Melissa's New Master

by Oliver Twisted

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: Melissa is a good respectable pastor's wife who finds she need to be dominated.

Melissa turned in her seat, scanning the packed church, looking for him, there he was. He wore jeans, his large body tucked into the rear pew, his eyes were focused on her. She turned back, looking at her husband delivering the sermon. She felt as if her face was on fire, her whole body seemed a little electrified imagining his eyes still on her.

She had met him earlier in the week, a workman to do some repairs on the building, she had been working in the front office. His presence had seemed bigger than life the first time he opened the door. She had felt like a little girl, flustered, his grey eyes boring into her as he asked for directions to the electrical room.

"Ah, just a minute, yes I'll show you" she volunteered, wondering as she led him to the basement why she seemed to be so nervous, imagining him looking at her, watching her sway of her hips as she descended the stairs ahead of him. She was wearing a conservative dress, long, loose.

She seemed a little giddy, standing at the door, watching him work, not wanting to leave, looking over his big strong workman's body. He must be 6' 3" over 200 lbs. Huge strong rough hands, large shoulders, a little rough looking in the face, tanned, long dark beard and those steely gray eyes.

He turned, looking at her, up and down her body, a smile on his face, "It's ok, I should be able to fix it, I'll tell you when it's done if you have something else to do"

She loved the way he looked at her, she was almost 36, still an attractive lady, she knew she was still fit and the way he looked at her was as if he was going to devour her. He wanted her, he was looking at her body with lust and it should be making her feel dirty, she should be disgusted with his leer but it made her quiver. She wanted him to undress her with his eyes, more, she wanted him to undress her with his hands.

"Ah, sure, if you don't need me, ok, I'll be in the office" she stammered, not wanting to leave but not sure how to stay without looking like she wanted him, like she was coming on to him. But she didn't have to, he knew, he wanted her.

She turned to leave, grabbing the handle of the door, when she felt him behind her, his hand grabbing her arm, spinning her, his big body against her, she looked up, startled.

His large strong hand on her neck, grabbing her hair, tilting her head back, "You are a fine looking lady, do you always flirt with the workman"

"What are you doing, god, get off me, what, who do think you are" he voice was raised, she was trying to maintain her dignity, her poise, yet she knew it was only a tepid attempt.

Joe only smiled down at her attempt, she spoke the words, but as he pushed his body against her, her back against the wall, he felt her body betrays her. She seemed to be sliding into him, her breasts pressed against his chest, her legs intertwining his. He leaned down, kissing her, his hand pulling her hair, pushing her face into his.

Tongues searching, moving into her mouth, he felt her swirl hers against him. He grabbed at her body, his hand moving over her hips, down. Now pulling her dress up. His body pushed hard against her, his cock so hard, straining his jeans.

Joe pulled back, she gasped for air, and tried to move farther away, reaching for the door, afraid of the feelings stirring in her, the lust she had always denied overpowering her.

"Were the fuck are you going you little slut" his hand slapping her face. The sting startling her, now the fear grew in her, god what was he going to do, she could never fend him off.

"I'm sorry' she whimpered, already knowing he was in his control, she felt his power, and was glad for it, was finally free to feel the slut she knew she was inside.

"What do you want", her eyes down-turned, she could feel her mind giving in to him.

"Do you want to be my little cum slut, are you ready for a man to use you the way you really deserve to be used?"

His words seemed to slap her again, "Slut" god what a ugly humiliating word but when he said it she could feel her body shiver, her pussy getting wetter as he stared at her, as if he already owned her.

"Do you" he whispered, his hand grabbing her hair again, forcing her to look into his eyes, she could only mouth the words, "Yes, yes I need that"

Joe moved away from her, leaning against the other wall in the small cold storeroom. A grin on his face, his body tensed his muscles hard, ready to pounce. "Take off your dress, I want to see you, see your naked body"

Melissa had never been naked in front of anyone but her husband, even then it had never been comfortable, she was shy, always a little ashamed of her body. Now he demanded her nakedness, his hands ready to make her pay if she disobeyed. She hesitated, and he was on her again, his hands grabbing her arm, spinning her around, pushing her face against the wall. Her hands reached out to protect her from falling, he held her there. A hand on her head, grabbing a fistful of hair while his other hand pulled her dress up, over her hips, folding it over, exposing her panties. In a flash he hand had pushed these down and he hit her bare exposed ass. The cheeks burned as his hand landed again and again, spanking her hard. She cried out, begging him to stop, trying to pull away from his grip on her but it only made it worse.

Finally, her bottom seemed to be on fire, she whimpered, giving in to the pain, not fighting, just letting the tears run down her face and letting him hit her.

He stopped, turned her around, her back to the wall. "Are you ready to be a good girl, to obey me"

Melissa could only nod her head, her fingers moving to the buttons along the front of her dress, opening it to him. The lovely flower print dress falling to the concrete floor. Then she reached around the back, unfastening her bra, letting her soft round breast fall free, her nipples so hard, not only from the cool air but from his gaze. She wanted to touch them, even more she wanted him to touch them, to play with them, to feel his hands on her.

She stood for a moment before pushing down her panties, aware of the wetness between her legs.

"Give them to me" his hand outstretched she handed them over, embarrassed by how wet they were, knowing that he would know she was so hot, so horny, wanting. God she felt like she was in heat, out of control, her body on fire, never had she felt like this.

He brought the wet panties to his face, inhaling the aroma, smiling when he felt the wet material against his mouth.

"You are a hot little bitch in heat aren't you" his hands moved over her body and Melissa stood very still, shivering as he touched her sensitive nipples, then down over her stomach, down to her little wet pussy. Without thinking she opened her legs, wanting to feel his big rough fingers on her soft pink folds, on her hard aching clit.

"Do you want me to fuck you, little one. Do you need to feel my big hard cock inside you" Joe teased.

"God yes, oh please god, yes". Melissa panted, her body was trembling, she was ready to cum. His finger circled her hard clit. She couldn't stop herself, her back arched leaning against the wall she grabbed his arm, pulling his finger hard against her clit. Joe flicked it again and again as she exploded. She screamed out, the small concrete room seemed to erupt for her, the world whirled as the pleasure washed over her body.

Joe laughed, backing away from her, She collapsed to the floor.

He looked down at her, "That's all I have time for today, but I think you will be a good little fuck slut for me, won't you?"

She couldn't answer, the words washed over her but she didn't seem to even notice when he picked up his tools and left the small room.

Later, when she had dressed, regained her composure, as she sat in her office she remembered them. When would he be back, she knew he would but just couldn't stand waiting.

When she dared to look back again as the sermon ended he was gone again. Her heart raced, and the fear and guilt and incredible lust she felt for him stirred together in her brain. "What next" she whispered.

Coming out of the small church Melissa immediately spotted her husband, he was with Joe, on the stairs, deep in conversation. A panic shot through her, fear and guilt, what were they talking about, was it about her. She went over to them with a certain amount of trepidation.

"Melissa, there you are, I've invited, Joe over for Sunday dinner, I hope you don't mind"

Melissa smiled sweetly, "Sure, that would be great," her eyes locked on Joe. She could feel her body respond to him, even there on the stairs standing next to her husband, her legs trembled a little. This should be interesting, she thought.

She stood at the kitchen counter, her husband, Bill, had gone into his study to take a phone call when she felt Joe behind her. His hands cam around and cupped her breasts, his voice in her ear. Go take off your bra and panties, I want to feel you, touch you hot little pussy. His hand moved down over her stomach, pulling up her light summer dress, touching her little panties. Melissa grabbed the counter, feeling a little dizzy with his cock pushing into her bottom, his hand touching her.

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