Cleaning Up

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: I run a very sucessful office cleaning service. One of the perks is all the young ladies that work for me

It nice being rich, knowing you can buy anything you want. I didn't start out that way of course, I was your typical college guy, struggling on my grant, so much so that I had to take an evening job, cleaning offices to make ends meet. As it turned out it this was the turning point in my life. I was vacuuming this high level office when my eye was caught by a piece of paper under the large table. On it were the details of a Take Over of a small engineering firm, to be announced in the Press this Friday. I raided what was left of my grant and bought as many shares in that company as I could; the price tripled over night. Of course events like that wouldn't ever fall into my lap again, unless I gave them a little push.

One of the cleaning company duties was to destroy the 'Confidential Waste' by burning in the basement incinerator. This duty was not popular with my work mates, so they were more than happy for me to do it every day. I would spend hours reading every snippet I could glean and invest my meagre resource. Not every tip was a winner, but enough were to make my money grow very quickly. Once I had graduated I worked full time for the cleaning company. In fact it was a one man and his dog operation and the owner Tom was more than happy to hand most of the day to day chores over to me. It wasn't long until Tom wanted to retire, so I bought him out. Because I had cash in the bank, I could under cut other company tenders for new work so my business expanded rapidly. I still keep my hands on as far as the 'Confidential Waste' was concerned, picking up Stock Market tips here and there.

One of the perks of being the Boss was to interview potential new workers, some were like me, college kids looking for some extra money, others were young married girls trying to make ends meet. On of my favourites was a young girl called Bobbie, just married and trying to save enough to put down on a house of her own. After she had been working for a few weeks she walked into my office and asked if there were any extra hours she could have. I have this soft spot and a hard place for Bobbie, she was slim with what looked like a sizeable bust; her pretty face framed by light golden hair.

"Not at the moment," I said with a smile, "but I'll keep you in mind, ok."

"Thank you," she said, her voice low and sexy, giving me an instant hard on.

Now I had plans for young Bobbie, but how to push them to fruition. Her lack of money would probably be my best lever.

I had a vacancy for an extra couple of hours every evening when one of my other girls left, so I called Bobbie in my office.

"Now Bobbie, I got a few extra hours here, if you want them," I said.

"Oh yes please," she said breathless with excitement.

"But Mrs Taylor did ask first," I said and indeed she had.

Mrs Taylor though makes the back end of a bus look good.

"Oh please can I have them, please," she said looking delightful.

"Well I shouldn't really," I said laying it on a bit.

"Please, I'll be ever so grateful," she said her eyes lowered seductively.

"Well," I said moving around my desk to stand in front of her, her head dropped as she looked at the floor.

My arm went around her waist and I pulled her closer; my free hand cupped one of her very nice tits.

"I think something can be arranged," I said, squeezing her tit lightly.

She just stood there, her head still bowed, letting me touch her; I smiled. I pulled her even closer and moved my hand off her tits to under her short skirt, god she was wet already. My fingers moved over the gusset of her knickers, causing a slight groan to escape her lips.

"Open up for me," I whispered into her ear.

Her thighs moved apart slightly, enough for me to pull her knickers aside and get my fingers into her wet pussy. Her hips were now pushing back at my hand to increase the friction, until a loud groan left her lips as she came.

"There's a good girl," I cooed.

I pushed her to her knees and unzipping myself, my hard cock disappeared into her hot mouth. I wasn't going to last long and I didn't try, soon I was pumping my sperm deep down her throat.

"Right, you start on Monday, ok," I smiled down at her, still on her knees.

"Thank you Sir," she said getting to her feet.

Once she had gone, I switched off the VCR and rejected the tape, should make for good leverage, I thought, young married girl on her knees, sucking off her Boss; well a blow job is one thing, what I want now was to fuck her.

I would call her in every Friday to 'chat about her work.'

"Lock the door," I requested as she entered my inner sanctum.

Now you got to ask yourself a question here. This young girls has been married for what six months and assuming she is getting it regular from her husband, why then would she want it from me too. We kissed for a few minutes while I maul her nice tits; I picked her up and sat her on the corner of my desk. I pulled her knickers down her slim thighs and then moved in between them. I unzipped and pushed my hard cock into her already wet pussy.

"Oh yes," she sighed.

I thrust into her slowly while my fingers popped her blouse buttons. I pulled her sexy little bra up and sucked her erect nipples. Her tits were a little too big for her slight frame, not that I'm complaining of course, sensitive too if her groans were anything to go by. Her hips were now pushing back at me hard until she let out a loud groan and came. Two more hard thrusts and I came too. I never asked if she on the pill or anything so if she trying for a child who knows who going to be the father. We make ourselves presentable and then she left with a goodbye kiss; I now have a new tape for my collection.

I put in a tender for a new office block and the Building Manager wanted to come and see me. I know my tender will be quite a bit lower than my competitors so the contract was almost in the bag. To make doubly sure I decide to invite Bobbie.

"Now Bobbie," I said to her, "do you want to be the supervisor on this new contract."

"Oh yes, can I," she said breathless at the prospect.

"Well if we win the contract you can," I said, "but we haven't won it yet, so you may have to be a little naughty with the Building Manager."

"Oh do I have to," she pouted.

"If you want to be supervisor with a good pay rise you do," I said forcefully.

"Oh, but what do I have to do?" she asked.

"Well for a start, it'll be a good idea if you wore your shortest skirt, leave your bra off too." I said with a smile. "I'll introduce you as my supervisor, that may be enough, but a blow job should seal It."

Thinking about her on her knees had got me hard for something similar.

"So my beauty a bit of practice may came in handy," I said smiling as I pushed her to her knees.

In truth she really didn't need any for she was a good cocksucker.

Mr William Trent, please call me Bill, was in his fifties, about twenty pounds over weight, and a foul tongue on him, it was 'fuck this' and 'fuck that' the whole time. He had eyes for Bobbie though, every time she moved he followed her bouncing tits under her tight top.

"I'll let you two chat for awhile," I said, "I've got a couple of calls to make."

I left them alone in my office and when I returned some twenty minutes later, everyone was smiling; the contract was mine. I timed it later when I watched the re-play, all in all it took less that ten minutes for me to win that contract. I was only gone a few minutes before he pushed her to her knees and she took him in her hot mouth.

"Oh my," he said, "you're a great cock sucking slut." I heard him mutter, over the monitor.

My overheads being very low, just wages and materials, it cost me under five thousand a month to clean the whole building. My new contract was for ten thousand, a good profit for doing nothing. No so Bobbie of course, not only did she have to supervise the other cleaners, but she had to satisfy Bill's cock as well.

"Please, I don't want to fuck him," she wailed at me one Friday, "can't you have a word."

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"A blow job is bad enough," she said snivelling, "but now he wants to fuck me, please can you?"

"Yeah my little beauty," I said, "I'll have a word ok."

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