me, she would wear her stupid little pizza uniform, on all but her days off. On her days off, she wore only a different shirt, but the same khaki pants that she wore to work every day. In my search, I found her wedding ring hidden away nicely. I had never known her to take it off before, and was now really concerned that our marriage was over.

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