In Bed With Two

by jjkl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: First go at a story. A surprise from my girlfriend ended up with two little sex pots giving me a great night in bed.

So there I was, laying there, thinking nothing more of the night. We went to bed, and did the normal routine. I turned on the TV, she would go to sleep. Tonight though was going to be very different.

Like normal, she would go to sleep, I would watch the TV, and then when I was feeling tired; I would roll over and give here a hug. Sleeping naked I would often grab her pussy, and give it a bit of a rub. Knowing that I normally get a little roll from her hips, that was my sign that I could play, but she would just lie there and take it. But her knowing that I would not play if she wouldn't help, she knew I would get bored, and roll over and go to sleep.

Tonight though, I felt a breeze through the window. I would normally shut the window cos I don't like it being open, but I was warm and snug, so bugger that I would leave it open and just stay curled up.

I did my normal thing, rolled over, gave her a hug, and rub her pussy... This time, she opened her legs nice and wide, and gave a little groan and a thrust... Cool, we were in for a bit this time. I noticed her pussy was shaved around the edges and that most of the other hair was missing... nice. Sliding a finger into her wet little cunt, I was surprised at how moist she was. Slipping in two fingers now, she was groaning a little more that normal...

I started sucking on her tit, this normally got her going, but tonight she was edging my head down toward her belly. This was my cue that she wanted me to lick her. She loved my tongue sliding into her wet little pussy, so being the gentleman I am, off I went. I sucked and licked, thinking how much she was really getting off on this now, but at the same time, thinking to myself, what has she had today. Her taste was a little different, but none the less, very tasty. I loved licking cunts.

By now the blankets were off the bed. I had my ass stuck up in the air, moving around so that I could stick my cock into her mouth. She knew what I was doing, and stopped me at about 45 degrees. Fine, she just wanted to take the licking that I was giving her...

Getting lost in her groans I felt the warmness of her mouth wrapping around my cock. I loved the feel of her lips sliding up and down my shat, then her soft lips sucking on the end of my knob. By now she was really bucking, and groaning... Louder than normal.

I felt a second set of hands, one on my head holding me in, and the other wrapped around my nuts and playing with my ass... I stalled, and stopped licking for a moment to contemplate... I kept going and thinking... no, it couldn't be.

For a long time now I had been promised a night where her friend would turn up, and together they would give me a great night... is this the night... It sure felt like it... a surprise from my little sex pot.

I thought I knew suddenly whom I was licking; it was her hot little friend, so I then really went to town, sucking on that cunt, licking every drip. The tongue that was on my cock was now working its way toward my ass, licking around my hole, and really getting me off.

Feeling my way around, I found that my girls cunt was stuck on this chicks face and that my ass was in my chicks mouth, and I was sucking on this girl's cunt. A lovely little triangle.

Using this situation, I pulled my head up, and sat my chick up right on her friends face, and then I started to fuck her. Slowly at first. We were both fucking her friend. I was planted deep into her cunt, and my chick was having a tongue planted right up inside her cunt.

Playing with my chicks tits, and being fucked by her friend was sending me off. My chick likes it up the ass, so lets see if her friend does. I lifted her legs up, wiped my finger over her ass, and yes, her cunt juice was all over it.

I planted my cock at the tip of her ass, and gave it a little push.

I heard muffled little groans from my chicks pussy. My girl said, her friend hasn't had it up the ass, but she wants to try. Give it to her slow.

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