Rathichechi, A Sweet Memory

by Raju

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Desc: Sex Story: I am a Computer Engineer and now a family person. But with the permission of my wife i am sending this story for the comments from all the friends.

I am Rajendran and I was 18 years when this real incident happened on Nov 2,my 18th birthday. Now I am settled as a computer engineer in Gulf with my family and enjoying a very good family life but still I am cherishing the fantasy sometimes because I cannot forget my first lovemaking with my fantasy lady. It was with my fantasy lady, JAYABHARATHI, the famous actress of Malayalam. Now I have the film in CD and sometimes I used to watch it my computer. My wife knows regarding my crush about Rathichechi. The terrific experience received during that years really helped me to make my sex life very active since my wife was getting the real pleasure from me and moreover after marriage I kept me only to my wife. I am writing this because recently I have seen that erotic photos of famous Malayalam Film "Rathinirvedam"[which made thousands mad by just thinking of her] again in masalatalk.com in Internet. So there are so many persons even now thinking about that fantastic film. I was staying with Cousin brother and wife Srilatha.My cousin brother was working in a famous Co as Regional Manager for Southern parts of India. Since he is on tour for almost 10 to 15 days a month I was staying with them as a help to Chechi because she was alone in that big house after 6 PM since servant will leave to her house. I joined for Pre Degree in Madras. In that big house we were alone almost for 10-15 days a month with her 8-month child, Suresh. I used to go to Gymnasium and had a very nice figure and I was much worried to say that the size of cock was very big than normal. But after presenting myself to Rathichechi.I came to know that it is very rare gift I had the habit of writing Diary and I have written all the fantasies about Rathichechi in that diary and kept it along with the sexy pictures of her films. Moreover she showed her magnificent body all films without any hesitation. She came to film world by acting a small role at the age of 16 in film "Penmakkal". Jayabharathi was aged 28 that time and a good friend of my Chechi and she used to come there frequently. She was staying in a Bunglow near our place with a famous producer of Malayalam Film. They were not married legally. While reading Film Magazines I heard so many gossips with her relation with co-stars.

One day Jayabharathi came to our house and I was really stunned to see her perfect figure for the first time in person. When Chechi introduced me she was staring at me in a very friendly manner and I felt something in my heart. Really she was drinking me with her eyes. Her eyes were traveling all over my body and I couldn't resist that look. She was there for two hours and I secretly watched the sexy young lady I couldn't stop from watching her since she had a terrific body and moreover she was my fantasy lady. I also heard that she was very fond of young boys to make love. In October 29 Chechi went to Kerala for two weeks and Brother went to UK for 3 months. Since I was alone in that big house Rathichechi told my Edathiamma that I can stay with her for that period since her husband was also out of town. I was in seventh heaven after hearing this since I can see my fantasy lady for two weeks.

I was very sure that my dreams would not come true because she was very strict to me since I am aged only 18 and studying for Pre Degree. One day, on my birthday after two days on Nov 2 I went to temple and she asked me the reason and I told her that it is my birthday. On that day she had shooting at evening and her husband was not in Madras for two weeks. That day nobody was there except Rathichechi and me since servant left after 6 PM.She went to bath around 6.30 PM.After coming back from College while sitting in drawing room I noticed the videocassette of Rathinirvedam there. During that time videocassettes were rare and she received many cassettes of her film from Gulf. I started to watch it since she was bathing. I was watching that erotic scenes again and again and forgot that I was there in Rathichechi's villa and suddenly she came out from bath room and came to drawing room by wearing a bath towel only. But I have not known that since she was standing behind my sofa and she noticed that I was watching sexy scenes in that film by rewinding it again and again but told nothing to me and went to her bedroom with out saying anything to me. When I came know regarding her presence I was totally worried to see this and got scared of thinking about the consequences of this incident. I begged her not to tell this incident to my Edathiamma. But she told nothing and I was shocked and went to bath. After bath I was in a Bermuda and shirt. She came to my room in a white gown and it resembled one that she worn in that film. I couldn't look at her since she worn a tiny bra and pantis only inside. Some how I finished my food and went to my Bedroom. After some time I heard she was calling me from her room. I entered the room and she was lying in that double cot bed and her dress was same like Rathichechi in that film. But Chechi is dressed much sexier than Rathichechi in that film. Her perfectly shaped thunderous milky thighs were hardly covered by thin white sari. White sari was very transparent and I have seen her perfectly round shaped breasts also. The deep erotic navel was very clearly visible since it was not covered by sari and the shape and depth of it made me really crazy. It was big enough to carry a small cup of ice cream and lateron I filled it with ice cream, honey and wine and enjoyed it very happily. A golden chain (aranjanam) lying lazily in her perfect waist over the deep navel, well-shaped thighs everything was in front of me. Her love triangle was covered with part of sari. I could see her nipples were in erected position and they stood very proudly in the center of chocolate colored areolas. Total scene was really erotic and a boy aged 18 was enjoying this and that too of his fantasy lady for the first time in his life. I was really in a wonderland since it was a rare scene. She called me to sit near her bed. I slowly removed the sari from her body and for the first time a boy aged 18 was seeing a naked young lady that too of his fantasy lady and really I was in seventh heaven. She had a terrific perfect body. I have seen that love triangle between the well-shaped thighs and it was covered with soft hairs. I was losing my conscious because this scene was really erotic and I was drinking that beautiful naked body with my eyes. She opened her eyes and looked at me.Her eyes were full of lust and slowly she has taken my face on her hands kissed me. The first kiss was really fantastic. Those luscious lips slowly taken my lips to mouth and started sucking it like she was sucking juice out of ripe mango. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging in and out. I met her exploring tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each others tongue and I could feel her saliva going inside my mouth. The feeling was an incredible one that I felt never before. While doing this her breasts were started to rub my chest and that feeling was really terrific. She has taken all care while seducing me since I am aged 18 only and it was my first experience. She slowly whispered in my ears"Raju. This is my birthday present for you. I want to you. I know that I am your fantasy lady. I read all your fantasies written in your diary when you were not here today. That is why I arranged that video there for you. I was very sure that you would notice it. It is not fare to keep you in fantasy only. Moreover I always fantasized of seducing you my sweet prince" I was stunned to hear that since I never expected such a move from Rathichechi because she was always strict to me and was a famous actress of Malayalam Cinema. Slowly she removed my shirt and her thirsty lips licked all over my face and bitten my ear lobe. Then those juicy lips slowly very slowly traveled to my chest. She has taken my nipples to her mouth and while circling it with tongue her teeth bitten hard. I was trembling like a fish out of water and my movements made her mad. And then her lips traveled to my abdomen and suddenly she pulled my trouser down and looked at my super hard cock. It was pulsating in her hand as a hot iron rod and she was watching it in disbelief with her widened black beautiful eyes since it was 8.5" long and really fat. [During one of our wildest lovemaking sessions she measured it with a scale it was exactly 8.5"and she told me that it is a real gift to me since it will take every woman to the extreme pleasure]

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