Photoshop 69
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Mind Control, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Obese black man invents a mindcontrol camera and trys it out on a mild mannered housewife.

Jefferson waddled his way past several stacks of Hustlers, other porn, as well as camera magazines. Sweat soaked his tee shirt's underarms, partially from his large size, and partially from the summer heat in his mother's garage. The fat, 55 year old black man was a big time loser, he lived with his 78 year old mother, cooked chicken at Popeyes for $7 an hour, was divorced twice, and was huge porn addict.

Jefferson was good at one thing and that was photography, anything to do with cameras. His knowledge sprang from his love of porn. He liked taking pictures of the huge salami between his legs. His cock was a thick, fourteen inches long, though only a foot was visible as two inches were hidden by fat. He took the first picture of his cock when he was fourteen and never stopped. As the century turned he bought a digital camera and soon his cock was all over the net. Jefferson loved reading the responses to his postings, though most were from gay men.

Jefferson picked up a little extra cash from photography, mostly family pet pictures at the local pet shop. He sat at an old work bench and picked up his latest project sitting beside the answering machine for the garage phone. It was a high powered, longer flash designed to dilate the pupils to reduce redeye. He hurriedly tinkered with it a bit as it was almost noon and he was hungry.

Jefferson put a new, stronger bulb in his flash, sealed it and turned the camera around so that he was looking at it.


Jefferson shook his head, blinking as his head spun around. He put the camera down and unbuckled his pants. His cock plopped out of his old, ratty underwear, it was already turning hard. He spit in his hand a couple times and started coating his cock, soon he was stroking it rapidly. "I gotta remember the b-ball game," he said jerking his cock. He loved jerking off and did it at least once a day even when he was married, but usually he was staring at porn not thinking about his basketball game. "Oh fuck," he groaned as cum splattered across his work bench. 'Don't forget my game, ' he thought again.

"Fuckin weird," said Jefferson looking at the mess. "Fuckin good cum, but weird." He was hungry and glanced at the clock doing a double take. It was now 1:15, he'd missed lunch.

Something else was strange. The answering machine light was now blinking. He hadn't seen it blinking a moment ago and hadn't heard it ring. He pressed play. "Hey jerk off," said the voice of his friend Leroy, "don't forget our b-ball game tonight."

"What the fuck?" Jerk off and don't forget the game? Leroy had called him jerk off since catching the fat man masturbating 30 years ago. What had just happened?

Jefferson moved as fast as his body could. He grabbed his video camera and tunred it on pointing it at his face. Jefferson picked up his modified flash again and pointed it too at his face. He checked the time and hit the button.


Jefferson shook his head again and rubbed his eyes. Nothing had happened of course just a flash hurting his eyes. He checked the clock and stared. It had moved forward an hour.

The big black man rewound the video and hooked it up to the computer. For the next hour he stared a his face, jowls hanging, mouth slightly parted, breathing slowly staring off into space. The weirdest thing were his eyes. The pupils had grown to fill his entire eye. After an hour, they dialated back down to normal and Jefferson watched himself snap out of it. He stopped the video. This required some thought and for the first time in his life, Jefferson put off eatting.

Becky entered the garage her eyes widening in shock. She knew this was a bad idea. First, she didn't like having pictures of herself taken. Second, this neighborhood was rather rundown, trashy, and seemed predominately black, as well as dirty, very dirty, Third, this garage was clearly someone's home filled with a bed, stacks of porn magazines, and very dirty also. Lastly, the black man standing before her was an absolutely repulsive individual, fat, balding, and unshaved with some missing teeth. He also looked dirty. "Hello Miss," he said in a deep voice.

"I'm sorry, I think I have the wrong place."

"You looking to have some pictures taken?"

"Well, I saw an ad in the paper and..."

"That's me."

"I think I changed my mind. This wasn't what I expected."

"Look if you have a problem with black people..."

"No, no, not at all."

"Then what's the problem. I'm a damn good photographer and I'm cheap. Ifs ya don't likes them, you don't haves to pay."

"Nothing I guess. Your ad said you'd do some portrait shots for $39.99?" The garage was so dirty she hoped she wouldn't have to sit anywhere.

"That's right. May I ask the occassion?"

"My husband is leaving for Kuwait and I want something he can keep in his wallet."

"Just portraits, nothing sexier?"

"Oh no, I couldn't do that. I don't like revealing too much skin and Pete doesn't like other men staring at me."

"That's fine then. I'm Jefferson."


"Becky, go sit in the chair where I have the green backdrop set up." Becky looked at the dirty chair and crinkled her nose in distaste. She had a strong desire to wash her hands. A long hot bath in her clean bathroom would be in order when she got home.

Jefferson had trouble keeping his hands from shaking. This was the first girl to answer his ad and she was gorgeous. Long, straight red hair, rather tall, with green eyes, pale, freckle covered cheeks, and what looked like a killer rack hidden under a bulky sweater. The thought of this beautiful white girl becoming his slut should of made his dick hard, but he was too nervous and when he was nervous he tended to sweat a lot. His tee shirt soon turned wet.

Jefferson had tweaked his model flash, tuning it down so that hopefully it would make the subject more succeptible to suggestion. He hadn't tried it out yet, but had used the big flash on his mother. The old lady no longer nagged him constantly.

"Alright Becky, stare into the camera, say cheese, and..."


Becky blinked and shook her head. Jefferson saw that her pupils had dialated a little. "Alright beautiful, toss your hair back and smile."


"Oh baby the camera loves you. You should be modeling." Becky had visibly relaxed while Jefferson continued to take pictures. The black man felt his cock stiring now that it appeared to be working. She was doing everything he said.

"Let me take some full body shots."

"Ok," she said meekly.

"Go stand by the bed." Becky looked at it uncomfortably. Jefferson wished he had made it up, but then he hadn't known she was coming. The girl seemed pretty prissy.


"The bed is fine Becky." She nodded. "Why don't you take the sweater off?"

"I'd rather not thanks."

Jefferson was still learning to fine tune his technique. Don't phrase things in the form of a question. Give commands.


"Becky, you're hot. Take your sweater off." Becky pulled her collar out as if she was uncomfortable, then pulled the sweater over her head. He snapped some cheap shots of her undressing. It was working! He had a portable device he could take to the beach, college campus, or even take photos of the high school cheerleaders. Turning them into vacant zombies for an hour wouldn't have been practical.

Jefferson could now see that her breasts were quite large and high on her chest. She was tall, with a very thin waist, as well as a nice ass. Her tits were at least a D cup if not double, and strained at her blouse.


"Show some cleavage. Unbutton the top couple buttons."

"I don't know Jefferson," she said, but she was already unbuttoning the top two.

"Your husband will love you for this."

Becky nodded. "He will love it, but I'm not used to doing things like this. " She stopped three buttons down. "This is as far as I'm going. "I'm not going to show any more cleavage to a stranger."


"I'm not a stranger. I'm an old friend of your father's. He trusted me completely and so do you. You even had a huge crush on me, always putting on something nice when I came to visit. Just a couple more buttons." Jefferson sighed when she didn't move. "Undo a couple more buttons."

"Look, Jeff, I know we go back a long ways, but I can't do this in front of you." Becky blushed.

"Then I'm not here. Just my voice."


"You're alone posing for the camera. Undo the rest of your top just like you would undressing for bed, but stare at the camera when you do." The sexy redhead nonchalantly obeyed, even humming a bit as she undressed, staring at the camera the whole time. "Smile as you do it Becky." She grinned happily and pulled her top off. Jefferson groaned at the sight of her huge white tits straining to break free of the bra. Her skin was very white and covered with freckles. Her waist was too thin for her breasts, making her look like a living barbie. Her belly was flat and sexy and Jefferson wanted to kneel and thrust his tongue into her naval. "Now take the bra off."

Becky continued to smile at the camera as she reached behind her and unhooked her plain, old bra.


Jefferson thought he was about to have a heart attack when he saw her tits. He'd drooled over white boobs in porns for years, but never thought he'd see any outside of the occassional strip bar. His second wife had a rack as big as the white woman's, but his wife had been almost as fat as Jefferson. Becky's were big, upthrust, and caped by light-pinkish nipples. "Becky," said Jefferson wiping some sweat off his brow. It's very cold in here, especially on your breasts." Oh god, her nipples were hardening. Jeff's wet tongue flickered out and moistened his lips. They looked like flat, hard pencil erasers and her entire areola were swelling up too, getting goosebumps. "N-now take your pants off."

Becky frowned, but kept smiling. She unbuttoned her pants, then pulled the zipper down. Her hips were wide and sexy and she had strugled to get the pants over her hips. Her crotch and ass were hidden by shapeless granny-panties. "Now step out of your panties." Becky hesitated. Her pupils didn't seem quite so dialated.


Jeff snapped a picture just for safe measure. He turned the flash off, but continued to snap pictures as Becky stripped completely naked. Her pussy was as red as her hair. "Lay down on the bed. Continue to smile and stare at the camera."

Jefferson's cock was becoming uncomfortable in his pants. He lowered the camera to his crotch and began undoing his pants. Becky smiled and stared at the camera the whole time as she laid back in his unmade bed. She didn't react in the least when he pulled his fourteen inch monster out. He wondered what she was thinking. Could she really not see him? Was she staring at a disembodied camera floating around? He didn't appear to have complete control over her. He probably couldn't get her to do anything against her nature such as suicide or kill someone. It appeared, she had to be tricked.


"Becky, do you masturbate?"

"Of course not," she frowned a little and furrowed her brows as if aware something wasn't right.

"Do it. Spread your legs and stick your fingers in your pussy."

Becky spread her legs, but looked confused. "No, I don't do that. What was I thinking?" she seemed to ask herself.

Jefferson squeezed the tip of his cock in frustration. "Becky, you're not in a bed. You're

in a warm relaxing bathtub." The nude woman on his couch sat up, rested her head back against his pillows and relaxed as if she were really taking a bath. "Your breasts are dirty, but you don't have a wash cloth. Slowly rub your hands over them and stroke the dirt off your nipples." She did it and Jeff squeezed his cock again in frustration at the slow progress. He should just hit her with the big flash and turn her into a black cock loving slut, but it was important to test the limits of his device.

"Dirty," mumbled Becky looking at her nipples as she twirled them between her fingers, then looked up and smiled at the camera again as Jefferson snapped picture after picture. He chuckled and brought his cock up to her face, holding the camera out as he took some pictures. It would look like she was smiling at his cock in the photograph.

"Becky! You let you crotch get all dirty. Use one hand to clean it. You can continue to clean your breasts and nipples with your other hand." Jefferson groaned as her hand slipped down through her curly red pubes and rubbed around her crotch. He moved down to the edge of the bed and snapped a picture of his cock pointed at her pussy with her smiling up at him. "Don't forget the inside of your pussy. It's very dirty too. Use two fingers to clean it." Becky slipped two fingers between her pussy lips. "The dirt's deep Becky, rub it hard. It feels good to clean your pussy." She moaned softly. "It feels real good. Raise your hips into your fingers to help clean it. It feels good to clean your pussy."


"You've never felt this good. It feels better then your husband's lttle penis. You'll want to clean your pussy every night."

"Oh god," she moaned.

"It's not getting clean Becky. Thrust harder, harder." The innocent married housewife was writhing on his bed, fucking her hand like a bitch in heat. The bed was actually bucking. "You can't take it anymore. Only an orgasm will wash the dirt away. Cum Becky. CUM!"

Becky's eyes and mouth flew open and she arched her back. "Oh, oh, aahhhh, yesss," she hissed falling back against his pillows.

Jefferson couldn't take it anymore.


"You love black cock. The bigger the better. See my cock, Becky. Suck on it"

Becky's eyes suddenly focused on his cock as if seeing it for the first time. For a second, he thought she'd actually do it. She looked lustful, then her eys widened in horror and she screamed before realizing she was nude. She scrambled off the bed, running to her clothes. "What's happening here? I trusted you Jeff. I'll tell daddy."

"Fuck!" Jefferson put his protective sunglasses on and picked up the prototype camera. "Wait Becky, before you go. Look at me." Becky did as she struggled into her pants.


Jefferson watched as the woman froze in an unbalanced position and fell over. He removed his sunglasses and went over to pull her up. He led her over to the bed and sat her down. Her feet moved and her body responded to his strength while her dilated eyes just stared off into space. "Becky, you're a black cock loving whore. You love sucking it, swallowing cum, and you can never have enough in your pussy. Sit there and think about this over and over."

Jefferson went over to his computer and brought up some of the pictures and spent the hour editing the day's work. These pics would be all over the internet by tonight.

As the hour drew near, he stripped off his clothes and walked over to the nude zombie. His cock had barely shrunk and a few tugs on the end had it hard and ready. He smacked his cock against her face a couple times, seeing her flinch before his organ hit her. She could see! He placed it on her lips and waited.

Becky blinked suddenly and her eyes focused. Jefferson groaned as her tongue lunged out to lick the tip of his cock. Then she reared back looking like she was about to get sick and stared at his crotch in awe and disgust. She opened her mouth and screamed. "Help!"


Jefferson opened his eyes after the flash went off. Becky was frozen, her eyes dilated again. "Fuck," he said. "I needs this pussy."

The fat black man pushed the nude woman down on his unkempt bed and spread her legs. He kneeled on the bed, cupping one leg with his arm and guiding his cock towards her pussy. The tip scraped her pussy lips, finding them wet, but unyeilding. "Fuck, fuck man," he cursed. "I can't do it like this. I needs her willing."

Jefferson retrieved his camera and took some pictures of his cock pointed at her pussy. He moved up her body and got some pictures of his dark black monster supermposed over her pale, freckle covered belly and tits. The interracial sites would eat this up. He finished by snapping some pics of his cock head lodged in her mouth. After that, he couldn't stand it any more and jerked off while kneeling beside her. His first load was so large, the big wad over shot her and landed on his already cum stained sheets. The sperm left a trail, the long strand covering her tits almost from nipple to nipple. The second wad splattered on her left breast. He twisted his waist and aimed the last few wads at her belly and pubes, the wads hitting their targets. His balls matched the huge size of his dick as did his loads of cum. Even so, the old black man was impressed with the amount he had cum. He took a few quick pictures.

Jefferson scooped up the wads on her breasts and belly and stuck his fingers in her mouth. "Taste that Becky. Swallow it. It tastes good and you want more. It tastes like hot chicken soup, very good for you. Give your husband a blow job tonight. Your husband's cum tastes like sour milk. " Jefferson gathered up some paper towels and cleaned her as best he could. "Becky, you do not realize that you are naked. You will get dressed and not remember anything that happened today. You stopped by my shop surprised to find it was owned by a trusted old friend." Jefferson checked the time. She'd be coming around soon. He hurried to dress, continuing to talk. "You've alway found the fat black man sexy and had a huge crush on him. You always wore somethin sexy for him when he stopped by to see your dad. The photographer couldn't take your pictures today, but you were very impressed with his professionalism. You will come back in two days to get some cheesecake pictures done for your husband. Where sexier clothes. Your pussy is dirty every morning and every night. Picture the black man in you mind as you clean it. Imagine sucking on his huge black dick, his tasty seed warming your belly. Big black cock is the best tool for cleaning dirty pussy. Your husband's little penis only pushes the dirt deeper then he can reach. Only black cock can flush out all the dirt by making you orgasm. These thoughts are not new, you've been having them your whole life, since seeing the fat black man for the first time..."

Becky suddenly shook her head and rubbed her eyes. She swallowed, looking confused, probably wondering what was in her mouth. She smiled, smacked her lips, then licked them with her tongue. "Well Jeff, thanks for lunch. It was good seeing you again." Becky leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. He watched as she blushed, her cheeks and breasts turning red. "I'll tell dad I saw you," she said pulling the baggy old panty on.

"Don't bother, I'll surprise him someday."

"Well," she said. "I guess I'll see you in a couple days."

Becky, now in her clothes, smiled at him and left.

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